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14 years ago
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to all those CARE2 members intelligent enough to realize the truth about the 9/11 tragedy.

Please share everything you think about it and what you have found out about it here for everyone to witness the truth together.

for your participation.

14 years ago
well,considering how the pretext of safety against the terrorism is abused more + more to spy out+control the normal crowd(that not only in the usa with the patriot act!),i wished we find a democratic remedy to that!not the population has to be suspect,but those abusing all for their own purposes!courage in this dark times!
Bush's poodle is the threat to my freedom!
14 years ago

The same excuses are made here for removing fundamental rights.  For the first time in hundreds of years there is now no right to a trial here in the UK.  If you are suspected of being a terrorist, you can be detained without knowing what the accusations are against you.   They can't charge you because they don't have enough evidence (if any) to convict you.  But somebody says you're a terrorist so you go to prison.   Your name may have been mentioned by someone who was being tortured and evidence gained under torture is not, I believe, acceptable in British courts.  But maybe it will be after Blair wins the next election.   The British men who were interned without trial and tortured in Guantanamo Bay were not terrorists.  I suppose most British people will feel that it doesn't really matter - only brown-skinned Muslims are ever going to be accused after all.  They are the ones who'll get the four o'clock knock.    Isn't that sort of what happened to the communists, socialists, gypsies, homosexuals and the Jews in Nazi Germany?  We have lost the right to a public trial with evidence presented that we can answer.  All of us.  What does that say about Blair?  The man is a war criminal and he has the nerve to deprive us of the most basic of human rights?  Who'll be next on his list?  Anybody who disagrees with him?  He's always right, remember.  Saddam had WMD.  If we knew what he knew (and just a pity it was too classified for him to tell us) we would understand why we had to bomb Iraq into the Stone Age.  Oh, oops, he was wrong.  And he knew it and we always knew he knew it.  Anybody with any gumption anyway.  What did Afghanistan and Iraq have to do with 9/11?  I still can't fathom that one out.  I thought it was Saudis who were responsible.  So why have these people been made to pay?  It was an atrocity but where has the response to it got the world?  How many more people have died?

Best wishes Donna and good luck.  Eleanor

14 years ago
Michelle and Elenor. I look forward to seeing your contributions to this group since obviously 9/11 has impacted freedom of the entire earth!
Here I am
14 years ago

I would be honored to be your co host. Do you have my PID?

I have been getting some information o this lately, will be interestinig to see what pops up.

14 years ago

for the invitation!


14 years ago
Hi, guys. Thanks, Bear, for the invitation. You all sound to be off and running already here. 
14 years ago
hi daphne,glad to meet you back in here!.....we all are thirty for pure truth,are´nt we!?!
hey Donna-
14 years ago
4 the invite. I don't have much (anything) in the way of new insight but I'd like to plug a book that had some interesting points to make about the so-called war on terror. It's called "imperial Hubris".
14 years ago

1st off, thanks for the invite! That day truly changed the way that I look at life in General! It touched me so. So to anyone that was personally  affected by that day, I have something to share with you. "Freedom Speaks" a 9/11 tribute.  This is an original audio/flash presentation

You too, may type in Any search engine the words [ Freedom Speaks ] and it will be the 1st link if the link above becomes problematic.

I hope that you, your friends and family remain-Happy, Healthy and most importantly Free for years to come.

Steve Quest

Thanks for the invite,
14 years ago

So glad to see that this group has been forme I have been involved with the finding out the  truths of 9/11 since the day it began, because none of what was coming down mad any sense to me, at the time.

I believe I have a lot to offer in this arena, and I am very glad to be here.

Maria B.
14 years ago

Okay, I was invited to take a look at this group, and I have. I don't think I'm going to join, though, because I just don't see any "inside" conspiracy to 9/11 -- no more than I believe that 9/11 was an Israeli plot to get the US more heated up about the Muslim Menace (you know, that business about all the Jews staying home from their jobs in the towers that day -- a story circulated, I believe, by some of the Arab press).

I don't believe there was any conspiracy because:

1. The real story is just too plausible. Just as it was very easy for Oswald (or whoever it was in that Dallas building) to get off three shots and hit Kennedy at VERY close range, it was ridiculously easy for those Arab amateurs to learn to fly in this country, then grab control of those planes and fly them into two very large buildings. It didn't take a hell of a lot of planning. Even Arabs could do it.

2. I have yet to hear a good story for why anyone other than the Arabs would want to do 9/11. And who is bin Laden? A co-conspirator with the Bushies? Come on!

3. As much as I dislike Bush and the people who control him, I cannot buy into the idea they would kill 3,000 of their fellow citizens for any reason. That is just TOO Hollywood for me.

4. Why does there have to be a conspiracy? The people who are going to be accused -- the neo-cons, the multi-nationals, the Tripartite Commission (they always end up getting blamed), are already bad enough. No additional excuse is needed to go after them -- no one needs the added incentive of "bringing the conspirators to justice."

5. Do you know how difficult it is for any American group to bring off a conspiracy and then to keep it quiet? Even Mafia members, pledged to a code of silence, today blab their faces off. 

6. Is it so difficult to believe that Bush just "got lucky" with 9/11? I believe that Bush has been a fortunate son all his life -- a very lucky guy. For example, who would have thought it would pay off someday for him to have been a drunk? (It allowed him to be born again and get reelected with the admiring evangelical vote.) His administration was going nowhere when those Arab fascists dropped a big gift in his lap. They rescued it and gave him the big issue -- homeland security. He got free reign to not only pass Hitlerian laws crushing civil liberties but also the green light to invade Iraq. (And, no, I still cannot figure how he equated terrorist attacks with Saddam Hussain.)

Along with the born again thing, he got another clear shot at getting re-elected courtesy of Mr. bin Laden. Naturally. Who makes better enemies for fascists (like bin Laden, who wants to bring the blessings of theocracy to the world) than other fascists?

It was sheer luck on Bush's part, folks. He may have rigged two elections, but 9/11? That was beyond the imagination of any Republican.

14 years ago
for the bad spelling in my intro. Just got home from a nite of pizza and beer with family. 
14 years ago

Soooo, 9/11 happened because Bush is lucky?

Yeah, thats believable. Talk about grasping at straws because the truth is too painful.

14 years ago

Salut, Michelle. Good to see you, too.

I want to hear everything I can about this because something went badly wrong that day. I may never ever know what all really and truly happened. I don't expect I will. But, I can listen and learn nevertheless. So, I will stay and listen. Not sure I have much to offer though. So forgive me if I am mostly quiet.

14 years ago
Hope you don't mind, but I uploaded what I think is an appropriate Pic for the group. It came from one of the links that Vicky posted. The red outline shows some of the shpaed charges that helped bring down the towers. Just the start of a long and informative description of very possible scenerio.
14 years ago

LOVE the photo! Very apropos.

One of BushCo's...
14 years ago

best weapons is the fact that so many good American people don't want to face the truth, the truth being their President is a lying, conniving murderer worse then Hitler. That is a really scary, horrible reality. It's only natural for people to not want to face it. 


I'll respond to Martin.
14 years ago

And he makes valid arguments,which deserve intelligent response.

First let's look at his claim that September 11 was ridiculously easy.

Actually it was ridiculously hard.

If we look at what 'Al Quaeda' had done prior to 911, and I'm not even sure if they were organized as such when they did, we see two main attacks,

1.  A white van full of explosives parked in the underground parking of the World Trade Centre, with the aim of undermining the supports and causing the tower to collapse.  It didn't, it made a big noise and shook the towers and scared everybody.

2.  A speedboat full of explosives rams the USS Cole in Yemen.  The aim likely to be to sink the ship and cause hundreds of US military casualties.  It caused a big hole instead and a few sailors died and were injured.

Indeed, perhaps the most successful terrorist attack in history prior to 911 was the 1972 abduction of the Israeli Olympic atheletes at the Munich Olympics by the Black September terrorist group.  When German commandoes tried to save the day at the airport, one of the terrorists managed to lob a grenade in among the hostages as he was shot, killing all the atheletes.

And, of course, every day a fine upstanding member of Hisbola straps explosives on themselves and tries to board a bus in Tel Aviv.

So, if we compare these slap-stick, haphazard, low budget, usually spectacularly unsuccessful events, against 911, it just doesn't add up.  It doesn't fit the mold.  Perhaps they just got lucky someone would say.

No.  There was little luck involved in 911, due to the planning and personel involved.  It was meticulously timed and orchestrated and went off like clockwork, pretty much according to plan.  It had many of the hallmarks, in fact, with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941.  In both cases aircraft were the attack weapon.  In both cases there was a large amount of people involved in a large complex operation where timing were critical.  And in both cases the attack was received with absolute shock and horror and galvanized the American people to go to war.

In short, it was a military operation.  Had all the hallmarks.

And, contrary to what the uninformed believe, it is actually EXCEEDINGLY difficult to fly a large comercial airliner in a 'nap-of-the-earth' combat profile, coming in low over the tops of buildings to hit one specific building.  They are extremely unmaneuverable, and extremely unforgiving to radical combat maneuvering as used on that day to line up the towers and hit them, first try, dead on.  Go rent Microsoft Flight Simulator and try to fly the plane, in level flight, directly into the side of one of the towers, first try, no practice on other buildings.  I bet you miss it first 10 tries, and that's a bloody COMPUTER GAME!


Those guys were military grade pilots.  The flight training in the US was part of the ruse, part of the smoke, just like the eyewitness accounts of them out partying the night before.  Not typical muslim terrorist behavior, btw, who usually think of US bars and alchohol the way they think of Satan's Palace in hell.  Again, a deliberate staged event to attract attention and provide false leads.

I"ll post later my own reconstruction of the lead up and attack as it likely occured, but for now, I must very strongly disagree with Martin's claim that this was an 'easy' attack.  14 people, 4 commercial airliners, coordinated attack schedule flight profile, success, level of secrecy achieved, ALL point to only one conclusion.

This was not the work of ex-Afghanistan freedom fighters working from caves.  This was not even the work of sophisticated modern terrorist organizations like Basq or Hisbola.

This was a military operation.  There has never been a terrorist attack like this, of this complexity and scope and success, in all of recorded history.  And there never will be.  Look at how accessible nuclear weapons were in the Soviet Union after it's collapse, and yet we have not had a single case of any terrorist organization getting any where near even starting to build one yet!  And such an operation would take far fewer people, planning, timing and secrecy than 911, and execution would be far simpler (get the one guy with the short straw to go downtown NY and press the big red button).

So who did it?  How was this attack carried out?  What purpose did it lead to?

The answers lie in PNAC and in Saudi Arabia, and the close alliance a few very powerful people in both countries have forged in recent years.

More later.

14 years ago
The Group Photo
14 years ago


I'm glad you chose that photo because it is very revealing.  Given the angle and what we know about gravity, the only reason for the top of the building not falling sideways was because there was an explosive back charge at exactly the right moment to bring it back in line for the vertical collapse. 

Of course it could have been just another 'coincidence' right? 

If you look at all the 'coincidences' of this administration, it is safe to say that if anybody was this consistently lucky, they wouldn't need to be crooks, they could just buy lottery tickets because they'd win every week. 

14 years ago

I must not have been the only one that watched those collapses over and over and said, hmmm.  That didnt' look like something natural cased by structural failure.  That kinda looked like when they brought down the Seattle Sky Dome, or any big department building. In short, it had all the hallmarks and visual appearance of a


Are you trying to tell me that jet fuel, which pretty much explodes instantly on ignition, kinda why it's used in jets, duh, can burn for 20 minutes and melt 1/2 foot thick steel girders?  That this girder melting will then cause a perfectly symmetrical collapse, perfectly vertical, straight down?  And that a completely different type of impact (one plane hit dead centre, one clipped more along one side) would cause the EXACT same collapse in the other tower, only minutes later???

Are all the civilian engineers in the US asleep?  Surely!

Surely half a dozen controlled demolition engineers at LEAST watched those buildings go down and say:

'Wow.  Nice job.  Wonder who got the contract on that?'.

Within 5 minutes, ALL the jet fuel would have been gone.  That leaves office supplies.  Yes, that's right ladies and gentlemen, a big stack of cubicles and carpet and dividers and computers melted giant steel girders to temperatures approaching the surface of the sun!  Causing a perfectly vertical collapse!  Yep!

There should have been a multitude of independent engineering studies of this after the attack!  There must be HUNDREDS of US engineers across the country that this collapse STILL BOTHERS.

It's infuriating.  The emperor has no clothes!  Who will stand up declare it!

An observation...
14 years ago

Notice how the media has "moved on" to other things? How they say we should not watch the coverage of 9/11 because it'll make us too sad? Bullshit! Gavin, you hit the nail on the head when you said, "The emporor has no clothes..." I've been saying that for years. People, even one of my best friends, think I'm a little nutty for belieing as I do.

Another good saying would be one out of the Stephen King book The Stand. The first one when it came out had a scene where Stu goes down in the basement of the house Nadine and Harrold made their bomb in. He looks at a poster on the wall. It is of then President Jimmy Carter, with a caption that reads, "You don't want to lay no boogie woogie on the king of rock and roll...!" Stu makes the observation, "Someone sure laid a whole lot of something on you..." That's how I feel about the American people, someone sure laid a whole lot of something on us...


14 years ago

The book,THE STAND, by Stephen King, was definitely better than the movie.

I do wonder if we`re headed for THE STAND.

See you in Vegas!

PNAC primer
14 years ago

"The United States is the world’s only superpower, combining preeminent military power, global technological leadership, and the world’s largest economy. Moreover, America stands at the head of a system of alliances which includes the world’s other leading democratic powers. At present the United States faces no global rival. America’s grand strategy should aim to preserve and extend this advantageous position as far into the future as possible. There are, however, potentially powerful states dissatisfied with the current situation and eager to change it, if they can, in directions that endanger the relatively peaceful, prosperous and free condition the world enjoys today. Up to now, they have been deterred from doing so by the capability and global presence of American military power. But, as that power declines, relatively and absolutely, the happy conditions that follow from it will be inevitably undermined."

Project for the New American Century

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) is a neo-conservative think tank with strong ties to the American Enterprise Institute. PNAC's web site says it was "established in the spring of 1997" as "a non-profit, educational organization whose goal is to promote American global leadership." Their policy document, "Rebuilding America's Defences," openly advocates for total global military domination. Many members hold highest-level positions in the G.W. Bush administration.

The Project is an initiative of the "New Citizenship Project".

New Citizenship Project

An affiliate of the "Project for the Republican Future", a conservative G.O.P. think tank founded by William Kristol.

New Citizenship Project (also New Citizenship Project, Inc.) is closely afilliated with the Project for the New American Century, one of the behind-the-scenes architects of the Bush administration's foreign policy.

Chairman: William Kristol
President: Gary J. Schmitt

The watchdog group "Media Transparency, the Money Behind the Media", reports 47 grants totalling $2,722,900 given to the New Citizenship Project from 1994 through 2001.

Funding sources appear to be exclusively from three far right-wing neo-conservative think tank funders:

The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation of Milwaukee, Wisconsin: This is the primary sponsor of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), which was the recipient of over a million dollars in 2001 alone. "By way of a program known as the New Citizenship Project, Inc., PNAC Project for the New American Century received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation."
John M. Olin Foundation, Inc. of New York: This foundation grew out of a family manufacturing business (chemical and munitions) and funds right-wing think tanks like the American Enterprise Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Manhattan Institute for Public Policy Change, and the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace.
Scaife Foundations -- Sarah Mellon Scaife Foundation and Scaife Family Foundation -- in New York: These foundations are financed by the Mellon industrial, oil, and banking fortune.
The John M. Olin Foundation, Inc. listed grants in 1997 show the subtitle for The New Citizenship Project as the "Project for the Next American Century." It clearly appears that the original 1994 PNAC concept has become the current Project for the New American Century.

14 years ago
thanks for starting this group!!

I have never believed in the Lone Gunman Theory - and let's just say that only Bush could benefit from 9/11, and that man is almost making me believe in Anti-Xst...

Shadow Bear...
14 years ago

I do in fact believe he is the Anti-Christ. I've been saying it for quite some time now.


Thank You
14 years ago
For the invite Donna i'll definitely will be here posting.
I've actually got my money on Dick Cheney
14 years ago

As the A-C.  He is actually diabolically EVIL and smart, as opposed to Georgie, who is just STUPID and easily manipulated, with the one advantage being, he's got friends in high places (from his daddy) in Saudi Arabia.

I think he's probably an embarassment at the secret PNAC meetings, wears his Illuminati cloak backwards and screws up the sacred pledge recital every time.

(only half joking)

Moving on to Means Motive, and Opportunity
14 years ago

The required elements of this crime.

