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Yes, Diana, you may copy it here.

Yes, Laura copy it here to give more support to the cause.


Do you want me to copy it to the group or are you asking me if you can copy it into this group?

Laura, I would like to see that. Would copy it over here please.


I know all about the Yemeni child bride thing, Diana. I posted an article about the Yemeni prime minister seeking a bill to stop that practice.

This shocked me!

Ask the govt. of Yemen to end Forced Child Marriage and protect children from sexual & domestic slavery 


Aged 8, Rawan was sold by her parents, and forced into a marriage with a man five times her age. The injuries her young body sustained from her “wedding night” resulted in her death, and her story has sent shockwaves throughout the world.1

The most shocking thing about Rawan’s story? The fact that to many, her story is not shocking at all. Forced Child Marriage is a form of modern slavery, and in Yemen, there is no law which makes it illegal.

The Yemeni Government has the power to bring an end to Forced Marriage forever; the first step is to ban the marriage of anyone under the age of 18, protecting children from a life of domestic and sexual slavery. 

We know that ending Forced Marriage everywhere poses big obstacles and yet, in the aftermath of Rawan’s death, and with the eyes of the world on Yemen, this may be one of few fleeting moments when we can create change. We’re not going to let down the millions of girls vulnerable to this form of modern slavery. 

Forced Child Marriage is modern slavery and can be stopped. Call on the government of Yemen to ban Forced Child Marriage.

Tell the USDA: Don't Trust the Makers of the GE Apple!

A Canadian company is asking the USDA to approve their GE apple that will not brown when exposed to oxygen. Can you join me in asking the USDA to reject this unnecessary and untested product, the latest in a long line of potentially unsafe GE foods?

We all know that if you slice an apple and let it sit out for a while, it starts to turn brown, but that doesn't mean it's bad. In fact, aside from a color change, brown apples are no different from their uncut counterparts, but now we have an overly high tech solution for a non-existent problem.

Join me in telling the USDA that apples that don't turn brown aren't welcome in your home.

These new genetically engineered apples are so ridiculous that even apple trade organizations and apple growers are opposed to them. They point out the fact that these non-browning apples might seem fresher than they actually are, which would be misleading to consumers.

We need to tell the USDA that consumers all over the country agree with the apple growers: we don't want to see GE apples i

Tell the USDA to Reject the GE Apple!

major depressive syndrome responsive

Hi, I am Carla from Italy. Sorry if I disturb. For many years I am ill of major depressive sydrome resposive. I got sick when I lost my mother tragically. I had already lost my father when I was young after a long illness and I had 4 miscarriages so this great sorrow has made me very ill. I would ask you , PLEASE, two things. Does anyone have experience of this disease? I wanted to confront someone, I'm really terrible. Also, since my condition is aggravated by injustice suffered, I would ask you to read these few lines. In Italy the situation is very difficult. We are going through a crisis both economically and socially very heavy. Even for justce we are the 190 th place in the world rankings .."Black shirt" also for European Commission. I put a petition on Care 2 site, the field Human Rights, with which I ask justice for the murder of my mother after an operation of routine, the substitution of heart valves, for THE STAPLE OF CORONARY AND WRONG BLOOD TRANSFUSION!! This is the link of the petition : NOBODY LISTENS TO ME, and in Italy is normal! Every day a great scandal , often in health business...corruption and illegality!! I am not ashamed to say that I am desperate, I cannot accept that in Italy you can't ask for a clarification of manslaughter! Please help me by signing the petition and making it known! This is my only chance, advertising is the only way to get exposure and maybee someone else would find the strength to rebel, in Italy there is now a terrible resignation::: It is available to you documentation confirming ALL my statements in the petition. Thank you from my heart Carla

Save a life by voting - it's free!

You can help a bedridden, terminally ill single mother win funding for treatment by voting at this site. Please take 10 seconds out of your day to stop her little daughter becoming an orphan. Just click on vote, complete your details (you will not sign up for anything or receive spam), then click on the link in your confirmation email. Thank you!!

The untold secret of successful fund raising for any cause...

 Get Paid to Turn on Your Computer... 12:30 PM

Yes, its true...

Visit this site:

WAZZUB is the first truly global community that pays its members for doing NOTHING different than what they are currently doing every day. Yes, you'll get paid, and all you'll have to do is choose WAZZUB as your home page on April/10/2012 when they fully launch their state-of-the-art home page. That's it!

Not a penny out-of-pocket, ever. AND you earn UNLIMITED PASSIVE INCOME every month for LIFE!

Together we activate the power of "We"!

2012 Farm Bill Should Support A Healthy Living

You are what you eat.

Do you know that almost one out of two Americans is suffering by having more than on chronicle illness, which can be prevented, reversed, even cured (some) by a plant-based diet? 

Tell Congress that American desert healthful foods with affordable price.

