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New Model Site for Activist Research and Action July 13, 2006 5:42 AM

New Model Site for Just In Time Research

This site is based on the social efforts a Care2 Katrina group during the New Orleans flood crisis, now called Katrina, In Memorian (click)

Katrina was the hurricane,
  • that was class 5
  • that collapsed a faulty canal wall
  • that flooded New Orleans
  • that killed thousands
  • that made 100's of thousands homeless
  • that became a weapon for real estate developers
  • to push original local Black communities further into the fringes
  • out of the city
A study about the successful efforts of the Katrina group is introduced here (click)  This page, introducing the group study, explores very simple scholarly document standards using CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

This is the beginning of an effort to build web community software specifically designed to support information collection and reflection; which will include tools for the delivery of activist knowledge as a sort of non-violent weapon of change.

Since, in the Information Society today,
  • computer communication technology communicaiont is so important,
  • and free and open software is so important to natural freedom
we will need to support activists in becoming technologically free.

For the purposes of building an action (and tech support site) I have created a deliberately short list of building tools:

  •     Activism energy
  •     CSS and HTML
  •     PHP and Python (WikiPedia uses it, for instance)
  •     My SQL, when we get to the point of a portal
  •     Perl: text processing and web searching (industrial strength)
  •     a little JavaScript
  •     and, of course, Linux

Part of the problem with development of free projects (in my life) has been that they get scattered all over the place.  I want to determine a good location to anchor the effort, whether it be in a discussion thread here, or in the Katrina group or on the development site itself.

There are a huge number of support projects can can be hosted to support action activism.  I can list that out some other time.  I am under the gun to finish research and start creating text about the disaster and action activism in general.

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 September 01, 2006 8:24 AM

I am finishing my proposal papers for my activist site extending the Katrina action site on Care2, I thought people might be interested.

Its a combination of critial discussion with tools for direct action, either solo or, preferably, as a group.

Rather than go into detail, I am sending you the links.

My personal email is (yahoo address is more for lists)

Site Model:

Katrina Experience on Care2 (document model for activ site):

My Activism:

Middle School Pedagogy based on Katrina

Importance of Middle School:

Katrina Refernce:  [ send green star]
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