I feel I have made a strong case for the argument that Al Quaeda and any other terrorist org in the world did NOT have the Means to carry out this attack.  This is based on analysis of all historical terrorist acts to date and the planning and coordination and flying skills required to pull this thing off.

Now for motive.  I think we have 3 clear contenders.

- High level elements within the Saudi Royal Family and the Saudi military

- The state of Israel

- High level and secret elements within the US government and intelligence services

All three have good motives for this attack.

There are many very powerful, very influential members of the Saudi elite government and military who are EXTREMELY upset at the current close relationship their country has with the US Government.  They would have liked nothing better than to drive a wedge between the two countries.  And the majority of the attackers were SAUDI!  Did everyone miss that?  Why did you guys not declare war on Saudi Arabia!?  If it was an attack, who were the attackers?  Hmmm? oh, Saudis!  Oh ok, so I guess we're attacking Saudi Arabia then!  What?  No?

In the days following the attack, this was picked up on some media, and when people started asking these questions, the Saudis were quick to respond.  They stated that they had nothing to do with the attack and that it was likely an inside job committed by the US against itself.  Did everyone forget this part?  I didn't.

In addition, the fact that the almost certain controlled demolition would have to have been an inside job, set up by agents acting as building security, lead us away from Saudi Arabia, at least as a coordinated government sanctioned attack on the US by the state of Saudi Arabia.

Next we have the State of Israel.  They boost perhaps the most effective and professional spy agency the world has ever known, the ultra secret and highly deadly MOSSAD, forged in the cremetoriums of the Nazi Death camps in WWII, for the initial purpose of hunting down and exterminating ALL surviving Nazi Germans, in the years following the war.  They are still very active in terrorist and assassination activities, such as the assassination of the Canadian gun-maker who was building a super gun for Saddam Hussein.  And there are reports that a team of MOSSAD agents were briefly detained on Sept 11 when they were observed filming the attacks and 'jumping for joy'.

However, here, the scenario stretches thin.  While I believe the MOSSAD had the Means and the Motive (stir up worldwide anti-Muslim sentiments, allowing them to build their horrible WALL among other things) I just cannot accept that the US would deliberately allow Israel to attack them and kill 2000 of their citizens, just so they could abuse the Palestinians more.  Also, the level of involvement and reports of Israeli presence and activity hints not at them actually carrying out the attacks, but of simply observing a secret event they had been made aware of, a few days or weeks prior to it happening.

No, the most likely candidate for these attacks is actually rogue elements within the US government and military-industrial complex itself, namely, Dick Cheney, George Bush, Paul Wolfwitz, William Kristol, Donald Rumsfeld, Richard N. Perle, and James Woolsey.

These men, and associates such as George Bush Senior and Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, had all three elements:  Means, Motive, Opportunity.

All are members of the ultra-secret Project for a New American Century (ultra-secret in ultimate motives only) which details in it's manifesto the road plan for the final global conquest of the Earth by the American Empire, and it's requirement for a cataclysmic event on par with Pearl Harbour, to galvanize the American population for war and get breathing room from the World Community (only Germany and France had the balls to call a spade a spade) to allow them to run amuck for a few years, and establish the footholds required, namely O-I-L for the final battle before world reserves run out and EVERYBODY'S war machine grinds to a halt (can't wait).

Dick Cheney in particular is particularly sinister in his predictions of a future world perpetually at war against a shady enemy, with individual rights and freedoms all but eliminated and each citizen essentially a militia soldier on the front lines of the war along side their GI sons and daughters.

Such a world, of course, was envisioned by George Orwell, in his prophetic work 1984, where the civilian population was kept in line, and underpaid, and working to death, to fight an imaginary enemy that was actually invented by the government itself.

When this comes to light (and really, to stay sane we have to pray it will) the only alternative will be Revolution within the United States.  It is no longer possible to win an election, as the very same people who orchestrated this New World Order also run the companies that built the voting machines, they count the votes, they decide the election rules.

I fear a new American Revolution is coming.  And I also support and fully look forward to it.

Amen Brother
14 years ago
And don't start the Revolution without me!
14 years ago

One of the Bush Brothers (Neal? the same one involved in the S&L scandal?) was part owner of security for the Twin Towers. He divested himself of his interest in the company before the attack, probably to make it look like he was squeaky clean.

Yes, Bush Jr is a puppet while Bush Sr, Cheney, et al, pull the strings and build and destroy sets.

Those Americans who think they are living the good life by being government stooges, grunts and sheeple are indeed approaching the bumpiest road of their lives. A road their Humvies and SUV`s will not cross smoothly.

the first second
14 years ago
I knew it from the first second it happened and had to turn off the news from that day forward. These people are after total global domination and nothing will stop them. Their 30 year plan is now snowballing into place. In two years, the American people, who've been distracted by the media smokescreen/circus, are going to be so surprised to see that their country has been turned into a theocratic oligarchy. I sure hope to be out of here by then. I have four sons of draft age and I'm not about to let them be used for cannon fodder for this huge bunch of crap. doris
14 years ago

The worst part about we are all thinking and saying is that it is TRUE. The America I grew up in is gone for good. Brainwashed and Bushwhacked, the unthinking and true believers have sold us down the river.

 Nothing this crew in power has done has been done for the good of the average family or even the above average has all been for the rich and powerful to become even more so. The worst part is..they can't even fight an unjust War and get it right. They figured our troops could keep it cool while Haliburton raked in the bucks. it made a huge profit last year but where is all that oil they thought they would have by Pass the plastic and the duct tape please...just an old war protester here..getting ready for another round!

I am sorry so many of our military have been killed and injured..I am sorry so many innocent Iraqi's have been killed and injured..I love my country..but I don't love what it did and is still doing.They are trying to rewrite the Constitution, impose a specific religion, take away basic freedoms, destroy the Unions and impoverish 90% of the country. Then we can all fight the illegal immigrants for the $3.00 an hour jobs.

You are all right..this is all part of a plan..and for those of us who won't be getting carted off on that great spaceship to the "Rapture", the future on this ruined planet looks pretty bleak. However, the Bush family will be leaving then so that does brighten the picture somewhat.

 I'm afraid Cheney, Rove and Rummy and Rice might still be with us though..

Keep up the good work all of you.I am happy to have found you,


Hello Everyone...
14 years ago

thanks for inviting me here, Donna. I certainly do believe that what happened on 9/11 was a government conspiracy to convince the US citizens that there was a reason for a war. I found this info on the sitelink provided by Eva Cox.

The real reason would...

1. Allow him to revenge his fathers embarassment caused by Saddam Hussein.

2. Let his circle-jerk buddies fill their wallets and build a nestegg    for the years that he's in office.

The theme is certainly appropriate since we are being led down the path to hellish war and angst. The gargoyles are running the country!

George H had inside knowledge of the way 'intelligence' works when he did his stint there and it was probably where he met Cheney who I've read somewhere, also worked at the CIA and had been creating a plan for world domination.

Drugs to numb the masses?

It's really sad how a group of vile fiends can destroy a perfectly beautiful world.

14 years ago


The brother that was involved in the WTC security was Marvin Bush.  He's the one they keep in the closet to pull out and use as necessary.

Marvin, Neal, George, Jeb
14 years ago
What a lovely bunch of Bushwackers...
Rome, revision 2.
14 years ago
... Rome ... revision 2 ... collapsing, tightening the control to pull everyone down when the inevitable downfall occurs ... my 2 cents and point of view from afar.
Marvin Bush
14 years ago

Had insurance on some of the WTC buildings. I don't know for sure if he made or lost money during the attack. However, it is known he worked for an insurance company that insured WTC 7.

Another Insurance billionaire Warren Buffett also had insurance on many of the other WTC buildings, however, he claims a loss of 70 billion and that was only a smalll dent in all of subsidiary companies that he owns.

Those of you who know me are aware of the fact that I have posted a ton of information about the WTC, the alleged highjackers who are still alive; at least 9 of them are. I'm not sure about the others.

Warren Buffett was somehow involved in the WTC attacks, as one his private jets was tracking flight 93 over Pennsylsvania when it was shot down. It did not crash. I have photos of the original spot where the plane went down and debris is scattered over an 8 mile radious. When a plane crashes you don't get parts scattered over 8 miles away from the crash site. The plane is mostly intact with parts in close vacinity of the crash site. Not in the case with flight 93. Even the Shanksville County Sheriff was questioning where the plane was. He said in his words, "what plane crash? I don't see where a plane crashed." Then they started looking elsewhere because reports from motorist who were traveling called in and said they saw remnants of what could be a plane. Sure enough. When the Sheriff arrived on the scene some 8 miles from the crash he indeed found remnants from a plane. Plus there is a woman who said she saw a white military type plane with no markings just 40 feet over her SUV. That was the plane owned by Warren Buffett's NetJets company. Now we are all wonder the reason his plane was tracking flight 93? There are still many unanswered questions. Though I keep finding new information occasionally.

It makes me crazy when I hear the lies about the WTC attacks. Firemen have stated that they heard a number of explosions on the lower floors. However, the tapes of those conversations have been confiscated by the FBI. Other video tapes of the crash into the Pentagon are missing as well. A gas station attendent across the street said he never saw a plane hit the Pentagon, and other wintnesess on the scence said the same thing. Actor James Woods witnesesed something. The FBI told him to shut his mouth or he would be arrested. Go figure. There is a massive cover-up, we just don't know who's covering it up. I belive Bush knew about the attack and authorized the attack to push his own political agenda.

If there are any Bush supporters here I am not going to aplogize for implicating your lord and master. I have too much evidence to say that he was involved. If he were a Democrat he would not be president.. I rest my case...

Another Day, Another Report
14 years ago
The talking heads were discussing the latest report slamming socalled faulty intelligence in the George Bush war mania. This is somethin like the 5th Report saying this kind of stuff. The reports never go far enough up the chain of command to show who the real guilty parties were. You could read these hysterical briefing materials about Iraq and then declare "this stuff is a crock", "they don't have any weapons of mass destruction" and "you guys are fired for writing this stuff" or you could do what Bush did which was run with it and act as though the fact that no evidence was found was not proff that there was no evidence. It's another case of W saying, "the Buck stops down there."
What do I know? Plenty
14 years ago
From the sounds of the first plane crashing into the north tower to standing at ground zero listen to Bush lie to all of us carry the responsibility fo being first responders, I have plenty to say , I have done plenty of research into this subject, and I will let what I know be known.
14 years ago
14 years ago

Thanks for the invite. I'll be very interested to see what people have to say.
I worked at a casino in Lake Tahoe, that was blown up by the largest (at that time) non-military bomb ever exploded.
A passenger liner almost hit my car, but made it over the hiway, and onto the tarmac to crash.
BELIEVE ME!!! I've done some research on 9/11!!

another day, another report
14 years ago

Bush is such a hypocrite, he REJECTED perfectly good intelligence information that there WERE NO WMDS, practically TELLING them what intelligence he WANTED, INSISTING on it, NOT ACCEPTING the true assessments.  THEN, -- relying on the VERY SHORT MEMORY of the public and the press -- he HAS THE NERVE, when someone in Intelligence finally came up with the MADE-TO-ORDER "information" Bush WANTED, DEMANDED, INSISTED ON -- to use this very stooge of his as a scapegoat when the thing backfires -- oh, no, it wasn't MY fault! 

There is evidence that there WAS a plan by the Bush people, to smuggle WMDs INTO Iraq -- they knew PERFECTLY WELL that Saddam Hussein didn't have 'em, but they were VERY INSISTENT  that he DID.  They were going to make SURE they WERE found -- but, something went very wrong with that plan.  Soldiers ended up in a hospital in Germany with "mysterious respiratory diseases" -- hmmmmn -- and that's just another example of a story that just disappeared, no followup, we don't know if the "mysterious" illness reported was ever solved, if the soldiers lived or died {they were on respirators}, what the families are doing, NOTHING.

As Gavin says on another thread, you should keep print copies of everything like this you come across, it can SO EASILY be "disappeared", and computers are not all that safe from it, and may be even less so in the future.

Also, I think that whole WMD flap to sucker the U.S. public into war, was BECAUSE, partly:

Do you remember right after 9/11, there was a wonderful moment of international sympathy for the U.S., and feeling grieving and mourning BUT NOT REVENGE, at least not in ALL venues; but rather, we gathered in Seattle and I am sure in other places, in great numbers, for grieving but also for compassion and understanding and reconciliation, for support for our brothers and sisters of Islamic faith, for strength and solidarity and mutual support and love and respect. We showed it with compassionate speeches by our leaders, and tons of flowers around a Peace fountain.  It's hard to remember that now, because that feeling has all evaporated!

In other words, in my opinion at least, the idea of Peace had made such progress in this country among the populace, that Bush ALMOST DIDN'T BRING IT OFF!!!  However horrendous the crime of 9/11, it ALMOST -- ALMOST -- backfired and had the OPPOSITE effect!  Thus, the plan to smuggle WMDs into Iraq, where they would be CERTAIN to be found -- just exactly where our govt. put 'em, but of course!

I remember 911 families saying very publicly they DIDN'T WANT revenge; but what got members of Congress to vote for the war was the WMD issue.  "Revenge" was not popular enuf with their constituencies, most of them anyway.  We HAVE evolved somewhat since "Remember the Maine" and the Reichstag fire.  "Self-protection", however, still worked.

14 years ago

Thanks Shadow Bear for the invitaition.

It looks like a group that is needed!

14 years ago

I do agree that George Bush is the Anti Christ, and when it comes right down to it, just a puppet on a string!

But I actually have on the rest of this as of yet. I do also have my opinions but when it comes to something as serious as this is, I would like to have a lot more FACTS! I find what all of you have shared very interesting, and will continue to read and learn!


Barbara P
14 years ago
14 years ago
Thank you for the invitation Donna. I'm going to watch and learn. I don't have anything new to add.
14 years ago
14 years ago

Hello Donna 

Thank you for the invitation to this very articulate group.

Let me start by saying, I fully believe 9/11 happened because George Bush SR. made arms deals with Saddam Hussein back in the early 80's. The Bush clan are friends of Hussein and Bin Ladens. This is why when the 911 commission was given to Bush he ignored it. He knew it was coming all along and didn't care one iota.


Hi everyone :)
14 years ago
This group should be having alot of interesting discussions ... Thank you Marianne, for sending me the link .
Liz & Katii
14 years ago
youse gals....
RE: I'm Happy to be a Co-host With You Donna 9/11 Conspiracy
14 years ago


I thank you very much for beginning this group.  First, I'd like to say that I've always been just a little bit afraid to say in public that I believe there was a conspiracy by THE REGIME and its super-rich cronies against our own people, but the pictures and 9/11 archives supplied by Prison Planet were just too questionable for me to pass up, if you know what I mean.

First of all, I appreciate the input here on this forum, particularly the input about PNAC, of which the people who know me well on this network know that I'm one of those activist-screamers who is always mentioning this EVIL ALLIANCE, first put together by Dick Cheney and by Donald Rumsfeld, as early as 1997.

Second, the unchecked power and militarism that we've have witnessed in OUR COUNTRY since before 9/11 from the far-right-wing Republican Party and from the Christian Fascist Right is history repeating itself all over again.

Many, many of us around here know that Imperialism, Unchecked Corporate Capitalism, Militarism, Totalitarianism, and Fascism abound in this country and have been used not only against the Europeans and the rest of the world, but against us a citizens of this country.  There are too many indications that an incident, such as 9/11 had to happen before the American Skull and Crossbones Organizations could finally Donimate the Whole World.  The vision to dominate the world by these EVIL DOERS came way, way before the 9/11 attack, and it seems just more than a coincidence that Dumbya was not elected by the popular vote in this country and that he, as has been said by other writers, was "appointed by the Supreme Court," and not duly elected by his own people in 2000.

Not only this, his whole top administration has the "neoconservative" philosophy about militarism and American financial interest flowing out their ears.  Neoconservatism was also prevalent back in the 1930's, and Hitler did come to power as an appointed Chancellor, in much the same way in Germany, in 1933, that George Bush did; then a similar incident happened, when the house of legislation in Germany burned down.  That burning was blamed upon the opposition to Hitler and his new far-right-wing Nazi party, when, in truth and fact, lots of writers say that Hitler was instrumental in seeing that it was burned to the ground.

In addition, Bush has run off every half-way sane-thinking cabinet member that he can think of; he, just like Hitler, uses people up, but when it comes to disagreement with him or he has sucked their political and supportive services to death, he then gets rid of them, much like Hitler did his brownshirts.  When I speak of him getting rid of them, he has gotten rid of Colin Powell, who disagreed with him.  He has forced many, many beaurocrats to resign from their positions, because all commands come straight from the top in this TOTALITARIAN REGIME.  All these tactics are used by dictators, Donna, and I know that you will agree that many in Bush's employment have DONE BUSINESS WITH THE ENEMY, INCLUDING CHENEY AT HALLIBURTON, BUSH'S GRANDADDY, WHO DID BUSINESS WITH HITLER BACK IN THE EARLY 40'S AND THE FDR ADMINISTRATION INDICTED HIM FOR THIS.  His grandfather even had ties to Auchwitz concentration camp.

