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6 years ago
Dolphins Use Double Sonar: Researchers Discover That Dolphins Can Generate Two Sound Beam Projections Simultaneously

Josefin Starkhammar. (Credit: Image courtesy of Lund University)
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6 years ago

very welcome Mette


Dolphin Cognitive Abilities Raise Ethical Questions, Says Emory Neuroscientist

Many modern dolphin brains are significantly larger than those of humans and second in mass to the human brain when corrected for body size. (Credit: iStockphoto/Clint Spencer)
6 years ago

Thank you Agnes for posting stories, news and petitions for all of us in this group to read and react to. Thank you also on behalf of all the whales and dolphins out there who are voiceless in our world and who need someone to speak on their behalf. You do such a great job with your enthusiasm and commitment to the cause.

6 years ago

Tour Operator Talks to Dolphins

Amazing technology previously only available in the scientific community that allows humans to talk to dolphins is being launched by leading New Zealand tourism operator Black Cat Cruises.
6 years ago
Dolphins: Second-Smartest Animals?

New MRI scans of dolphin brains shows that the animals are second only to humans in intelligence.


  • New research suggests that dolphins are second only to humans in smarts.
  • MRI scans indicate that these marine mammals are self-aware.
  • Researchers think dolphins are especially vulnerable to suffering and trauma.



Abilities, Intelligent, Whales and dolphins 'should have legal rights'
6 years ago
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