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Meditation: How to make it,... October 02, 2005 9:28 AM

First I write the message in English and then I’ll try to translate the message in Spanish

Making meditation is "good for us" because what's a meditation? Basically "rest" our mind.

  • How?

Very easy and anyone can do it (You or/and...) is leave your mind "in white" this way... How does your body "rest"?

Without doing nothing

How does your mind"rest"? The same, without doing nothing and What things your mind do? Your mind think so a rest for your mind is "thinking nothing/leave your mind in white"

  • It sounds good, but How can I "leave my mind in white"?

Sometimes is difficult to "leave your mind in white" but don't worry

think ONLY IN ONE THING for example you can think in the "tic-tac" of a clock, bbut ALWAYS in the same thing (in the "tic-tac", or…) you'll see that after a time of thinking in the "tic-tac" (or in…)you don't "need" to think in nothing.

  • Very well but How much time last a meditation?

about 30 minutes (some days perhaps you can make a meditation of only 15 minutes,... OK but the "best" meditation is a meditation of about 30 minutes.

And if I "leave my mind in white" that is I "don't think in nothing" How I know that the time of the meditation finish?

Say someone "please "warn me/call me" 30 minutes later", or Do you know there are some clocks for the kitchen that you "put" a time in this clock and after the time that clock sounds when is the time you have "put" before?

Beneficts of the meditation? you'll see after doing the meditation several times...

The meditation is a bit like eating, you eat ALL days, you "must" meditate ALL days.

  • Where can you make meditation?

In a quiet place. I mean for example you can't meditate in a disco... you "must" meditate in a "silent" place or in a place with low noise and always the same music/noise I mean if for example you make meditation listening a radio is very difficult to "leave your mind in white".

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Meditación: Como hacerla,... October 02, 2005 9:30 AM

“Hacer meditación” (meditar) es "bueno" ya que ¿Qué es una meditación? Básicamente "descansar" nuestra mente

  • ¿Como se hace una meditación?

Es muy fácil y cualquiera puede hacerla.

Es “dejar su mente en blanco”, asi...

¿Cómo “descansa” su cuerpo?

Sin hacer nada

¿Cómo “descansa” su mente? Igual, sin hacer nada. Y ¿Que hace su mente? Pensar asi que un descanso para su mente es “pensar en nada/dejar su mente en blanco"

  • “Suena bien/parece bueno” pero ¿Como puedo " dejar mi mente en blanco"?

A veces es dificil “dejar su mente en blanco" pero no se preocupe

Piense SÓLO EN UNA COSA por ejemplo puede pensar en el "tic-tac" de un reloj, pero SIEMPRE en lo mismo (en el "tic-tac", o...) verá que después de un tiempo de pensar en el "tic-tac" (o en...) no “necesita" pensar en nada

  • Muy bien pero ¿Cuanto tiempo ha de durar una meditación?

Unos 30 minutos (quizá algunos días podrá hacer una meditación de sólo 15 minutos,...)

Bien pero “la mejor" meditación es una de unos 30 minutos

  • Y si dejo la mente "en blanco" o sea si “no pienso en nada” ¿Como se que el tiempo de la meditación ha terminado?

Diga a alguien que le “avise” “tras 30 minutos", o ¿Sabe que hay relojes para la cocina en los que "pone" un tiempo en ese reloj y después de ese tiempo el reloj “suena”?

  • ¿Beneficios de la meditación? Los verá tras hacer la meditación varias veces..

La meditación es un poco como comer, come TODOS los días, "debería" meditar TODOS LOS DÍAS

  • ¿Donde puedo hacer la meditación?

En un sítio “tranquilo” quiero decir por ejemplo no puede meditar en una discoteca....

Debe meditar en un lugar “silencioso” o en un lugar con poco ruido y siempre el mismo ruido/música quiero decir que si por ejemplo hace una meditación oyendo una radio es muy dificil que “deje su mente en blanco".
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Meditation October 02, 2005 10:01 AM

Jose, meditation is not about blanking out the mind, it's about focussing the mind. It's very dangerous to try to "white out" the mind, which has to be poised and awake to achieve soul contact. Namate, ND  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Nancy October 19, 2005 5:26 AM

I think what Jose was trying to say was that to meditate you are to cling to nothing; no thoughts, not even the thought that you have a thought of not having a thought, etc. And "being in the white" is a metapor to the fact that white is nothing and formless just as your mind should be when you are to meditate. Its the same thing as looking at a candle: its a tool, especially for beginners who are inexperienced and cannot grasp and comprehend the concept of letting the mind go and need an aid, a focal point that points them in the direction: a candle in front of you, letting yourself experience the feeling of no thoughts, formless, white. That is how I interepted his writing.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Melissa October 19, 2005 8:43 AM

Yes, I understood what Jose was saying, I simply don't agree with it. Meditation is about focus, not about not thinking. In fact, not thinking is much more dangerous and much, much, less productive, than focussing on a seed thought, a mantram, even on your breath. This is not just for the inexperienced, this is the gateway to Soul, it helps us to build the antahkarana bridge in mental substance. If we are blanked (whited) out, we aren't creating anything.

It would be different if we were talking about mysticism, which is where this kind of practice came from. But we're discussing things from the point of view of the Ageless Wisdom, the Great Invocation and so on, and all this takes place on the mental plane. Soul Itself is poised on the higher mental plane. When we say the Great Invocation we're meditating, and we certainly don't "white out", we focus on the visualization and the words we're saying, receiving and distributing energies around the world.

So the idea that we are to have no thoughts is completely counterproductive to the process of meditation, unless you strive to be a mystic, which is not the path to service which I sense Jose is striving toward.

Thanks for your thoughts. There are plenty of ways to interpret these spiritual concepts, and the above, after twenty-five years of meditation, is mine, and may differ from yours and from Jose's as well.

Namaste, ND

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 October 19, 2005 10:39 AM

Your right

You say to-ma-to

I say to-mat-to

Have a great day.

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