Tyrants always silence those who disagree with them, and Bush had prior knowledge of threats by Osama Bin Laden, who he has not caught but had a chance to catch, according to Bill Clinton in an aritlce in MSNBC, because his father did business with the Bin Laden family in the Carlylse Group, of which Little Bush refuses to talk about that business.

Now, I'll stop here, because this is just the start of the conspiracy to deceive and control the American people, in my opinion, and I will publish some information below showing what the results of this Fascist Right Conspiracy have gotten us.  The information is from

I hope I can end this beginning of a discussion on a note that is serious.  I have a question of someone here who believes that there was no conspiracy by our own government?  I would ask that person why, then, according to John W. Dean in his book, Worse Than Watergate, did George Bush, upon first learning, supposedly of this attack, plan for the Executive Branch of this government to reopen an Eisenhower program that would save the Executive Branch of the Government, by having their headquarters moved underground.  He wanted to save himself, his family, Cheney's family, and other close rich buddies in government, but he forgot about the safety of the Congress and the Supreme Court and the American people.

Thank you for the invite
14 years ago

I know that 9/11 was a day I will never forget. As I was living a few hours from NYC the Twin Towers were destroyed live  on TV as I watched. Hundreds of men and women from around the world (a fact that is often LOST to our U.S. biased media) were murdered.

Right now - as much as I hate the Bush Administration and the way it has abused the events of this day - I cannot believe that 9/11 was merely some conspiracy orchestrated by our own government. HOWEVER, I know that 9/11 happened AT LEAST due to the Bush Administrantion's blatant negligence and it provided them the pretext to carry out plans that had been in the works for years. I am also convinced that history will reveal an ever more tangled web of interests as far as the events of 9/11 go.

And, as for 9/11 being a revolutionary turning point in our country's history, of that I have no dobut. I think it is the forshadowing of the collapse of U.S. prosperity and dominance. But, for me this is not only political but even a spiritual issue as well. I believe that as this country's prosperity AND LIBERTIES are stripped away people will take action in ways they never have before but, also, come back to what is truly important.

Outright Conspiracy? I'm not yet convinced. The seed for Revolution? A deep feeling tells me yes.

Two Questions
14 years ago

Why did Bush appoint a commission of cronies, all with serious conflicts of interest, and why did they hold no one accountable?

Why did Reagan privatize the special ops of the CIA?  (You may recall hearing about that in the Iran Contra affair).

Michael C Ruppert has written the detective story about 9/11.  Why, Who and How.  It is called Crossing the Rubicon.

14 years ago

I'm glad to be a member of this discussion group. There are too many outstanding questions concerning 9-11.

In August 2001, a new directive came down from the white house regarding hijacked planes:

-In case of a suspected hijacked plane, all air force planes are under the command of Donald Rumsfeld, he makes the decision of how to proceed. (I am paraphrasing, but that is the jist of it).

Can that be seen as just an unfortunate coincidence?

Many government officials, including Senators, state  governors, were told not to fly on September 11, 2001 . . . . before the attacks came!

How much strangeness are we supposed to ignore?

How about the idea that a handful of Arabian militants, with no prior pilot experience, take a few classes in a Cessna, and then can perform the tricky maneuvers to guide two planes head-long into the twin towers . .  experienced jumbo jet pilots have said that this would be quite a challenge even for them.  hmm-mm.

I appreciate this forum to air some troubling aspects of our recent tradegy. And now we are at war with Iraq. Why? for oil?

14 years ago

Firstly, thanx for the invite. Secondly, wow, amazing. This is an education for those who believe the crap put out by the worldwide media sanctioned by Bush and Co.

I watched the event on SKYNews and felt gutted but even then, as the horror unfoled, I found I was asking myself questions of HOW this could happen and then studying the logistics of the whole scenario, something rang alarm bells.

Since 9/11 occurred, there has been enquiry after enquiry and none of them seem to have come up with a satisfactory, fully agreed, conclusion but in the few years since it happened, more things have come to light that definitely sway political watchers from the 'al queda' link. Mr bin liner [worlds most wanted man?] sits in an Afghan mountain cave orchestrating terrorist attacks on the world. Really?

Many of the comments I've read before making my post, cover almost everything that points to 'conspiracy', as I said at the start, things that many would probably not take into consideration. The main point,  I think, being that the WTC would certainly have toppled over if events had unfolded as it was said they did, plus the fuel situation. One poster covered the fuel part by saying it's volatile composition equates to "explosion" not a slow burn. Plus, the conspiracy theory is made more feasible by suggestion that had the WTC toppled, more of the surrounding buildings would sustain damage and more lives lost thus creating a disaster bigger than originally intended. The pattern was set [conspiracy] and should not deviate or too many questions could be and would be, asked.

One of you called Bush the 'anti-christ'. I don't disagree but I think it's either there are two or Bush and Bliar [< not a typo] are sharing the same hat. You see, we have to listen to bulls*** too, Bliar has become an expert, or at least he would be if anyone believed him!

The Iraq conflict, tho' many might argue, have genuine human rights issues to warrant it, doesn't change the fact that the British and Americans were lied to by their leaders as to the reasons for invasion. The WMD that were supposed to have been present were never found, probably because they never existed in the first place and anyone who argued the point, dissapeared. The scientist involved who 'committed suicide' lived locally to me. Naturally we took more notice of the events concerning him because of local newspaper coverage, which was paramount.

It seems crazy that both UK and USA funded Iraq [and Saddam] when the war between Iraq/Iran was going on, mostly because the Russians were funding Iran. Same goes for the invasion of Afghanistan, the Russians had not achieved it, so the West had to show the world "we're in charge".

9/11 was an event that would meet with global sympathy and pave the way for Bush to stay in power and continue headlong into history. Bliar is doing the same self thing. He continually lies to us. He covers up what he doesn't want us to know and spends money [taxes] like it's his personal bank account. If he wins a third term Britain will no longer be a soveriegn nation, he is adamant on bringing us "into" Europe. He wants to be European president. Bush wants to be Middle Eastern president. They are BOTH hopeless.

Another point about 9/11; As I said I watched it all as it unfolded on SKYNews who had up-to-the-minute coverage. When Bush was informed while at a junior school, I can't help thinking, he just DID not look surprised.....

I've rambled on enough. Glad to see I'm not the only one who had such thoughts. I was beginning to think I was in a minority...


14 years ago

He looked guilty as Hell. He looked like, "Oh s#it, there ain't no turning back now!" He looked like many of the Inmates I supervise daily when they are caught red handed at something.

Goerge Dubya Bush.


Welcome, Welcome, welcome
14 years ago

Well, I am glad to be here. Right from the beginning...I knew of a link between 9/11 and Bush. This will be a interesting subject.

Thanks for having me.

14 years ago
14 years ago
Hello everybody....My name is Chree and I just joined Care2 today and I came here to read your board and try to become acquainted with new people.  I am finding your topics very interesting and hope to spend time with those that feel the same way I do about this terrible tragedy.  I am not on the computer very much but this may encourage me to alter my schedule and make more time for it. 
14 years ago

Wonderful! Glad you found your way to CARE2 and to our group..

There are no accidents in the universe. You were meant to find our group.

14 years ago

Hiya Everyone

I was shocked to see the events unfold on tv of 9/11. I'm not an American so I hope it's ok for me to join this group, I'm from the UK.



14 years ago

You are more than welcome to our group.

Just because someone is an American doesn`t automatically make them an expert on the 9/11 tragedy.
14 years ago
Thanks for the invite Donna! I think they totally did it. AND they cheated to win both of their elections. What a shell game.
Welcome answer
13 years ago
I've belonged to Care2 for a couple months, and just found this group. I wasn't invited, but I'm very happy to have stumbled upon this group. I firmly believe and KNOW from the evidence that Bush & company, the neo-cons, the Illuminati, etc, are the perpetrators of 9/11.
I know that it was no accident that I found this group. Made my whole day better.
The morning that 9/11 happened, I was listening to Alex Jones, and he said the towers have been hit. I kind of half-awake. But, I knew at that moment that those who intend to dominate the world had set their plan in action at that moment.
When I watched the towers being hit by the planes and HOW they came down, I knew, without quetion, that it had to be a set, precise demolition to accomplish that. I told my Mother just that at that moment, that "That could only happen by precisely set demolition charges." That moment, she just couldn't grasp the truth of what I was saying, but since than has become a believer that Bush & company+ did the job on the Towers. --- The towers should have fallen over sideways, but no, they went straight down which I know is virtually against every law of physics.
It seems like you have already stated much of the evidence that proves the "conspiracy theoy" as not theory, but blatant proof.
People are beginning to wake-up, but I fear that the awakening is too late to do anything on the political, citizen action level. That's now been made totally ineffective, and I think that our only solution to getting rid of the pshchopathic, power mongers who hi-jacked the White House, is an outright revolution.
If you think these psychopaths have any qualms about killing their own people, you should read "Report from Iron Mountain on the Possibility and Desirability of Peace". for instance: In one paragraphy it says: "Ecological:
Man, like all other animals, is subject to the continuing process of adapting to the limitations of his environment. But the principal mechanism he has utilized for this purpose is unique among living creatures. To forstall the inevitable historical cycles of inadequate food supply, post-Neolithic man destroys surplus members of his own species by organized warfare." This is how world leaders think. Preservation of life is NOT on their agenda (except their own). For instance, consider the presence of "Weather Mountain".
Another excert says: "It must be emphasized that the precedence of a society's war-making potential over its other characteristics is not the result of the 'threat' presumed to exist at any one time from other societies. This is the reverse of the basic situation: 'threats' against the 'national interest' are usually created or accelerated to meet the changing needs of the war system."
Instead of calling 9/11 and other created incidents as a "theory", the average person needs to grasp that world leaders do not think like we do. Theory becomes observed fact of the actions of our world leaders.
Anybody just get a major wake-up call? Probablay not in this group, of which I'm delighted to be a member!

Sue & Sandra
13 years ago

We are delighted to have you both here!

It is real
13 years ago

The loss of personal freedom, which the administration has worked hard at removing basing their goals on the doctrine that the only way for the Empire to survive is repression, is real.  I am hesitant to write here being I am an American with Pakistani roots.  Should I disappear tomorrow or in the near future, should not alarm you.  The Feds can some haul my ass, put me in Guantanomo and leave me there to rot never having to answer to anyone, anywhere!

I feel the wrath of the hate/distrust that my government has for me.  As a person who has been an honorable citizen, raised a family, paid my bills and taxes, volunteered my time and loved this land, I am now considered a second class citizen.  I truly know now how the Japanese felt during their internment in the last big war.

We, as Americans have always been programmed to hate some race or people.  There were the Chinese, the Africans, the Japanese, the Vietnamese, and so on...  and now it is the turn of people like myself, ones who have names that sound 'terrorist'.

People, we are pawns.  Programmed consumers for the global Captialist.  As long as we have the need to consume, we shall be slaves.  The best way to defeat this 'monster' is to consume with a conscience.

It is real
13 years ago

Trying to keep below the 'radar', I shall leave this group.  I am gald to see some enlightened people...  remember, it is not unpatriotic to question authority.

13 years ago

I understand completely where you are coming from. I hope, however, that you return to this group many times just to read the new threads -- you don't have to be a member for that! as long as it's an open group! I would like to ask you to be on my friends' network -- but, that, too, would be perhaps putting you "on the radar"; so, that's the ONLY reason I'm not doing so! I hope you feel my friendship and all my support in spirit, anyway! It is so sad and disgusting, that it should have to come to this! But, as you say, it's real -- and you are in a position better than most, to know it first-hand.

Here in Seattle, when after 9-11 some morons tried to vandalize some mosques, some Christian churches instituted round-the-clock watches by their members to keep the mosques safe -- as well as exchanges of meetings and dinners and informational discussions between the two religions. Now that IS carrying out the teachings of Jesus -- and of the great Islamic and other religious teachers! Similar morons, attacked Sikhs -- just because they wore turbans and looked dark and foreign! Here in Seattle, many cab drivers are Sikhs. I fully believe, that the 9-11 attacks among other things, were INTENDED by the perpeTRAITORS -- Bush & co. -- to FOMENT such hatred, and divide our people. "Divide and conquer", you know. "Divide and rule".

Fortunately, as more and more and more people are waking up to the horrible truth, it is not a "lunatic fringe" issue anymore; but a quite mainstream one. You can see the progress of this on Care2 -- it is now quite a respectable issue to be discussed -- not confined to THIS group only! I hope that in your way, you will keep on "spreading the word" -- but be sure and keep safe while doing so! I really want you to be safe and secure above all. Perhaps the day will come, when Bush and all that bunch will be 1] Impeached for betrayal of the oath to "preserve and protect" the Constitution of the U.S., and 2] Tried before an International Court as the War Criminals that they are, and some just punishment imposed [solitary confinement in a facility for the Criminally Insane?]. When that happy day comes, if it comes before they destroy the Planet entirely, we can be free again to have friends and join groups and have free discussions all we like. Until then, I say FARE WELL. Please do, fare, as well as possible.  Barbara T.

13 years ago
Thanks for the invitation Donna. The galvanic corrosion angle is what convinced me.
13 years ago
Why chicken out now? It's just starting to get interesting.
Abid & Sarvo
13 years ago
Abid (sorry to see you post & run but do drop in to read the posts!).
13 years ago

Oops I didn't mean to post my online activism topic twice. Anways, I started hearing about all of this on Coast to Coast AM and Jeff Rense in early 2004. I didn't want to believe it at all, but I still listened because I'm an open minded person. The pentagon stuff (or crap whichever the case may be) is what got me really looking, but Alex Jones is the one who  convinced me, he is SOLID! Sometime shortly after the election I really started getting into this big time. since then I've been fighting to expose this HARDCORE! You name it, I've done it. I edit wikipedia, post in forums, make copys of Martial Law...

Martial Law: 911 Rise of the Police State

FREE Streaming video and downloads of Martial Law (The best film on 911 ever made) below!

Streaming Video:



Dial up:

and give them out for free, I donate books and videos to the library, hand out petitions, on and on and on.

I believe this issue is as vital as an issue can be. 911 was the pretext for things that affect the whole world. Just like Hitler's Reichstag fire is an event that gave him power that affected not just Germany, but people across the globe. I am an activist 24/7 and I fight for many causes, 911 is just one of 'em, but it's a big one.

13 years ago
My new self appointed nickname is king typo!
13 years ago

I'm a complete and total idiot, it's official now! That thing about the spelling B was intended for a totally different message board, then I tried to see if I could go back and fix it and posted twice again. If a mod on here wants to be nice they could delete it!

John Michael
13 years ago
for the great links!
13 years ago

So much more info is coming out, especially after Katrina, and the wife of one of Bush's cronies involved in 9/11 and caught in Europe and detained, I am still downloading it all.

There is so much conspiracy and collusion in my own country I need to get it out, and they are like lambs to the slaughter here, and think you are crazy for even thinking such thoughts even thou you have proof - in my case my own body is PROOF as well I have much other evidence.

So I look to new information from reliable sources, uncovering conspiracy in another country will serve me in doing so in my own and "how to".

Nice to see you here Donna (as always)


13 years ago
As I am glad to see you here Sunshine.
13 years ago
I see a lot of familiar faces here.  Thank you Jessina for the invite.  I will read the posts here as I have time.  This is a very good premise for a forum, to allow all sides to be heard.  One note: debate is an intellectual arena, there is no emotion present, simply and exchange of ideas.  I run an all faith chat room and I have a good idea of how discussions can turn ugly.  Kudos for  your courage to face the ideas of those who think on a different wave length than yourselves and the repsect to allow those ideas to be heard.
13 years ago
thankyou for accepting my application. i have not yet posted as i have been studying the links and all the information regarding 9/11 that is available within them. an incrdible amount of information that has confirmed for me whta i suspected all along. looking forward to finding out more.
Additional comment
13 years ago
Paula P wrote:

"You are all right..this is all part of a plan..and for those of us who won't be getting carted off on that great spaceship to the "Rapture", the future on this ruined planet looks pretty bleak. However, the Bush family will be leaving then so that does brighten the picture somewhat.

I'm afraid Cheney, Rove and Rummy and Rice might still be with us though.."

