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2 years ago

CALIFORNIA: Fracking: The Bay Delta Conservation Plan Would Provide Water for Mining
Environment  (tags: energy, fracking, frack is whack, water, protection, nature, environment, destruction, habitat, habitatdestruction, ecosystems, conservation, green, government )
Cal - 1 hour ago -

Gov. Jerry Brown -- applauded by the Western States Petroleum Association -- signed legislation that facilitates the fracking boom in California. Brown has already received $2.5 million from oil and gas interests, like Exxon and Occidental Petroleum, in t
2 years ago

Afghan Authorities Probe Child Marriage
World  (tags: humanrights, world, children, Afghan probes child marriages )
Rose - 11 hours ago -

Authorities in the northern Afghan province of Jowzjan have launched a probe against a father, who has acknowledged forcing his seven-year-old daughter to marry a man five times her age.
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2 years ago

Abortion Rights Groups Say It's Time To Stop Playing Defense
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: abortion righs, women's rights, politics, u.s., ethics, freedoms, americans )
Cal - 22 hours ago -

Abortion rights activists are working on a counterattack to the 200 bills that have passed in states across the U.S. since 2010.
2 years ago

Somalia: DonâEUR(TM)t Jail Women for Getting Raped - ForceChange
Society & Culture  (tags: women, politics, safety, media, police, rights, law )
Wendy - 2 hours ago -

Somalia's treatment of rape is unacceptable and must be changed. Sign the petition and urge the Somali government to pursue true justice-no matter who the accusers or the accused are.
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2 years ago

Overturn Extreme Anti-Choice Legislation in Michigan
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: women's rights, Michigan, anti-choice legislation )
Freya - 1 day ago -

Lansing Republicans just passed more extreme anti-choice legislation. The anti-choice extremists in Lansing want to restrict health insurance plans from covering ANY abortions -- even in the case of rape or incest.
2 years ago

Punish Man Behind Pornography Blackmail
World  (tags: humanrights, usa, violence, blackmail, Porn ACTION )
Rose - 11 hours ago -

Target: Jerry Brown, Governor of California Goal: Punish man who ran a revenge pornography website and committed blackmail
2 years ago

Why Is the US Getting in the Way of International Efforts to Make Clean Water a Basic Human Right?
Environment  (tags: water, UN, human rights, world, protection, environment, ecosystems, politics )
Cal - 5 hours ago -

The United States is the only country marring the good works of a UN resolution on the right to safe drinking water and sanitation.
2 years ago

Prosecute Soldier Running Prostitution Ring - ForceChange
Society & Culture  (tags: rape, militaryrape, chainofcommand, commandrape, prostitution, forcedprostitution, pimping )
BMutiny - 1 hour ago -

young women privates from Fort Hood in Killeen, TX testified in court that they were forced to prostitute themselves to their military superiors. The appalling news came when they said the officer they were pressing charges against was the officer in cha
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2 years ago

PLEASE SIGN: Your Boss Has No Business With Your Birth Control
Health & Wellness  (tags: women, abuse, ethics, health, healthcare, medicine, prevention, protection, safety )
Beverly - 2 hours ago -

Sign the card to David Green, CEO of Hobby Lobby, letting him know we won't be shopping anywhere where a boss tries to block employees' health insurance coverage for contraception.
2 years ago

Brazil's Child Sex Trade Soars as 2014 World Cup Nears
World  (tags: Child Prostitution Brazil )
Michael - 1 hour ago -

Officials and campaigners fear explosion in child prostitution amid rising demand from football fans
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2 years ago

End Acid Attacks in India - Please Sign!
Health & Wellness  (tags: protection, prevention, safety, acid, attacks, India, cruelty )
Marie - 7 hours ago -

A disturbing type of violence in which men pour dangerous acid on women has taken root in India. These 'acid attacks' are often the result of child marriages or arranged marriages gone awry.

