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3 years ago

The Sun Sets on a Dying Tradition: Beautiful Pictures Show the Breathtaking Tranquility of Chinese Rivers as Fisherman Use Birds

Guided only by the flicker of their lanterns and the last light of a dimming sun, three cormorant fishermen drift silently across a Chinese lake, hoping to make a last catch for the day.
3 years ago

Agnes + Sue for sharing

3 years ago

Tiny "Alien" Being That Was Found a Few Years Ago in Chile's Atacama Desert.

An upcoming documentary promises to show an alleged, tiny "alien" being that was found a few years ago in Chile's Atacama Desert. And when we say tiny, we're talking six inches from head to ET toe.
3 years ago

Frozen Vultures Fall From Sky On Adam Weber's House During Snowstorm

Sometimes you just can't stop cold turkey. Two frozen turkey vultures fell out of the sky on a home in Sioux Falls, S.D. during a snowstorm earlier this week.
3 years ago

Girl's Head Swells Like A Balloon: Runa Begum, Of India, Born With Hydrocephalus (PHOTO

A young girl in India has such an extreme case of hydrocephalus that her head has swelled to an alarming size.
3 years ago

Thanks Sue..interesting...

how about the mother earth...will payback soon

Man shoots tree, tree fires back
3 years ago

Found this really funny story this morning, hope it makes you smile.  It made me think what would happen if nature started doing to us what we have been doing to her all these years.

3 years ago

60 Short Love Stories to Cheer You Up

Here's a selection of 60 short love stories recently submitted to our sister site, Makes Me Think (MMT), that not only made us think, but warmed our hearts and cheered us up. We hope they do the same for you.
3 years ago

Meet Boom, the Pit Bull Who Loves Birds

According to his owners, Boom is a complete clown and loves showing off. He is extremely intelligent, willing to please and loves to work.
3 years ago

Thanks Sue..for sharing link

images beautiful as old style house

3 years ago

Here is a link to a very old house that may or may not be haunted.  I do not know if the link will work for Non-Canadians, really hope so because the inside of the house if absolutely fantastic.  I'd buy it in a heartbeat if I had money.  Certainly would not worry about any ghosts either.  The first link is to the article, the 2nd has bigger pictures.

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3 years ago

Silent Evolution-Underwater Sculpture, Grenada

Silent Evolution-Underwater Sculpture, Grenada
3 years ago

Dog Reunited With Owner

This happened on the 25th of March in the evening. A girl was walking her dog along the street of Hefei in the Anhui Province, when a young man suddenly ran up to her dog and hugged the dog crying. Mr. Zhou's dog went missing in September 2012 and he
3 years ago


3 years ago

Great pics, thanks Agnes

3 years ago

Very Funny! Senior Moments By Golf Brooks   video

Very funny! Just found this today. Do you ever have any senior moments on the computer? We have a cute moment in our "Common Computer Mistakes by Seniors" video.
3 years ago

Hi Sue..very welcome...feel a bit sad when saw that images...they left the town..

if they sale 1$..I'll buy


Sea Lion Takes a Strole Through Brazil Town

Over the weekend a polite sea lion was spotted walking the streets of one Brazilian city.

3 years ago

Thanks for the link Agnes.  It does make you think about what happened when you see abandoned towns.  My favourite is Macchu Picchu, (and I can never spell it right) what a stunning place to have lived.  Thank you for sharing the link.

3 years ago

Hi Ingrid, June, Sue..Thanks

Sue..I saw that one..our friends forwarded around and I posted in group click and green shared

Thanks a lot to share here...

Life in Ruins: The Haunting Images of Abandoned Towns Around the World

Little says more about how civilisations once lived than a glimpse into the surviving ruins of the places that they inhabited. In Grytviken on South Georgia Island, gigantic whale bones and abandoned tanker ships tell the story of a civilization of whal
3 years ago

Thanks Sue. Lets do our part yes. Agnes I noted your articules, thanks.