Hi, all,
Sure, Cheney, Rove, Rummy, Rice, and all their brain-washed boot-lickers will be hiding in holes in the ground which they have already built and stocked, and plan on inhabiting for their own safety. What they dont' realize, is that these holes in the ground are now their prisons; they will never be able to come again because if they do try to come out, they will be killed on the spot. I can guarantee that those who are left after the massive attack these criminals have perpetrated on their own citizens (Katrina was only a foretaste), will be hunting these killers until every last one is dead. They are creating their own prisons, and think it is their safe havens.
Well, this bunch is not noted for any forethought or realistic future planning.
From a Biblical point of view it comes down to:
(NO, I'm not a religious nut!) Rev 7:15 "And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondmen, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains. 7:16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sits on the throne, and from the wrath..........."

But, the fact is, they will not be happy campers in their underground bases, Weather Mountain, Fort Bliss underground complex, etc, that they have all over country. After a while, the isolation of this kind of living, and the realization that they will never see the sun again without being hunted every second their face sees the sun, will have them saying "Mountains and rocks fall on us." What's being revealed here is just a human reaction to the situation of underground living and being the objects of hatred and knowing the consequences of showing their criminal faces to the world which is going to kill every last one of them.
You recall the fervor with which the Isralis went  after the German war criminals until they found every last one? It'll be the same situation here.
I think the criminals are in a panic and grasping at every dime and dollar they can lay their hands on, thinking they will be able to buy their way out of their deaths, as usual, but also realize that their empire is crumbling and they don't have long to survive. People are waking up, and these bastards are the targets of the entire world community!
I wouldn't want to be in their stinking shoes. Would you?

Welcome To The Newcomers To The Group!!!!!
13 years ago

In direct response to the last post on this forum, you hit the nail right on the head.  Thought I'd post an article here that gives us direct proof of the plans of these unelected dictators to run the country from underneath the ground like moles.  They are similar to the drones that abound in science fiction movies, don't you think?  You're right, Sandra, they are hated around this world now by the whole world community.  Can you imagine the audacity of these people, thinking that they deserve to live (unelected members of the executive branch) in case of a nuclear attack, and we poor suckers, along with the legislative branch and judicial branch of the government, all deserve to fend for ourselves while we're under attack?  They brought the attack on, in the first place, and they had already pre-planned to target seven other countries around the world for nuclear attack in 2002, after Afghanistan, wiping out people in Asia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.  It's all beginning to add up now.  Here's an old link to their "Shadow Government."  Does a shadow government live underground?  I guess so:

PRESS HERE FOR THE "WHOLE" ARTICLE:  Yeah, John Dean was right in his book about that one, as I said before on this forum, opening up the old Eisenhower COG plan.  Now they've changed the whole principle of the United States' position on nuclear deterrence into nuclear force threats around the world.  Now Russia is siding with them on attacking Iran.  What for?  Looks like to save their own arses, doesn't it?

The shadow of dictatorship: Bush established secret government after September 11By the Editorial Board
4 March 2002

Use this version to print | Send this link by email | Email the author

The Bush administration has established a “shadow government,” consisting of 75 to 150 officials of the executive branch who have been dispatched to secure, fortified locations to provide “continuity of government,” supposedly as a precaution against a possible nuclear terrorist attack on the US capital, the Washington Post reported Friday. An executive order for temporary evacuation was issued shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, and the arrangement was made permanent a month later.

The administration decided to implement longstanding contingency plans prepared during the Cold War but never before activated. More than 100 officials were evacuated by helicopter within hours of the suicide hijackings which destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon.

They were taken to two locations, believed to be in mountainous terrain in the eastern United States, which became the seat of a temporary regime. In late October the arrangement was made permanent. Since then, officials drawn from top levels of the civil service, just below the appointed cabinet and sub-cabinet level, have been rotated at 90-day intervals. Legal documents have been drafted to give these officials the full powers of the executive branch in the event of a catastrophe.

Administration spokesmen have confirmed the Post report, and Bush himself discussed the subject at a Republican Party campaign appearance in Iowa. “We take the continuity-of-government issue seriously because our nation was under attack,” Bush declared. “Until this country has routed out terrorists wherever they try to hide, we’re not safe.” In other words, the secret government, like the “war on terrorism” itself, is open-ended.

According to a further report in the Post March 3, the Bush administration has deployed the Delta Force within the United States —the same elite commando unit which spearheaded the war in Afghanistan—placing it on standby alert to engage in anti-terrorist actions around Washington in the event of possible nuclear attack.

Some Follow-Up Links On The Underground Shadow Government
13 years ago
White House defends nuclear war plans with sophistries and saber-rattlingBy Patrick Martin
15 March 2002

Use this version to print | Send this link by email | Email the author

In the week since the press first reported that the US government is laying plans for a greatly expanded nuclear capability—increasing both the number of countries targeted and the circumstances under which the use of nuclear weapons could be authorized—the Bush administration has publicly sought to downplay the revelation.

One official after another, beginning with Secretary of State Colin Powell and National Security Adviser Condoleeza Rice on the Sunday morning television interview programs, claimed that the Nuclear Posture Review was nothing more than a bureaucratic exercise, with no immediate military significance.

Powell claimed the report was “conceptual planning” and not the preparation for an imminent attack on any country. “We should not get all carried away with some sense that the United States is planning to use nuclear weapons in some contingency that is coming up in the near future,” he claimed. “It is not the case.”

Rice even portrayed the plan—which drastically lowers the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons—as a move to “make the use of weapons of mass destruction less likely.” By this Orwellian logic, preparations by the United States to more freely use its nuclear arsenal, the world’s largest, are merely “a very strong signal to anyone who might try to use weapons of mass destruction against the United States.”

Vice President Dick Cheney faced a barrage of press questions about US nuclear war plans in London March 11, during the first stop on his 10-nation trip to build support for a US war against Iraq. He also dismissed the reaction to the nuclear review as overblown, without denying the substance of the plan. He said, “The notion that I’ve seen reported in the press that somehow this means we are preparing preemptive nuclear strikes—I’d say that’s a bit over the top.”

Both Powell and Rice, however, confirmed press reports that the Pentagon plan calls for the United States to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries in the event these countries make use of what the US defines as “weapons of mass destruction.” General Richard Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said such weapons could be “nuclear, biological, chemical, or, for that matter, high explosives.”

By that standard, the United States is currently guilty of using weapons of mass destruction dozens if not hundreds of times in Afghanistan, from the huge “daisy-cutters” used against Taliban troop concentrations to the super-high-pressure thermobaric bombs it has dropped on Al Qaeda fighters holding out in the mountains above the Shahikot valley.

As former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara noted in a commentary published March 13 in the Los Angeles Times, the Nuclear Posture Review amounts to a public repudiation of US obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The US, Britain and the Soviet Union pledged in 1978 never to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear countries that signed the treaty. All three countries, joined by France and China, reiterated this pledge in 1995.

International outrage

The new nuclear weapons doctrine was drawn up in a secret Pentagon report delivered to Congress in January, and made public by the Los Angeles Times March 10. Seven countries are on the US hit list, including Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Libya, and the US military would be authorized to use nuclear weapons under a wide range of conditions, including whenever conventional weaponry proved inadequate for Washington’s purposes.

The governments of the states targeted for nuclear annihilation were naturally unwilling to accept US assurances that the Pentagon nuclear plan was merely a continuation of contingency plans drawn up under the Clinton administration. (No US spokesman has sought to explain the contradiction between the claim that the plan contains “nothing new” and the fact that it was devised in response to the September 11 terrorist attacks).

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Sun Yuxi stressed that China and the United States had agreed not to target each other with nuclear weapons. “Like many other countries, China is deeply shocked with the content of this report,” he declared. “The US side has a responsibility to explain this.”

A leading Russian legislator, Dmitri Rogozin, declared that the US government seemed to have lost touch with reality since September 11. “They’ve brought out a big stick—a nuclear stick that is supposed to scare us and put us in our place,” he told NTV television. Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov called the reports destabilizing and said that top-level Bush administration officials had an obligation to “make things clear and calm the international community, convincing it that the United States does not have such plans.”

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov went through with a previously scheduled trip to Washington for talks with US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. As columnist Mary McGrory noted, this gave Rumsfeld “the novel experience of playing host to an official whose country found its name on the target list.”

13 years ago
Thanks for the invite Barbara. I think I will post immediatly.
13 years ago
thank you Barbara for the invite!
13 years ago
Thanks for the invite Barbara!!
13 years ago

Hello, I'm Mary. Will take me a while to read all of the above. Saw an interesting video the other day, Bush redfaced and angry. "There will be no talk of a conspiracy theory...". (heil Hitler?) Reading some of the above is more food for thought. No longer sure who pulled off the attack, as things are now, I find Bush guilty of being part of a conspiracy. A while ago a commentor at a fourm, found it incredulous, "why would our own government kill our own people", he wondered.

As if there were never a Kent State, or other atrocities.

While watching the videos the other day my son-in-law wondered what it was. Wanted him to watch, but he said, "nope, it wasn't a controlled demolition". He's ex military &  I would have liked him to watch, listen, then convince me I was wrong. Pulverized concrete, indeed!

I recall hearing the initial news accounts of "bombs", so why was that covered up & never investigated? Seems that's proof of a USA government involvement. But I could be wrong.

Thanks for the invitiation, Eva!
13 years ago

I'm delighted that a group has formed over this issue.  I've suspected it ever since the Bush family spirited Bin Laden's family out of the US right after the attack.  Michael Moore's film added fuel to that fire. 

Daphne, Kenyatta, Spooky, Brent, Mary R., and Sarvo!  How good to see all these familiar names!  It feels just like a reunion!.

Thanks Barbara for the invitation
13 years ago
I do need to learn more about what happened, the videos etc. I suspected from the first moment it was a CIA thing (Bush papa I don't think Junior is smart enough), so I guess I have some reading to do before I contribute.
Thanks again Barbara

peace and justice
13 years ago

Thanks for the invite, Barbara! I thought as I was watching the insanity of 9/11 that it was A) odd that there wasn't any Air Force jets around to stop them, that the towers seemed to fall "just like in a movie" - which seemed a little too convenient & even though it was remarked on (the controlled demolition) that day, it was glossed over afterward, C) that Tower 7 was never hit, but "fell down" much later - duh?.. D) I thought the Pentagon crap was all weird, F) the Pennsylvania "crash" was way suspicious too. Bu$h is EVIL!!!

13 years ago
I joined on the invitation from Barbara.  Like Carol and Yvonne I join as a member of  Down with Dubya.  I hope to be able to contribute to this discussion. 

12 years ago
Thanks Carol for the invite !!!


12 years ago

Thanks for the invite..I appreicate it a lot...I truly enjoy talking to people who feel Bush is the cause of America's problems. I am sick to death of everything being blamed on Clinton because of a BJ ..Bush might be a better president if he'd get a BJ instead of screwing us in the butt.Oh wait this is about 9/11 ..sorry got off track a bit there.


Oh, Haley!
12 years ago

I just saw a bumper sticker the other day that read as follows:

Would someone Please give Bush a Bl** J** so we can impeach him?

You gotta love it!

12 years ago

Hey folks, new to the group!   I just saw that Loose Change second edition today.  How can there be any doubt?  It's just utterly ridiculous for anyone to contest it!

Just like the shooting of JFK (long before my time) everyone remembers where they were on 9/11/01.  I was riding a motorbike through north London - I received the news by text message and thought the girl who had sent it to me was on drugs or something.  I went straight to my kungfu teachers place and watched the towers come down.  He said IMMEDIATELY that they had been brought down deliberately.  I never took it too seriously until today!

Completely unrefutable.  Anyone who says differently has vested interests.

I'm happy & proud to part of this group!
12 years ago
Freethinkers, truth, & communication - oh my!  That's great Lisa.  Bush & his administration seems to get caught every other day, just not so much about sex - the killjoys.  911 is just one part of a all-encompassing conspiracy which looks to be unconscious & unknown, & possiblly part of our genetic coding to grow to collapse (ever since we got out of the "garden", thanks to agriculture & the alphabet - the beginning of the end of the first religion, of the earth-based goddess).  The tree of Knowledge (of good & evil) vs. the tree of Life (Unity, Oneness, Connectedness, Acceptance). 
12 years ago

Flippin unbelievable.  The "internationally respected" BBC showed that little bit of footage from the pentagon 9/11 last night.  You can clearly see the flamin cruise missile in shot and they were still claiming - on all channels - that it was an aeroplane. (At least ITV had the decency to show a shot from Loose Change 2 showing the size of the plane wrt the building!)

From my estimation (given the width of the shot being about 60m and the length of the plane being about 60m) the "plane" would have had to have been travelling at Mach 0.76 (about 580mph) not to be visible in either frame.  Didn't do much damage then did it?

Thing is, just because the newsreaders were saying its a plane you just know that the cretins will believe them!

12 years ago
Hi, thanks Donna, for wishing to ask about thoughts on 9-11; since most of the people in this group are great researchers/thinkers/progressives in their own right, I will say a couple things, FIRST: How many of us really DID have that initial feeling when the TOWERS came down of "hmmm...something is definitely wrong with this picture?" I think the collective reasoning surfaced as a catalyst for action against the lies fairly quickly, as I did attend a meeting in Kansas City, Missouri not 4 weeks after the event. My entire family didn't believe a word of it from day one, and we anticipated something happening, as Bush, at the time was at an all time low in the polls, and he had only been prez for a few months, the SEC filings were HOPPING, those are a great way to learn what is really happening around here, by the way, and I just knew--like most of us here-=something was wrong, but, the media sure jumped in to the official version too quickly and that to me, a big red flag, huge. The mass hysteria over it was surrealistically contrived, by the sheeple keepers, and the flag-waving began, perfect timing on the administration's part..That was another red flag--I knew people that had never even voted, much less cared about what happens to the world except in their own easy chairs suddenly jump on this idiotic bandwagon here, and join in the call to wars, for those of you up there who keep calling it a "conspiracy", what is a "conspiracy"? This is based on fact, and the Bush administration committed the crime, that word has given the truth seekers a negative connotation that they do not deserve, but the intelligent beings have historically always ended up right, and they will this time, WE will this time, there is no way those buildings were destroyed the way they were with jumbo jets, and no way a plane full of people would have sat idly by while some dude with a boxcutter threatened them, shoot, I have been known to tell an armed robber at the oakland airport in 1994 to either shoot me or get lost when he wanted my money, and one of my sons was with me, and his girlfiend and they were in shock, I said, YOU ARE NOT GETTING OUR MONEY, FORGET IT, either you are a thief or a murderer, if you are a murderer, then do it, he left saying "YOUR MOM IS CRAZY DUDE" and I am not UNIQUE, just a boomer fed up with the all these people are going to sit still? I DO NOT BELIEVE IT! AND SOME OF THE "HIJACKERS" are proven to be living elsewhere, think about how easy it would be to create a false story with all this modern technology, like a living, urban legend-turned-nightmare. And, also, the TALIBAN were PAID $5million a month by the Saudis to keep bin Laden there, so he wouldn't come "home" and sitr up the Wahibbis, and the Taliban needed the money, they didn't care where bin Laden was as long as he left Kabul alone, so why go after Afghanistan for 9-11? It never made sense, as bin Laden had been there setting up with the help of our CIA? He was an uninvited guest and the Taliban had just visited Crawford Texas in July of 2001 and had talked to Bush about the pipeline plans, and Bush didn't bring up bin Laden, and that is only important if bin Laden had anything to do with it, which I do not know, but if he did, he was helping our guys, and the NSA keystroke mappers can study all our words, and hope they all learn something, they are people too, right? lol...I had written Donald Rumsfeld a letter Sept. 10, 2001, and I said, "WHAT? Are you going to create some phony terror atttack now to justify your warmongering efforts?" and was on the phone for 2 hours to a person in WI about how the administration was so unworthy of the good American people, and she thought they were up to no good, as the politics prior to 9-11 were very low, anyway...this is just a thought stream, I have lots of the same information as most of us do, but wish that many Americans were not SHEEPLE and pretend we have this great, democratic government, as long as they are in their own comfort zones, with their Budweisers and their Superbowl and their mindless tv shows, and their little soccer games for their little kids in their little nikes with their little girls in the little "I"M A PRINCESS" sparkling tee shirts from WalMart, in their ugly SUVs and their Burger Kings and their BLANDNESS AND SAMENESS and their lack of interest in the TRUTH, then the truth is buried, but, the minute something hits them personally, then they may wake up, but I doubt it. I am always surprised that so many do believe the official story, and saddened by it, husband wrote a poem the day after it happened, PATRIOTISM IS A POP SONG and was published here and there, I should post it if I could find a copy, it said it all, not 24 hours later, thanks Donna, don't think I added anything, but nice to at least thought stream..hugs to you...
12 years ago
12 years ago

Thanks for the welcome; this issue is so important
12 years ago

Unfortunately, and despite some helpful information, what we obtained from the 9/11 Commission’s research is limited because of the rules Bush made for himself. Twenty-eight pages are completely classified and blocked from the public. Many familiar with the report claim this section deals with Saudi Arabia’s relationship with the hijackers. The truth is, officials in our government knew about the attacks long before they happened. As Richard Clarke said in his testimony, “I’m sorry, but we (your government) have failed you.” The following is a summary of just a few of the many warnings of 9/11:

·        In early 2001, the BAD ordered U.S. agents to back off and end the investigation of the Bin Ladens.