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2 years ago

PETITION - Don't Let the Supreme Court Block Women's Access to Birth Control
World  (tags: world, birth control, womens rights )
David - 1 hour ago -

Tell the Supreme Court: Corporations aren't people. They can't have religious beliefs, and they shouldn't be allowed to discriminate. Don't let employers opt-out of complying with our federal laws.
2 years ago

TAKE ACTION NOW! End Moroccan Laws Requiring Women To Marry Their Rapists - ForceChange
World  (tags: womens rights, Womens Rights, world, news, middle-east, conflict, 'HUMANRIGHTS!', 'CIVILLIBERTIES!', politics, society, humanrights, ethics )
Cal - 32 minutes ago -

In Morrocco, laws force women and young girls to marry their rapists. Despite promises from the Morroccan government to overturn this law, it still remains on the books and rape victims continue to be terrorized by their rapists
2 years ago

Petition | BCP: Ban the Portrayal of Violence Against Women in Advertisements | Change.Org
Society & Culture  (tags: ads, advertising, advertisingindustry, violenceagainstwomen, gender-basedviolence, eroticizationofviolence, glorifyingviolence, sex&violence, consumers, consumerprotection, sexualabuse, sex, sexy, women, womensrights )
BMutiny - 1 day ago -

According to the editor in chief of Advertising Age, the major publication of the advertising industry,"Only 8% of an ad's message is received by the conscious mind. The rest is worked and reworked deep within the recesses of the brain". What this means
2 years ago

Founder of WFAC Cameroon Illegally Detained for 'Improper Dress'
World  (tags: world, humanrights, women rights, dress properly )
Rose - 13 hours ago -

November 15, 2013 WFAC Director and founder, Zoneziwoh, was illegally detained by a police man for closed to 30 minutes for dressing in a 'short' skirt. "They went on and on to lecture me on how 'dressing in short' [skirt] is
2 years ago

Amnesty International UK - Help Get Bopha Home
World  (tags: 'HUMANRIGHTS!', prisoner of conscience, Imprisonment of Activists, cambodia )
Davida - 54 seconds ago -

She is a prisoner of conscience who has has been detained on baseless charges for peacefully defending the right to housing in her local community - Take Action!
2 years ago
Telling Women to 'Enjoy' Rape? India's Top Detective Under Fire for Outrageous Comment

World  (tags: women's rights, India, humanrights, government, politics, UnitedNations, society, world )
Cal - 1 hour ago -

As the South Asian nation struggles with wave of violence against women, an official's bad analogy draws anger.
2 years ago
Sign the Petition: Appoint This Awesome, Pro-Woman Judge Already!

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: obama, nina pillare )
Timothy - 3 hours ago -

President Obama nominated a superhero--Nina Pillard--to be a judge on the DC Circuit Court. No really, she truly is a superhero, with a history of fighting injustices against women--and winning.

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2 years ago

In Colombia, No Sex Till the Road's Fixed

World  (tags: activism, women's rights, offbeat, world, politics, society, news )
Cal - 1 hour ago -
Women find nothing gets things done like a 'crossed-leg' protest.
2 years ago

Society & Culture  (tags: world economic forum, 2013 Global Gender Gap report, economic injustice, inequality, wage gap, women )
Brian - 5 hours ago -

"There are several findings in this report that deserve to be highlighted. There are also some implications of their own findings that the authors of the report do not emphasize and that deserve our attention."

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2 years ago
TAKE ACTION NOW! SAVE THE AMAZON: Support Indigenous Women to Save Life and the Environment

Environment  (tags: ecosystems, environment, AMAZON, indigenous rights, habitatdestruction, habitat, energy, destruction, protection, world, wildlife, nature )
Cal - 47 minutes ago -

In light of the recent debate around the Yasuní-ITT initiative and extractive threats, women of the Amazon feel a deep urgency to come to the defense of Mother Earth

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2 years ago
Applaud Eye-Opening Advertisement About Sexism - ForceChange

Society & Culture  (tags: women, rights, safety, politics, media, humans, politics )
Samantha - 8 hours ago -

Applaud group for creating a compelling advertisement that helps people realize the prevalence of sexism around the world.

