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Writing Project.......First poem you ever wrote May 01, 2005 3:38 AM

Here's your chance to show us your first poem that you ever wrote.


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 May 01, 2005 4:10 AM

I Remember
I loved you once
Deep within this heart of mine
I loved you as no other would
I kissed you once
Felt the passion stir within
I kissed you as no other would
I held you once
Arms held you very close
I held you not wanting to let go
I loved you once
Still the pain of wanting comes
I loved you then as now
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This Beautiful Place (poem) May 01, 2005 4:46 AM

Hey..i had already posted the first poem i wrote a while back..but for those of you who havent seen it is..

This Beautiful Place

Watch these tears roll down my cheek
The perfect world as I know it seems so bleak
Why does the Earth go round, i wonder
All these things i sit and ponder
But then there are the happy times
When everything around me seems so... alive
Then I know the world isnt that bad a place
So I shall just smile and put on a cheerful face.

This was my very first poem ever.i was 12 when i wrote it.Hope all of you enjoy it!

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 May 01, 2005 5:03 AM

How about... the first one of note...? 


Existence can have no meaning
when it is but survival and denial
lying to oneself and rejecting
the profound truth outside the mile
The infinitesimal hope beyond the matter
resting upon a case much dire
it has no bearing on any pretender
but any other seeker  it rends asunder
For worthiness is never assured
when salvaging is attempted
if one feels lesser than he should have been
perhaps the entire introspective enterprise 
should have never been projected
Into the astral lights we peer
seeking out solace  as  delight
For deep within we know full well
that there is nothing  material  beyond the light
and nothing without it can be called bright
But  my  love  for  you  shall  be  eternal
and  love  is  expressed  in  the  material
Copyright ©2004 Luciano  Pimentel   A.R.R.

   Call it also - Luciano's luminous manifesto... 

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 May 02, 2005 6:05 AM

The sweat breaks out upon John’s brow

To cool arms back and face

Saline rivulets freely flow

In crevices and folds do trace


John moves with a rhythmic bound

The scythe cuts deep and low

The stalks cut lay upon the ground

In a river pattern flow


The hard and manual work embarked

Liberate the mind to wonder

Of ancient thinkers beliefs talked

Of times way back in yonder


Of Common-sense the Rights of Man

Of Paine, Mill, and Biko

Lilburn, Marx, Chateaubriand

Machiavelli Hobbs and Cicero


He takes his break upon the mound

To watch nature and to wonder

The ants and insects roam the ground

The bees and flies that hover


In Hill top cottage on the moor

His hearts desire doth dwell

Janet is her name and sure

Her beauty he can tell


In hill top cottage on the moor

The petals decayed and fallen

Lay where they scatter on the floor

The stalks and water rotten


Robert left three weeks ago

To seek fortune in the town

With towns Girls she worries though

The thoughts do get her down


He left gifts of written prose and

Wild posy watered by the rain

She tended flowers by her hand

Poetry read and read again


In field and back to work John rose

As She watches from window bay

A hope of marriage he will propose

Will she marry john - no way!

I wrote this dit in response to a smooth talking lounge lizard writting soppy love rhymes on a group. He was eulogised and all the ladies, they said why could not all men be like him. This was to show the females were so fickle and easily decived

One of my great failures all round!

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 May 02, 2005 2:53 PM

Hi, my first time here (been looking for "Eric" ) and I’m taking you literally about the FIRST poem (surprised I remember) I was in the fifth grade, living in the Mojave Desert.

Seldom comes the desert rain
I wait and wait for it in vain
If only the hard clouds would soften
And it would rain more often

The wind, it blows and blows
How long no one surely knows
And when you think it’s going to blow no more
It comes again and raps upon your door.