·        In early 2001, FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, declared the most serious national threats as a hurricane hitting New Orleans, an earthquake hitting San Francisco, and a terrorist attack hitting New York City. As of this printing, two had occurred; the earthquake, of course had not yet hit California. We can now be assured our government won’t be ready for that one either.

·        In June 2001, the CIA was warned by German intelligence that Middle Eastern terrorists were “planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture.” This information came to the German government by way of a phone call by an Iranian man, who supposedly also phoned U.S. law enforcement to warn of an imminent attack the week of September 9. German police confirm the calls but state that the U.S. Secret Service would not reveal any further information.

·        In July 2001, an FBI agent in Arizona named Kenneth Williams warned about “an inordinate number of individuals of investigative-interest taking flight training.” This memo, known as the “Phoenix Memo” asked the FBI to collect data on flight schools and foreign students. According to the July 25, 2003 story “A History of Missed Connections” in the Washington Post, one of the men mentioned in the memo was arrested in Pakistan in 2002 with a senior Al Qaeda facilitator, Abu Zubayda.

Taken from Broken Nation

Too many coincidences
12 years ago

·        Newspapers in the Middle East received warnings from Al-Qaeda.

·        MSNBC reported that in the week before the attacks, a caller to a Cayman Islands radio talk show gave several warnings of an attack on the U.S.

·        Several children, ages 8-16, in New York and New Jersey leaked information to classmates and teachers prophesizing a disaster and warning them to stay away from Manhattan. The New York City Board of Education confirmed that school officials reported the incidents to police and that the matter had since been taken over by the FBI Joint Terrorist Task Force. This disturbing news was well documented by many U.S. news stations in the days following September 11, but how quickly the public forgets.

·        On the morning of 9/11, employees of Odigo Inc. in Israel, a worldwide instant messaging company with offices in New York, received threat warnings of an attack on the World Trade Center. This was two hours before the first plane struck.

·        The FAA received 52 warnings. Five of the warnings mentioned hijackers. Two of the warnings mentioned suicide missions.

Taken from Broken Nation

There are too many of these to list. Too many "coincidences"!

This is another interesting point
12 years ago
12 years ago

Thank you Barbara for the invite! Hello everyone! My father is really interested in this sort of thing and wholeheartedly believes that 9/11 was a sham. I picked it up from him, really.  

12 years ago

Bush-Linked Company Handled Security for the WTC, Dulles and United  by Margie Burns
Published on Tuesday, February 4, 2003 by the Prince George's Journal (Maryland) 

  George W. Bush's brother was on the board of directors of a company providing electronic security for the World Trade Center, Dulles International Airport and United Airlines, according to public records. The company was backed by an investment firm, the Kuwait-American Corp., also linked for years to the Bush family.

The security company, formerly named Securacom and now named Stratesec, is in Sterling, Va.. Its CEO, Barry McDaniel, said the company had a ``completion contract" to handle some of the security at the World Trade Center ``up to the day the buildings fell down."

It also had a three-year contract to maintain electronic security systems at Dulles Airport, according to a Dulles contracting official. Securacom/Stratesec also handled some security for United Airlines in the 1990s, according to McDaniel, but it had been completed before his arriving on the board in 1998.

McDaniel confirmed that the company has security contracts with the Department of Defense, including the U.S. Army, but did not detail the nature of the work, citing security concerns. It has an ongoing line with the General Services Administration - meaning that its bids for contracts are noncompetitive - and also did security work for the Los Alamos laboratory before 1998.

Marvin P. Bush, the president's youngest brother, was a director at Stratesec from 1993 to fiscal year 2000. But the White House has not publicly disclosed Bush connections in any of its responses to 9/11, nor has it mentioned that another Bush-linked business had done security work for the facilities attacked.

Marvin Bush joined Securacom when it was capitalized by the Kuwait-American Corporation, a private investment firm in D.C. that was the security company's major investor, sometimes holding a controlling interest. Marvin Bush has not responded to telephone calls and e-mails for comment.

KuwAm has been linked to the Bush family financially since the Gulf War. One of its principals and a member of the Kuwaiti royal family, Mishal Yousef Saud al Sabah, served on the board of Stratesec.

The managing director at KuwAm, Wirt D. Walker III, was also a principal at Stratesec, and Walker, Marvin Bush and al Sabah are listed in SEC filings as significant shareholders in both companies during that period.

Marvin Bush's last year on the board at Stratesec coincided with his first year on the board of HCC Insurance, formerly Houston Casualty Co., one of the insurance carriers for the WTC. He left the HCC board in November 2002.

But none of these connections has been looked at during the extensive investigations since 9/11. McDaniel says principals and other personnel at Stratesec have not been questioned or debriefed by the FBI or other investigators. Walker declined to answer the same question regarding KuwAm, referring to the public record.

Walker is also chairman and CEO of Aviation General, a Tulsa, Okla.-based aviation company with two subsidiaries. SEC filings also show al Sabah as a principal and shareholder in Aviation General, which was recently delisted by the Nasdaq. Stratesec was delisted by the American Stock Exchange in October 2002.

The suite in which Marvin Bush was annually re-elected, according to public records, is located in the Watergate in space leased to the Saudi government. The company now holds shareholder meetings in space leased by the Kuwaiti government there. The White House has not responded to various requests for comment.

Speaking of the Watergate, Riggs National Bank, where Saudi Princess Al-Faisal had her ``Saudi money trail" bank account, has as one of its executives Jonathan Bush, an uncle of the president. The public has not learned whether Riggs - which services 95 percent of Washington's foreign embassies - will be turning over records relating to Saudi finance.

Meanwhile, Bush has nominated William H. Donaldson to head the Securities and Exchange Commission. Donaldson, a longtime Bush family friend, was a Yale classmate of Jonathan Bush.

On the very day of the tragic space shuttle crash, the government appointed an independent investigative panel, and rightly so. Why didn't it do the same on Sept. 12, 2001?

Margie Burns, a teacher and writer, lives in Cheverly, Maryland.


Thank you
12 years ago

Thank you so much for the invite althought im in england 911 was a big shock all the people who lost their lives. my heart just goes out to everyone who lost loved ones. I will post anything i can find on 911. liz

12 years ago
Although I couldn't explain why at first, I knew from Day 1 that BushCo had a hand in 9/11. When I started getting emails from about the "Patriot" Act and what it entailed, the "why" started to become more and more clear.
12 years ago

Those that are in tune with their subconcious are the ones who know root causes and effects of what goes on around us. That is how you knew.

Hello Everyone
12 years ago
I wasnt invited, just found this site. Listened to the videos and have no problem believing that Bush is manipulating us for his own benifits. I do have a hard time believing that he will ever pay for his actions in a legal sence. I for one am concentrating my thoughts to praying and giving energy that the steps hes taken crumble beneath him. That the world isnt as stupid as he hopes we are.
12 years ago

Hello, and thanks for the invite.  I have an open mind, which is often missing from some people.  I hope we can learn together.


get off your duffs
12 years ago

this is not time for foolish socializing on care 2

get a loose change or lone lantern dvd or something like it have 100 copies made, nits cheap and send or give them to everyone you know, and as soon as you can afford it have some more made

sitting here in the comfortable circle of pats on the back does not get the word out

get the word out to people on the outside, send links to everyone you know


send a diferent lionk at least one time per wek to everyone


12 years ago

Point taken but do not for a minute assume that everyone here is just sitting back on their duffs doing nothing but chatting about 911 here. This is a group we use as a place to focus together on strategies, pool information and to share ideas ( just like the one you suggested) as how best to spread the word. The gathering of intelligence ( like the CIA) by the people on this group is also paramount to exposing the truth in an indisputable manner.

12 years ago
Hi All! I just joined. My father showed me the video "Loose Change" and my god! What an eye opener! I knew some details of the event didn't seem right to me...but this vid showed them all and showed them clearly.

12 years ago
 Cathy B.! There's lots of cool links here!
12 years ago
Hey guys. If you go to and click on "Multimedia" you can order the free video titled "A call to reopen the 9/11 investigation. It is long and kind of boring unless you are interested. If you believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy, or even if you don't, get the video and watch it. I knew Bush was up to something after watching Farenheit 9/11 but this video shows it all. It's not copywritted and they encourage you to copy it and pass it along.  *very interesting*
12 years ago
My mistake, it's REOPEN911.ORG
Finally! Others that believe...
12 years ago

Thanks for the invite Yvonne! Much appreciated, this group is sooooo for me!

Jeanie has received 12 new, 808 total stars from Care2 membersJeanie has been awarded 781 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Jeanie W.

 What do I know? Plenty 

Go, Jeanie go!

Looking forward to enlightening-up and to be more enlightened.

I started a thread with some incredible information links, I hope you all will take the time to check them out.

Bush Knew

Click it^^^

PEACE my friends, Yan

12 years ago

Please ignore the "click it' on prior post.


12 years ago
Thanks Yan! Thanks Tiffany for the link!
12 years ago
thank you for the invite B Mutiny 
bmutiny asked me here
12 years ago

love and peace on ya for doing so!

so i wrote this ode to mr bablylone

If I was an eagle,above you in the sky,i would caw and you would look and id poo in yer eye!

12 years ago

Green Star to you, Pete, for that "Ode"!

A friend of mine just told me that there is a "9/11" song out, that people can make up additional verses to. He told me on the phone: if he sends me the address, I will post it in this group.

Laughter is one of our potent weapons!

B Mutiny T

Everybody, don't forget to INVITE YOUR FRIENDS HERE TOO, B4 9/11 which is coming up in LESS THAN A MONTH; who knows what sort of scheiss is being planned for the 5th Anniversary by our benevolent Govt!!!!!

Hello everyone!
12 years ago

Thank you B Mutiny T. for the invitation!

My name is Pilvi and I'm from Finland. Hello everyone!!!

If its ok I'll watch and learn from all of you?! I just don't know what to believe.. But I think that Bush and his "pals" were somehow involved in what happened 9/11.. I hope to learn things from this group.  Have a great day everyone...

12 years ago

Thanks for the invite!

I haven't done much research on this topic, but I have always been skeptical of the US government, and in this case, they certainly gave us a lot to be skeptical about.

I'm new here, so this may be old to the rest of you, and it may have been posted here already, but I found this video to be very interesting:

12 years ago

Thanks for the invite!

I haven't done much research on this topic, but I have always been skeptical of the US government, and in this case, they certainly gave us a lot to be skeptical about.

I'm new here, so this may be old to the rest of you, and it may have been posted here already, but I found this video to be very interesting:

12 years ago

There are different theories -- BUT WE ALL DO KNOW THAT THE "OFFICIAL" STORY CANNOT POSSIBLY BE CORRECT. The Truth needs a REAL, IMPARTIAL investigation -- such as Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela, wants to initiate.

Please check out this link!

Check out the links -- lots of links! -- you get there.

Also do check out the ARCHIVED threads on this group, as well as new ones!

{"Archived threads" listed down at the bottom of the page. Just press it to bring them up. After you have pressed "All Topics".}


Please check out this link!
Loose change 9/11
12 years ago

There is a very interesting movie that is well worth the watch, It is a long movie so high speed connections may be desired to watch it with...

Very enlightening. 

12 years ago
Hi y'all.  to Jessie for sending me an invitation to this group.

I still remember seeing the towers fall five years ago.  DH told me that's what was happening and I told him he was wrong.

For someone/people to use that tragedy as currency to advance their own agenda is ugly and evil.

I also remember the stories of rescues and sacrifices and examples of the generosity of the human spirit (not suggesting, of course, that humans alone possess such a spirit) ... that point to a better response, IMO.
12 years ago
 to all the new members! The more the merrier! Be sure to look at all the links & posts - lot's of info (without all the government white-washing & spinning!)!
12 years ago

Yes there is more to 9/11 then they said.

Hello all

Hello Everyone
12 years ago

Thanks for the invitation, Liam.  This looks REALLY interesting to me.

12 years ago

Thanks for the invite!

I haven't done much research on this topic;

However, I know a large portion of the young Asian community in UK believe Bush arranged the "Twin Towers” to feed his need for power (the planets energy). I feel anything could happen in this uncertain world we live. A growing black shadow over the US & UK is very fast becoming very unstable. I think we are all witnessing the start of the end of the world, as we know it today. In the next fifty years, we will see are planet change in the most extraordinary way. Not in our lifetime, but sadly our children will have times so bad on our earth they look to the stars for a place to live and fight.


Hi Pilvi from Finland
12 years ago
This is a really informative site from Finland (haven't read all of it, there's so much...) - most of it in Finnish, but is the link to the pages translated into English I urge all members to have a look at least on what A Finnish Military Expert says about explosives used - he must stay anonymous though for revealing this is dangerous, but the people who have put up the site are experts and scholars themselves and give their full names and professions ... But Pilvi you can of course read much more there because the Finnish material is overwhelming, and many articles translated from English. I would be happy for a link to a site from Sweden in Swedish set up by Swedish experts and scholars.

The view of a Finnish military expert
12 years ago
... this is a link worth looking at especially if you understand something about such technology, but even I, a humanist, can see the main point, this is translated into English (a reliable translation!): Do take a look and see what you think about it!
12 years ago
just joined the group thanks to a certain wild one...and I love anything that requires an open mind    The ideas presented are scary no doubt.  But worth contemplating seriously 
12 years ago
Blogger Brigade, very active group working on getting out the word.

Crossing The Rubicon,
The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, excellent book by Michael C Ruppert.

( Hi cous!)
12 years ago

Thanks for the invitation Jessie.

Where is the plane that crashed into the Pentagon?
Go to this website and watch this it quickly as it has already been pulled off several web sites already...
afterwards you'll see why!
12 years ago
Thanks Jessie,for the invite So far it has made some interesting reading,you all got your Bush and Blair crap going on but our little Johnny is trying to keep up he want's to play with the big boy's but he is not to sure how..
12 years ago
 to all the newbies! (And Hi Cuz!) You'll find very interesting stuff here! And thank you for all that you add!
12 years ago

my thanks to Liam for thr invite.  five years after9-11 it seems like it was yesterday.

blessed be


12 years ago
12 years ago
It was shortly after 911. Suddenly there was a great anthrax scare. Some were killed. Suspicions of Saddam were offered (yep they were already preparing to invade Iraq. The people targeted were the news media (make them think twice about trying to share the truth) and liberal democrats that were polical enemies of Bush. The antrax in question was determined to be of US government stock. No one has been charged and there is no ongoing investigation.
12 years ago
The Terrorists-in-Charge did a thorough job on that anthrax threat.. reminds me of SouthPark's Officer Barbrady "Move along, nothing to see here!" Just like Bu$h's "military duty", don't ask questions or you'll be sorry!
12 years ago



12 years ago

Very interesting.

Thank you for inviting me

12 years ago
 - I see LOTS of new members! I hope you all find this interesting & informative! Remember though that not all articles are equal & it's up to you to form your own opinion! Or just ask me & I'll tell you what to think (just like Bu$h does!) - JUST Kidding!
12 years ago

I had no idea there were this many intelligent people left in the USA.I'm sorry, but I live in a right-wing,neo-christian hell of sorts(small town in North Carolina,with some kind of church on just about every corner you turn, and ALL of them think Bush is the Messiah.

Thank you,BMutiny,for the invite.I knew this was our own government from the moment I heard about it.My daughter had just gotten out of the hospital the day before,Sept.10,after having a ruptured appendix.I had spent the past 11 days in the hospital with her, and was exhausted.My husbamd came in,and almost panicked, told me that the towers had "been bombed"-his exact words.All I could do was open one eye,and say" I'm not surprised".When I got up, and came out to see what was going on,no sooner did I sit down, but the towers started going down.Hubby and I just looked at each other,and said" That was no accident,that was a demolition"

When they replayed the original footage of the planes hitting the towers, you could plainly hear someone,just BEFORE the plane hit,saying"OH MY GOD,was that an explosion?" THEN the plane hit the building.Later, we saw accounts whewre people were saying they heard loud booms, which is why they turned around,and then saw the plane hit.Of course, after the first few hours of this, that particular footage was never seen again.

And very conveniently, just a day or two before my daughter went to the hospital, I had cut an editorial out of the newspapaer,asking why the government was paying so little attention to Osama.Awfully coincidental that the very right-wing press in our area would have bothered with that,unless they wanted that name to be stuck in peoples recent memory,when the name would again appear in connection with the largest mass murder in this country.That way, people would absolutely believe"Well, of course it HAD to be Osama Bin Laden,didn't we just hear what a terrorist he was a little while back?"Never mind that he wasn't considered a terrorist when our gov't trained him and his "freedom fighters" to fight back aganst the Russian invasion of Afghanistan.

