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Bunny the Cat Back Home After 10 Years Thanks to Microchip
6 years ago


Bunny originally adopted Nuts after the young neighborhood stray with a wild streak was hit by a car and she took him to the vet for care. Nuts lived with Bunny for about a year before going missing in 2001, and the Froggatt, Derbyshire, UK woman had long ago given up hope of ever seeing him again when she was contacted a months ago by staff at the Chesterfield branch of Cats Protection, where he had been turned in after the woman who’d been caring for him for the past 7 years died. His whereabout for the previous 3 years are unknown.

Bunny had gotten Nuts microchipped when he was in her care, so Cats Protection was easily able to make the match between him and Bunny when he ended up at the Cats Protection rehoming centre. Bunny said the worst part of the ordeal for her was not knowing what happened to Nuts. She was relieved to learn that Nuts is healthy, and had been cared for.  She has welcomed her prodigal boy back home and says that Nuts’ story stands as a reminder of the importance and value of microchipping our pets.



Senior Cat Miss Kitty Finds a Caring Home Where She Can Live Out Her Days After Owner Dies
6 years ago


Miss Kitty’s elderly guardian passed away in February, then she lost her cat companion Manny when he was adopted recently. A compassionate foster caregiver has now committed to providing a stable, loving home for Missy Kitty until the end of her days.

.Statistically speaking, Miss Kitty, has two big strikes against her: she is old and she has a chronic medical condition. Despite that, the displaced, senior special needs girl found someone to give her the loving care she needs and deserves, thanks to a wonderful animal rescue and adoption organization and a kindhearted foster caregiver. This single simple act of caring kindness that saves just one animal in need exemplifies the value of the help Humane Society’s statement, “Just because you cannot do it all, doesn’t mean you should do nothing.”

From HELP Humane Society – A True No Kill Animal Shelter, Belton, MO., via Facebook:

Manny and Miss Kitty’s person passed away in February. Both of them seniors themselves. Manny was adopted a couple weeks ago and we all just planned on making Miss Kitty’s last time on this planet be as good as it could be.

However, a VERY SPECIAL person decided that she could do better than that. This special person took Miss Kitty home today to foster her for the rest of her life knowing it may be a year or maybe just a week, no one knows. Miss Kitty is between 18-20 years old and has had kidney disease for the past 7 years.

We are all so touched by someone that is willing to give an animal a home not knowing how long she may have her. Manny is in his new home and now Miss Kitty is sitting in a window sill of her new home. We are sure that their person is looking down and now exhaling.

Sometimes things just cant get any better and we think special people like this ROCK!!! Love you Miss Kitty, so happy you have your very own window…..again….

Corky update today, he needs our thoughts and prayers
6 years ago
  1. Prayers and healing to sweet Corky.
    Hello everyone, Today's update is one I have been dreading. As you all know Corky has had some circulation and skin issues with his left foot and leg and today something we have been fearing and dreading has come to fruition. Corky's foot is no longer viable, it is now clear to us that the circulation will not return and the foot has begun to die, so the difficult decision had to be made to amputate a portion of his left leg. He will be going into surgery tomorrow afternoon to have his leg removed from the lower portion of the Tibia, just above where the calcaneus bone is. This will hopefully put an end to all of the acupuncture and laser therapy he has had to endure for the past 3 weeks. Dr. Burchill has assured us that this is the best route to go as taking just the foot would require further treatment on the leg and a much longer recovery with higher risk of infection. The graft did not take on his leg due to necrotic tissue and it is best to get the troublesome leg out of the equation. Many cats live wonderful lives on 3 legs and we are betting that Corky will indeed be one who will thrive. As hard as this is for us, we know it is the best thing we can do for Corky. He will also have his cryptorchid neuter tomorrow to eliminate further sedation in the future. Please continue to send your prayers and well wishes Corkys way as positive energy can only help heal him.