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A Walk May 02, 2005 4:30 PM

                                     A WALK
                           The trees are all around me,
                            The smell of cedar is sweet,
                            I walk where no-one sees me,
                            Soft pine needles cushion my feet.
                            The birds are chanting their songs of love,
                            Soothing my soul with their song,
                            The sky is a hazy blue above,
                            I know I'm where I belong.
                           The trees are all around me,
                           The smell of cedar is sweet,
                           I walk where no-one sees me,
                          Soft pine needles cushion my feet.
                          I need nobody while I'm here,
                          I only need my thoughts,
                         This place is special, and I hold it dear,
                         I am thankful for this place I've got.
                        The trees are all around me,
                        The smell of cedar is sweet,
                        I walk where no-one sees me,
                        Soft pine needles cushion my feet.
                      The sun runs golden fingers,
                      Through my long dark hair,
                      Touching me, it gently lingers,
                      I'm in Mother Earth's wise care.
                    The trees are all around me,
                    The smell of cedar is sweet,
                    I walk where no-one sees me,
                   Soft pine needles cushion my feet.
                   I will always walk among these trees,
                  Of this place my soul is part,
                   I feel  souls who walked before me,
                   I'm never alone with them in my heart.
                  The trees are all around me,
                  The smell of cedar is sweet,
                  I walk where no-one sees me,
                 Soft pine needles cushion my feet.
                                                                         CAROL BALLAGH/"Silent Eyes
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Somewhere .. May 02, 2005 10:27 PM

I long in my heart to be Somewhere
far away
where the air is clean and crisp
nights never turn to day
This Somewhere I seek
is peaceful
tranquillity rules there
compassion and love
and so much more to spare
No realms of reality
only thoughts of happy times
no demons to fight
peace of mind
My yearning for Somewhere runs deep
as from earth
a flowing spring
constant and pure as mountain tops
the beauty of natural things
Half a lifetimes search for Somewhere
is it
can it be
that Somewhere can't be found
by you
or me?
The search will never end for Somewhere
it is where I long to be
but does it exisit
this Somewhere
or is it
within me?

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 May 03, 2005 8:03 AM

LOL  -    this was written when I was 7     (its ok to laugh!  heehee)

Lady bug , ladybug,  where are you

are you in my closet

or in my shoe?

Ladybug ladybug, come with me

for i promise in awhile i'll set you free

LMAO   !     Smiles!  jeuls

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 May 03, 2005 4:31 PM

The Ship

It began as such a venture

a partnership for life

built to stand the test of time

impregnable to strife.

Buffeted by wind and sea

tested cruel by care

yet on this batterd ship did sail

braving all such fare.

The years did come and melted by

all tests were met full stride

while paired we side by side.

Then came one day the draw of gold

a story new yet old

the lure of satisfaction drew

as one and one the days grow cold.

The ship rests sadly quiet now

the battered sails unfurled

becalmed in listless disarray

no longer of this world.

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 May 05, 2005 7:45 AM

"Growing Pains"
As I look in the mirror,
I see the reflection
Of a child
Waiting to grow up,
But not quite ready to let go...
Unsure of whether to play with the doll
Or to push it aside.
One moment longing for protection,
The next, wanting to be free.
I pick up the lipstick and trace in red
A smile that fades.
No, not quite ready yet...
I pick up the doll
And close the door.
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Sisters May 07, 2005 8:30 PM

I miss the feeling of being young I feel I'm stepping away From our deep inner minds and bodies Playing in dreames of sunshine I miss the laughter of running hand in hand I miss the dreams of life The pleasures of hope we shared I live by memories of such love and feelings We have so many stories, I believe I'm lost The mistakes we made are far and between The height of much desire, in our souls All of in mind and spirit I'll share this to all If only, they can hear your heart beating in mine let me hear the thoughts from your mind Come and share it all The heart and soul of a sisters call My life I shared, from young to old Don't take my thoughts from my mind But... dear sister Let us become closer, heart and soul Sisters are meant for life To love and bring delight And now... dear sister, we are older and wiser Lets share our past, with faith and laughter The kid within me, past and now Memories, come to me somehow My prayers are with you From then and now So... God be with you through it all! I wrote this poem (March 29th, 2000)for my sister Barbara, (and my other 5 sisters)she died of cancer at the age of 55, a year after losing our sweet mother at 85! ;-( While my mother was sick, she was the one that inspired me to write, so... this is the first poem I wrote! Lavina  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Dreams May 13, 2005 8:17 PM

Dreams are special.

They open up a world of



and Happiness.

Dreams that are romantic,

dreams that are relaxing -

dreams are for sharing;

dreams are for keeping.

But one more thing,

before I end:





This is not the 1st poem I ever wrote, but it is the oldest one I've managed to keep safe.  I wrote it on November 6, 1992, when I was only 11 years old. 