3 years ago

Here is a link that came to me this morning that I want to share with as many people as possible.  It at first made me so sad I cried, then so happy that I found Care2 and can come here and do a little each day to make life on planet earth a little better.

3 years ago

thanks Agnes

3 years ago

8 Most Extreme Cultural Body Modifications

It is impossible to say who the first people were with stretched ears, or why they did it. Today, many cultures (including our own!) practice the art of ear stretching for many different reasons. Religion,
3 years ago

Baby Elephant Plays in the Ocean

Video: Adorable baby elephant in the ocean.
3 years ago

have time to take a look ...what happened on 2011

The 45 Most Powerful Images

84-year-old Dorli Rainey was pepper sprayed during a peaceful march in Seattle, Washington. She would have been thrown to the ground and trampled, but luckily a fellow protester and Iraq vet was there to save her. (Joshua Trujillo /
3 years ago
Living Dead Dolls pencil sharpener


Fantastic! My list of fears just got longer. Decapitated doll heads secured their top spot a long time ago, but now I get to add pencils and pencil sharpeners to the list too.

Thanks, Living Dead Dolls Sadie Pencil Sharpener! I've always wanted to shove a dull pencil into an eye socket and not only have it come out sharpened, but also watch a scary head "vomit" the shavings.

The sharpener is sold out (awww!) now but usually sells for about $7.

3 years ago

Good Morning..!! Angelica...thanks for sharing..!! amazing..

and funny comments from the people there..make me laugh...

  • cobra not hungry
  • cobra noe to store food first...hungry den eat
  • Yup, eat fresh like subway

3 years ago

Are These the World's Creepiest? Perfect Pictures Ruined By Surprise Guests

Next time you pose for a photograph, take a quick look behind before saying cheese - you never know who might be lurking there.
3 years ago


that 2 VDO I found accident after I turn off my email and vdo show up

it make me so cute ..innocent act...

3 years ago

 been catching up everyone for sharing

3 years ago

Sleepy Kid Loves Ice Cream

Sleepy Kid Loves Ice Cream As tired as this kid is, he just can't stop eating that ice cream. It's just way too delicious!
3 years ago
Determined Kid Gets Rejected

All this poor kid wanted was some alone time with one of his lady friends. She wasn't very interested though!
take a look this VDO...
3 years ago

Disabled Piglet Has Its Own Set of Wheels

While most people use K'Nex, a children's toy alternative to Legos, to build large, complex models of rollercoasters and castles,

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3 years ago

Hi Angelica..thanks for sharing with friends

very welcome....

3 years ago

Betsy, you have a Yorkie puppy?  How cute.  You should post his photo here.  I have a rescued Chinese Crested little boy.  He's a sweetheart.  Here he is:


Agnes, I feel okay posting him here because he is weird and offbeat in every way!  But he is a love, a very sweet boy.
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3 years ago

That poor kitty!

Those purple spheres are fascinating.  I would love to know what they are.

Thanks, Agnes!

3 years ago

'They're Out of This World!': Mysterious Purple Spheres Found in the Desert Spark Speculation

Tuscon locals are baffled by the appearance of thousands of tiny, purple sphere that have appeared in the middle of a desert. Geradine Vargas and her husband discovered the strange collection Sunday while on a walk.
3 years ago

Truck Dodges Baby Thrown From Car

CBS News Raw: Dashboard video shows a baby being flung from a car onto oncoming traffic after a horrible crash. Police say the 1-year-old girl was lying across the car's back seat and not in a safety seat.
4 years ago

Hi weird on news..??

crazy really...look at new Zombie update


After Gory Incidents, Online 'Zombie' Talk Grows

First came Miami: the case of a naked man eating most of another man's face. Then Maryland, a college student telling police he killed a man, then ate his heart and part of his brain.
4 years ago

Hi Agnes, wanted to sent you a green star, can't do this week  



4 years ago

Hi Michaela..

what justice is...we're spirit as stars different colors in the universe

what my view for this ??

base of justice should be "Spiritaul right"

4 years ago

Hi Agnes, I am not sure about this guy and yet you might be absolutely right. And I am wondering, where is justice????