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The advertisement campaign was effective because it showed, in a very simple everyday manner, that sexism is occurring and even common in our world. The fact that those statements were the most-searched ideas about women is appalling and should be eye opening to the entire world. Many people think that sexism and gender inequality is no longer an issue because women have come a long way in the world, but very few realize just how prevalent sexism still is today. This advertisement did a great job of effectively highlighting this issue, and the U.N. Women should be commended for their work.

Please sign the petition

2 years ago

PETITION - To U.S. Congress: Stop Employers From Discriminating Against Pregnant Women
Health & Wellness  (tags: usa, healthcare, womens rights )
David - 15 hours ago -

PETITION - To U.S. Congress: No woman should have to choose between having a healthy pregnancy and a paycheck. Please support healthy pregnancies and working women by cosponsoring and passing the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.
2 years ago

Please Sign: Tell States to Change So-Called Fetal Protection Laws That Imprison Pregnant Women
Society & Culture  (tags: women, pregnant women, prenatal protection laws, rights violations, imprisonment of pregnant women, human rights, women's rights, Wisconsisn, South Dakota, Minnesota, Oklahoma )
Susan - 3 hours ago -

Alicia Beltran of Jackson Wisconsin wanted to do what's best for her unborn child. But that goal got her arrested. During a prenatal visit she told her doctor about a past addiction she'd overcome. Even though her tests were good, she was punished anyway.
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2 years ago

TAKE ACTION NOW! Don't Buy Chocolate Produced With Child Labor
World  (tags: children, ethics, exploitation, economy, cocoa fields, 'HUMANRIGHTS!', 'CIVILLIBERTIES!', humanrights, politics, world )
Cal - 8 hours ago -

In the Ivory Coast, the leading supplier of cocoa, more than 200,000 children are reported to work in the cocoa fields, and as many as 10,000 are suspected to be victims of human trafficking and slave labor.
2 years ago

My Father Tried to Marry Me Off to Men His Age, Says London Teenager
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ethics, father tried to marry off his daughter )
Rose - 1 day ago -

Every year, thousands of schoolgirls are forced into marriages with men they don't know. Jasmine Gardner spoke to a London teenager who fled her family to survive
2 years ago

Thousands Worldwide Urge Leaders to Ban Fracking
Environment  (tags: Fracking, frack is whack, environment, destruction, ecosystems, protection, habitat, habitatdestruction, animals, nature, humans, government, world )
Cal - 7 hours ago -

On Saturday, Oct. 19, thousands of people joined together in an international day of action, with more than 250 events on six continents, calling for a ban on fracking.
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2 years ago

GMO Labeling: Junk Food Lobby Forced to Disclose Opposition Donors
Health & Wellness  (tags: GMO Labeling, politics, health, corruption, dishonesty, ethics )
Marty - 5 hours ago -

Donors like PepsiCo and Nestle are revealed in Washington State's lawsuit against the Grocery Manufacturers Association over the GMO labeling fight.
2 years ago
GMO Summit (Free Teleconferences)

Health & Wellness  (tags: GMO summit, free teleconference, virtual event, dangers, risks, scientists, food experts )
Roseann - 26 minutes ago -

If you want to know the TRUTH about GMOs and the risks Monsanto, the government, their paid advisors and the media are deliberately hiding from you, then join in this unique, free summit.

