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It's Halloween, and still the light shines thru
3 years ago

Hi Halloween Friday October 31st, 2014 Positives.

and whether you know it or not

you are positively brilliant

and positively made from the divine light

anything which casts a shadow

may give you pause

but your light is still shining

as long as you live

and the creator has sent messengers that enlighten us

all we need is the natural instinct to move towards the light

which is also a part of our divine unity

for we are not alone

we are most fulfilled when we relate to our surroundings

with the enthusiasm of the child within

and when we share this miracle of life together

we expand our own light

it is as a blink of an eye

we find rest in the light of stars

and great energy forever in the eternal sun of our origin

4 years ago

Well put, as usual, Dot.

Jabez { A Biblical Prayer }
4 years ago

Dear Positives! - Ioanna, Stuart, Helen, Juta, Shell, Antonio, and All - who's spark of love from within is shared for all of us!   The 'kingdom' is within,... and that means 'love' is born in you!  Love does not harm, (or at least tries NOT to,... ).  One of the misunderstandings is that if we know love for one's own self, that is a flaw - but, actually, it's not the teaching of spiritual awareness.  For years I had to fight this concept - to find my own self acceptance, and the ability to be loving and kind to myself.  The prayer of Jabez is a brief but wonderful example of how God hears us when we ask for blessings to come to our lives.  "God Bless me indeed."  And the blessings came upon him.  We are intended love from first person singular and radiate outwardly.  I like your comment, Ioanna, when you say: "I like it." - for that shows how your heart feels!  It sounds very loving, - indeed.  And when Zee shares the joys of making others feel hope, cheer, companionship, and triumph over their troubles, - that is so uplifting for our sense of how the world operates on the highest level.  It's great to know if you find our group offering some positive energy - and that you are joining the growing comments of 'hope', 'peace', 'joy' and yes, 'charity' of thoughts, and feelings shared here.  Sorry your HTML isn't available Ioanna, - hope these images are successfully relayed.  Happy Monday - Happy Week -

and Love is the natural flow of life,

May each one be blessed to know

it is always with YOU~

{this was a re-post for those who remember it}

Have a swimmingly good time day, and always.  Dot

Remember: most of what worries us isn't 'actual'
4 years ago

6 years ago

If you find yourself in a negative mood, just be sure you don't believe in it.

6 years ago

I should like to send a picture wishing you all a nice weekend,but the HTML system doesn't work! So... HAVE A POSITIVE WEEKEND!!

6 years ago

... and as I very often say (very egoistic indeed but I like it) I prefer to be the last of MY KIND

6 years ago

Beautifully expressed, Dot!

the same boat
6 years ago

Dear Friends, Zee and Ioanna, - aren't we humans something!  And I mean something GOOD!  And, as well, aren't we humans amazingly hard on ourselves, too~  We've been taught to be that way to ourselves,... From infancy when we cried, and the caregivers didn't want to hear it; -from the toddler stage when just saying a single word was quite difficult and if we got it wrong, the giant beings who watched over us sure made a thing of it!; -and as we started to mix with the larger world, where peer pressure came from all sides, - man! - we better do things according to their 'approval' or be left out of the "IN" crowd,...  Of course, it's even worse than THIS!!!  I'm actually making it sound quite ordinary and 'no biggie.'  But, for each of us, with our internal 'soul' we have taken an emotional beating. [a challenge]  No wonder we struggle with our internal thoughts and find communication a very tenuous exercise.  The human ego can be pieced just by an unfriendly glance,... Spirituality tries to address our worldly concerns,... Meditation, Prayer, Introspection, and the teachings of Compassion.  Yet, we are struggling to 'wake up' and feel the blessings of our LIFE.  Make sure you do not depend on another to give you this feeling,... for the majority will fail you, very much!  Even those whom you count on will fail you, at least occasionally.  Our humanity is not that perfect.  As for living in the wrong place at the wrong time, - it's come to my mind, too, .... but I hear a whisper that says: I have made you NOW, for here, and for always.  I will carry you home.  I will heal every wound.  I will make peace where you cannot.  I will love you when no else does.  I will comfort you when there is pain, and no explanation as to why.  I see you.  I love you.  I deliver you, always.  


6 years ago

I can perfectly understand what you mean,Dot.Very often I act like this,too.But, although I feel very nice,unfortunately, I am tired of hearing that I am naive and that I have to "wake up".I wonder myself: is it possible that I leave in a wrong place the wrong time?...

