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Fit for life!
6 years ago

Exercise is one of the keys to good health and longevity!

Exercise affords us numerous benefits:
* It's good for the heart and circulation
* It helps us control our weight
* It improves our quality of sleep
* It can help maintain bone health, checking osteoporosis and the development of brittle bones. Also it helps us maintain suppleness, agility and balance
* Exposure to fresh air and sunshine creates a sense of well-being and is beneficial to our mental health
* It boosts the immune system
* Exercise reduces cancer risk
(Recent studies have shown that brisk walking reduces the risk of cancer esp. breast, bowel and prostate.
That exercise boosts the immune system might partly explain these findings. Though I suspect the main reason is that exercise oxygenates the body. Cancer cells are anaeorbic i.e. they do not breathe oxygen and are unable to survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen.
This theory would seem to be confirmed by the study findings that just strolling doesn't activate the anti-cancer effect, more vigorous activity, that makes the heart beat faster and lungs work harder, is needed.)

Regular exercise needs to be an integral part of everyone's health regime, so find something you enjoy (or you'll never stick with it) and add years to your life - and life to your years.

6 years ago

Yes John, this is what we all need to remember and do if we want to be Fit for Life!

6 years ago

I should add that exercise is also a most excellent stress-reliever.

6 years ago

Research shows that exercising outdoors increases feelings of vitality, ups energy levels and decreases feelings of tension and anger.

Sunlight helps the brain produce chemicals called endorphins, which lift your mood and produce a general feeling of wellbeing

- All of You magazine Summer 2011

6 years ago

According to research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, active people are significantly less likely to catch a cold and if they do, their symptoms are less severe - Healthspan magazine

6 years ago

Bad news for couch potatoes!

A study reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests a couch potato lifestyle with six hours of television (viewing) a day cuts lifespan by five years
- BBC Ceefax 16/8/2011

5 years ago

Yes bad news! Feels good to be outdoors even when it is cold.

fit for life
5 years ago

My goal is to spend ONE HOUR every day OUTSIDE - MOVING.  Even if it is just walking. 

5 years ago

Everytime I feel like I am catching colds or not feeling well, I try to go outside more often to get fresh air. Luckily I have dogs to have excused to go outdoor. HA! My mother is the same way. She is in her 80's and sometimes she doesn't feel like doing anything, but her pooch always encourage her to take him out. She knows if she sits around without any exercises, she will have health issues. She has a friend in 90's, living alone, has chairs scattered all around the rooms of her house, to get around. Her health is pretty good for her age in 90's. Wow.

5 years ago

Exercise, together with a healthy diet, is key to good health and long life.

But exercise doesn't have to mean pumping iron or running. Brisk walking, uphill especially if you can manage it, is as good a cardio and circulationary workout as anything.

I've heard many good things about Wii Fitness. I know quite a number of people who have lost weight through using that. It's fun and you can do it in the privacy of your own home.

But there is no substitute for being outside and getting the sun on your face and fresh air in your lungs...

5 years ago

John, your last comment here is crucial to the whole idea of being Fit for Life!

5 years ago

A lack of exercise is now causing as many deaths as smoking across the world, a study suggests.

The report, published in The Lancet to coincide with the build up to the Olympics, estimates that about a third of adults are not doing enough physical activity, causing 5.3 million deaths a year.That equates to about 1 in 10 deaths from diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and breast and colon cancer.

Researchers said the problem was now so bad it should be treated as a pandemic

- BBC Ceefax 18/7/2012

5 years ago

get a dog, and walk it 3 times a day,lol or as I was planning weight loss sea crossings,between the work and the seasickness ,weight loss guaranteed.

5 years ago

Walking is so simple and yet not always done. to build stamina; i like to walk up hills and a few times a week 100 stairs. I am working towards 200 stairs.

One of the things I have noticed with people and lack of exercise is what they are eating when they are sitting around is often not healthy.

Fitness included in lifestyle
5 years ago

It helps if you don't have to go out of your way to force the fitness. If your job or lifestyle ensures you are active that is the best. Like the idea of having a dog and therefore having to walk it. If you have a sedentary lifestyle and have to make a lot of effort to be active it is easier to slip back into bad habits.

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absorbing fit living
3 years ago

taking into account the smallest changes in life argue that we should not make it a struggle to do something that is good for us. We should go into saying that not doing 5 minutes of walking can lead to a terrible condition. sometimes sticker shock of health care costs can make us change too.

3 years ago

Been trying to take a break from thing and do some walking every afternoon. I did this before and stopped. Time to start up again and stick to it. Thanks for bringing this article out.

3 years ago

It is so important to keep moving every single day. As you say Ramhit, not doing it can lead us in an unhealthy direction.  

Sally, it is good to have this reminder which is why I am bring it to the top today.

2 years ago

I do stretching, and intense cardio exercise every day. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the morning, I do 20 minutes of nonstop 2 handed overhead dumbbell swings(modified)starting off with 50 40 pound ones, then doing as many 20 pounds ones as I can do immediately afterwards. On the other mornings I run 2 miles starting out hard(after brief warm-up)and ending in a slow meditative walk. I push myself to fatigue with each work out. I also do a 3/4 of a mile meditative walk in the evening, and meditate often during the day. I do train really hard, but do so really carefully. I have pushed my limits physically and spiritually so much in my life that I am use to it, and can read my body really well.

This is my spiritual training program. I try to put myself in extremely difficult physical/spiritual states that will really test how good my spiritual beliefs really are at helping me handle these states. I will be made aware of what spiritual beliefs that are not good enough to help me handle such an intense exercise and then be able to figure out ways to improve on these beliefs. Beliefs that are not adequate, will tend to make me not see the need to be able to handle the heavy dose of reality that this training exposes me to.

It took me over a year and a half to build up my dumbbell swing routine to where it is now. I started doing only about 8 40 lb two handed overhead dumbbell swings(modified) in December of 2012. I modify them by bending my elbows, only lifting the dumbbell patly over my head and not squatting very deeply. I have to adjust exercise so that they will work for the unique(not so flexible) body I was born with.

this is my exercise,I had back surgery in'09
2 years ago

pain is now mostly gone,had a pinched nerve,,,pain remained after the surgery for it,,,herniated disc pain

with these exercises,I lost my pain in 3 weeks,and if I keep it up am back to all my sailing abilities,,,IF I MOVE RIGHT!!!!!!!!!

I recommend it to everyone that sits!!!

2 years ago

I really need to exercise more. TY for the reminders.


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