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corky getting fixed up
6 years ago

That's a boy Corky kitty your little legs are fixed it want be long before he will be running an raising hell just like a kitten. The numbers are small but there are still some kind and caring "HUMANS" in this hateful uncaring "HUMAN WORLD". =^..^=

New video of Corky
6 years ago

update on Corky He Has Had the Surgery and Stands for the First Time!
6 years ago

Corky: Up On His Feet for The First Time Ever!

Just days after a remarkable surgery to realign his backwards facing, twisted legs, little Corky stood on all fours for the first time in his life this week. Corky’s recovery has had some complications, but he is coming along well.

Corky, the kitten from Cats Cradle Shelter born with backwards, crisscrossed hind legs, had orthopedic surgery on April 5, with amazing results. Our story from April 6,  Corky Special Needs Kitty: Recovering From Remarkable Leg Surgery, gives details and shows the remarkable before and after comparison xrays of Corky’s hind legs.

Corky has been receiving physical therapy as he adjusts to the difference in his legs, builds strength, and relearns how to get around. The triumphantly heartwarming photo above shows the little fellow standing on his own, which he did last week for the first time ever.

His recovery has not been completely smooth. There was a problem with circulation in Corky’s right paw, and concern that he might lose a leg after all.  His hospital stay, which was supposed to be a couple of days after surgery was extended and then extended again. A second surgery may have resolved the concerns, and Corky seems to be doing well. An update from Cats Cradle on April 10 said this: “He had to go back in for more surgery this morning to make incisions between all of his toes on both feet to relieve the swelling, there was also an incision made on the side of his leg to release the skin that was causing lack of circulation (also due to the swelling). He seemed much better this afternoon, however, the doctor said he would most likely not be released anytime this week, maybe next week, we have to go one day at a time. He is getting physical therapy several times a day, every day.” A further update from Thursday indicates that hospital staff think the circulation may be returning to Corky’s right paw.

Because of the extended hospital stay and the additional surgery, the costs have mounted above the amount raised in donations, so the ChipIn widget at the Cats Cradle website will remain open and active through the month of April.

Casselton Veterinary Service staff say that Corky looks forward to his daily visits with Gail, Carol, Amber from Cats Cradle, and the women sense that is the case by the way he lovingly snuggles with them when they come to see him.

Due to the many requests for it, the sweet little cat now has his own Corky Facebook page. The page has been up for the past week and includes photos and updates and a place for Corky’s friends and supporters to check in and to gather. They’d love some more “likes” and would like to see 1,000 fans by the time Corky is ready to leave the hospital.


For those unfamiliar with Corky’s story, see Special Needs Kitty Corky Finds Caring Friends at CATS Cradle and Corky Update:Special Needs Kitten With Twisted Legs Will Have Surgery, along with the link at the t

corky getting fixed up
6 years ago

GREAT to hear that corky will be getting his legs fixed. =^..^=

6 years ago

Joplin Humane Society Sponsorship Program in the Spotlight

Joplin Humane Society’s successful cat and dog sponsorship program, begun in response to the extended aftermath for homeless pets following the May 22, 2011 tornado, is featured in a new NBC News report.

Many cats and dogs were displaced by the deadly tornado, and a second wave needed rehoming months later, as uprooted families found housing or shelter where they were unable to take their pets, or were otherwise unable to care for them.

We posted on the program last November, in Helping Joplin’s displaced pets as winter nears, and are pleased to see it back in the spotlight. The program has been very useful in helping lost tornado cats to get placed for adoption through an arrangement between the cat caretakers/rescuers and JHS. When displaced tornado cats are trapped and their owners cannot be found, some are placed and have been adopted through JHS. Sponsorship is a growing trend in shelters across the US.

In addition to the sponsorship program, professional quality adoption photos, and an active dog transport program both aid in JHS’s effort to rehome the tornado ravaged city’s homeless cats and dogs. The shelter is holding a Pet-a-Palooza event this weekend.

6 years ago

Update: Corky will be having surgery on his twisted legs soon.