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2 years ago

Global Frackdown Day of Action - October 19, 2013
World  (tags: Global Frackdown Day of Action, World wide event, fracking, global initiative, pollution, environmental, stop the destruction )
Dandelion - 5 hours ago -

One day of Action, one United World-Wide effort. Find an event or create your own. Learn about the global initiative to ban fracking.
2 years ago

The Global War on GMOs: Continued Rise of the Social Machine
World  (tags: Anti-GMO's, Food Safety, Enviroment, media, blog )
Davida - 30 seconds ago -

Despite overwhelming U.S. public sentiment to legislate mandatory GMO labeling, individual state battles have been met with big industry resistance from agribusiness including deep-pocketed Monsanto, Bayer, Dow Chemical and DuPont.
2 years ago
Tell President Obama You Want a Strong Climate Plan ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

Environment  (tags: environment, habitat, nature, protection, climate )
Cher - 2 hours ago -

Urge President Obama to strengthen America's Climate Action Plan and secure a safer future for our children and our planet.

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2 years ago

Activists Demand UN Bans Stoning
World  (tags: world, humanrights, ethics, Stoming women, MUST STOP )
Rose - 20 hours ago -

wo months ago, a young mother-of-two was stoned to death by her relatives on the order of a tribal court in Pakistan. Her crime: possession of a mobile phone. Arifa Bibi's uncle, cousins and others hurled stones and


2 years ago

Don't Let the Giant Panda Die Out! - Petitions to Help Pandas - PLEASE SIGN!

Animals  (tags: animal rights pandas petitions sign )
Jeanie - 16 hours ago -
Deforestation is the primary cause of loss of habitat for pandas over the years.Humankind continues to log the forests in which these majestic animals live,making way for development or harvesting the trees for palm oil.More petitions on 1st comment.TY.
3 years ago
As a Gay Parent I Must Flee Russia or Lose My Children | Mail & Guardian

Society & Culture  (tags: Gays, WinterOlympics, Russia, homophobia, rainbowclothing, displaysofaffection, Olympics, WinterOlympics, sports, WinterSports, Proctor&Gamble, sponsors, Russiannews, newscoverage, media )
BMutiny - 9 days ago -

I was beaten up in front of parliament.. and I realised that in all my interactions, including professional ones, I no longer felt I was perceived as a journalist first: I am now a person with a pink triangle. My family is moving to New York. Masha Gessen
6 years ago
Nobel Peace Prize: Selection of Chinese Dissident Liu Xiaobo Angers Beijing - Latimes.Com

World  (tags: China, humanrights, prison, free speech, Nobel Peace Prize )

- 1 minute ago -

Imprisoned Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, a bold stroke that highlighted China's ongoing repression of free expression -- and its toxic distaste for criticism from abroad.
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6 years ago
BBC News - Number of Americans Living in Poverty 'Increases By 4m'

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: poverty, forclosures, americans, healthcare )

 Davida - 43 seconds ago -

One in seven Americans was living in poverty in 2009 with the level of working-age poor the highest since the 1960s, the US Census Bureau says.
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6 years ago


Report: USDA Lax in Watching Organics Market - Yahoo! News
Health & Wellness  (tags: organic food, safety, oversight, USDA )
 Davida - 52 seconds ago -
The Agriculture Department has failed to enforce penalties against some who falsely marketed foods as organic, according to an internal department investigation.
6 years ago
Make a Difference for Tibet's Political Prisoners
World  (tags: humanrights, government, Tibet, petition, political prisonersconflict )
 Doug - 1 hour ago -
Sign ICT's petition to Under Secretary Maria Otero- We need to let Under Secretary Otero know just how many people believe that making progress for Tibet's political prisoners needs to be a priority for her office
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US Action
7 years ago
OCA: Take Action Frankentrees

Environment  (tags: Frankentrees, GMO, Enviromental Damage, Health Risks, USDA Comment )

 Davida - ago -

One of the experimental GE tree varieties is a known host for cryptococcus gatti, a fatal fungal pathogen whose spores cause meningitis in people and animals. Comments are being accepted by the USDA until July 6, 2009. Take action today by using the form
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7 years ago
Nano-Silver: Extreme Germ Killer Presents Growing Threat to Public Health | CommonDreams.Org
Health & Wellness  (tags: NanoSilver, risks, safety )
 Davida - 8 minutes ago -
Major corporations are putting nano-silver into a wide variety of consumer products with virtually no oversight, and there are potentially serious health consequences as a result. The workers who manufacture these products, the families that use them, and
Please Take Action
7 years ago
NAACP: Don't Let Them Kill Troy Davis