4 years ago

Hi Michaela..

we talked about this...the world turn madness

evil was born more than Angel

and too many people have Demonic possession

some can reason and many of them can't reason at all

I shocked that 2 news about a nake man and her own son eyesball

and today again..shocking news...


Police Investigating Possible Link Between Severed Body-Part Packages in Ottawa and Montreal

Police in Ottawa and Montreal are investigating a possible connection after packages containing severed body parts were found in both cities Tuesday.
4 years ago

Hello Agnes, holy, your last 3 articles are weird and yes off beat in everything I have heard in my life

Hugs my Friend


4 years ago

No Heating, No Windows, No Bedsheets...Mother and Stepfather Jailed for Forcing Son to Live in Coal Bunker 'Cell' Because He Raide

Bullied and constantly hungry, he was made to live and sleep in the room and reduced to using a potty as he was locked up each night
4 years ago

Oil Lifeline: Lad, 7, Has to Drink a LITRE of Olive Oil a Week - or His Brain Stops Working

Seven-year-old boy consumes so much oil due to rare genetic condition that his hands often turn orange
4 years ago

Shocking Ceremony: Mum 'Gouges Her Own Son's Eyeballs Out in Drug-Fuelled Ritual'

A five-year-old boy's mum has been arrested after apparently gouging his eyes out with her fingers. Police in Mexico said eight people in total are being held after what is believed to have been a drug-fuelled ritual.
4 years ago

Sliding Cat

Whilst walking, I stumbled across this friendly cat sliding on the ground. Very cute and actively seeking attention.
4 years ago

Six Children Rushed to Hospital After Boy of 14 Makes Chocolate Brownies Laced With Drugs

School cookery classes are meant to teach the value of nutritious meals made from good, honest ingredients. But the delicacy served up at All Saints College in Newcastle upon Tyne taught pupils a very different lesson after a prankster sabotaged the pro
4 years ago

Hi Michaela, Ingrid..human love to do decoration to their pet


Hi Betsy..don't need to sorry...

weird and offbeat here welcome..feel free to share

love to hear from you


everyone..!! Have a happy Friday


4 years ago


Sorry, I had to post this picture.  I will have to answer this question for my Yorkie puppy soon.  Any suggestions on how I can be gentle?

4 years ago

Hello Ingrid & Agnes  


Well Ingrid, in China they like to do that to their dogs, very unfortunate. I saw a golden Retriever shaved so he would look like a young Lion. Pink fur, mini skirts and shoes and the list goes on. 



4 years ago

How ugly. Stupid Chinese who did this.

4 years ago
The dog that's just dyeing to be a tiger: How Chinese owners turn their pets into exotic wildlife in new craze

4 years ago

Crocodiles Stalk Man Trapped at Flooded Gulf Fishing Camp

A MAN trapped for three days in a flooded Gulf country fishing hut while being stalked by large crocodiles has been rescued and taken to safety by two fishermen.
4 years ago


Phone With Messages From Dead Soldier Returned to Owner

A British woman who was robbed of her cellphone, which contained voice and text messages from a friend who died while serving in Afghanistan, has had the BlackBerry returned to her.
4 years ago

Arby's Gives Teen the Finger

But that's what one Michigan teenager found when he bit into his roast beef sandwich. After picking up an order at the drive-thru, Ryan Hart, 14, bit into something rubbery, reported MichiganLive. "I was like, 'That gots to be a finger'," he told


4 years ago

Combustive Rocks ~California Women Burned for Picking Up ROCKS on BEACH! VIDEO AT SITE