6 years ago

6 years ago

6 years ago

Special Needs Kitty Corky Finds Caring Friends at CATS Cradle


CATS Cradle Shelter of Fargo, ND recently took in a sweet and special little cat named Corky, who was born with twisted hind legs and needs to drag himself along. Corky will get help to either straighten his legs or make sure he is otherwise comfortably able to get around.

Corky is much like Willow, the specially abled kitty who has brought much attention and understanding to cats born with twisted hind legs. Like Willow, with her petmom Wendy Matthews, Corky has found people who care about him and want to help him live well with his condition and to make as much progress as possible toward being able to walk.

CATS Cradle volunteers took Corky in to save his life, knowing he would likely have been killed elsewhere.  He has endeared himself to shelter volunteers in the few short days they have known him, and as they’ve run through initial thoughts on how best to help him. Corky, named for his corkscrew twisted back limbs, is about 7 months old, and his legs are described as being backwards and crisscrossed and non-functional, though he has feeling in his toes. His new caregivers suspect he was kept confined for most of his short life.

CATS Cradle first contemplated amputation as the best way to help the little cat who drags his hind legs behind him, and who cannot climb.  After learning about cats with his condition, they are considering trying to have his legs carefully straightened. They are also considering getting a kitty cart to hold up his back end so he doesn’t have to drag himself along the floor. CATS cradle says they will consult with the appropriate specialists before making a plan.

Image of Corky’s legs, compared to a normal cat. His caregivers made this comparison photo, and say:

“This is just one of several radiographs that were taken of Corky today. You can see the comparison to what a “normal” cats leg bones should look like. We will be getting more than one opinion from bone specialists about what the best options are for Corky. In the meantime, he is enjoying the comfort of the CATS Cradle Shelter, where he has homestead rights in the office…lots of soft bedding, food, water, toys and tons of love.”
CATS Cradle is accepting donations toward Corky’s medical care. Checks can be mailed to CATS Cradle Shelter at 9 – Ninth Street, Fargo, ND 58103. Online donationscan be made via PayPal at the Cats Cradle Donation Page, or at a similar donation page at Facebook.


Cats Cradle has an order in for Leggings for Life to make it easier and more comfortable for Corky to get around. Here is Willow demonstrating Leggings for Life and telling why they are useful for kitties such as Corky and Willow.



The CATS Cradle is a no-kill shelter for rescued cats and kittens. Its residents live in colonies of 6-10 cats in individual room units

6 years ago



Boston Cat Survives 19 Floor Fall During Early Spring Warmup

In an early season “high rise syndrome” accident, a Boston cat made a 19 story fall yesterday when her petmom cracked the window as temperatures soared in a record breaking heat wave. Vets say Sugar has bruised lungs but is otherwise unharmed.

Brittney Kirk left a window in her 19th floor apartment open by just a crack, but that was enough for her deaf cat Sugar to crawl through and then fall to the ground. Luckily, Sugar landed on a small grassy patch further padded with mulch. Brittney was at work when the accident occurred, but a neighbor saw Sugar’s fall and went to look for her.

Boston Animal Rescue League Rescue Service specialists came to the scene to catch Sugar and take her for care. Brian O’Connor, Manager of ARL Rescue Services, reported, “We got a call that a cat had fallen out of a building window in the West End over by MGH (Mass General Hospital). By the time we got there the building staff had corralled the cat into the lobby and she was hiding under a couch. We got the cat out, did a quick field assessment and rushed the cat back to the League where a veterinarian was on standby to do a full exam. The cat received a comprehensive physical exam along with having some x-rays taken, where some bruising on the lungs was noted. The cat received antibiotics and pain medicine. In the meantime, we were busy tracking the embedded microchip and located the owner of “Sugar.” The owner had been at work and was unaware of the entire goings on but was happy to hear the cat was in our care and doing well. This is when we found out that the cat and her owner live on the 19th floor, and we couldn’t believe that there wasn’t any further injury. The cat has since been returned to her very grateful owner and is expected to make a full recovery.”
O’Connor added, there is “Pretty open access to Storrow Drive as well, as if the cat needed any more peril on this day.” For those unfamiliar with Boston’s roadways, Storrow Drive is a very busy main artery, and a very dangerous place for an animal to be.As we’ve heard before in reference to the too-common accident of this type, called “high rise syndrome”, studies show cats have a better chance of surviving falls when they’re from higher than nine stories. The cats can orient themselves in a flying squirrel position with their legs spread out, thus slowing their descent.&l

