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The Future of Food
8 years ago

It's not looking good......

Corporate America is hard at work- mostly off radar - to do what it did to the banking system to thefood system.   


How much of your own food do you produce?

Where would you go to get food if all the stores were closed?

A surprisingly large number of people in the so-called "developed" world answer "zero" and "I don't know."

If you're depending on Corporate Amerika to make sure your food supply is safe, you may be making a fatal mistake.

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8 years ago

This is an e-mail I recieved which relates to the Future of food above.

Monsanto Bills being fast-tracked in US Congress...Will affect Organic Farming in the US and how much longer before Canada follows.
If these two bills pass (fast track), this will be the end of organic farming as we define it today. These bills are backed by Monsanto (who else?). And all in the name of food safety - preventing food-borne diseases by requiring that certain pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers be applied to all crops grown for food. The introductory statements that summarize these bills certainly sound as if the govt has our best interests at heart.

But how deceiving, as usual! These bills supposedly even require that people who grow veggies for their OWN USE must apply certain sprays! I don't see how they can enforce this last, but they CAN enforce the major and small organic growers throughout the country to use these sprays!

Please contact your US representative and senator to let them know how you feel about this move to take our food choices away from us, to benefit not us, but Monsanto and other business in the chemical industries.

When you contact these representatives and senators, remember to have the bill number handy, so they will know what you are referring to.

Flo Deems
7 years ago

A friend of mine wrote this interesting article:

Is You Lettuce Trying to Kill You? Some horrors of Agribusiness.

already seen the control of foods coming years ago!
7 years ago

already seen it coming! foods and where it was going, i seen some years ago. but the exposure of it all took alot time to get to the eyes and the ears of the public. have already started processes of gardening and cultivating my own foods, along with vegetarism recently. but i can hunt, skin a small animal, and i don't have a concern of that either, if need be. my grandmother was full blooded indian, and the need to respect the land, but also to survive fairly and humanely was a necessity also for her and which she instilled in us kids when young. i am older and not the fight i use to have in me for the safety of foods, and the rights of goodness for the people of today. but i have seen that it will be forced to grow your own foods if you want to survive, and i knew the goverments would also try to have hand in that. i guess what will happen is communities will need to depend on their immediate areas and neighbors, and cease to respect, believe, or buy the foods of the nations. but will the government allow that for the people? addiction properties and chemicals have been applied to foods, to make the person crave more of a potatoe chip, or candy bar, or other items. if the craving is instilled, then how are we to brake away from the manufactured items. ? the world will starve down the road of the governments control, and be dependent upon the government to help them. what then the microchipping to buy foods perhaps be put in place? control of what you can do, plant or buy? it will take time, its not here yet, but the its been progressively going this way for some many years, and seems they are succeeding in this direction of foods and control of foods, and what a person can and can not do to have foods. people need to stop screaming at the government to fix EVERYTHING. food safety is not concern to govt, your health is no concern of govt, and your desire to have family and ability to take care of family is not the concerns of govt. either. the more the govt. gets its hands into your life, and what you do in that life, or what you want in that life, the more you will not have control of your own life anymore. government cares of power and money, they do not care of the people and the needs of people, as so many governments in history and the past centuries. why would anyone think it different now, today?

"let them eat cake!"

7 years ago

From l978 I am vegetarian and we talk about the future of it.  I don't have any problem with it.


7 years ago

If you have not see all the above then here it is up at the top again.

Let's eat real food!

future of food
6 years ago

the future of foods SEEMS to heading towards more processing and chemicals but this is just the corporate push. To see the problems with this Diana has a good article about sugar and artificial sweeteners.


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