Sorry, I tend to go on a total rant about this.I guess I'm just glad to know I'm not alone,that so many others,from all walks of life, don't believe the garbage we were forcefed about this,or anything else Bu$hco has tried to force down our throats.I'm looking forward to checking out the links,and sending them on to as many people as I can.

12 years ago
Sherry, this is the place to rant about 9/11! I tell right-wing Bible-thumpers that Bu$h is the Anti-Christ!
12 years ago
I just want to say the I think Bush et al are responsible for the whole thing. 
12 years ago
I like the way you think Elizabeth!
12 years ago
Thank you Yvonne - there just isn't any other explanation that makes any sense.
12 years ago

Bush is only a puppet, it's the cabal behind him dictating what he should do.

I wouldn't want to be him for all the tea in China.

12 years ago
Elfmagic, even if he's only a puppet (which makes sense, he's not smart enough to orchestrate his way out of a paper bag) - he's a willing figure-head for the Neo-con evil PNAC!
12 years ago
Thanks so much for the invite Jessie and Hi to everyone x x
12 years ago
Don't Forget To Support The Troops
12 years ago

We all get caught up in who did what and we might forget the guys that are over in Iraq fighting for nothing. Don't forget to support our troops! Here are some great ways to show the guys that we do support them.

At Homes For Our Troops their mission is to build specially adapted homes for our severely disabled soldiers and their families. Since they started this organization, they have had an outpouring of support from all across America including monetary donations, donations of building materials and equipment, and fundraisers being hosted in their benefit.

If you would like to send books to soldiers yourself, check out where soldiers will post requests for books they'd like to get their hands on and all you have to do is pick a soldier to send a book to. provides soldier contacts, and you read through the names and select the ones you wish to support based on their lists of what they need and want. Any Sodier even has a search capability so you can easily identify specific needs and requests. The soldiers are volunteers for this effort, they see the "ATTN: Any Soldier" line and put your letters and packages into the hands of soldiers who don't get much or any mail.

Through Operation Hero Miles you can donate your airline miles to American soldiers so they can get home to visit with their families.

12 years ago
Tiffany, you should post that on a new thread so people can find it easily. Thanks!
12 years ago

Dear Liam Thanks a lot for invitation. here is a wonderful group and I am very happy to be a member of this group.

I do agree with my dearest friend Elenor Boyd she is entirely right and for more information plaese go and see Farenhite 11/9 a ducumentry from Michael More and the other ducumentries which is MADE BY AMERICAN UNDERSTADING FILM MAKER go and see that huge BOMB under the areloplain which was entirely clear in these movies. Go and see who manage the tragedy of 11/9 and just think why should  middle east have to burn in fire and blood.

Best Regards


12 years ago

WELCOME to our group. Glad to see you here! Please invite your friends or even strangers (for now) that you come across on Care2 that you think are interested in the real truth of 9/11. Again, WELCOME and we're glad to have you on board.

12 years ago

first I like to say thank you for the invite not sure how much in put I'll put it in I guess it depends on how fisty I feel at the time . anyways I do belive that there was warning signs out there and they just ignored them. just like when Japan was planning there attact on Pearl Habor, they even sent a game to the USA and it was even posted in store windows in New York and on it was dice that told the date it would happen search lights and planes bombing and said all kinds of things on it but nobody paid attention and then it happen. I can't figure out why we didn't have security protecting us all the way around so that didn't happen it just blows me away everytime I think about it. and with 9/11   I can't even explain how I feel. I can't belive they were able to take flying lessons here in our country and not have been checked fully on there back grounds of who they really are. I just flew from SA TX back to S Ca and there checking me with that wand thing like there sizing me up to put me in the oven and cook me. She kept saying I need to touch you here as my arms are in the air I kept saying look I don't care what you have to do just do it so I can get to my flight, and am thinking I sure hope there's not one of those terroist don't get pass me and he gets on a plane or my plane cause I couldn't even take lip linner on the plane am thinking we are all sitting ducks on that plane with nothing to try to protect ourselfs. and it sure didn't help when am not sure on the date but 20 years or so before the 9/11 attact when that small plane clipped one of the Towers they said if it had hit a little lower it would had been alot worst. So that told them something way back then on how to hit the Towers . This just makes me speachless .

 oops is this too much? my bad. I'll be back well if the Host lets me back in hehehe.  God Bless all of Us and those who lost there Lives that Herrible Day 9/11, and God Bless Our Troops and Prayer for them to come back home soon... Love and Hugs Linda

12 years ago
 Linda! Glad to meet you - we know how you feel! Be sure to check out some of the great links here!
Hi Everyone
12 years ago

Hi to Everybody &

Thankyou BMutiny for inviting me to the group.


12 years ago
12 years ago
Saw loose change and something looks awful fishy  I wounder if the rest of the world knows what's going on? would like to get more information on the subject.
12 years ago
 Don B! There's plenty of links here! Check out all the threads!
BMutiny T.--Invitation 09/03/06 8:31 PM CDST
12 years ago

Thank you for the invitation to join.  I will read posts and comment as appropriate.


Thank you...
12 years ago
...very much for accepting me as a new member of this group! I really was surprised that even this group exists!
Friedhelm Benna
p.s. feel free to contact me: see my profile!
12 years ago
We look forward to your participation.
12 years ago
12 years ago

Hi!  I usually dismiss conspiracy theories.  For example, I believe that Oswald was the lone gunman and that Marilyn Monroe committed after an unhappy and unfulfilling life.

However, occasionally I come across one that makes perfect sense.  This is one of them. 

I am DISGUSTED by the fact that Bush and his cronies allowed all this to happen AND enjoyed unprecedented popularity after the fact!  All those people died in vain.  Even the passengers on Flight 93 died in vain.  I used to see them as heros-now I see them as pawns.

12 years ago
Katie! It's amazing how Bu$h's short-comings keep getting promoted, no matter what!
12 years ago
Hi, I am Ed and I just found this group.
Welcome Ed!
12 years ago
We look forward to your contributions here.
Doris N
12 years ago
Thanks you so much for the links! Sorry that it took me so much time to response! Haven't visited this group for a while.. Sorry! =/ Anyways Thanks! Hugs -pilvi-
12 years ago
Thank you Donna!
12 years ago
Pilvi & Ed!
12 years ago

The REST of the world may know an awful lot MORE than most U.S. citizens do! If you look in some of our Archives, some of the photos, etc. come from the FOREIGN press. Americans are CAREFULLY SHIELDED by our press and govt, from what the REST of the world thinks!

It helps to read the foreign language press -- in translation if you have to, or some of it is in English. 9/11 stuff has appeared to my knowledge in Venezuela, in Russia, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, and elsewhere. People who REVEAL 9/11 info, are FREER TO SPEAK and LESS AFRAID -- some are afraid for their LIVES in this country, if they "know too much"!!! So more and more of them are speaking from ABROAD. The repression here is WORSE THAN MOST OF US REALIZE!

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has called for an INTERNATIONAL investigation. Citizens of 50 different countries died on 9/11, not just Americans! NATURALLY their countries are concerned -- and AREN'T BUYING WHAT BUSHIES ARE TRYING TO SELL.

Welcome to this group, and the TRUTH!

B Mutiny T

Thank you Mikee for the Invite
12 years ago

Thank you Mikee for inviting me here. I have been suspicious of Bush forever. Do not support him, never did, never will. Feel he is a traitor to our country. Hope to learn more here.

Sincerely, Simply Vee

12 years ago
Hey Gang Thanks for the Invite
12 years ago
I do not have any new information, so the only thing I can say at this time is I would not put anything past the PNAC conspirators, which incidentally most are in Bush's regime of power brokers now.  Like John Dean's book they have no Conscience. Just now getting in I won't rehash what you guys have been discussing for months.  But the Bush perverts and sadists have got to go.. thanks again  ~boots~
12 years ago
Robert K!
I'm new here...
12 years ago


I was looking around for different groups and this one certainly got my attention. I learned about all of this 9/11 conspiracy not too long ago from a friend's website ( It took only one of the dozens of video clips to convince me.

The last thing I want to give this Government is the power of Martial Law!

12 years ago
Aeon! Check out the site & Vote the RepubliCons out!
12 years ago
I am happy to see this site here. We need to know the truth, even if it hurts. I have heard that the way the towers fell tells a lot. I also hear important people suddenly were not at work that day. Anyone else hear this?
12 years ago
Margaret! I know alot of people were not where they were supposed to be.. but even more should not have been there after the first plane hit - but were told to stay, it was safe..)!
Hello all, nice to see this site!
12 years ago
I've found in general that when something this large happens it isn't simple and little luck is involved. I tend to look at what it leads to and what is achieved in the end. Also, for you people who don't believe in conspiracy theories please go out and read! Corporate America is a breeding ground for conspiracies ...from the airlines, to the auto industries, the tobacco industries, etc, etc, etc. So what is achieved in the end? The Towers were destroyed by Saudis and we marched in and took control of Iraq! Turns out Haliburtin is now running the Iraqi oilfields. If you didn't alread know ....Cheney and Rumsfield are buddies for at least 30 years. So the question I'd like to ask is who is in charge of the cash register when the tankers come to fill up? Who is going to get in the way of the VP and the secretary of defence? I think it would take alot of us.
12 years ago
 Michael B.! Plenty of threads to choose from!
12 years ago
I heard yesterday on the news that some congressmen and posibally others ,
know about certian threats
(like congress presons on certian comitties that have to do with terrorism, and homeland stupidity)
Anyway, one congressman (fogot who) said that he knew about certian threats, but could not call certian people to warn them.
He also said , that this has happened before, that a congressman had recieved a warning, and called someone in his/her family.
He said, they are NOT supposed to do this, becuase, it could give away that they are "on-to" the terrorists.
This whole subject seems a bit curious to say the least.
What if you knew about 9-11 ?
What if you knew something was going to happen, but wernt sure exactly what ?
(most probably dont know all the facts, sometimes, they just know, 1 terrorist is going to meet another, and where)

now i dont often talk this much about terrorist,
since i think most of the hijackers on 9-11 were setup
Hijackers Patsies
and, since i think the war on terror is
Bogus War On Terrorism


So here...

we have Condi Rice, telling Mayor Willie Brown not to fly on 9-11
How did Condi know ?
Or, more importnantly, WHAT did she know ?


12 years ago
THIS IS A VERY INTEESTING AND INFORMATIVE GROUP.GLAD I FOUND Y'ALL.Yeah, i think it was obviously a conspiricy, and there are a lot of People like Ostriches out there and others with there head in a worse place than a hole in the ground.HERE'S WHAT I POSTED ON MY LIL'OL' MUSIC AND ART WEBSITE TODAY, AS BUSH SIGNED INTO LAW A BILL CRUSHING THE  BILL OF RIGHTS, AND BETRAYING EVERYTHING I BELIEVE IN. At my site,, which I use to entertain,encourage peace, give away free music,and such as that, I wrote this:HOWDY FOLKS, AND WELCOME !
The following
 quote from is from 'The Nuremberg Diary' by  Gustave Gilbert, published in 1947:
"Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."
                             -- Herman Goering, Nazi Reichsmarshall




12 years ago

Brad M.!

 Deb D.!

Newbie Here...
12 years ago

...but not new to this atrocity! I found this group because of a post by "WildOne" which caught my attention. Very powerful lyrics from Don Henley and haunting tune. I have a page of this information on my website, and I can really appreciate those who step up and step out to speak up about this facade and massacre.

Now here's my question...How do we fix it all?! Huge task...but it has to start with each one right? Knowledge is power to be sure, but how will that stop these (daily events, I might add) from continuing?! Does this Country (and others around the World) need to have a big Uprising?

Heartfelt & Sincere Hope For Our Future,


We can't
12 years ago
Great question , Tina. First, it is unfixable. But that does not mean there is nothing we can do.In communicating and increasing our awareness, we become stronger, confronting the reality of what happenned is a first step.Secondly, I am of the opinion that there may be no justice for Bush and his cronies in this life, too many people don't care, or are too confused and overwhlmed to care,
really. It would make me happy to see him impeached , but the political process in this country may be damaged beyond repair, and any attempt to harm Bush or bring him to justice will just make a false martyr of him.
Here is what I do. I vote, for that was a hard won right for women to give up lightly.I tell people that Bush is , in my opinion, no better than a Nazi, and why. I tell people that freedom is their natural born right as a child of earth Mother, and does not have to be bought, for it is already ours to claim. Those who buy it and sell it for blood and money will just go out and catch you again and again, for they are tricksters and predators.I plant , plant plant plant  gardens everywhere I go, especially food and medicinal plants, and give away seeds and plants in the Cherokee tradition. I live simply, so that others may simply live. I call attention whenever and wherever I can to the lies perpetrated on people by the warmongers. I hold my head up proudly in the face of grievious persecution. I tell people that I am not bought and sold for any price, and I act on that. I live by the gentle buzzard totem off the detritus of a decaying society, and almost every thing I have or use is someone elses garbage,  so I do not have to harm anyone or anything to  make a living. I pray and invoke the
Goddess, Eath Mother, and commit my life to working to heal her wounds and care for her, and I care for my family and friends, and share what I can of my time and energy freely, and I have always quite miraculously, it seems, had just what  need. when I left Dallas in 1984 as an abused blue haired punk rocking mother of two beautiful small children, there were over thirty fundamentalist Christian radio stations broadcasting the apocalypse daily, and most of the freaked out preachers were saying that God was gonna rain down fire from heaven in the form of a nuclear holocaust. I looked on leaving to see a sign at a gas station that said "air 25cents, water 25cents"(self service was new), and I knew the apocalypse had already happened.I kept on going toward the Texas hill country. It(the apocalypse) will keep happening over and over until we realize that it doesn't have to happen.
Please read Isaiah 65:16 in the revised standard version of the old testament. It's a key for the fearful believers in a vengeful "God"
to unlock the padlock on the chains of fear that keep people repeating the same violent mistakes over and over and over.Here it is, the key for those trapped in fear of a Judeo-Christian Armaggeddon, ar apocalypse. Use it, for your very fearful faith in this nasty and unnescessary "apocalypse" is what can cause it to come to pass.: Isaiah 65:16 "So that he who blesses himself in the land, blesses himself in the God of truth, and he who takes an oath in the land takes an oath in the God of truth; because the former troubles are forgotten and are hid from my eyes " God goes on to describe a new world of peacde and prosperity, and ends the chapter with "the wolf and the lamb shall feed together, the lion shall eat straw like the ox,and dust shall be the serpents food(I take 'the serpent' to mean not a snake, but the father of all lies).They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain, says the Lord." No,I am not a Christian , I am someone entirely new, and I believe that Jesus said "Amen I say to you that you are gods, and greater things than I will you do", and so I say to women, "truly you are goddesses, and geater things than I will you do also" and I do not buy or sell my land , my home in Blanco County, even though people have tried to literally burn me out of it and worse during the process of gentrification, out here, when land prices went up three times in one year. I hold title to these five acres, which were given to me for the most part, and do not consider that I own it, for the land and I are one, and I am in service to her.My Goddess is Earth Mother,child of Isis, and I emphasise the divine feminine, for that is what will restore the balance. Once I was sitting under a tree, talking to friends about why we had deeds to property and such, and I said, not believing it , but playing'devils advocate' for the sake of conversation, I said, "maybe Earth Mother wanted to sell herself, and that is why we have deeds to property and such."
The chair upon which I had been sitting comfortably for about a half an hour began sinking rapidly  into the ground, and I tumbled out of it just in time to keep from being  swallowed by the ground beneath, for that seemed to be what was happening.  I apologized to Earth Mother for even suggesting that she be bought and sold ,
and all was well.
I live in the new world you see,Tina, and I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.Have hope, have faith, stand up for the truth and your principles, and Love, Love, Love. and vote the jerks out of office. Blessed be.

12 years ago
Amen Deb! Though I still hold on to hope that Bu$h & Co. will be Impeached (which doesn't automatically DO anything as far as tossing them out, but Might lead to such actions if Everything is done that Should be done.).. I believe the Democrats will have this one chance to win the election & then DO the Right Thing as far as Uncovering the Lies, Ending the Wars, and Serving the People.  
New to the Group
12 years ago

Thanks for the invite BMutiny T.  I recently watched Loose Change 2nd Edition, it made a lot of sense, and remember watching the "timed" explosions myself as the towers fell and the news commentary about that and wondering myself . . .

I'm sure I will learn a lot from this group.

