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7 years ago

New petition for Leonard Peltier:

"Leonard needs to receive adequate health care, which he is not receiving at this time. Leonard is a hero and martyr to people all over the world and is considered a U.S. political prisoner. I URGE YOU TO HELP THIS INNOCENT MAN".

Free leonard Peltier
7 years ago

It is long overdue. This man has suffered long enough. The American Eagle stands for Justice, where is the Justice here. I sure do not see it. Please Free Mr Peltier, he is sick, and the evidence does not stand ground enough for the punishment he has received. Enough is Enough. FREE LEONARD PELTIER NOW...

"Wind Chases the Sun" Promo
6 years ago

“Wind Chases the Sun” is the documentary film telling the story of political prisoner, Leonard Peltier, who was wrongfully convicted of murder in the mid 1970s.
Preston Randolph, along with his research crew is the driving force behind the documentary script. Accumulating hands-on knowledge, garnered from extensive research and interviews, Randolph exposes new and highly relevant information concerning the atrocities of the Peltier case, to aid viewers in finding the truth.

Visit the official website:

There you can find a full synopsis of the story, filmmaker and crew bios, news, as well as photos from production.

Leonard Peltier Interview on Democracy Now!
5 years ago

Brief phone interview with Leonard Peltier by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!, December 19, 2012.

The Struggle is Never for Nothing
10 months ago
The Struggle is Never for Nothing

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