Well we all know that our OCEAN is TOXIC, but nowdays a person can't pick up rocks on a beach??? Sadly, we have made a Mess of everything Special! News at site! Wonder about all of the TOXIC Dumping into the Ocean, did that do this to the ROCKS?
4 years ago

Miracle Falls From The Sky-Newborn Puppy

Good news for a change!A newborn puppy falls from the sky after surviving a predator hawk and a long drop to the hard ground.And he has a new home. Miracles really do happen
4 years ago

Hi Michaela..very welcome..

here on the news

Egypt Funeral Turns Happy After Dead Man Awakes

Luxor: The funeral of a 28 year-old waiter in southern Egypt turned into a celebration when he woke up after being declared dead. Hospital officials had pronounced
4 years ago

TY Agnes, very interesting article

4 years ago

The Mayans Reveal Their Darkest Mysteries: New Excavation Reveals Secrets of Their Calendar - Including Black-Clad Figures and s

A vast city built by the ancient Mayan civilisation and discovered nearly a century ago in modern day Guatemala is finally starting to yield its secrets - including a hint that apocalyptic predictions around the 'end' of the Mayan Calendar may be wrong.

4 years ago

how do you reason and consider with this..??

my views for blind for this faith and belief

how blind is that..??

I thought it's Satan behinden there..evil's snake

do you ever think about history story of God and Adams & Eve

that time...where is that evil's snake go ?? after that..

it's turn to behide religions in the world



brrrrrrrrrrrr..scary....who created this blind laws to be a Saint for people who have been bitten by snakes.

4 years ago

St. Domenico Is Believed to Be the Patron Saint for People Who Have Been Bitten By Snakes.

The St. Domenico's procession is held every year on the first of May in the streets of Cocullo, Italy. St. Domenico is believed to be the patron saint for people who have been bitten by snakes.

4 years ago

"Zombie Ant" Fungus Under Attack--By Another Fungus

Ant zombification begins when an Ophiocordyceps fungus shoots spores onto an insect. The parasitic fungus gradually takes over the ant's brain and directs the insect to a cool, moist location. The fungus then kills the ant, and fruiting bodies erupt from

4 years ago

Minx Joins Full Load for Full Cycle

"Meow!" Then silence. But a few minutes later another muffled, but desperate "Meow!"
4 years ago

Dog Meat Was Tasty - Suspect

NAKURU, Kenya, May 3 - The man who was caught slaughtering a dog at the Nakuru dumpsite a few days ago has told a court that he did not know it was an offence.
4 years ago

this's one when look at picture of puppy make me laugh...

yes..I really pity that poor puppy..but I laugh...



Cactus Patch Puppy Rescued and Adopted

Meet Cactus Jack, the scared little puppy who got mercilessly pricked after becoming trapped in a cactus in Arizona. Fortunately for Jack, one Good Samaritan was in his backyard last Friday when he heard the 9-week-old puppy's frantic cries for help and
4 years ago

Frog eat snake, rat, bird...that's look scary...brrrrrr....


look this one..?? can't believed China make side walk like that.....


Girl in China Falls Through Sidewalk

Girl in China Falls Through Sidewalk The teenager was rescued after falling through a hole in the pavement.
4 years ago

Yum Yum some good eating. Thank you Agnes.

4 years ago

Dentist Pulled Out ALL Boyfriend's Teeth After He Dumped Her (and New Girlfriend Leaves Him Because of His Empty Mouth)

A dentist pulled out all her ex-boyfriend's teeth after he dumped her for another woman - who has now left him because he is toothless.
4 years ago

Mystic Phitsanulok Underground Fire Kills Pets and Injures Locals

April 25, 2012 [PDN]; A fire was reported burning under the ground covering an area of 400 square meters. The fire burned the feet of the locals and a cow, cats and dogs were reported to have been killed by the underground fire.
4 years ago

