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Evening April 19, 2005 7:07 PM

Hi, Whats up? Where did everyone go? Course I havent been here in a few days. Sorry. Guess we got to come up with some more Rat topics. Any suggestions? Peg  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
yes loads April 22, 2005 1:13 PM

i been on holiday and ive had lots of homework so it makes it hard to go on here well you want some topics then i have a question to ask all you lot out there : i have had my rats for over a year but want advise from the more advanced rat lovers, do you have to cut your rats nails? if so how ? i need to cut my rats nails but my brothers rat is fine why is this? i cut them then a week later they are even worse it really bugs me because i have horrible scratches all over my hands and some of them really hurt. i need advice and quickly also my brother and i have made a house for them to play in out of cardboard with lots of little boxes and food and drink so how come they dont like it and will escape at every oppertunity? (that mostly applies to my brothers rat or my sisters mine hardly ever wants to escape) any advice? another problem is that we reacon that my brothers rat is overweight and my sisters is almost overweight and mine looks fine. how do we work out if they are overweight and if they are how do you make them lose weight? (i dont think we should put them on a mini tredmill cause that would cause problems lol ) is there like a special diet food or what? that is all for now only answer the ones you want to if you dont know then who really cares? bye for now  [ send green star]
ill rattie May 03, 2005 1:31 PM

we think that my sisters rat is ill and we are takin it to the vets on the 4rth may i will keep you updated with the progress and bye  [ send green star]
ill rat May 05, 2005 1:09 PM

we took her but the vet doesnt no what it is so we are going to take her to a special vet that specialises in small mammels (9:00 on the sixth of may) although the vet that we spoke to on the phone says she may not last the night now for the technical bit: symptoms include: falling all over the place; scabs forming around the eye; runny nose; stuff on her ears. she is definatly not herself and is very slow and unbalenced she looks so helples and weak i will tell you more 2morrow izzi  [ send green star]
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