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Majestic Dragon Queen May 20, 2005 6:10 AM

This is not the first poem I ever wrote. That one has gotten lost over time, or packed away in boxes almost forgotten. This poem is the first one I remember writing as an adult. It is not the kind of peotry I write now. Back then I thought all poetry had to rhyme. lol

                             Majestic Dragon Queen

Majestic Dragon Queen

The Dragon Queen Roars loudly while flying high,
and soars through the clouds as she goes by.

She is like the mist floating near the trees,
and she can go right through you upon the breeze.

The land of Magic is where she stays,
soaking up the sun and the warm rays.

She breaths her fire burning bright,
to show her strength and her might.

She flys in the sky over her land,
to see that all is well and Grand.

Her subjects look up at her as she soars,
and to let them know she is Queen she Roars.

She is the Dragon that makes us scream,
she rules her land as Queen only in a dream.

Copyright ©2002-2005 By: Countess Demetria
All rights reserved.

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The Begining and the end May 28, 2005 11:02 PM


a grain,


the same,


lost, and helpless,

as sand


the man.


From dust

to dust,

a rule




from death,


from dust

where he began.





desperate to live,


on your death,

you begin,

from dust,

and back





a prophet said’


in all way’s,

far ahead,

of a life,


a man,

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I will die for you... July 05, 2005 9:42 AM

Inspired by Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

A poem, supposed to be by Mrs. de Winter to Maxim de Winter

I do know you are twice my age

I know you are a murderer

I know you sometimes are cold as snow

Or black as the ash of burned Manderley

I know you pierced Rebeccas heart

With that bullet of steal,

I know you cry inside you

For the loss of Manderley

But I love you -

I am ready to die for you

You are the one I've always wanted

You are the rose that I have picked

You are the point of my life

I'd give anything for you

You pierce my heart when I see you suffer

You make me suffer with you

Oh why cant you forget,

Forgive and forget

Why cant we start again?

We'll have children,

Like blossoms of our love,

We'll share flowers in the garden

We'll forget Rebecca,

Her vampiric power,

The shadow she casts between us

We'll bury her forever

In the fathoms of the sea

I hug you

I kiss you

I want one thing in return

Please tell me you love me

Confess and kiss me gently

And let us hold eachother tight

Lets make it last for life

Lets dance all night through

Lets forget the past

i want you to love me 

Just as I do

You must always know I will die for you

Doesnt matter what Favell says

His hatred doesnt matter

Darling its only me and you,

Thats only what matters 

I can die for you,

My Maxim, my sweet, my love...

I can die for you

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First poem I ever wrote. Title " Ecstacy" August 04, 2005 4:53 PM


To have lived a life so forlorn,

That most of the time, you wish you were never  born.

Then a miricle, in the form of light,

Enters your soul, and soothes the fright.

That tends to lead  to the end,

Of a life you fight hard to defend.

The form of hope begins to ache,

Your entire body begins to tremble and shake.

To no avail, you fight to win,

And save your soul from mortal sin.

You fight and fight and try to see,

The Almighty God,and His Ecstacy.

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anonymous NOTHING MEANT SOMETHING (by NJL-1991) August 04, 2005 6:00 PM

Nothing meant something...

Very busy my mind,

Impressed by a phrase from a *Stephen King novel :

 If I had a thousand SLIM JIMS I’d eat them all, I would snark those suckers right down! That’s chow! That’s chow! That’s chow-de-dow!”

The sky melts into the sea, as this autumn California day ends...

Very busy my mind:

Impressed by a homeless lady in the streets, nightly she sets up cardboards for shelter, and sleeps.




 Nothing Meant Something…


* a passage from FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT by Stephen King

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 November 17, 2005 9:48 PM

Hi Everyone, I'm new here.  Lotsa great poems, but I gotta say my favorite is Jeul's ladybug poem    Thanks for sharing that sweet little poem, so cute!


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The Maiden from the sea November 25, 2005 3:56 AM

I think this has to be the first poem I ever wrote, back in 1983 when I was just 14.  There may well have been other poems I wrote for school work but this was the first piece I wrote for me and I have kept it written (complete with my teenage writing) in a little poetry book ever since.

