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Boycott Globalism July 06, 2005 4:15 PM

In front of the board or the boardroom table is the globe, it sits glowing on their table, drawing them closer.  "Globalism !!" they cry out all at once, we can control it, making iron and coal resources cheaper, cheapening the ultimate resource, the humans, until they are free for us to shape as we see fit.

Naked women crawl through their mines, through tunnels too narrow for mules, they pull carts on rails of coal.  When they reach the surface of the mine, their loyal supervisors use them, good servants being rewarded, they so enjoy using the exhausted women as they crawl from the shafts.

The corporation, the first highly capitalized industry of its kind, was chartered for its owners to mine coal, mine iron ore and create and endless resource of iron.  They have built a black and grim empire of factories in this town of Manchester from useless green hills.  They brought from the hills the wandering hunters, those who kill to live, allowing them the ultimate joys of killing, killing those woods folk deemed useless, even dangerous especially the protectionists.  Executing the protectionists, has allowed them this freedom.

These hunters, killers, executionists have allowed them to escape the scrutiny of society, escaped the protecting control of the guilds.  They are free, truly free men, free to empower their families, free of all moderation, and ultimately, free from the twin evils of the falesness of society and social responsibilities so greedily impressed onto their generous families.

But for all the evils of kindness found in the towns and cities, they love their king, and they fill his war chests from with their healthy profits.  

They know the King's ships will find new lands, wrest away those already taken by our dangerous European neighbors.  Sailors will be found in the house of drink and joyfully beaten by us into our King's service, placed on ships, made into the same cheap dirty women his loyal supervisors so enjoy raping as they crawl from the mine shafts.  

So kind you are Oh Lord, for allowing us to thrive and giving us so may esteemed helpers in your house of worship, creating much more of what we really need, a resource better than animals, even better than mules, even better than the men who build our familes and empires, children -- yes servants, we can shape and weaken in a way to make stronger for us, twisted and deformed to work these our machines, perfectly, now truly human parts to our machines, whose patents the Ling and Lords have taken from the lazy and greedy inventors and given to our good families and thriving industry.

We build engines, steam engines, so proud they are for never, never having to pay the old engineer, James Watt, for this invention.  The selfish Watt, we say, selfish James Watt, that lazy old man in his cottage.  Inventor, hah!!, he is a resource, a commodity like any other, and a useless old broken resource at that, so unwilling to help us at our works solely for work's sake.  He never works -- sits there expecting royalties from us for his amazing steam invention, such a desperate fool, wasting his intelligence on hopes personal independance.

Control is complete, over centuries, we the well spoken mild gentility, generous in spirit have broadened and expanded our horizons, annexing easily the useless public lands from society making them into our beautiful estates, not longer the ugly chaotic mess of the trees and plants, homes to the useless rabbits and deer and those evil hated foxes and wolves.  

Hunt the foxes !!, sound the horn, send out the serfs, oh how they love us, look at them, now they have known their place since we have shown them our wisdom, since we have let them glimpse our beautiful families, shown them true kindness, given them unto our lord, given them the gift of work, work for work's sake, to die here piously in our factories, to be delivered to you to please or punish as is your pleasure.

For in the kingdom of the Lord, our Lord, the Lord of Lords, the servant is master, and we are your servants, oh master.  Servant to the power that given us so many servants, the power that has let us crush the false kindness of society, the managers of the guilds who so greedily try to protect laziness, thank you lord for letting us destroy them and their societies of false kindness and isolationist protections so easily.

We build engines, steam engines, and so proud we are for never, never having to pay that stupid old engineer, that James Watt, for this invention.  The selfish Watt, we say, selfish James Watt, that lazy old man sitting alone in his little cottage.  Inventor, hah!!, he is a resource, a commodity like any other, and a useless old broken resource at that, so unwilling to help us and our beautiful families.  He never works -- sits there pathetically waiting for patent royalties from us for his amazing steam invention.

Truly we have dominion now, Lord, society is ours and all is good.  We have suffered all the fools for you, and the ugliness of nature has seen it's brutality end with our kindly punishment, broken the falsely free spirits of the human resource, giving these dirty lost souls guidance towards what is correct, what is pure, what is work, what we are, what you have given us.  Our familes, our heralds, our flags, our hereditary, our bestiary, and now our globe.  

It glows before them, mystically, on their board table, it is not a planet but a machine, no different than theirs, it awaits them, beakoning their control, it is their dominion, their true freedom.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
We already have... July 06, 2005 9:30 PM

... Globalism. The challenge of breaking down barriers and reintegrating with nature in common cause is now the priority.

Sustaining Humanity is going to take One heckuva-Unified effort!

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Nawww July 07, 2005 7:42 AM

just go back to the old ways.. the family farm  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 July 07, 2005 4:49 PM

John the knowledge we have these days gives us enourmous power that never used to exist. We can't destroy that knowledge and we can't destroy the power. Either we control it for the good of humanity or we let someone else with their own motives fill the power vaccuum.  [ send green star]
Why do you think... July 07, 2005 8:17 PM

the innocent family farm would compromise modern science.

The only real improvement in life is in medicine, we had better TV w/ 6 channels, we had better entertainment w/ radio and lullabies and the local string band.

I guess we need military technology to keep the other bastards at bay.. but knowing what I know now, it will soon be possible to erode the weapons of mass destruction just as they were built up, old hatreds can be healed.

But first we have to eliminate the highly capitalized corporations, we must have a much larger number of much smaller corporations.

Highly capitalized industry is what brought us all our problems in the first place.

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PS... July 07, 2005 8:19 PM

I see freediver has recovered from his temporary lapse, for a while there he was up-ing commie china !!  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Absolutely... July 07, 2005 11:37 PM

The challenge of working from the center outward is great. Large corporations have lost touch with individual value emanating outward - expansion modelled after our universe. Lest quantitative obscures qualitative; quality of life progresses from our hearts and bodies, toward our communities, interconnecting through our micro-universe - holistic integration.

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 July 08, 2005 7:46 PM

or at least just being a normal person a lot of the time  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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