"Wet Mummy" Found During Roadbuilding

With eyebrows, hair, and skin still intact after more than 600 years, a remarkably preserved Chinese "wet mummy" remains bundled in her quilt after centuries in a flooded coffin.
4 years ago

The Other Side of Incredible India

Boys collect coconuts thrown in as offerings by worshippers in the waters of the Sabarmati river after the immersion of idols of the Hindu elephant god Ganesh, the deity of prosperity, in Ahmedabad
4 years ago

Boy's Football Lost in Tsunami Found in Alaska

A football swept away by last year's tsunami and found on a remote Alaskan island is to be returned after its teenage Japanese owner was identified.
4 years ago

Abandoned Puppies Zipped in Suitcase

Abandoned Puppies Zipped in Suitcase Ohio man is accused of dumping six puppies in an alley.
must see this..cute deer
4 years ago

Cemetery Coupling: Deer Protects Goose Nesting in Graveyard (VIDEO)
Offbeat  (tags: cemetery couple, deer, protects, goose, sweetnews, video )
Barb - 4 hours ago -

Somewhere, playwright Neil Simon is smiling. The oddest of couples has materialized at the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Buffalo, New York--a protective deer and a nesting goose.
4 years ago

Guy Walks Into Giant Bear While Texting

Now this is a good reason why you shouldn't talk and text. You never know who you're going to run into!
4 years ago

Students Stop Bus After Driver Loses Consciousness

Police say students did a great job when they managed to stop a school bus after the driver lost consciousness Monday morning.
4 years ago

The Psychology of Killing and NonKilling

Is this sergeant just a really 'bad apple' or are we all susceptible? Believe it or not, we can each shift into evil thoughts and behavior quite easily. How do we become "bad" or "good"?
must see
4 years ago

Awesome ! Old Man on Skateboard   video

This is a clip from Betty White's new TV show 'Off Their Rockers' on NBC. An old man pulls off some Rodney Mullen type skateboarding in front of some kids. Awesome
4 years ago

The Amazing Ginger Mammoth: Ice Age Creature Killed By Cavemen Is Found Perfectly Preserved After 10,000 Years

The shaggy ginger coat is just as bright as it was when the animal wandered over the ice-covered terrain. Its eyes, foot pads and even internal organs are all intact. Yet this is a young woolly mammoth - which lived more than 10,000 years ago Its perf
4 years ago

Cranky Crocodile Attack Car

A CLOSE encounter with a crocodile meant a Habana couple's 29th wedding anniversary was an event they won't soon forget.
this is not right..dark side
4 years ago

Killing of Two 10-Year-Old Boys and a Woman in Ritual Sacrifices.

Police in northern Mexico have arrested eight people in connection with the killing of two 10-year-old boys and a woman in ritual sacrifices. Prosecutors in the state of Sonora allege the suspects belong to the cult of La Santa Muerte, or Holy Death
4 years ago

Man Shoots Dogs, Wife After Animal Poops in the House

A 76-year-old man is being held in a Texas jail after being charged with shooting his wife and dogs after one of the pets pooped on the floor inside the home.
4 years ago

Bob Brown Wonders Why Aliens Aren't Calling

Senator Brown took to the stars to mark the 40th anniversary of the party's founding, claiming the reason humanity was yet to get a phone call from interstellar lifeforms may be that they have already "extincted themselves"
4 years ago
Elisany Silva, a 14-year-old giant

14-year-old Elisany Silva measures 6ft 9in tall, making her one of the biggest teenagers in the world. She is believed to be suffering from a rare disease which has caused her extreme growth.

I don't think it's offbeat..but need share
4 years ago

today hubby found funny news..he laugh a lot about..need share with friends

here I just posted on care2

Cows Could Fart Less
GENETICALLY modifying cows so they burp and fart less - that's one of 40 initiatives to reduce emissions being considered by the cattle and sheep industry. Researchers are investigating the merits of selective breeding to alter the genetic
4 years ago

Thanks Michaela, Ingrid...