The Maiden from the sea

Looking across the sea

At night

I saw a most

Fascinating sight

A girl from the ocean


Upon a throne of waves

Brushing her golden hair

As the sun went down

She was no mortal

She was no fish

She was something of the two

With tail of a fish

And body of a woman

She was silhouetted

Against the moon

She was a citizen of the ocean

One of Neptune's people

She was a maid of the sea

A Mermaid

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APPOINTMENT November 25, 2005 11:35 AM


Not able to meet you
in the season of dreams

Silently the pain
in the heart
pendering ...

Absent in the season of flowers,
Cherish the season of rains instead.

Allow such a daring hope
To creat a thousand kinds of bittery waitings


Thoughts are like clouds
Yet, wordless and hopeless

Let a memory
exposes under the warming sun light

Knowing you won't come as promis
Your words
I shall hang it onto a branch
easy to be seen
coloerful like flowers
Blossoming shiningly

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Beautiful poems! November 25, 2005 11:54 AM

I loved all of you all's poems.

My first poem was for my fifth grade health class project.

Say No!

When you mess up your life,

you cant changed it back,

so dont touch marijuana or that crack,

when the police coming jamming through that door,

you better look out,

before you're thrown on the floor,

you're put in jail,

40-year sentence,

there you go,

through the entrance,

in the cell,

where you fell,

with your life surrounded,

there you pounded,

so beware,

dont go there.

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 November 26, 2005 3:21 PM

well this is not my first poem  but  i can write  a poem's i do .

 as the nigth come to me

 i walk with you in the day  but

is that were i want  be

no it the night  i want walk with

you in the moon light

see your eyes  shine

with stars  and see the

moon in your eyes

see true love as

the night become us


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First poem you ever wrote January 05, 2006 3:39 PM

Luckily lost!

I wrote it before I was 10.

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 January 14, 2006 9:55 PM

Love life...

Love life... never argue never fight

just back and love your life and whom you share it with...

Love more than one two...

And Forgive the ones who don't love YOU

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 January 25, 2006 11:11 PM

Here is my first poem. I still treasure it, because it really describes what I was going through at the time it was written.


Metallic Everything was so metallic New and inviting I left behind my world of sticks and stones To join you in the silver Blank stares eluded what was already there I lost myself in the worst way It all became so cold Dark and dank My new life It is so powdery and white There are days when I long for the green The blood craving dirt To have my skin raw and free Damp earth beneath me Natural decay Released from eternal bonds I lie dark © Amber Day  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 January 30, 2006 2:31 PM

meeting eye to eye
mind to mind

soul to soul

for ecstasy's second or a
heart's eternity

in a dungeon with the wild cries
and the sad sighs of a
Miles Davis disciple

and you

i was in heaven

but heaven can be a long walk
on a cold rainy winter's night
cold pavement
cold feet

so i weather the storm until two blocks
are on the other side of town

away from you
away from me


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My Life As It Is January 30, 2006 3:34 PM

I feel like a fallen angel

Naked and helpless

Shackled to this earth

For all eternity

(I’m dying to be dead)


I’m surrounded by a sea of red

Anger, hate, vengeance, and sadness

All things that bring pain and suffering

I hear the ring of cold steel crash down before me

An impenetrable darkness swirls in my head


The darkness envelopes my mind

I hear myself faintly cry out

“What have I done?!”

The world rushes up to greet me

As I drift into Death’s comforting embrace


I can feel hands far away

As I drift in the velvety blackness

Grabbing at me, pulling at me

Bringing me back

From the icy black depths

That I long to be in


I am pulled towards the light

By the hands, against my will

And am forced to open my eyes

And be born again into this world

Shackled to the earth, naked and helpless

Where the pain starts again.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
anonymous  February 01, 2006 11:55 AM

Their  First  Kiss                                                                                  



He holds me warmly in his arms…

Our eyes explore our inner souls…


Our lips have yet to meet…

I feel electric passion surge through my body

 as I am sure it has done also to my partner

Trembling with excitement…

                         Our lips meet…

And the explosion of our first kiss begins ! !


