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Dreams of the future
5 years ago

I have dreams (I write them down in a book that I keep) and then when they come true I check my book just to make sure that I did dream the event. Sometimes it gets complicated. It can be frightening. I do try different remedies as to not dream and just sleep.

5 years ago

Hello Marilyn. What do you dream about if I may ask? How often they come true and what do you try to not to dream and just sleep?

5 years ago

That's a good idea - to keep a dream notebook.  Things have happened ot me that I swear I dreamed about.  But then I am not sure.

Dreams of the Future
5 years ago

Marilyn: Dreams, I thought, were a mixture of things that we dwell on throughout the day or week, until my Mother's dream came true. She told me of the dream she had of my Father at his service when he died. She said that in her dream people were asking her what happened to my Dad and that it was a shame for he just retired. My Mom became worried and didn't want my Dad to retire but he did. My Dad didn't live to even read his retirement cards because Mom's dream came true. The same people that she saw in the dream came up to her and asked what happened to my Dad, the poor guy just retired. It looks like someone tries to get through to us when life changing events are coming. Lots of Hugs, Bernadette

5 years ago

Hi, Ingrid, Patrice & Bernadette,

Dreams go hand in hand with symbolism. Sometimes they are exact and sometimes you have to have to work on the meanings. Such as, I dreamed that my son was riding his bike along with two friends and they were going over a bridge. In my dream I was watching from the sky. (How i got there I don't know) but I saw my son's bike with him on it go off the bridge. I reached out to stop him but I could only watch as he flew downward. Some time after I was watching a soap opera in the afternoon when my bell rang and there was my son's friend telling me he was hurt.
I found him unconcious on the sidewalk surrounded by people. He had been bike riding and he did what they call a "wheelie" . He fell off and fractured his skull and was in a coma for seven days. He is okay, but I always remember the dream. Why I do not like to have future dreams is that you cannot do anything to stop the happening. When I do not want to take a chance and dream I take an Advil PM.

Have a nice day.

5 years ago

Marilyn, what's more scary is to have flashes before you that you know death is coming for a loved one.....and then it does. Lots of Hugs, Bernadette

5 years ago

Hi Marilyn, Ingrid, Bernadette, Amgelica
about dreams....sound you already follow every dreams you have...
I heard too often...people love to follow their dreams...
share mine....I try to ignore dreams....
happen...happen...don't happen..don't happen...
I'll not let dreams lead a day..
follow dreams all the time...
you can hang with scary, confuse, worry things etc.. much more than feel happiness..
you can turn be panic, nervoius, crazy...much more..
remember ..!! dream is a dark side
a lot of people follow dreams till they die...
my mom follow her dreams all the time..
everyday she will tell her dreams to family
how do you think..?? happen..happen...don't happen..don't happen
if good spirit they want to anyway..some way some how..
if bad spirit they want to hurt..they hurt, harm anyway..someway some how
make the mind happy in a day....
life here is so follow any dreams...
come true or not....don't care...
people when they used to it..they can't get out to follow dreams
here is my experienced to share
please use reason and conside as well..

5 years ago

I stopped heavily dreaming,which I used to do in the Caribbean,maybe the barometric pressure or something geographical...

I know the full moon makes me crazy.

I now get what I call morning mare( the opposite of nightmares),they ruin my whole day

wake up in shock sometimes...

Have been known to be psychic, but not through dreams, only through meditation.

My mom had terrible nightmares, I would wake up sometimes to find her standing by my bed, just watching me for comfort...dreams are powerful analysis by our minds trying to work out the events of our life, totally necessary,and if you can remember them, a book is a great idea.

5 years ago

Hi Tasunka..thanks for sharing your experienced with us here

5 years ago

Thanks, T.  Thanks, Agnes.  

Psychic Ability
5 years ago

Thank you all for sharing. I went to see Theresa Caputo, the Medium who communicates with dead people. When I see and hear things from beyond I have to tell myself, if Theresa Caputo can talk to dead people I can future dream, do card readings and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Psychic Ability
5 years ago

Yes, Marilyn, Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium, I really appreciate her and the way she communicates with Spirit. I agree that anyone can do what she does but you have to be sensitive to communicating with spirits. How much does she charge for a reading? Do you have to make an appointment with her when she's in your area? I would love to see if my Son would come through. Lots of Hugs, Bernadette

5 years ago

i also keep dream journal--- sometimes the theme repeats and becomes clear esp after meditation 

5 years ago

I hate to be the Devil's Advocate here, but coudn't Teresa Caputo do all the things she does that may or may not be amazing - if information was being fed to her through a tiny, not visible hearing device - like a hearing aid that just slips into your ear.

I have not ever seen her in person.  I do not know anything about her other than what I have seen on TV.  But if the people who come to hear her are asked their names and zip codes before entering, or if they have to show ID before entering, then couldn't someone online and offstage be getting info on them to feed to her while she is on stage?

5 years ago

Angelica, I know Teresa Caputo actually has spirits speak to her days, even weeks before she would arrive the place she's appearing. She couldn't sleep for days because she kept hearing a little boy pressing her to tell his Mom something. It was actually a couple of weeks later when she kept hearing the little boy telling her that his Mother would be in the audience. Indeed she was there and Teresa gave her the message from her Son. Before she was validated as a medium she had to prove herself in order to be on TV. Lots of Hugs, Bernadette

5 years ago

I believe.

However I can only predict things and see "signs" for myself and my little circle of extended family....I don't know if having a photographic memory has anything to do with it.

also I used to dream of my parents all the time.

Now that's been a decade or more since they passed,my dreams barely feature them anymore.

telling me I only see the Now,and the future.

The past is ,well, in the past.

WiyakA, I too find upon meditating that indeed sometimes dreams are esp.

(love that you have the same name as my home;feather)

5 years ago

Bernadette, I saw that show about the little boy and his grieving mom.  Thanks for clarifying that for me.It's good to know that Teresa Caputo is honest and talented.

Teresa Caputo
5 years ago

After my husband passed away we went to an open "Town Meeting" type of event with Teresa Caputo. The charge was $80.00 per person - cash only at the door. There was lunch ending with coffee and cake. It was too crowded with at least 125 people. All of a sudden she said "Where is Marilyn?". I was frozen and she had nothing more to say to me. I know it was my husband trying to get thru. i want to see her again but she has appointments into 2014. My daughter is trying to set up a group interview in our home. We are on a list. I heard she charges quite a bit more now. We have quite a group that wants to participate. I think she is the real deal. I'll let you know if I hear anything more.

Have a good day!

5 years ago

Yes, Angelica, wasn't that amazing how she worried so much about the little boy that was trying to get through to her that she couldn't eat, sleep and was crying at inappropriate times. I know that the show was taped over the course of a week and I couldn't believe when she held her head and went into the kitchen area, at the group meeting, and she cried & said "He said she's here" "his Mother's here"..."oh, I can't do this." Angelica, that was awesome. I think the little boy's Mother told her Son that she would be meeting with Teresa and asked him to be there too & tell her what he wants her to know. Marilyn, I paid $75.00 for a reading with Mr. Dee so I can appreciate what she charges. Also, you get a lunch, sounds like a great deal. I know she was channeling in on your Husband. I gather he didn't believe in such things & probably would never go to see Teresa Caputo, am I right? This is why she couldn't pick up on him. I would go again but this time have a little talk with your Husband first. Tell him you will be seeing her & for him to contact you....I know it will work. Let me know how your visit with Teresa goes next time. Lots of Love & Hugs, Bernadette

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