The current Farm Bill, allows less than 1% subsidies for nutritional dense foods while 99% goes to feeds related production for animals. It is time to carefully use the valuable and limited resources to produce healthful foods for human consumption. The 2012 Farm Bill reform should focus on ensuring national food security while mitigating climate change.

Please send a letter to Congress by following the link of "Take Action" at

The 2012 Farm Bill is impacting not only the health of  American, but also the health of this Planet.


so much ,dianne so embarassing

We need a link to the petition please.

stop flap surgery

new dental technologies,with much higher rates of success,less expensive not painful ,have replaced the need for this surgery that is right out of the dark ages... help progress find it's way into dentistry, and we will all be better off,with healthier smiles.


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If you have a great cause you would like support on; post it here. Do Not make a new discussion for it. This group is not a notice board.

Support alternative treatments in Nepal

Hello,Everyone! I'm volunteering in a clinic in Nepal, who is doing incredible work in health sector usin alternative medicines cheap and affordable even for poorest of Nepal's citizens. Please support us, we are looking for volunteers, donations and any other help that you might offer. Our clinic promotes low-cost affordable medicine in our health centre in Kathmandu. Through Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Folk medicine, we successfully treat any type of disease that may be presented at the clinic, however about most of our patients are having Cancer, COPD, asthma, joints and spine problems, women diseases, hepatitis, HIV, paralysis, sugar diabetes, stress and depression. Our team consists of traditional Ayurvedic and Homeopathic doctors, Shamans and Jyotish Astrologers. Our program is not only just a single health clinic. Our goal is to provide alternative affordable health care throughout Nepal, not only for Nepalese but for people from other countries as well, who are not been able to afford conventional treatment or where conventional treatment has failed. To do this we have to start training Nepalese doctors, villagers and volunteers in the complex art of cultivation and collection of medicinal plants, production and use of Ayurvedic medicine and, as they qualify, open affiliate clinics, medicinal herbs farms and medicine production all over Nepal. Our current program is to concentrate on treatment of following disease: 1. Tuberculosis In the mountain kingdom of Nepal -- one of the poorest countries in the world -- almost half of the over 20 million population are infected with TB. Of these, up to 90000 people have active TB and there are 44000 new cases of the disease every year. Herbal treatment of T.B. is very effective, permanent, without side effects and affordable by all the population of Nepal. The medicine is made of bark of Ficus religiosa L. One kilogram of bark powder will be enough to cure T.B. in one month time. It is one of the most easy and affordable medicines for T.B. Tree grows widely in Tropical and Temperate zones of Nepal and other Asiatic countries. 2. Sugar diabetes In a recent survey in Kathmandu, one out of four people aged 60 years were found to be suffering from post-diabetes. Reports till date show that there are 900,000 diabetic people in Nepal. The disease affects the whole family of a patient, both economically and mentally. The average investment for treatment of diabetes disease is said to be around 600$ per person but there could be loss of thousands of dollars. Extracts and powder of leaves, bark and seeds of Syzygium cumminii L. are used to control and to cure diabetes. Treatment can last from 3 to 6 month along with diet control. This tree grows in tropical and subtropical zones of Nepal. Price of the medicine for 6 month will not cost more than 10$. 3. HIV About 70,000 people are estimated to be infected with HIV in Nepal, most of them are not aware of their infection. As of the end of 2009, only 14,320 HIV-positive persons were officially reported. The easiest medicine to cure or to control HIV is the medicine made of tree Rhus javanica Linn. It grows in subtropical and temperate zones in Nepal. The treatment is 3 weeks long and will not cost more 5$. 4. Cancer More than 70000 cancer cases officially diagnosed in Nepal, most of these people will die without proper treatment and medicines, or because of side effects of chemo and radiation therapy. While in Nepal there are many herbs that can be used for treatment of cancer. Usually 1st and 2nd stages of cancer can be treated with preparation of black tulsi, lemon grass, black cardamom, jetimadu, and few others. For last stages of cancer, constant supervision of doctor is required and more Ayurvedic and Homeopathic medicines are to be given. Anyway treatment cost will not exceed 100$ . Please visit our website

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Save the Sinking Takuu Islands

Hi everyone, Very few people know about Takuu Atoll, it is a group of islands that come closer and closer to being submerged each day because of climate change. The islands are at extremely high risk, and if no way of saving the islands is found, the island and its inhabitants will disappear forever. The Takuu people are a huge inspiration to me, their dedication and love for their island and culture is unreal, and the thought of them having to be separated from their home breaks my heart. Please, I urge everyone reading this to learn more about this disaster and spread the word about Takuu, so that perhaps the news of the islands will spread to someone who might know a way to save the island before it sinks. Again, please everyone spread the word, even if its just to friends and family it will make a world of a difference to the people who are living on these islands. Here is a link to a video about the islands.... however please note it is not my video and i do not own it: and here is a link to my group dedicated to raising awareness if anyone is further interested in helping: Thank you so much for reading this! Sofia

Child Fund International Outreach - Take Action!