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6 years ago

6 years ago

  • Update: First of all, Stray Cat Alliance is WONDERFUL to help people like Ivonne and many others. Because of this video, I got involved. Vonnie, the little kitten I wrote about last week, got adopted to a wonderful family! YAY! Two of Vonnie's colony (the old Siamese guy and the other light one) are now in their new yard and they are soooo sweet! We need a yard for two more. Please help! Someone has to have room in their yard or know of someone with a nice yard. Please contact SCA.

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  • I met Ivonne this week w/the Stray Cat Alliance volunteer. Ivonne is a very nice, caring & charming lady. I found a yard for 2 of the outside cats (the Siamese guy and a light-colored one). Ivonne says they need to go together. Recently, a very young female cat showed up who is very friendly. We took her and got her spayed and will put her up for adoption. I am fostering her. I named her Vonnie in honor of Ivonne. What a sweetheart. The cats are in the south Los Angeles area.

6 years ago

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6 years ago

6 years ago

*UPDATE* Winky has just been adopted!! A HUGE Thanks to everyone who has helped me help him! THANKS also to Forgotten Cats who helped with his adoption!

Hello everyone. My name is Winky. My foster Mommy calls me a survivor. I was a lost and lonely kitten. I was attacked by a raccoon fighting over food. I lost my eye and ran away. The nice rescue lady thought I went to heaven but I came out from hiding a week later! My face was very sore and I was quite hungry. So before I knew it, I was taken to an animal doctor and he fixed my boo boo. Once I am well and neutered, I will be up for adoption. My foster Mommy just took one look and her heart could not ignore my strong will to live. 

Song in video is called Angel by Sarah McLachlan

6 years ago

6 years ago

6 years ago

Helping Pets Fund Home

Providing Veterinary Care for Pets in Need

With CareCredit's generous support, we have now resumed grantmaking and are accepting applications for assistance.

But we still need your help if we are to provide this valuable service. Please consider giving to the AAHA Helping Pets Fund so that we can provide grants for urgent veterinary treatment of pets in need. Every gift to the AAHA Helping Pets Fund, including yours, will make a difference.​


As the benevolent arm of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), the AAHA Foundation seeks to improve the lives of pets. The AAHA Helping Pets Fund works with AAHA-accredited veterinary practices to identify pets in need. Accredited practices may then apply for assistance from the Fund for emergency and non-elective treatment of abandoned pets and pets whose owners are facing financial hardship.

There are many pets the AAHA Helping Pets Fund has helped. Read some personal stories below. See the Giving Options area to find out the many different ways that you can help someone's pet.


Pets We've Helped


Tyson has been around the block a few times, even though he’s just a pup. An adorable 10-month-old boxer, he’s already in his third home, after the first two were found wanting. First, he was an uncared-for, unvaccinated, outdoor dog with no shelter....
Read More

Coco, an eight-month-old Cocker Spaniel, was no match for the raccoon that came into his yard. Poor Coco suffered severe trauma to both hind legs. He was also suspected of having a body-wall hernia. He was probably glad to learn that not everyone was out to get him when he met his veterinarian...
Read More

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Simba wings2.jpg


6 years ago

Kokamo valentine

6 years ago


6 years ago

Henry sugar kitty kisses

6 years ago

MySpace Comments



Vancouver Shelters Open Their Doors to Homeless People and Their Pets
6 years ago

Kitty News Network

Vancouver Shelters Open Their Doors to Homeless People and Their Pets
Daniel Harlan and his cat, Samantha

Daniel Harlan holds his cat, Samantha. Some time ago, a well-meaning person "rescued" her from the homeless encampment where Harlan was staying. Fortunately, Samantha and Harlan were reunited.