12 years ago
 Frank! Glad to see you here!
12 years ago
Hi everyone
Hi Manuel
12 years ago
Glad you joined!
12 years ago
12 years ago
Hi from Australia..thanks for the invitation..
12 years ago
We are not alone
12 years ago
Hello everyone, I'm new to this very interesting group.  I see I'm not alone with my thoughts and that is heartening.  I had been living in Mexico for 16 years but planning on moving back to the States shortly after 9/11.  I was married at 8:30PM on 9/10/01, only hours before the tragedy and the world changed forever.  My daughters were to have flown to the States on 9/11, but after the horrible event, we decided upon staying in Mexico.  I immediately thought conspiracy upon waking and seeing the horrific footage on every channel.  This sad tragedy was prompted, as I believe, to create mass hysteria and paranoia in WE THE PEOPLE, and to pave the road to the repugnant present incumbent's private interest war.  His hyprocisy is overwhelming as to date more Americans have been killed in his dirty war than were killed on 9/11.  It has also opened the floodgates for this monster to strip us of our constitutional rights, i.e. wiretapping and right to privacy, among many others, as our private lives are invaded, even our persons as every nook and cranny is invaded when we wish to travel.  Using Cold War tactics, the neanderthalic monkey-man in office is establishing a dictatorship.  I am glad to see there are so many of us who are not like "lemmings to the sea", following herd instinct, but at the same time, outraged at the ignorants who elected, then RE-elected this poor excuse for a human being to office in the first place.  We all know the facts and for voicing our opinions are probably already on his ridiculous "terrorist list".  He is the terrorist, terrorizing our people and must be stopped.  It's a shame Barbara Bush didn't practice pro-choice! 
Thank you to all who submitted links to even more information and for listening to my rantings.
12 years ago
Ellen E! Hopefully Soon Bu$h will be answering many questions he's dodged over these past 6 horrible, hellish years! 
12 years ago
Oops!  I apologize for the erroneous statement regarding number of troops killed in Iraq to date.  The death toll still has not quite reached 3,000 as I checked foolishly after having placed my foot firmly in mouth.  We all hope there are no more cuasualties, however, I'm sure the monster monkey in office will ensure it will sadly surpass the number of those who perished on 9/11.  The wasting of thousands of more lives after 9/11 is unforgivable and unacceptable and the current repugnancy presently occupying the White House should be charged and punished accordingly for treason. 
12 years ago
Ellen, Bu$h's numbers do not count any soldiers NOT killed in combat or on duty - any dying of disease, infections, suicide, etc. are not counted.. God knows what the Real Numbers are!
Demented monsters
12 years ago
Thanks for the warm welcome, Yvonne!

And you're absolutely right about the numbers.  None of this should have happened or be happening in the first place.  It is a sick state of affairs and it is my hope that he be held accountable for all of his crimes.  I fear, though, that I am a hopeless optimist.

12 years ago
from the first moment...
12 years ago
Hi and thanks to BMutiny for the invitation! I apologize if I repeat anything from the thread, there are 111 posts here and too much to read all the way through if I want any eyes left to type with! I remember the morning of September 11, my mother-in-law called EARLY and my husband made me get out of bed and come downstairs where he had the tv on. I was stunned. There was no question in my mind who was responsible. Then as the days passed, there were all the little stories that made the news once and then "mysteriously" disappeared. There was the astonishing collapse of the twin towers, just like the hotel demolition I saw in Las Vegas a long time ago. There was the NORAD reaction, Bush's avoidance, the crazy fact that they knew who all 19 hijackers were, even though they were not listed on the manifests... excuse for war, cover-up for a stolen election, plans for world domination being carefully put into play. Since that day I have gone through periods of intense research followed by intense art projects and extreme anger and concern, and periods of realizing that I KNOW what is going on! I don't need to be convinced, I don't need to be unconvinced, it is SO OBVIOUS, so crystal clear and so frightening. Sometimes I have to take a break from fresh information input because it drives me crazy... crazy that there has not been a huge and loud cry from Congress, the American public, the international public... these guys should have been out on their asses a LONG time ago, tried and convicted for crimes against humanity. It's really hard for me to understand why this hasn't happened. I am offended by the Flight 93 movie knowing now that more than likely (I say "more than likely" to respect other people's opinions of what happened) Flight 93 was a total fabrication.... I have to say, though, that one of my favorite stories from the early days after 9/11, was a story on the news ONE TIME ONLY telling of a handful (4 or 5) of the "terrorists" - Arab jihadists, supposedly - spending the evening of 9/10 in a strip bar, drinking and watching American women dance around half naked! Yeah! That's the way to cultivate the favor of Allah!!! DUH! This whole thing has been based on the ignorance of the public and the insane ability to just keep repeating the same cliches over and over and over no matter what is presented to them. Anyway, I am glad to be here, interested in perusing the posts and finding out what I don't know and offering what I do know and getting to know you other intelligent folks here!
12 years ago


Oh by the way, there are a LOT more than 111 posts here! Check out the archives by clicking on that!

12 years ago
More to 9/11 than we will ever know
12 years ago

I lost 4 friends that day...i see the still photos of the explosions floors below the impact. i will NEVER be convinced it was simply a plane bursting into the buildings. And i also don't think we will ever know the real answers.

Like the Kennedy assasination...the files were "sealed" for 20 years only to reveal nothing when opened.

12 years ago
Bobi!  I'm sorry for your loss. But I'm hopeful that a real investigation can be started soon!
12 years ago
Hello everyone, just found your group. I also feel very strongly about this and ready to hear some truth! If I hear of anything that may be helpful for the group, I will be happy to contribute them to you.
12 years ago

We WILL know the truth! Unlike right after the Kennedy assassination, there now exists the INTERNET where we are all SHARING our bits of info, photographs, videos, eyewitness accounts, technical expertise in various fields, etc.

There is ALREADY LOTS of info that is SOLID and INCONTROVERTIBLE; and MORE is coming out every day! DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE TRUTH. Which IS, admittedly, REALLY HORRIBLE AND WILL SHAKE UP ANYONE'S ENTIRE WORLD, I don't care WHO you are!

There is going to be an INTERNATIONAL INVESTIGATION. No American one could be as un-biased! Citizens of 50 countries died in the Twin Towers that day! But, THERE ARE ALSO RICO LAWSUITS BY 9/11 VICTIM'S FAMILY MEMBERS. With a change in the direction of our country, away from the tyranny we were headed for under Bush, IT IS POSSIBLE FOR THE TRUTH TO BE KNOWN TO ALL.  {And not too many years later by too few people, as is the case in the Kennedy assasination. The Truth of THAT, has NOT come from the govt -- nor will it!}

I like to say, SHERLOCK HOLMES could figure out 9/11, with the info we have accumulated in this group SO FAR! We can simply use his methods of DEDUCTIVE REASONING.


12 years ago
Thankx for the invite, BMutiny...I am glad to be a member of this group.... The Truth Shall Be Known!
12 years ago
 Kristey C. & Silverlady!
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
12 years ago
Just wanted to say thank you for the invite to join. I have always firmly believed that 9/11 was nothing more then the US government trying to dupe people of the world into believing they were under attack so that Bush and his governement could get greedy and launch an attack on Iraq. Greed is what's at hand here. The need for power. Bush is like Hitler, people of the world need to watch and listen closely and make some changes before they find themselves  caught up in Bush's wanna be Dictatorship.
12 years ago
I just want to say...
12 years ago

to all the hosta and members

and Hosted By SparkleTags.comto WildOne for inviting me!

Hya Marie
12 years ago
Now that's a cute blue mouse.
12 years ago
12 years ago
12 years ago
 Gordon. I'm happy to welcome any RepubliCON who has seen the light! It's kinda funny though that a Christian theocracy/dictator would chose to rule by OLD Testament laws, since the New Testament is the "Christian part"!
12 years ago
Yevone,i know it sounds ludicris but just google the hard core christian right's "TAKE BACK AMERICA FOR GOD" movement that is headed up by the likes of the now deposed "JUDGE ROY MORE" of ALABAMA,, And google the "WALL BUILDERS " Organization, Yevone there is a hard core fundamentalist Christian  movement to literaly take over our Govmnt. You may recall Congresman Lary McDonald who was killed when the airliner he was on was shot down over north korea back in the early eightiesor was it in the seventies?. well, he was sort of the "SPEARHEAD" for this movement. these so called hard core christian bible thumpers ,,, if alowed to come to power would ,do away with social security, public shcools medicare, medicaide, almost all GOvmnt. Programs,,. they would also denie you your right to citizenship,, unless you publicly proclaimed "JESUS" to be your lord and master. they want to make it law so as any woman who lied about her verginity would be stoned to death. any woman  who had a pregnancy out of wedlock ,,would be stoned or hanged . any child who was mearly accused of backtalking, or strikeing thier parents would also be likewise executed. any girl or woeman caught haveing sex out of wedlock, or non marital sex would be like wise stoned to death. these people ,,I believe are on the same page as the tallaband , and the radical fundamentalist islamist.  Thieves would have thier hands cut off, and liers thier touges cut out.  One of my sorces for this info was "MICHEL HAUPT'S" THREE WORLD WARS WEB SIGHT. he sent this info to me in an e- mail.  yevone, I dont mind telling you ,,, These people Scare the -S----T  Out of me.----G.

PS: What about all of us who are not chritian??? what about all of us who are listed as "OTHER". I guess people like me would have no choice but to move out of the country.If these people ever came to power.
12 years ago
12 years ago
I still find their stupidity amusing - as long as they keep it to themselves! The problem is people like Bu$h & Cheney inciting bigots & elevating idiots to high places, so that your run-of-the-mill redneck thinks wallowing in ignorance is a Holy thing!
12 years ago
12 years ago
Glad you're here. Be sure to check out the Main Points & there's plenty of good info out there!
12 years ago

Greetings to everyone!!  I am Tamme and you are sure welcome to call me by my name in here...  I'm proud that you invited me into this group... Recently I've dove into researching the 911 Tragedy and yes, I don't just believe it, I know that it was a "conspiracy" just as many other historical moments in our countries history.  There is just too much proof out there that is clearly obvious, only the blind, deaf & dumb can miss it and even then I'm not sure?

I've got tons of information, videos and pics., that absolutely proves to me and others that the truth is "911 was the 1st casualty of this war we are in now".  As impossible as it sounds, as much as we may not want to believe this, sadly it is true!! 

Our govt. knew that 911 would cause tremendous shock, fear & anger, "they" knew some of us, most would react in terror and condone a war for revenge!  The best way to get people to give up their rights is to cause mass terror, fear etc., so that the people would say "Do whatever it takes to get the terrorists who were behind 911".  With that, we give up our rights to several "freedoms" just to be protected from these murderous terrorists, yet we are actually "puppets on a string" falling for a set up to begin a horrible war!

I have strong feelings & thoughts on 911, this War we are in, vaccinations, our president and congress etc., I'm convinced that we are a nation that is on the road to "Dictatorship" to loss of many of our crucial Rights & Liberties.  Bush is not the Anti-Christ, yet he is a messenger, an instrument of "Evil, Domination and Control".  Right now Bush doesn't care about "THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE" he cannot run for presidency again, so he doesn't care what happens to us, he just wants his war!  GW Bush is nothing less than a "Control Freak" a war monger and he is among many others of the United Nations who are trying to take over the World and dominate all human life!  It is called the "New World Order". 

Truthfully, I believe that there are so so many wrong doings in our country alone, that it is becoming chaotic and confusing for all of us to focus on all of it.  Which is their way of slipping through the cracks and slithering into even more destruction and dictatorship over us.  We must start to be more aware, less naive and face our fears... starting with the biggest threat to us as a whole... Our Government!!

Don't get me wrong I love our country, I just cannot stand the people running it!  Our fore-fathers fought & died for this country and our Rights, Freedom etc., NOW WE MUST TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY IN THE NAME OF GOD!

Sorry I got so carried away just on the Welcome page, just wait until I hit the discussion boards     

Hiya T W
12 years ago
Glad you made it! Welcome and feel free to post all you come up with. You're among friends here.
12 years ago
12 years ago

Courtesy of 

For such a great welcome!  I think I'll like it here    for my passions are definately of learning more & trying to make a difference to change our country, our world... More over to take our country back!!  So I plan on being around for awhile and being as active as possible in this group and in care2...   Take care all & God Bless!!!


Welcome...Hello everyone!
12 years ago
Hello everyone, I am new to the group, thank goodness I found it, I really like it in that all the people here seem to have a mind and they like to think for themselves and not let the media and the mass majority dictate how they feel and believe, it looks as if everyone here has a lot of truth to share and I hope to be a part of that, I knew from day one that Bush had something to do with the 9/11 and both other bombings on our country, I feel so honered to be in the company of this group...what I want to say is this: Let's get Bush and all his cronies and make them pay for what they have done to so many people, including a war fueled by greed and covering his azz during a time of confusion that the people of the USA felt at that time and just went along with any and every thing he said and believed it to be the truth and wanted some kind of answers and went along with a war that now has killed more people on both sides for his own benefit of power, money, greed and revenge for Daddy...what a sad thing this has come to be for all of us.Anyway I want to thank you all for so much truth and letting it be known...Robin
Hello everyone!
12 years ago
Hello Everyone, Seems as though I didn't make a formal introduction to this group, I hope every one is having a wonderful New Year thus far, I joined this group because I am passionate about getting a truth out that has long gone on buried and has turned all eyes on a war to evade the subject of what really happened on 9/ has been a pleasure reading everyone's truths and issues on this subject, I only hope that mine are as inspiring to you as yours has been to me,I wanted to send out a special thumbs up to Donna for all her hard work and effort in trying to make this group special and to B Mutiny T. you also are doing a fantastic job at bringing about an awareness that is real and needed, and also to T.W. one of the newer members here for her very kind words of inspiration...but by all means I thank all of you for your posts and honesty and I hope you all keep trying to make this a better world by keeping things REAL!!!!   Edwin
12 years ago
Hello To All
12 years ago
Hello..I am a new member here. Wow I cannot believe all of the educational information ....and all at the same is very scary...I have just been reading and reading all the information posted and it is very informative. Hugss, to all, Kay
It's a good feeling
12 years ago
to know so many intelligent people are aware of what really happened at 9/11 and that they found their way to this group!
12 years ago
 Kay! And I'd like to echo Donna's sentiments! Thank goodness there are so many intelligent, aware people left in the world!
12 years ago

I wish each of you a very Happy New Year for 2007 from the beautiful City of Memphis, TN the home of rock n roll Graceland & Beale Street.

Let this be the year of our Lord that God reins his will to end this war in Iraq, and bring our troops home.

happy new year 2007

Thanks for inviting me to join this group. I hope that by working together we can impact a change in our American society.

My focus is to concentrate on securing the rights of each Veteran Soldier in the United States. The latter is a tremendous task for me to achieve. As such, I hope to acquire a large network of friends.

Anything that anyone needs to know about me, good, bad or otherwise is published in My Paper Trail book.

I have included an intro of my family's prodigious background heritage in the State of Tennessee. I need your faith that I am an honorable Veteran Soldier born in a faithful Christian home.

Rest assured that whatever testimony that I render to our group has been fully documented in my file cabinet of exhibits.

My ambition in life is to testify before a Senate Investigation Hearing to give accounts to the indignation and disgrace of our noble citizenship that my family and I have endured as prodigious African American citizens residing in the State of Tennesee.

Hopefully, through the grace of God, my testimony will finally bring relief to the millions of Veteran Soldiers and/or civilians, who have suffered the same indignation and disgrace of our citizenship.

May God truly bless each of you and your family!

A friend for life

12 years ago


I'm very lucky to meet you all and very honored to be accepted inside this group...  I hope that I can contribute and be worthy of such a strong, knowledgable group that is on such a tremendous mission to correct the wrong doings and slaughter of so many lives on 9/11...  God Bless you all...

12 years ago

 Stanley! And Thank You TW!

12 years ago
hi! i don't think i've introduced myself yet. my name is lory and i'm 29, married, have two stepsons, and a wonderful chihuahua named sallie. my big brother showed me some "loose change" videos and it really didn't surprise me that our govt. was behind this. i'm practically anti-government now because of this, and that so many politicans are in evil cults like skull n bones and's scary!
12 years ago

Hello, Delighted to see all you thinking people participate in this important discussion.

I was in my kitchen watching TV when 9/11 happened.  I fell to the floor in horror and pain for the people in those buildings.  After the initial shock subsided, and reason set in, I knew it was a demolition.

I am a welder.  Steel does not melt at 600 degrees.  Steel melts at 2000 degrees.

I was moved by the video found at

I hope the Democrats arrest the Bush family for crimes against humanity.


12 years ago



Intro from Thomas Markham
12 years ago

Great to be with you!

Check out the new updated 2nd edition video from "Loose Change" at their website.

