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Video: UFO-Ghost-Paranormal and more
5 years ago

video ghost-paranormal, strange to share
please use reason and consider as well
I saw many of them are..fake..!!

5 years ago

5 years ago

5 years ago

Thank you Agnes for the videos. I am thinking the last one is fake.

5 years ago

Hi Ingrid thanks

you're smart..

I saw like that often

some they used clear glass make a video

and use shadow from the other side of clear glass to action

I saw some video did like that

look like ghost walk pass by

5 years ago

Look at this what I found a minute

I think this one so real

what he saw maybe not UFO ship

but very possible be a light body (high soul) or angel

what I saw light body or high soul they're looking for to go some where can be come to rebirth again

it'll look like a light orb like that

same what I saw.....move not fast..

but Light angel ..will look like a bright star.moving...

move slow can stop and disapear fast..

often Angel star ...sent current to me to look up them ..when they coming

NZ AllSky Objects   video

All Sky objects captured on 25.01.2013 The first object captured during day light hours ,North 5.45pm the second south 9.45pm the other 2 north
5 years ago

have VDOand images on the news..take a look
5 years ago

Spooky Number Of Americans Believe In Ghosts

Your mommy and daddy might have told you there are no such things as ghosts. But nearly half the country thinks otherwise.
5 years ago

I don't want to believe in ghosts.  But more and more, I meet people who tell me that their houses are haunted. Just last week, for example, I met someone who tells me that her home is haunted by the spirit of a little girl.

Agnes, what do you think about the first video?  Do you think it's real or not?   I ask, because I have spent time in Savannah.  Everyone there believes in ghosts and claims to have seen them. Ghosts are a part of everyday life with local Savannahans. The restaurant we ate in there is supposedly haunted with malevolent spirits.  One ghost in that Georgia restaurant is supposed to have thrown a pan of blueberries against a wall while locking an employee in a room in the attic. I think the restaurant if I remember correctly, is called The Pirate's Den. 

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5 years ago

Hi Angelica...nice to see you drop in...

Ghost..I believed have spirit, ghost, soul around us..I saw often....till I used to it

I don't sure what people says to be english..?? spirit , ghost, soul

spirit what I understand is...charactor of that soul..maybe I'm wrong


why I wrote have too many fake VDO...yes..make up on you tube...too many


that one you ask...very very posible..real VDO got on camera

just wondered..why child ghost action like normal a little child play with someone...

look strang that should to be....different zone....?


in case Savannah what you wrote....

can be make up VDO...just beause that area people already believed in ghost

and some one want to promote for something


and can be spirit who didn't pass over....stil have Ego, envy, sad, faith, religious..feeling, sex...etc..


Negative view..because the current world is madness...

Ghost can setting up for their side of faith.....or to control people in their fool game in the current world


yes..I beleived ..have ghost, spirit, soul....

5 years ago

Thanks, Agnes.  I am confused by the whole issue of ghosts.  I hate to think that a little boy could be left hanging between two worlds - this one and the next.  It just seems so unfair. We all like ot think that there is an order, a karmic justice at work, in the next world. Leaving children halfway between worlds seems unjust to me.

5 years ago

Agnes for sharing

5 years ago

Good nice to see you here...


Hi're so kind...
they're waiting for rebirth..because connect with the world too much
and can't pass over till spirit have learned to away from the world (hell)

5 years ago

I do agree tht this earth might very well be hell.  And what you say makes sense.  Never thought about it that way.

5 years ago

Hi Angelica..easy to scale it..

7 billion people....will go to heaven??

or just a few that.......... will go to heaven??

the most people have their one sight only....

reconsider......the most people in the world thought...the world is reallity for them

that is a cause...too many spirit, ghost waiting for to used to

5 years ago

So ghosts are just part of the wheel of karma?  They need to grow spiritually in order to be released so they can move on to the next world?

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5 years ago

Hi Angelica..

I think so..

if you look at the world right now..?? all turn wrong..going worst

spirit's the world will be right..??

in fact...if you can see at spiritual side.

the world is a war place

everywhere is war...Ego, Envy, trick....etc...

I can garuntee...

the other world(heaven) don't let war mind low spirit to their zone

Heaven zone will in big trouble

5 years ago

Thanks Agnes, Some nice videos,,

5 years ago

thanks Agnes for sharing

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