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Jandi's writing ~ Wisdom learned along the way ....women October 07, 2009 2:05 PM

Tis True a story of more then men know, Inside a woman's Heart Been a long long time When a woman doesn't have a man for so long She becomes almost as a child inside And turns to other things, For some it might be cookies, and chocolate And music and dreams, but...but...tis not the same Having once felt a body close , so close Having felt a love and becoming one almost... The longing of loving and sharing ones self With the right man, who is tender and gentle And would caress her and make her feel like the most beautiful goddess on earth. Sometime's is sad, but true...listen to this I tell you The cookies become something to taste that seem good The chocolate becomes something that will do Untill she has a special You...a special someone Who will love her as she is..and know that beyond the extra weight is the woman she was before, and wishes to be again. And to the man who will love her through that will reap the rewards of a happier and more healthy woman, who won't turn to the foods for comfort..but will turn to HIM for comfort and turn to HIM for feeling once again the fire that used to burn inside her and be even more desireable. The shell that she is in whilst she is without love, That can be shed ...oh yes....with love and patience and understanding...and lovemaking...true lovemaking and bonding... That outer shell of weight will just melt away and she will be the Woman of all Women, the lover and the love that will make a man the happiest man on earth. For it is the one that loved her when she had no one to love her whilst she had the shell to hide her hurt... He will be the receiver of all that she has to give. And he will be the happiest man that lived. And she will be the woman she always was... A sweetheart, a friend, a confident, and the best lover that he, the most patient and loving man ever had. Hold on and love a woman who has cloaked herself unwittingly in some extra weight...for she is just hiding the hurt inside and needs to be loved for the beauty she posesses not only inside but outside ... And when a woman is loved from the inside of her soul She will forever be beautiful on the outside. For someday, beauty has a way of fading, but will never fade if a woman is truly loved! by 2009 j.d.

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