Last year I wrote about the Pets for the Homeless, an organization that provides pet food and veterinary care for homeless and low-income people in the United States and Canada. When I researched that story, I found that 5 to 10 percent of America’s 3.5 million homeless people own pets, and that the the vast majority would rather sacrifice their own comfort and stay on the streets with their pets rather than be forced to give them up for a night in a shelter.

But Pets for the Homeless isn’t the only organization working to change the plight of street people and their animal companions. A couple of years ago in Vancouver, B.C., municipal and provincial governments and a local nonprofit teamed up to change that. Emergency homeless shelters began accepting pets along with their owners, and so far they’ve helped put a roof over the heads of hundreds of animals and their human companions.

Jill Baron is one of the people who has benefited from the pet-friendly shelters. When she became homeless, she continued to care for three rats and two cats. Sure, she was criticized — a lot of people think homeless people shouldn’t have pets — but, like many of us who have struggled with dark times, they gave her a reason to carry on.

“I don’t think there’s any words for it. It’s what has kept me alive,” Baron said. “They have priority over everything else in my life.”

And she’s never been afraid to sacrifice her own needs to care for her animal companions. “I’ve gone without food for an entire day — many, many days — to make sure my pets ate well. Not just ate, but ate well,” she said.

If only more people who were blessed with a safe home felt the same way. It sickens me that people in secure, permanent housing are willing to discard their pets and sentence them to a life on the street when those pets become an inconvenience.

You can’t assume that just because a person is homeless that they’re unwilling or unable to care for a pet. Organizations like Pets of the Homeless see people at their clinics every day who know that their animals need to be vetted and vaccinated, spayed, or neutered. Kindness, compassion, and common sense don’t disappear the minute you lose your house.

It seems like Vancouver is moving in the right direction. More and more emergency shelters are allowing not only pets but personal belongings like shopping carts; the city’s shelter system is making itself more welcoming for all homeless people, whether or not they have pets. But the number of more permanent accommodation facilities (social housing projects and single-room-occupancy buildings) that allow pets remains steady at about 50 percent.

If we really want to help people get off the streets and rebuild their lives, more homeless shelters need to accommodate animals. There’s no reason pet caretakers should be left out in the cold — literally —because they’ve chosen to keep their beloved animal companions.

Yes, I know the Vancouver story is old. But to be honest, I have a bee in my bonnet about homeless people and the need to see them as humans. I have a couple of good friends who endured homelessness, and I know from what they’ve told me about their lives on the streets that the prejudices against them are incredibly hurtful and that the simplistic “solutions” to homelessness offered up by talking heads are not based in the reality of homelessness.

As the years have gone by and Vancouver’s policy has set an example, more and more animal rescue groups and shelter providers are coming to understand just how important pets are to the people who take care of them, and how important it is to allow the homeless to bring their animal companions into shelters, so I’m optimistic about the future of safe housing for homeless people and their pets.

Eagle Scout Candidate Builds Feral Shelters to Protect Cats From Winter
6 years ago

Cats get place to protect themselves from winter

Eagle Scout candidate builds shelters and puts them around Plumsted
Staff Writer

 For his Eagle Scout project, Ian Manguerra, 16, built shelters for feral cats and placed them around Plumsted Township. For his Eagle Scout project, Ian Manguerra, 16, built shelters for feral cats and placed them around Plumsted Township.PLUMSTED — A young man’s Eagle Scout project is expected to make outdoor life during the winter more comfortable for the 1,500 feral cats who call Plumsted home.

Ian Manguerra, 16, devoted most of 2011 to working on his Eagle Scout leadership service project: building eight shelters for feral cats and placing them at locations throughout Plumsted.

“When I talked to (the Plumsted Trap- Neuter-Release Committee, they) made me aware of how many feral cats there are in New Egypt,” Ian said. “The cats get pretty cold during the winter, so I decided that maybe I should build shelters for them.”

