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Ra Or Horus?...
10 years ago


Can any one here tell me the difference between the "Eye Of Ra" and "The Eye Of Horus"?  I know that there is a difference, but can't recall...One faces left and one right?...or is it that one has a scroll under the eye and the other doesn't?

Help Please...


10 years ago

(aka Re)
Sun-god of Heliopolis (known to the Egyptians as Annu),
head of the Heliopolitan ennead.  He was considered self
created and the creator of all.  He is the father of Tefnut
and Shu. Ra has been known by many names and takes many
different forms.  This makes him one of the most confusing
gods to understand.  At sunrise he is Khepera, represented
by the sacred scarab.  Around noon, when the sun is at its full power,
he is Ra.  At sunset, when the sun is said to be weak and growing
old, he is Tem or Temu.  He travels across the sky with the sun
upon his head in two boats.  The boat used in the morning is called
Matet, which means becoming stronger.  From midday on he travels
in the Semktet (growing weak) boat.  When he has set, he begins
his journey into the underworld or the Duat/Tuat.  Here he encounters
many dangers and foes.  Chief amoung them is a creature called Apep.
He usually wins his battles with Apep and is then born anew as Khepera.
On a number of occasions Ra has been merged with other solar deity.
For example, one of the oldest sun gods was Horus (Heru), not be confused
with Horus, son of Osiris.  When these two gods merged they/he
was called Ra-Harakhty, meaning Horus of the Horizon.  In later times
Ra was merged with the Theban god Amen, to become Amen-Ra.

A number of gods throughout Egyptian history
were called Horus.  The one referred to here
is Horus, son of Osiris.  He was the avenger of
his father's death, thus the prototype of the good
son.  In his adult form he is depicted as a falcon
headed man wearing the double crown of Egypt.
Another form of this god is Horus-the-child, or
Heru-pa-Khret (Harpocrates, in Greek).  In this
form he is shown as a child with a side-lock of hair
and a finger to his lips.  Sometimes he is being
suckled by his mother Isis.  There is also the very
ancient sun god Horus the Elder.  In this aspect he
is said to predate Ra and some interpertations
contend that Horus, son of Osiris, is an earthly
reincarnation of the once great sun god Horus
the Elder.

Ra in the form of Khepera in the Matet boat

The utchat represents the Egyptian sacred eye. The right eye, the Eye of Ra, symbolizes the Sun. The left eye, the Eye of Thoth, symbolizes the Moon. Together they represent the Eyes of Horus The Elder. The utchat, therefore, is a symbol for the ability to spiritually perceive that which is illuminated, as well as that which is hidden.

Utchat.gifright eye.. eye of ra - utchat

horuseye2.jpgleft-eye.. eye of horus

I have it "RIGHT" now!...
10 years ago

So, the eye I have tattoo'd between my shoulder blades is

 "THE EYE OF RA"!   Yea!  

Thank You (and Here Comes A Green Star!)

10 years ago
and i'll b seeing u in 'the addiction to tattoos'
I get it now
10 years ago


Thank you for that, I've studdies a bit on the Egyptian Pantheon but always got thrown with Horus and Horus. 


10 years ago
they were two very important gods.. similar in a lot of ways. horus elder may very well have gone through 'maturity' and even metamorphosis as many other gods did but here the name didnt change, new names were given but these were kinda like add-ons, didnt replace the original name Horus.. its very interesting