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: TroyDavis, injustice, death penalty, wrongly convicted )

- 32 seconds ago -

The U.S. Supreme Court will "conference" on Troy Davis' most recent appeal on June 25th. NCADP will alert you on the outcome of that decision and next steps just as soon as possible. The NAACP has posted an action on the case and issued a statement.
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7 years ago
World Wide Protest for Death Row Inmate Troy Davis - LiveSteez

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: TroyDavis, wrongly convicted, death penalty, AnmestyInternational )

 Davida - 33 seconds ago -

Thousands of people in 43 U.S. states and five continents participated in Amnesty International's "Global Day of Action," where people from all over the world protested the death sentence of Georgia man Troy Davis.
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Please take action
7 years ago

Stop Execution of Troy Davis! Campaign

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: TroyDavis, death penalty, wrongly convicted, petition )

- 6 minutes ago -

TELL THE GEORGIA GOV., LEGISLATURE, PAROLE BOARD, PRESIDENT OBAMA, CONGRESS AND THE MEDIA: STOP THE EXECUTION OF TROY DAVIS!He was convicted solely on witness testimony, and 7 of the 9 witnesses have since recanted, many alleging that police coerced them
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US - Torture Photos Action
7 years ago
American Civil Liberties Union: Torture Photos Action

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: cover-up, torture, obama )

- 27 seconds ago -
The very fact that photos of torture and abuse exist, only underscores the need for transparency, accountability and for a full investigation of crimes committed.
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7 years ago
China: End Quake Zone Abuses | Human Rights Watch

World  (tags: china, children, earthquake, humanrights, blocked investigation )

 Davida - 12 minutes ago -

Human Rights Watch urges the Chinese government to allow relatives who lost family in the quake to freely bring lawsuits against those they believe are responsible for allegedly shoddy school construction linked to the deaths of thousands of children in
7 years ago
Ensure Justice for Jenni Williams and Magodonga Mahlangu!
World  (tags: africa, conflict, humanrights, Refugees&Relief )
 Liz - 1 hour ago -
Next week, two women will stand before a judge in Zimbabwe with their freedom at stake. Their crime? Calling on the government to feed its starving people. Urge that all charges are dropped against peaceful Zimbabwe activists, Jenni and Magodonga
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7 years ago
Please Ban the Slaughter of Kangaroos - Please Sign Petition!

Animals  (tags: kangaroos, Australia, national emblem, slaughter, animal cruelty, petition )

- 7 hours ago -

Selling roo meat to China!?! Absurdity and cruelty combined!!! And it has to stop. 4/19/2546670.htm Thank you to everyone who signs, notes or forwards!
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7 years ago
Democracy Now! | Without Struggle, There Is Nothing"-Mumia Abu-Jamal

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: prisoners, Mumia Abu Jamal, death row )

- ago -
We speak with author, journalist and death row prisoner, Mumia Abu-Jamal. Speaking from his Pennsylvania jail cell, Abu-Jamal calls the recent Supreme Court decision to deny his appeal to overturn his conviction "Kafkaesque."
8 years ago
Breast-Fed Baby May Mean Better Behaved Child - Yahoo! News
Health & Wellness  (tags: babies, diet, breastfeeding, nutrition, prevention )
 This IS N - 3 hours ago -
Add yet another potential benefit to breast-feeding: Fewer behavioral problems in young children.
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8 years ago
AFP: Another 11th-Hour Stay for US Death Row Inmate Troy Davis
Society & Culture  (tags: TroyDavis, Death Penality, StayofExecution, Injustice )