The shelters Ian built from a design he found on the Internet at come complete with double walls, fiberglass insulation, linoleum flooring and hay for comfort and insulation. Each shelter stands 18 inches tall and each shelter took about two hours to complete with the help of some of his fellow Boy Scouts from New Egypt Troop 9.

While each shelter is designed to accommodate six to eight cats, Frances Bleuet, treasurer of the TNR Committee, believes each shelter can accommodate 12 to 16 cats.

“(Feral cat) colonies are like families. They move together and can get up close in these shelters when it is really cold outside,” Bleuet said.

When the project started in March, Ian said, he appealed to local businesses and to members of his church for assistance.

“Through donations, we were able to get about $455. That completely covered the cost for the supplies that were needed to build the shelters,” Ian said.

The young man said the remaining $100 was donated to the TNR Committee.

Click here to find out more!


Bleuet said the $100 contribution came at a crucial time, as recent weather events have caused some strain to the local feral cat population.

“During (Hurricane Irene), some cats had nowhere to go. Some of them were hiding out on open porches,” Bleuet said. “We are so grateful Ian did this project.”

On a recent chilly, rainy December day, Ian showed a reporter the feral cat shelters. The teenager jumped with surprise as a black and white cat darted out of the shelter — proof that his project has already started to provide a place for the feral cats to escape the harsh elements.

“We are hoping the cats start to use all of the shelters as quickly as this one,” Ian said.

The Plumsted TNR Committee was formed in October 2009. The panel said it has captured, spayed or neutered, and released more than 400 cats, stopping an estimated 1,600 kittens from being born in the wild.

According to Tom Manguerra, Ian’s father, a local Home Depot contributed to the effort by providing Ian and the Scouts who helped him with a discount on materials. Ian’s father and uncle contributed their time by handling the power tools while the teenagers put the shelters together.

Manguerra said the project has been a source of pride.

“I feel great that my son did all of this,” he said. “He’s giving back to the community, just in time for the holidays.”

Ian will present his feral cat shelter project to the Boy Scouts ofAmerica for a final review as he advances toward the rank of Eagle Scout. He said he will continue to monitor the shelters and repair them if needed.

Contact Andrew Martins at

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6 years ago

Henny Penette sending warm sunshine rays to MA to warm up all the little tweetlers and kitties.

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6 years ago

adorable !! GRINCHETTE JEALOUS !!!

6 years ago

VID:<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Homeless Cat and Homeless Man Hit the Big Time!
6 years ago

Kitty News Network

Homeless Cat and Homeless Man Hit the Big Time
James Bowen and Bob the cat

Bob the cat and his caretaker, James Bowen. Photo by Annie Mole

When James Bowen found an injured cat curled up in what passed for his living space, he had no idea that a simple act of kindness would change his life.

Bowen, a musician who had fallen on hard times, was making the best he could of his life on the streets, working as a vendor for The Big Issue, a weekly magazine published as a means for homeless people to earn money and work their way to a more secure future.

When Bowen found the cat, he could see that  he was suffering from some pretty serious injuries. He was limping badly and a large abscess was leaking pus.

I’m sure there are plenty of people that would have simply ignored a wounded and sick cat on the streets. But not Bowen. As a homeless person, he probably knew all too well what it’s like to be overlooked as just some more garbage in the alley. No matter how desperate his circumstances were, Bowen couldn’t let the cat suffer without at least trying to do something to help, so off they went to the nearest branch of the RSPCA. Vets there drained the abscess, fixed him up, and sent him “home” with Bowen.

The two shared Bowen’s meager accommodations as he nursed the cat — whom he had named Bob — back to health with the antibiotics the RSPCA had provided, and sent him on his way. Bowen figured he’d never see Bob again.

But then Bowen got a happy surprise. Apparently Bob had become quite attached to his new caretaker. He began following Bowen everywhere he went, including his vendor station near the Angel Tube station in the Islington borough of London.

Bob quickly became a fixture. Customers began stopping to visit with the cat, and because Bowen was earning money by selling The Big Issue, he has been able to keep Bob well fed. Bob even rides on Bowen’s shoulders when he’s too tired to walk anymore.

