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weird pictures VDO
6 years ago

6 years ago
A boy dressed as Hindu Lord Shiva bites the head of a python while performing at a park near a temple during the Mahashivratri festival in the northern Indian city of Chandigarh February 20, 2012. Hindus across the country celebrate Mahashivratri, better known as the Lord Shiva’s wedding anniversary.


6 years ago

6 years ago

These are definitely weird.
Thanks for sharing.

6 years ago
woosh boosh Pictures, Images and Photos
6 years ago
ALIEN! Pictures, Images and Photos
6 years ago
Woman Tree Pictures, Images and Photos
6 years ago

Rare Albino seal

Rare Albino seal on Tyuleniy Island, Russia. This is the adorably sad face of the poor seal pup no-one wants to play with. With his brown fur and sad blue eyes, this rare albino seal knows hes not like other seal pups. And just like the Ugly Duckling this lonely little seal was rejected by his family and left to fend for himself. The rare images were taken by photographer Anatoly Strakhov who spotted the sad seal hiding under some logs on Tyuleniy Island, Russia....
6 years ago

Jesus in a chair

Jesus was found on the back of a chair.
6 years ago

TY Agnes & Ingrid - they are weird and yet cool at the same time

6 years ago

Could be any bearded man, I nominate that it looks like Rasputin.

6 years ago

Ingrid and Agnes - these are weird but I really think that some are super cool.
I really like the tree that looks like a woman and the face of Jesus.
Thanks for sharing....

must watch this
6 years ago

I can't laugh for this

6 years ago

I have poted my comment there...



"I can't laugh what her mom did like that

she isn't a baby but she is a little girl that can't walk in her age

if you look at her leg.."



some comment on youtube so rude..

I can't beleived..

satan will think like that...

6 years ago

Agnes I truly agree with you!

This little girl is SPECIAL, she is teaching us something. She will master all her obstacles in life, which some people with healthy bodies might never master at all.

6 years ago

Hi remind me for this..

I went to read comment there again

can't beleieve people this time really rude..

yes we can learn ...which side the world will go??

much more people choosed dark side..



a few days..our care2 friends posted news

comments on youtube are funny

I wrote... more rude more than funny



I excited about you'll see you daughter soon...I can imagine

you'll kiss and hug her a lot...

have a good time Dear..

6 years ago

TY Agnes!!!! I will have a good time, thanks again my Dear

6 years ago

I hate to say this,the tree/woman looks to be Photoshopped.Allthough,I could be wrong,but looking at it,seems computer generated.Maybe not.

6 years ago

Hi Ancil..nice to see you share here..

that tree/women..I never see in real..

but very posible can be nature try to copy

trees have life...alive...spiritual...current...copy.....transfer...


here some pictures I found and make me laugh

how do you think?? can be very posible?? that tree is real

that time I was a nun..stay there 1 month

I walked alone in the forest near cave, buddhism temple

I saw trees different there up to the water fall

I think that trees body around there very strange

tree body cover with many of .......??

I never see like that

very nature can do art like that

Disturbingly Shaped Vegetables
6 years ago

TY Agnes they are truly weird vegetables lol Still I like that tree LMAO!!!!!

Happy Weekend and many blessings to all of you

6 years ago

Thank you Agnes. Same back to you Michaela.Weird Pictures 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

6 years ago
President Rosie Pictures, Images and Photos
6 years ago

Hi Michaela, Ingrid...


Ingrid..that's bill...have evil in the middle???




I thought..bills are our angels

but evil love to hunt it in many bad ways...that's all

6 years ago

here I don't think weird but want to share here...from nature


6 years ago

I don't if this picture is in the right catergory.


Weird curved trees Poland

6 years ago

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