- 1 minute ago -
seven out of nine witnesses who gave evidence at his trial in 1991 have recanted or changed their testimony, which was the backbone of the prosecution's case in the absence of a murder weapon, fingerprints and DNA.
8 years ago
Online Advocacy Toolkit | Elect to End Torture '08
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: torture, politics, obama, McCain, elections, WhatYouCanDo )
 Davida StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 48 seconds ago -
One of the most effective ways to gain attention to our cause is to press presidential and congressional candidates to discuss their positions on torture and human rights on the campaign trail.
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8 years ago
Beijing Police Ask About Shoe Size, Politics, Cash During The Olympics
World  (tags: 'CIVILLIBERTIES!', 'HUMANRIGHTS!', china, freedoms, humanrights, humans, society, questions, Invasion-of-privacy )
 Amy StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 13 hours ago -
Residents of the capital have got used to over-zealous police intruding into their lives. Visitors, even those who stay only one night, are expected to register at the local police station. Police sometimes call to ask why if they do not.
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8 years ago
America's AIDS Apartheid | The American Prospect

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: AIDS, healthcare, discrimination )
 Davida StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 58 minutes ago -
The U.S. has never had an overarching national plan for responding to AIDS, something that we make a prerequisite for any poorer country seeking foreign aid to deal with its own epidemic.
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8 years ago

FACTS AND FIGURES - Olympic Values and Olympic Realities | Amnesty International

World  (tags: china, 'HUMANRIGHTS!', tibet, Olympics, Lies )
 Davida StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 3 minutes ago -

Chinese authorities are using Beijing's hosting of the Olympics as a pretext for extending the use of detention without trial, notably "Re-education through Labour" and "Enforced Drug Rehabilitation."
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8 years ago
Environmentalists Sue EPA for Cleaner Water Rules

Environment  (tags: environment, ecosystems, world )
 Cal StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 9 hours ago -
Five environmental groups sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday, claiming the federal government is violating the Clean Water Act by failing to set standards for farm and urban runoff that is polluting Florida's waterways.
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8 years ago
How To Tell If Your Produce Is Poison (Aka Genetically Modified)

Health & Wellness  (tags: )
 Jeannine StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 6 hours ago -
Conventionally grown food (not GM, not organic): 4 digit PLU Organic food: 5 digits starting with a nine GM food: 5 digits starting with an eight
8 years ago
101 Ways to Use Less Gas

Business  (tags: Gas, Gasoline, Fuel, Saving, Money )
 Neelakant StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 12 hours ago -
Any way to save money by using less gas is a welcome relief. From using alternate transportation to changing how it works, the following suggestions will help you find a way to use less gas.
8 years ago
The Truth About Roe V. Wade


US Politics & Gov't  (tags: americans, babies, family, government, health, humans, protection, society, women, americans, constitution, freedoms )
 Elaine  StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 8 minutes ago -

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"What Roe said was that ending a pregnancy could be carried out by medical personnel, in a medically accepted setting, thus conferring on women, finally, the full rights of first-class citizens — and freeing their doctors to treat them as such."

Please view/note, thanks
8 years ago
Cps/Family Courts/States are out of control with massive Due Process violations against the poor
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8 years ago
Nanoparticles Scrutinized for Health Effects

Health & Wellness  (tags: )
 Davida StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 1 hour ago -
But some scientists are concerned that these seemingly magical materials are hitting the market before their effects on human health and the environment have been sufficiently studied.
US taxes
8 years ago
Losing Tax Credit for 17-Year-Olds a Ridiculous Policy | StatesmanJournal.Com | Statesman Journal
US Politics & Gov't  (tags: )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 2 hours ago -
I've been trying to get someone to satisfactorily explain why we, as citizens of this country, have allowed the federal government to rob us of our children one tax year at a time.
News Worth Reading/Noting
8 years ago
Saudi Arabia: Male Guardianship Policies Harm Women (Human Rights Watch, 21-4-2008)

Society & Culture  (tags: women, rights, Saudi Arabia, Eternal Minors )
 Davida StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 33 seconds ago -
Saudi women often must obtain permission from a guardian (a father, husband, or even a son) to work, travel, study, marry, or even access health care.
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