Last week Annie Mole, author of the Going Underground blog, heard a rumor that Bowen had gotten a book deal for a memoir about his life with Bob. When she asked Bowen, she found out that it was, in fact, the truth.

A Street Cat Named Bob: How One Man and His Cat Found Hope on the Streets of London, will be published by Hodder & Stoughton in March 2012. The book chronicles the adventures — and the healing journey — man and cat shared through their companionship. According to the publisher’s blurb, the memoir “is a moving and uplifting story that will touch the heart of anyone who reads it.”

Bob and Bowen are pretty entertaining, as you can see by the video below. So who knows? Maybe there’s even a movie in Bob’s future.


(Don’t see the video? Watch it directly through YouTube.)

A Street Cat Named Bob is available for pre-order through and

6 years ago

Looking forward to seeing some pictures of Shane.

Thank you everyone
6 years ago

I really enjoy the stories and pics. I will download some photos of my feral 'dude' Shane.

6 years ago

In another cool twist of fate, Robin and her rescue allies in Georgia had just pulled a cat from a high-kill shelter and put together a plan to bring him north to Robin’s home in Connecticut, where he stands a much better chance of adoption. She decided to name this huge, white love-kitty Jackson, in honor of her favorite cat behaviorist.

And this morning, Sparkle the Designer cat, another one of my favorite feline bloggers, wrote her own post about the upcoming premiere. I’m sure more Jackson Galaxy articles will appear today, too, and I’ll post them here as I find them.

I should point out here that none of us were paid to do these interviews and write these posts. We did it because we believe in what Jackson Galaxy is doing and we want to support his efforts — and his show — because in the end, all of us want to save cats’ lives and help them find good homes (or live in well-managed colonies, if they’re feral cats).

Stock up on snacks and kitty treats and get ready for an awesome evening. The Season 2 premiere ofMy Cat From Hell will air on Animal Planet tomorrow, Saturday, Jan. 7, at 8 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time. There’s even going to be a Twitter party during the show; if you want to join, use the hashtag#TeamCatMojo.

Its the Week of the Cat Daddy
6 years ago

It’s The Week of the Cat Daddy

Jackson Galaxy wearing a t-shirt that says "Real Men Love Cats"It’s probably no secret by now that Season 2 ofMy Cat From Hell, staring tattooed rock star cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy, is premiering this weekend on Animal Planet. But what you may not have known is that some of the best-known cat bloggers across the internet have joined forces not only to promote the show but to find out who Jackson Galaxy really is.

What makes a guy like Galaxy, whose life started with a theater degree and a dream of making music for the masses, into a cat-loving guy with a knack for solving bizarre kitty behavior problems? What does he do when he’s not filming episodes of the show? What’s his greatest passion in life?

And how did this mass publicity campaign, which I’ve decided to call The Week of the Cat Daddy, come to be?

Well, it all started on December 29, when Kate Benjamin of the Moderncat blog wrote a post about the upcoming premiere of My Cat From Hell. The closing words of her post were, “I want you to be watching on January 7, but I want to help you spread the word to others outside the inner circle of cat lovers.”

This call to action inspired a whole bunch of bloggers, myself among them, who had watched the three episodes of Season 1 of My Cat From Hell, to do what we could to promote the show. After all, the whole reason the show was renewed is because cat lovers all across the country, and probably all around the world, contacted Animal Planet and begged them to bring Jackson Galaxy back for another season.

You might think that if a whole bunch of people are writing on one subject, interviewing the same individual, that the same content would appear in every single one of those posts. But that wasn’t the case at all — each blogger had a different angle for her (all the bloggers who participated are women) story, and each one showed a different facet of Amerca’s favorite cat daddy.

So who blogged and who wrote about what? Read on!

Ingrid King of the award-winning website The Conscious Cat started the ball rolling on December 30, with an interview about what viewers can expect in Season 2.