It's time to turn the tables on poverty!!!

Child Fund International Outreach - Take Action!

Health & Wellness  (tags: children, child-fund-international, outreach, sponsorship, world, ethiopia, health, wellness, humans, poverty, family, society, prevention, protection, take-action, activism, death, disease, medicine )
PinkMindy - 55 minutes ago -

There are starving people in Ethiopia who are selling the roofs over their heads in order to feed their malnourished families, so please help sponsor a child today and make their life at least a little more worth living.
Raise money to open our non-profit local food store! Enjoy a scenic ride through Toronto parks to The Living City Farm at Kortright, farmed by Matchbox Garden & Seed Co. Eat some great food, get a farm tour, visit the Kortright Centre.

I think io m iight just do that,

thanks for the information

URGENT!!! OPERATION SMILE Needs Your Assistance!

*Note: This Is A Worldwide Donations Outreach & Urgent Activist Alert (All Nations Requested To Take Action).

> Care2 News to Note, Take Action, Discuss & Share with Special Holiday Thanks!!!:


URGENT!!! Donations Needed for "Operation Smile"

URGENT!!! Donations Needed for "Operation Smile"

Health & Wellness  (tags: u.s., world, cleft-lip, cleft-palate, surgery, health, wellness, donation, urgent, help, assistance, charity, good-news, society, medical, children, activists, humans, treatment )

Third Eye Open
- 2 hours ago -

For as little as $240US or just $20US a month you can help provide a cleft lip surgery that will transform the life of a child! There are lower donation options available on site.

Please Note, Take Action & Forward -- TY!

hot!!!  |  14 comments  |  34 notes

Stop Organic Fraud in the Health & Beauty Aisle!
In an effort to press the NOP to act on the recommendation, the Organic Consumers Association and the Consumers Union filed a complaint earlier this year with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), asking the consumer protection agency to clean up the organic cosmetics industry and stop the organic-washing.
Now the FTC wants to hear from you. Until December 10, 2010, the commission is accepting public comments on whether consumers are mislead by personal care products that are made with petrochemical and synthetic ingredients. Please submit comments at
Fundraising for Our new Organism!

We are a new environmental organisation that promotes sustainable development. Before doing any considerable moves we absolutely need to make investments that will support the organism. This is why we are doing a fundraising event!


The way our fundraising works is very simple! All you need to do is to visit our website and visit our sponsored links on our sponsored link page! Isn’t that a simple way to support a cause!

Each time you visit a sponsored link on our website we get funds!

Also, we ask you to help us by forwarding this email to your friends. This would considerably help us.

Here is our website:

We thank you very much for your time! Team

Stop stoning, in Iran! Save Sakineh from execution! Sign petition from Avaaz

Please pass this one.

Hi everyone

My cause is toxic chemicals and how they can/will affect/kill children. I chose to help and prevent Kawasaki Disease (many more petitions from chemical diseases is to come) for my first. Not known why it occurs, but almost all the symptoms can be traced back to chemicals used in households, etc. I stand behind that this can be prevented (my own personal belief). I am a huge childrens advocate (6 of my own). 


I'm a new member of this group and I need your support for a really worthy cause : Helping research seeking cures for Alzheimer's disease, a progressive neurologic disease of the brain leading to the irreversible loss of neurons and the loss of intellectual abilities, including memory and reasoning, which become severe enough to impede social or occupational functioning. It is the most common form of dementia. The disease gets worse as it develops - it is a progressive disease. There is no current cure for Alzheimer's, although there are ways of slowing down its advance and helping patients with some of the symptoms. Alzheimer's is also a terminal disease - it is incurable and causes death.
Please sign my petition and ask Care2 to add a "click to donate" to help research finding a cure !!

Here's the link to my petition :

Thank you very much
I wish you all a wonderful day !


US only:

Sign the petition to demand that Varney immediately open an investigation into Monsanto and its abusive business practices.

I will start with an Avaaz announcement.

Let's fund the largest climate event ever

The vote's in!! 96% of us want to go all-out and beat the climate crisis with a giant 'global wake-up call' on September 21.

To make world leaders stand up and really listen, we need to know that together we have the resources to pull it off with thousands of events across the world. If together we can raise $150,000 (€100,000) by Monday, we'll be able to organise what could be the largest climate event ever with:

- an online world map and event registry that links all the September 21 climate events together;

- a global phone database so that thousands of us can flood leaders with calls demanding climate action in Copenhagen;

- experienced media professionals to get our message out, neutralizing the mighty coal and oil industries.

Join 5000 of us to donate even a small amount:

Donate Now!

Great Causes to Suppoprt!!!

Here is the place to put your worthy causes.


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