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Chihuahua Pictures
Chico and Abby
9 years ago

Abby and Chico 5:35 PM

My Mom's Chihuahua - Chico
Abby and Chico Playing
Abby and Chico Playing
Abby and Chico Playing

9 years ago
Sullysmum A.
Sunday, 12:44 PM
Fynn and Rosie

Cross post from the Pocket Pups Group Thread Dog Coats

Lots of Pics Here
9 years ago

Gypsy The Red Chihuahua

Janice Trabanino's Furbabies
9 years ago

my blue boy Bogie
my little girl sydney

9 years ago

Nicki S.
 Wednesday, 7:28 AM

Yay Chihuahua!
9 years ago


9 years ago

Princess Pearl Chica, My 1st Chihuahua.
9 years ago

This is my baby, P-Lo! Such a jealous girl, she has to have all the attention. She has 2 brothers and 2 sisters>>>'s. So she kind of acts like them, she just turned 3 in Mar. 05. I love her so much! I really love everyone's pics here that's why I re-activated the thread. Hope that's cool.


My Baby

9 years ago

These are very beautiful Pictures. I will be adding some as soon as I can transfer them over from camera.

Merry Christmas to all and their furbabies!!!!


Cutiest Picture I've Ever Seen!!
8 years ago
Chihuahua Gifs
8 years ago

chihuahua_turn_head.gif    chihuahua_ears_grow.gif

From the Dog Graphics Thread of My Group Poodle Lovers / Doggie Adorers. Also saved in my 'Graphics' Photo Album.


Bailey (Buffy's Twin)
8 years ago


From: Gallery: ginai lee > Album: My Pups!

Ginai Lee wrote: "This is the other "twin" Bailey! the pic was taken at the same time as the other... same age, Bailey was a little bit bigger than Buffy- soo cute eh? ((:"

The Twins Buffy & Bailey Together
8 years ago
Click on Pictures to Enlarge
8 years ago



dagea and voodoo

8 years ago

Bailey, my baby!

This is my little baby Bailey. She's about 5 and I adopted her a few months ago. She is the sweetest, most loving little dog I've ever met! And she likes to sing Happy Birthday!

8 years ago

What a cutie!

8 years ago
there all sooo cute!!!
7 years ago

My Harry

Harry - Adoption Pix

7 years ago
Awwwww!  Harry is a cutie pa tootie!
I couldn't resist this one.
7 years ago
7 years ago

This is my baby Kenny, and his kitty cat, Neo. 

And this is Kenny again...he is such a good boy....

Thought I would share the loves of my life with you all!  Thanks for sharing yours.  Hope my pics come through.


Harry -- St. Patty's Card
7 years ago

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Harry -- Easter Card
7 years ago
March_2008_006 Easter Love.jpg

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