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boycott companies that support bullfights August 13, 2005 8:12 AM

Please send your protest to the Portuguese coffee production company Delta-Cafés and to the international supermarket chain Intermarché for their continuous support to bullfights in Portugal

Please tell these companies that their products and services will be boycotted also outside Portugal while they insist in sponsoring cruel events such as bullfights

In the end of July, the Portuguese coffee production company Delta-Cafés replied to hundreds of protest e-mails that it had received about a sponsor of a bullfight in a locality near Lisbon, in Portugal, stating that it had had no involvement in that sponsorship and that it´s name was irregularly associated to the bullfight that was being promoted under the name of the company, which allegedly was not aware of that. This company´s statement was, however, somewhat week and dubious, as it did not make clear if the company favoured bullfights or not. It is not surprising, then, that Delta-Cafés is again sponsoring a bullfight in the north of Portugal, to take place on 14th August, in a month which is particularly strong concerning the cruel bullfighting activity in Portugal. It is, therefore, clear that Delta-Cafés is not only involved in the support of events which consist in torturing animals in public for mere entertainment but it is also clear that this company means to keep its sponsor of bullfighting spectales while it tries, at the same time, to misguide the public and ANIMAL about this shameful sponsorship, stating that it does not really sponsor these sadistic events.

Delta-Cafés is a company that frequently presents itself as a pioneer in corporate social and environmental responsibility and it is well known in Portugal and abroad for its involvement with social projects, namely in East Timor. It is also a company that publicly declares its commitment to transparency and to a strict ethical code of conduct, while it says that the activity of  [ send green star]  [ accepted]

 August 13, 2005 8:13 AM

The international supermarket chain Intermarché continues to support bullfights and pro-bullfighting websites, after having sponsored a bullfight near Lisbon in the end of July, without answering to the many protest e-mails and faxes that people from across the country have sent to the company. Please write to the group head office in France and to the offices in Portugal and tell this company that, while they maintain their support to bullfights in Portugal (or to any other activity that involves cruelty to animals), its stores and products will be boycotted.


Groupe Les Mousquetaires | Intermarché – Ecomarché – Bricomarché – Stationmarché – Vêtimarché – Logimarché – Netto – Restaumarché


France Head Office Address: 24 rue Auguste Chabrières -  [ send green star]  [ accepted]

 August 13, 2005 8:13 AM

International acclaimed Portuguese “fado” singer Mariza will perform in a bullfight, this weekend

Please send a message to this singer saying that performing in this bullfight will only bring her international protests and shame


Questioned about this plan to sing in a bullfight, the singer answers through her staff, which explained that she will act before the bullfight and as a courtesy towards the radio station that organises this event and which has invited this artist. Her staff has also stated that Mariza “does not appreciate” bullfights. Still, it does not matter if she acts before, during or after the torture of the bulls in the bullring – if Mariza has any concern for these animals, she will simply not perform in a bullfight, letting courtesy aside (especially for a radio station which belongs to the Portuguese Catholic Church and which promotes the bullfighting cruelty). Furthermore, it is not enough not to be pleased about bullfights – anyone who is morally sane can only condemn these brutal spectacles, so Mariza needs to know that this archaic extreme form of cruelty to animals can only be firmly censored and not just ignored as something that is not pleasing.


Please send a message to the “fado” singer Mariza (and to her record company and agency) and ask her to refrain from singing in this or any other bullfight.


Write to: (official website) (record company website) (agency)


Leave your comment at:


For more information about this singer:

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