He holds me warmly in his arms…

Our eyes explore our inner souls…

 written in 1985

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First Poem February 06, 2006 8:45 AM

My first poem was around age 16. I can only remember the title. "Bitter Nothings on a Bed of Sweet Dispair"

Then when my teenage daughter began writing poetry for her English class, I started up writing again as a way to communicate with her. This was the first one I wrote for my daughters sixteenth birthday. And the next poem is one of my first ones I wrote since starting up again.


Unicorn's aren't Real
they say.
Born of legend,
gone today.

But I still see one,
through a little girl's
Born of hopes and dreams,
no lies.

Pure of Heart,
White of Soul,
Magical, Mythical,
One-horned Beast's.

Out of the Mist
into the shadows.
Dancers of light,
Leaving us yearning.

Gentle Creature,
In a violent land,
Sooth our Souls,
drop a feather in our hand, and on they go.

Magical Memories

Lovely little memories,
floating through my mind.
Sparkling bits of laughter,
Little drops of sadness,
rainbows full of joy.

Sweetly perfumed memories,
like violets in the grass,
a firefly out of nowhere,
leads me through the past.

Shooting stars are fleeting,
like loved ones long ago.
But they are magical memories,
because we make them so.

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First poem lost February 22, 2006 8:44 PM

My first poem was lost over the years. It was lost by moving and/or being careless and/or a firey mishap! Not sure which! ...But it went something like this...

Apples, i like them cut, peeled and thin

dipped in sugar as well as Cinomon.

If you stir them with sugar in a pot

You can make applesauce, a little or a lot

Cut and bake them in a pie

Topped with icecream... my oh my

eat them fresh picked off the tree

The best way to eat them just you and me!


Oh and i was real young... possiblly 2nd grade or so? I guess i enjoyed apples imencely back then.

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 April 21, 2006 5:23 PM


If you light yourself on fire,

The whole world will come,

Just to watch you burn.

So say whatever you want,

And make everyone listen.

Just make them watch you burn.

‘Cause if you light yourself on fire,

The whole world will come,

To watch you burn.

I was eleven when I wrote this -- it was a homework assignment.

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 May 07, 2006 5:04 AM

Hi I'm Julie and am new here and here is the first poem I have ever written.

Sadness blows through the wind,

As I miss my mother, my friend,

Oh how I long to see and touch her face

And feel her warmth and loving embrace.


My heart is filled with sadness,

As I miss my mother, my friend,

God’s heart is overflowing with Joy.

As I go on day by day without her,

God is my hope and my strength,

He is there guiding and holding my hand,

Each and every step of the way.


Oh how I long to see my mother, my friend,

For now I know I must wait.

Oh my heart is overflowing with joyfulness,

That I will one day see her soon.


She sits at the right-hand of God,

Watching over me and waiting for the day,

She and I will be together again.


 She will forever be in my heart,

For now and forevermore.


By Julie Clee


2nd April 2006

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 May 07, 2006 12:18 PM

That was truly beautiful, really touched my heart.  I'm sure your mother is very proud of you.

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 July 11, 2007 1:27 PM

well this isn't the very first thing i wrote but it's the first "real" thing i wrote. it's called up in smoke.

Up in smoke went the people of the world
down in hate came the wonders life
who knows what went up who knows what came down
il only the world did not lack heart
and the heart did not lack good
up in smoke went the humanity of man
and down in hate come the biggest horror of all

up from hell came evil flames of hate
and down from the sky came a blazing ball of fire
they met and grew into such evil and hate
and create a destruction which the world had never seen or
the destruction brought down the silent world
and millions of stars descended from the sky
and return to the sky up in smoke

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written at 13..... October 10, 2007 12:30 AM

                          ~The Pact~

                      We share Secrets

                        Soul  &  I ,

                     To Hide the Truth

                   From Those who Lie...

                          Lynn Michele Afinsoff (maiden name)

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 November 03, 2008 11:52 PM

The heart is full of love

the water is just poured out

when you see me, you'll see the eyes of God

when i see you, i see the eyes of God

when we see each other, we see the streams of God's light

Let this my first poem start a new beginning of our love

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Just a word... February 25, 2009 4:40 PM

My first poem was written 43 years ago. Have no idea where it's gone. But, when i saw Pamela's face, as this thread appeared, it took my breath away. And, then, i cried. i'll always miss her every single day of this life until that glorious moment when we shall meet once more. Love to all, warren  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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