6 years ago

Good for you, Dot.

You're talking to me. I'm going through one of those "growing times" right now. And it hurts.
Growing means stretching to be more than you are and stretching can be painful. But it's worth it. I want to grow. I don't want to stay the way I am right now for all eternity. I want to grow.
Therefore, I give thanks.

I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

In fact, the situation is setting me free in several areas. I'm letting it have its perfect work in me.

Thank you.

sticks and stones
6 years ago

Hello Positives! -it's been a busy day, but, something happened here worth a share, I believe,...  Interestingly, a Temp employee came to me with an issue that was creating stress, and even tears.  I can't get into all the details, and that probably would just be laborious reading anyway, -but, in our last discussion I shared a virtue that was taught to me long ago: Love your enemies.  This most difficult gem of wisdom is indeed one of our greatest tasks to learn while we journey this world of trials and errors, but, it's the one that will get us all over the 'greatest hump of problems' in the future, if we want it to be bright.  My friends are so appreciated and cozy good company, and surely, how would I exist without them?  But, the most challenging lessons in my life have been through the life experiences the those who brought me troubles, hardships, unfair situations, emotional pain, and even the loss of things loved - including perhaps, my own life.  But, through my anger and my tears, it was those challenges from my enemies that have made me stronger and more capable of love and true compassion.  As this new employee left my desk, she had such a look of gratitude, I shall not forget,... When we share our 'positive energy' for the good of another, - sometimes we feel the benefit, right on the spot*

learning from our mirrors -> Each Other!
6 years ago

Well, a second WebLife you lead, hey there, Zee,.... (?)  interesting, I'm very sure!  I don't have a PC, and as you know, just dip in and out during the work day.  I feel very fortunate~  But, getting your thoughts 'out there' is a very important aspect of your work in this world.  - I've always liked the saying: All things work for the good for those who believe in God (Love).  So, whatever we do with love in our hearts (not cruelty, not revenge, not competition) - with the aim to make 'better' for someone else, God's hand is in there, doing His Creative Power, to make Love bring about something - better, better - BEST!!!  So, I can't judge.  I can't see into the complex soul of another.  I can't measure another's pain, heartache, woundedness, - but the Omnipotent Power has presence and caring for His Children [chips off the big block, lol] and his Watchfulness over all.   I do sense His Presence.  That's why forgiveness is such a very big deal!  God (or whatever word fits your concept) offers us Grace and Mercifulness, 'cause boy O boy, God knows (through compassion and all that wisdom) that each of us are going to need it!  It's a difficult spiritual lesson we're taking.  And just letting God help, heal, assist, forgive, carry, save, get us from moment to moment is how we can experience His Blessings - more, and More, and MORE*  So thanks for the vote of "I'm okay", Zee, and surely we all like to get a few of those from the big universe, and especially the warm human beings we meet in this world, but, whatever we're giving in life, it is highly recommended that we do so with love as our motivation.  All good things will be done, by the One who 'moves the universe' and 'beats within our hearts' as we learn all the greatness that LOVE provides, day by day, lifetime - into our divine life with Our Loving Creator, and Holy Heavenly Home.

6 years ago

Just wanted to share with you......I occasionally post comments on regarding news articles published on Yahoo. I have to use my legal name because I just haven't figured out yet how to change on my Yahoo accounts to Lynn (name taken around 1987) or Zee.

My comments are published and I get thumbs up (green stars). Today I got my first very critical comment from someone who asked if I was the Helen Porter that nobody liked, etc.

I remembered our Positive Speaking group. I remembered my studies in Jewish Kabbalah which teaches that what we see is really dependent on what we are inside ourselves. The world is a reflection. I decided to make like I had made it already. LOL I haven't. I'm still a stumbling sinner or whatever is opposite to saint. But there's also the adage to "Fake it 'til you make it." That's the 12 steps talk of the many and varied Something Anonymous groups. Yep, Fake it 'till you make it. And here's how I faked it. This is the response I posted as a comment:

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Helen Porter • 5 hours ago
Sorry, David, I am not that Helen Porter. It's a very common name.

I'd like to invite you to come over to Care2 Petitions. It's a place where we believe in using the "free speech" we still have to express our opinions. We also are doing what we can to improve conditions on Earth.