Is Free Will An Illusion? Scientists, Philosophers Forced to Differ

Are you really in control, or is your every decision predetermined? Who's at the steering wheel: you, your genes, your upbringing, fate, karma, God?
4 years ago

Me too Michaela. Thank you Agnes for the last two you posted. Have a blessed day all.

4 years ago

TY Agnes very interesting articles. Most of them make me feel sick. 


The last one I guess the green eyed monster came into the picture....


Have a blessed and wonderful day my friends

4 years ago

Murder Suspect Says Psychic Made Him Do It

An Australian man is on trial for allegedly killing his parents for their inheritance; he did so after a psychic told him that he was owed "an abundance of riches." David Weightman, the adopted son of Sydney residents Pam and Bill Weightman, is accused
4 years ago

Near-Death Experiences Are Lucid Dreams, Experiment Finds

In a new exercise by a California organization that studies lucid dreaming, volunteers have been conditioned to dream near-death experiences, including the classic scenario of flying toward a light at the end of a tunnel. The researchers say their experi
4 years ago

Me too Ann. Thank you Agnes for the posts.

4 years ago

This story about the grandparents makes me sick.

4 years ago

Grand Parents hire hit-man to kill grandkids and save sex-offender son from prison (link to Video)

This is not a recent story but we felt it needed to be published.

Lake County, FL - Deputies said Robert Jackson, 60, and his wife, Versie  Jackson, 59, traveled to a Best Western hotel Tuesday to meet a hit man -- who was
an undercover law enforcement officer.

Their son, Jason Jackson, 31 was in jail, facing child molestation charges. Their daughter in law Karen Jackson and their grandchildren were scheduled
to testify against him for molesting one of his own daughters.

Karen Jackson said she knew her in-laws didn't like her, but she didn't think they hated her enough to have her and her three kids killed.

Jason Jackson is in the Lake County Jail facing 48 counts of sexual battery. Lake County detectives said he recruited his parents to help him with his case by hiring a hit man to kill the witnesses who would testify against him, including his child and two stepchildren.

Jason Jackson reportedly told his "Hit Man" to give his daughter this message right before he killed here:

I think this one fake
4 years ago

Is This the Ghostly Image of a Boy Who Died Centuries Ago

Ken - 1 hour ago -

Ghostly images caught on Cam always catch my attention.
4 years ago

Thank you Agnes. How sad about the man dying while buried alive. Is the world going to really end this December?

4 years ago

Buried Alive: Man Dies During World Record Attempt

Buried alive: man dies during world record attempt A MAN has died while attempting to set a world record for the longest time spent buried alive.

4 years ago

very welcome..that snake make me feel..Brrrrrrr..

but bear with wood cute and lovely...

glad you like them

4 years ago

Yes thank you Agnes for your last two postings.

4 years ago

TY Agnes for your last two postings The snake is really interesting!


4 years ago

Russian Bear Shows Off Impressive Kung Fu Skills in YouTube Video

The Russian bear has wowed crowds visiting Royev Ruchey Zoo in Krasnoyarsk, showing off his impressive Kung Fu skills and remarkable dexterity.


4 years ago

TY Agnes, they are little miracles right here

4 years ago

I think..they pray for.."Plaese make human extinct soon"

4 years ago
Cute alert: Praying otters picture 'captures the Lord at work'
Praying otterThis adorable otter appeared to be praying as he played with a stone at Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable, Bedfordshire (Picture: Caters)
4 years ago

Thank you Agnes for sharing.

4 years ago
Snoring Dormouse v Pig born without back legs: Freak Out

VIDEO: Click to watch the snoring dormouse:

PigA pig that was born without back legs has learnt to walk upright on his front legs (Picture: Quirky China News/Rex Features)
Want to share this-funny, amazing, sad, offbeat.
4 years ago
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