After a brief hiatus for the New Year’s weekend, my interview, “More Than Meets The Camera: An Interview with Jackson Galaxy,” went live. Multimedia blogger and animal welfare advocate Lisa Richman wrote about the amazingly positive impact a show like My Cat From Hell can have to save feline lives.

Wednesday saw a blitz of publicity including a post on Catster’s The Cat’s Meow blog; an interview by Deb Barnes of the award-winning Zee and Zoey blog, in which Galaxy recounted some of his most intriguing cases; and an article on the Anipal Times website.

On Thursday, Angie Bailey of Catladyland shared her interview in a post with the intriguing title “My Cat From Hell’s Jackson Galaxy Talks Cats, Music, Zen, and Airplaine-Weeping.”

Jackson Galaxy holds one of his rescued cats

Jackson Galaxy holds one of his rescued cats.

On the same day, another award-winning blogger and cat rescuer, Robin Olson of Covered in Cat Hair, wrote “Jackson Galaxy is My Copilot,” in which she and Galaxy discussed how Galaxy figures out what’s causing the strange behavior (“In some ways, Jackson IS like Dr. House, but he’s NOT a fictional character.&rdquo In another cool twist of fa

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what a beautiful story and video. so heart warming. this poor little cat having to suffer with unimagineable pain for a month before being rescued. i'm so elated deuce got to adopt stephani and her other furbabies. stephani you are deuce's guardian angel. thank you angela for sharing this and all your kitty pics.

Two Legged Cat Deuce Finds His Forever Home
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Kitty News Network

Two-Legged Cat Finds His Forever Home
Deuce walking around on his two front legs

Deuce quickly learned how to adapt to life on two legs. Image: screen capture from KOTV news video

The people who found Deuce roaming around near their Oklahoma home last August thought he’d been a victim of animal abuse. Both of his back legs were missing below the knee, and he only had three-quarters of a tail.

The good Samaritans brought the poor kitty to Quail Creek Veterinary Clinic in Oklahoma City. Somehow the cat, who was given the name Deuce, had managed to survive on his own for at least a month despite his grievous injuries. Other than being malnourished — I imagine it’s pretty tough to catch mice when you have to chase them with only two of your four legs — the cat was in remarkably good health.

Because of the nature of Deuce’s injuries, veterinarian Beth Ruby, who treated him, said the injuries don’t appear to have been caused by an evil-minded human. Instead, she suspects that he had an unfortunate run-in with farm machinery. Cow farms are all over the place in the area where Deuce was found, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he got run over by a combine or a mower. And given the size and noise created by those machines, it’s pretty likely the farmer wouldn’t have seen Deuce or heard his cries.

As the cat’s story spread, he won the hearts of people all over the country. But to one Oklahoma City resident, Deuce’s story was more than just a blip on the TV screen.

“It just tugged at my heart strings. I felt so sorry for him,” said Stephani Coker, who lives with three other cats, one of whom is missing a leg. ”I just wanted to give him a forever home. I knew I could love him.”

A vet tech at the Quail Creek clinic took Deuce home and nursed him back to health. Two and a half months ago, Stephani got her wish. On October 6, she adopted him. And now he’s thriving in his forever home.

On Dec. 31, Stephani made a comment about Deuce on the KOTV news website: “He is doing absolutely wonderful and is just like any other kitty. He gets around great and doesn’t dwell on his injuries. He loves to play and, in fact, the laser light is his favorite toy.”

Stephani says the cat has given her a different perspective on life. “After everything he’s been through and he’s just happy to have somebody love him. That’s it.” She’s looking into training the amazing two-legger as a therapy cat.

And they lived happily ever after.

Here’s the video from the original story about Deuce:

(In a reader? Watch the video here.)

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Itty Bitty Black KittyMORE MISCHIEF !!

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Big Hen says welcome to all the little baby Hen Pen mischief makers...the more the merrier! Welcome baby Hen Pen gang.

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Little Kitten Mischief was

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Goodnight and sweet dreams from Kokamo.

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Hello from Henry!

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"After dark all cats are leopards." - Native American Proverb

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