As for "Are you the Helen Porter that nobody likes," comment, I'm sorry someone has made you so angry. I really don't think it's me. I did not refer to the famous person to whom you referred in your comment to me. I really don't know much about him. I try to "like" every one, best I can. There was a poem I read in school. May I share it?

There's so much good in the worst of us
and so much bad in the best of us
that it ill lbehooves any of us
to talk about the rest of us.

Of course, when it comes to such topics as politics, we need to comment on a few of us. There are exceptions to every rule.

I get lots of green stars and I get thumbs ups on here. I really don't think it's a problem whether people like me or not. It's up to me to like them and to share
as much light as I can.

I admire you for speaking your mind and being as courteous as possible
while doing so. As the proverb goes, "All it takes for evil to win is for good men (and women) to do nothing.

Have a good day.


I am trying to emulate (imitate) Dot! lol

- this blessing is from Antonio~ Thank You! So Beautiful!
6 years ago



May God show us the way. Blessings, Antonio

thump thump thump - a Happy Thumper!
6 years ago

Remember the adorable bunny in Bambi?  Thumper,...

A wise heart!  Yes, we could have 'peace' if we listen to our 'Thumper~'


Thank You, Zee, I did check out the suggested reading and posted this as an affirmation.  I'm at work, like usual and don't connect with FaceBook as recommended on the article, but for those who do, perhaps this is a significant way of 'keeping pace.'  Thanks Again, Zee!

6 years ago

You positive people would, most likely, delight in the article NOURISHING THE COLLECTIVE HEART which was printed in today's Healthy Living section under Spirit in this day's Care2. I'm going to print the first section for you so you will be able to enjoy this if you choose. I am receiving to share.
the article**********

I am passionate about the Global Coherence Initiative (CGI) and want to tell you about it! With an international membership of 34,000, GCI has developed advanced sensing technology to observe changes in the earth’s ionosphere and geomagnetic field that result from collective human emotional states, whether positive and coherent or negative and incoherent. Some have described it as listening in on the heart rhythms and brainwaves of our planet.

One of the questions GCI scientists ask is, “What if a critical mass of people intentionally generating positive coherent emotional states could positively affect the earth’s energetic fields in ways that help stabilize the fields and possibly our weather patterns?”

Coherence itself is not new. Human beings have always been able to achieve it — under the right conditions. It is our understanding of coherence that is relatively new — the result of recent investigations into its properties and benefits and how we can increase it.

Both IHM founder Doc Childre and IHM Director of Research Dr. Rollin McCraty have devoted many years to furthering our understanding and awareness of coherence. They collaborated on a comprehensive overview and analysis of coherence in an article for the journal, “Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine,” titled Coherence: Bridging Personal, Social and Global Health.

“Coherence implies order, structure, harmony — and alignment within and amongst systems — whether in atoms, organisms, social groups, planets or galaxies,” McCraty and Childre explain in their article. “This harmonious order signifies a coherent system whose efficient or optimal function is directly related to the ease and flow in life processes. By contrast, an erratic, discordant pattern of activity denotes an incoherent system whose function reflects stress and inefficient utilization of energy in life processes.”'s 3 pages.

and yours,

6 years ago

How sweet memories.How much blessed are people (me too) who are able to have such memories!!

memories of a lovely woman
6 years ago





When I was just a very little girl, and lived

with a 'babysitter' - the grandmother lived

in a trailer behind the house.  She would

offer me a drink of water from a wooden ladle.

I believe my soul was strengthened by her

gifts of kindness and the pure offerings that

came from her heart.  I love her to this day.

how sweet the flowers *
6 years ago


may your evening hours be filled with the sweetness of today


on the wings of love
6 years ago

No matter where you live, the earth's gentle breezes

will visit your home and deliver something most

elegant, made in the Universe of Miracles~

 transitions are all about you!

The Power of Love
6 years ago


Each day reality changes, and we continue to find our way - as we also encourage one another through our positive attitudes and even our smiles.  After all, it's quite normal to let things get the best of us from time to time, however, it's marvelous when we discover our joy is still in tact, and we can share our heartfelt happiness by the power of our love. 

What's positively happening today?
6 years ago

Mountains are symbols of spiritual strength.  When we climb mountains, we gain their power.

When we appreciate small things, the greater good becomes obvious.

When we bless the morning

and give thanks in the evening

we become part of the grand scheme that

lasts beyond time itself.


It is all a Miracle.  You are a Miracle. 

 You are also LOVE.

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