12 years ago
 Thomas M.!
12 years ago
This plan has been in motion for a while now. Now we all know Bush and Cheney aren't the mastermind behind the plan. Neither one is smart enough to pull it off. However they are collaborators in the fact that it happened on their watch and they just sat back to watch it unfold. This is why Bush just sat there reading "my pet goat". Any other president would have immediately risen from their seat and proceeded to get on air force one and done something about it. The people most responsible for this are behind the scenes...that way the puppet politicians can stay in their jobs to continue the next phase of the plan...which was Iraq and the rest of the middle east. Sadly the groups for global dominance, the rapture, and consumption of fossil fuels are all very closely together and powerful. This country is in the process of evolving BACKWARDS into the stone age of superstition with all the suppression of science and art. America has a long history of this sort of behavior, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor our government knew it was coming thirteen days in advance and still let it happen. Oklahoma City bombing was done by the government...all the facts are readily available to us all. Our government kills when they see fit and at any cost. Look at ol Ronald's record in Central America with all the death squads, our cuddling of Augusto Pinochet, our cuddling of Saddam with money and weapons to fight our other "enemy" Iran, our cuddling of the terrorist network otherwise known as Israel. It all adds up to what we are experiencing today. We all need to stand up and fight the ignorance that grips this country so tightly...that is our biggest obstacle we face. If we can get past that and hold these people responsible and let them know this will no longer be tolerated. Until then they will continue to do what they do. I mean think about it...the government represents less than .01 percent of the population yet they make decisions in our names. We the people need a bigger and louder voice. Oh where are you Dr. Martin Luther King and John Lennon... that's right we killed them for speaking about peace and love. The twin towers fell because we sat back as the Supreme court decided criminally that George Bush would be president instead of the real winner chosen by the people Al Gore. When they realized they could get away with this without so much as a whimper from the American people, they knew then that by making the towers fall the rest of the plan could easily be implemented thru the media.....which is owned by folks on the right wing side of politics. I will have more on this topic to come. Peace my fellow truth seekers.
12 years ago
 Jereme! Check out the PNAC thread!
New here and liking what I see...
12 years ago
I wasn't invited, just stumbled upon care2 and then this group the other day and added myself to both (in that order).
I consider myself fairly well-educated on the topic of 9/11 having read much of the 9-11 timeline, Nafreez Ahmed's The War on Freedom , countless Internet pages and watched several videos. I believe strongly with Gore Vidal's view of our republic having become a national security state and also with his remarks on Alex Jones October 24, 2006 radio broadcastwhere he said that he was certain that the Bush administration "let it happen on purpose". I feel the administration was quick to declare the acts of 9/11 an act of war rather than criminal acts so it could avoid a full criminal investigation. That simple fact, in and of itself, speaks volumes as to its likely prior knowledge. The picture becomes even more damning when one considers that no one in the government has ever been held accountable for the failures in security.
I'm skeptical of the grand conspiracy theory only because it suggests a level of coordination that is only possible perhaps within very select groups of the military branch of the government and I have a very difficult time accepting the idea that an American soldier would participate in such a horrendous act against his or her own country.
What I believe is more likely is that enough warnings leaked out of the hands of those with the clearance to have received them and found there way to others who were in a position to profit from the attacks (the prior stock market trading on airline firms and certain financial firms with offices in the towers is just one classic example of that profiteering). To take a specific example, from what I've seen and based on my formal training as a structural engineer (though I have never practiced as a PE), the collapse of the towers and, in particular, WTC 7, do indeed appear to be controlled demolitions. While I cannot imagine a US soldier being among the team of workman " overalls carrying building gear, toolboxes, etc. into the buildings..." doing a supposed cable upgrade (see video footage starting at 1:05:26 in "9/11 Mysteries") during the short-noticed, full electric power down that ran from noon on Saturday, Sept 8 to 2 PM on Sunday, Sept 10 (as reported by Scott Forbes, a Database Administrator who worked for Fidiciary Trust), I have absolutely no difficulty whatsoever in envisioning Larry Silverstein, armed with foreknowledge of a potential near-term attack, making the decision to rig the thermate charges with the quaky self-justification of preventing a potentially greater loss of life and property that could result from an asymmetric collapse of any of the buildings. We can speculate who could have been so cold-hearted to give the order to trigger the charges. We can run google searches for the rest of our lives but , in the end, where will we be?
Instead of digging and speculating, I believe time would be better spent getting the word out about the unanswered questions. When I peruse the profiles of this "9/11 Conspiracy" group members, one thing sticks out: we're almost all over 30 (but perhaps that's a apt description for care2 members in general -- anyone know if these Care2 age stats are public?). What can we do to inform younger people about the past misdeeds of our government and the need to question the official 9/11 commission findings? Why don't we start a petition drive ask all 2008 presidential candidates if they would (or would not), upon entering the office of the president, commission a full, impartial investigation of all the events that contributed to 9/11? (For one candidate's stance, see this recent letter written by Barak Obama suggesting his apparent acquiescence to the official story).

.. I see I have to continue this post onto another....

New here and liking what I see (part 2)
12 years ago
...continuing where I left off...

The last suggestion I have is a touchy one. While it's clear that people in this group have very strongly felt beliefs about who and why these acts were committed, I encourage everyone to consider how best to achieve some basic common objectives, like spreading the audience and getting an official accounting of what actually happened and why. For many unfortunate historical reasons that are beyond our control, many people have an immediate, visceral reaction to the word "conspiracy" (would there be any support to, at the very least, changing the 3 exclamation points at the end of the group title to question marks?). 9/11 is clearly an event etched in every ones minds but I see that this group (as of this writing) only as 677 members while groups like "Annie's Healthy Living Network" has over 400,000. Why is that? It doesn't feel right to me and it suggests that we could do much more to get more people talking and acting on our governments complete and utter failure to fully account for what happened and hold those responsible accountable.
Just my two cents.

Bill C
12 years ago

You are new to Care2 so there are a lot of things you don't know about it. For instance it's quality not quantity on Care2. Groups like Annies Healthy Living Network have a direct link from Oprah Winfreys website, that is why it has a lot of members but the majority that join Care2 from that link aren't active on Care2 or on that group.

Members on the new NATURE PROVIDES group which is in a similar vein, has 565 members and the group is very active so that is where I prefer to spend my time. With members who are actually there not just numbers.

I think it is rude Bill, to come to this Care2 site and to this Care2 group 911 CONSPIRACY! ! ! and make judgments on them when you know so little. If you don't believe soldiers (more like CIA/FBI operatives, not soldiers) could have set the explosives that is your perogative but most of us on this group do believe it. It was too sophisticated to be done by the Taliban. Sorry that's just too funny to be believed.

You are free to start your own 911 group on Care2 but you may not have the courage Donna did when she started this one. Maybe Care2 will give you a direct link from the Oprah Winfrey website to build up your numbers. I'll stick with this group and it's quality membership.

Bill ! ! !
12 years ago

Here is the concept of this group that the members believe in. Really read it this time before you try to redesign this group:

"This group is for those who realize or strongly suspect the 9/11 tragedy was a conspiracy to scare the populace into submissive compliance with the removal of freedoms."

Here is the footnote on it, and a suggestion written by Co-Host Bear:

DEFINITION OF CONSPIRACY:~~~~~ An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful or subversive act. A group of conspirators banded together to achieve some harmful or illegal purpose.~~~~~~ GROUP POLICY: Given the controversial concept of this group, we are bound to have posts from those who have joined with the sole purpose of challenging that which is too painful for them to accept. Those who post in an obvious attempt to ridicule the intelligence of members will be warned once and if the warning is ignored they will be banned. Posts that insult or ridicule may be deleted at the descretion of the Hosts. We are determined to keep closed minds from forcing us into closing the group since it is preferable to have an open group for sharing information.

    A suggestion By Bear: Having followed Chem Trails, I know that webpages and pictures have a way of conveniently disappearing. Therefore, if you have room on your hard drive, I would COPY any text, pictures, or Webpages that you find for future reference.

    Oh and Bill, judging on your comments, if you do start a 911 group on Care2, be sure to call it, 911 IN DENIAL.

12 years ago

I think Bill is pretty on target with how Most people feel about 9/11 - they Know the Government is lying or at least concealing important information. Most people don't want to think the U. S. Military had anything to do with it (though we've witnessed the depths to which some soldiers have sunk recently) & ignore black ops..

But Bill, what Sherrie & Eva say is true, we're not in this for MOST people. The rage is real & the lies are too many & those exclamation points and use of Conspiracy in the title are TRUE to the message WE believe.

Loose Change can spread the message in a better format for the "younger generation" than we can here - but we will keep posting links & articles & "stay the course" as we see fit! 

12 years ago
Did you call me Eva? That's ok, I guess all us over 30 people look alike.
12 years ago
Oooops, sorry! My mistake!
12 years ago
Well Pal, as you can see this group had no trouble scramblin it's Interceptors (fighter jets) when you started disrupting here. Sherrie, Donna & Yvonne were quickly up to the task.
Can we get there from here? And how?
12 years ago
Please allow me to start my reply to Yvonne, Donna, and Sherrie B by offering my sincere apology if I've offended you. It was not my intent to do so nor was it my intent to redesign the group or ridicule anyone's intelligence. And I certainly do not want to change the way anyone feels about 9/11. It was a horrific act that should compel all Americans -- and, by rights, all rational people of the world -- to speak out and demand that a full and truthful investigation be conducted. That is why I said in my introduction that "...I like what I see." It requires courage to speak out on such a sensitive topic and this group clearly has a number of very courageous members (Donna chief among them).
I personally have no difficulty (nor is it painful) envisioning the acts of 9/11 being either partly or completely the result of conspirators either within the US govt. or a mix of US govt. and external operatives working in concert. There are plenty of examples of past black ops in recent (last 53 years) US history which would make it foolish or naive of me or anyone else to rule out such involvement (1953 military coup in Iran, Iran contra and many many more). The fact of the matter is that there are people in powerful positions that believe that the ends justify the means and regularly do act on that conviction (for just one tiny example, I sincerely believe the veep was somehow involved in the forged Italian niger documents and was the central figure ensuring that the "intelligence was shaped around the policy" in the marketing of the war).
I put myself in the "strongly suspects" category of the group's membership requirement and I've had that belief since very shortly after the event (I began reading the Complete 9/11 timeline and The War on Freedom shortly after they were first available). In that spirit, I included links in my introductory post that question the official narrative and which I feel are reputable (they document their sources well). But believing is one thing and acting is another. Starting a discussion forum is an important and necessary step in taking action and Donna should be commended for doing so. When I added myself to the group, I was placing hope on in the group's billboard statement implying that open minds are preferable to closed ones. And I whole-heartedly agree with Jereme B. when he says:
We all need to stand up and fight the ignorance that grips this country so tightly...that is our biggest obstacle we face
and it's online groups like this one that are the seeds to change. Do others in this group agree with Jereme's statement and, if so, are you sufficiently motivated to collaborate on efforts to enlighten the ignorant? If so, what are the best ways of doing so? My raising the subject of the connotation of the key term in the group's name was my way of expressing what I suspect may be the first barrier many outsiders are likely to perceive when first approached by members but it's not a show-stopper for me either. Whether we like it or not, the mass media has succeeded in lulling millions into submission and it will take a very thoughtful and well-planned campaign to lead people out of the darkness. But I'm very hopeful and I think gradually people are waking up to some of the realities around them. I agree with Bear B.'s Invite Your Friends topic post where he says:
The real problem is getting enough guide dogs to lead the blind to the fountain of knowledge.
I also like Marc Gartmann's Getting Through the Bottleneck share (I'm still figuring out how all these Care2 features fit together and exploring what's there which explains why I inappropriately used Annie's Natural Living group as a point of reference -- a mistake I realized just after hitting "submit" on my first post. Please bear with me, make suggestions and I'll try to catch up on all the discussion topics).
<and again...I see I've reached my limit...>
Can we get there from here? And how?
12 years ago
<...continuing where I left off...>

So what do we do?  I like Bear B.s idea of recommending that people read about the Reichstag fire.  Perhaps by reading about conspiracies that have occurred far enough in the past (I recommend two:  All the Shah's Men and Day of Deceit), those that are less able to envision the possibility that they are occurring here and now will find a path towards enlightenment.   Is it within the scope of this group to have a topic focused on taking outbound action?  Perhaps there is already one and I've overlooked it.  As one idea which I already suggested,  I firmly believe that if sufficient numbers of people banded together to ensure that at every opportunity of the 2008 presidential campaign, candidates were forced to go on the record as to whether they were willing to re-open an investigation the mainstream media would find it impossible to ignore the angle and more and more people would wake up and start to demand answers.
12 years ago
Howdy, As a new member I'm very happy that 9/11 Conspiracy exists and that I have a sympathetic place to post my views as regards all things conspiracy. With that `said,' recently I've noticed on a number of the 9/11 forums, replies from a few people who either disbelieve such a type of crime couldn't exist; tha surely `tis the work of kooks, fools and weirdos. Well I respectfully disagree with them and their shocked disbelief that the US miitary and Intelligence community would engage in dastardly criminal behavior-they most certainly would and have buku times. I was in the military and had also been trained at CIA camps in VA and elsewhere; that people are recruited for BlackOps jobs; as such, having viewed the events of 11 Sept 2001, it was easy to pick out the real action occurring while others were being treated to sleight-of-hand.The staging was classic Ops from easily accessible planes to controlled demolitions, and a faux jet crash at the Pentagon to the post reporting of dubious timeline of events chronicling the alleged players and interchangeable plots and plenty of hearsay "evidence" dummy transmissions (always garbled) to limited hangouts titilating bits and pieces of "info" teasing the unwary, tricking those naive enough to accept such absurd lies. Always vital to success of a CovOp is the collection of damning film evidence (cameras, vidcams, tape recorders, etc., accompanied by the usual threats and intimidation implied or otherwise, and the denials & rebuttals from the usual assortment of media assets doing weird spins, character assassinations, and stacking the deck w/ party apparatchics spouting the party line of carefully edited text.
12 years ago

 Charles Q! This forum is strictly for us "kooks & weirdos" (okay, maybe that's just me) who stopped believing the government approved propaganda a LONG time ago!

 Bill K.! Sorry, I forgot the Welcome part of my earlier post. Notice I did give you the benefit of the doubt, in that I didn't think you were trying to "start something" (believe me, we get plenty NeoCon trolls who live for that!) I really like the idea that we might be able to force media exposure by "making candidates go on the record as to whether they were willing to re-open an investigation"!

12 years ago
Hello!  Is there room for one more?

I just read a whole bunch of posts here and then realized that most of them were back in 2005.  I'm not sure if anyone will come down this far.  If anyone reads this let me know, because I'm a loooong way down. 

Maybe you could make a new welcome thread? 

I'm glad to see so many people understanding what our government has done.  I hope all are also looking out for what it is planning to do next, like get in yet another quagmire with Iran when we're already spending deep into essential government programs with the Iraq war and there isn't any light at the end of that tunnel any time soon.  Everyone seems to be discovering what HAS happened, but how do we prevent the next scenario and the next.  We need to look BACK AND FORWARD, BOTH. 

It's hard to know where to begin posting on this group, with so many different threads to read, I feel a bit overwhelmed.  But I don't have any doubt in my mind about the government's involvement in 9-11.  I've done a lot of reading from a lot of different sources, and the evidence against the government's story of what happened on 9-11 is overwhelming and completely satisfying.  It leaves me with hardly any questions left. 

The order for the fighter planes to stand down, the new guy subbing in at the control towers for just the duration of the attacks, the total lack of any attempt to rescue the people at the top of the twin towers, where fire was not preventing a roof landing by rescue helicopters, yet they sent none, Bush's lack of surprise about the attacks, and the fact that he went on reading about goats while this country was attacked (unbelievable lack of concern for his country and his own life!!!!!!!!!)

The way the towers fell, with one tipping over at first, about to fall sideways, and then suddenly, just as the top part was about to go over, this incredible demolition straight down, as straight as you can possibly imagine, as unnatural as you could possibly pull off as a demolitions expert.  The total lack of follow up in the immediate investigation, the attack on Afghanistan that very afternoon, the fact that the bulk of the fire had gone out by the time the towers fell, the deliberate demolition of tower 7, as announced by Silverstien...

Everything and a whole lot more points to a complete fabrication by our government and media of what really happened on 9-11.  There is no doubt left in my mind, none whatsoever, even though I doubted the conspiracy theory at first.  Let the facts speak for themselves.  My advice to skeptics is to read widely and decide for yourselves, without assuming we have a lily white holy, godly, wonderful, caring government because that just isn't reality.
12 years ago

 Marie! See, we keep tabs!

Harmony or Eva, or anybody know how to start a new page for Welcoming New Members? This page is taking a Long time to load & could be a real pain for dial-ups!

This thread is closed due to the length but new members go to the new one WELCOME II ok?
12 years ago

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