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When looking for a partner , we tend to get bored of the whole bar or blind date background. It becomes repetitive and some of us can’t take the peer pressure of asking someone if he or she wants a drink only to be rejected or never called back. Then , another option is available and that is online dating.  This way of meeting people is easier because you can get to know someone  by looking at their profile and ,afterwards , if you are confident, you can begin to chat with him or her and then finally ask the person out on a real offline date.

Here are some tips to help you in online dating.

First , you need to choose the right dating site. Many of them specialize in a certain aspect of domain . For example, there are websites for Asian people or black or perhaps males seeking Asian women. Pick the right type and, afterwards, if you can, ask around your friends or perhaps family to see if it’s reliable. Some of them are erotic, buggy or full of fake profiles and I don’t think you want to waste time with those pieces of garbage.

Secondly, don’t go too fast. Just like in real-life, you can’t rush things in online dating. For example, don’t try to find someone interesting and then right away ask to meet somewhere. Build an online connection by chatting or emailing then slowly mount up to phone calls and finally a real date. Otherwise, the other person might think you are just someone looking for sex or a short term fling.
Third, don’t believe everything because the internet was made for lying according to many. Just because someone says he is rich, a top model or perhaps gay doesn’t mean you should trust him. Many users are lying in order to make themselves look better or to point and laugh at you. The only way out around this is to carefully inspect the profile of the other person and to be somewhat skeptical.
Fourth, be a profile freak! By making your profile page more attractive , you can attract more eyes to it and perhaps your future loved one will drop by . Do this by placing pictures that show the real you doing activities you like , but don’t pick anything disgraceful . For example, don’t upload a photo of you throwing up on your friend . That’s a big no-no!

When trying out online dating , you should always select the right website for you . If you are gay , don’t go on an heterosexual one for example. Don’t rush things just because you are extremely interested in someone because that might freak out some.  Watch out for  liars or time wasters and , finally , make your profile page into something everyone wants to see.
If you are truthful and you weed out the cream of the crop from the jerks , you will have no problem finding someone to go out on a real date.

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Dating Online
3 years ago

So many people swear by online dating but then there are other people who haven’t been able to master it.  It’s true, online dating can work but you need to learn how to put yourself out there, make sure that you don’t come across in a bad light when you do make contact with others, and that you take it to the next level when you meet in person.   There are just a few small tips that will help you make the most of the online dating experience.

1. Make sure that you create a profile that puts your best side out there.  Don’t have a profile that talks about all of your short comings, instead you need to make sure that your profile puts your fun side out there.  This will attract more people to you, to who you are, to what you like to do.  There is plenty of time later to share the other sides of who you are, but make sure that your profile is upbeat and just overall very positive.

2. Next, when you make contact with someone you need to keep things real, but stay positive.  Don’t bombard them with questions, because if you do this you might come across as sort of off the wall.  Instead, just ask one or two questions and then be willing to answer at least as many as you asked.  When you have a give and take like this it will help you build a rapport and will also help you move things to that next level.

3. Don’t move too fast.  Many people have bad experiences with online dating because they get excited about meeting someone too soon.  Instead of chatting a couple times online and then meeting in person, chat for awhile online, then move to the phone, and then when you are sure that you would like to spend a couple hours with this person, meet them.  When you take longer to meet in person you can be certain that this is someone that you would want to spend time with.

4. Make sure that you dress well on your first date.  Everyone likes someone that looks good, but it is also a good idea to make that effort on a first date because you are showing them that you care enough about their opinion to dress well and take some pride in your appearance. 

5. Keep it simple on the first date.  Don’t plan to spend the whole day together, instead you should make sure that you plan something that is simple and short for the first meeting.  For instance, plan to meet at a café for a cup of coffee so you can part ways if things don’t go well, and if they do you can choose to take in a movie.

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3 years ago

Have you been dating, flirting with, or just interested in two people for some time?  If so, you may feel that it is time to make a choice between the two people so you can truly start a relationship with one.  If you feel badly for being interested in two people, don’t, there are a lot of people who are in a similar position.

First and foremost, you should consider the idea that you don’t have to settle for just one.  You can continue to date both people for as long as you like and really get a sense of who each person is and what they can bring to your life.  If you are interested in two people it generally means that you need to get to know them both a bit more so you can see who is really more suited for you.

If you feel ready to be in a committed relationship and you just aren’t sure which one to pursue it with, consider who shares your beliefs or values.  When you are with someone who shares more of your beliefs or values you will have something to build a relationship on.  Of course, they don’t have to share all of your beliefs and values, but choosing the person who shares at least some of your beliefs than you will be better off.

Consider who you feel more connected to.  Even if you really enjoy spending time with both people, you will want to consider who it is that you feel more connected to or bonded with.  Chances are there is one that you feel just a bit more comfortable with.  It is someone that you can be yourself with that you want to commit yourself to, so consider this when trying to make your choice.

Who did you feel that instant spark with?  You need to consider who you had an immediate connection with, and then consider whether or not this spark still exists between the two of you.  It is someone that you feel drawn to that you want to spend your time with.  Someone whom you have a lot of chemistry with will be good for you, as this chemistry will keep you together and help you through the tough times.

Choosing between two people is always difficult.  Remember that there is nothing that says you need to choose right now.  If someone is pressuring you to commit to them and you feel hesitant, this is probably not the person that you should be with.  You need to make these choices in your own time and on your own accord.  Sometimes you just need to see a couple different people at once and enjoy your connections with both before you choose just one person to commit to.

Looking for an online date
3 years ago

Many people get involved with online dating because they are frustrated with their dating life.  They want to meet interesting people and they want to meet them now, and this leaves them perhaps a bit more over zealous than they would have been otherwise.  The result is that they rush into the online dating process, which can be just as frustrating as their current dating life.  Take online dating slow, as this will allow you to attract and find the right kind of person for you instead of just taking what comes.

The first thing you want to do when considering online dating is find the right site.  There are thousands of online dating sites out there for you to consider but you need to choose the right one for you.  If there are certain niches that apply to you, such as divorced, a certain race or ethnicity, or anything of the like than chances are you will be able to find a singles dating website that will be a perfect fit for you.  Just shop around a little bit and see what is out there for you.

Next, you need to write your profile. A lot of people want to rush through writing their profile, but you need to take your time.  Make sure that you include everything that you want to include about yourself, keep things positive, and also make sure that you check your profile for both grammar and spelling.  If you take your time you will end up with a profile that reads much better and is much more enlightening about who you are and what you are looking for.

Make yourself available to other singles.  When someone emails you or sends you a message be sure to message them back.  Don’t dismiss anyone who emails you, instead consider all correspondences.  If you do meet someone that you like, don’t rush.  Instead correspond with them a few times via messages on the dating site.

Don’t be too quick to share information.  Share the messages online and then only when you feel comfortable should you share your personal email address.  It is best to correspond this way for awhile and then if you are both still interested you can share pictures, chat via web video, and then when you are both ready perhaps you can trade phone numbers and you can begin to talk on the phone.  This whole process really is a period of feeling one another out, allowing for you to develop trust for a relative stranger.  If you are both still interested after talking on the phone, that is when you can make plans to meet in person and really bring what started out as a virtual relationship into reality.

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Singles Seattle


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