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Type 2 diabetes 'can be reversed'
6 years ago

An extreme eight-week diet of 600 calories a day can reverse Type 2 diabetes in people newly diagnosed with the disease, says a Diabetologia study.
Newcastle University researchers found the low-calorie diet  reduced fat levels in the pancreas and liver, which helped insulin production to return to normal.
Seven out of eleven people studied were free of diabetes three months later, say findings in the journal.
More research is needed to see wheter the research is permanent, say experts
- BBC Ceefax 24/6/2011

6 years ago

The mineral chronium (200 mcg) is vital for helping to control and prevent late-onset (Type 2 ) diabetes.
Scientists in the US found that taking 200 mcg of chronium daily helped reduce the incidence of late-onset diabetes by up to 50%
- Hazel Courteney

6 years ago

Even before this knowledge came to be, I have always known and have also reversed my diabetes and the other night upon speaking to my friend of 87, told me that she too had reversed her diabetes.

I believe you can do anything if you put your mind too it and not sit on the fence and just believe all that the Medical profession wants you to believe. This requires quite a lot of research and after all its YOUR BODY isnt it?
Apparently Vitamin C can do wonders including helping Diabetics and especially with their neuropathy and also high Blood Pressure or even elevated BP. Do your research like I did and learn about YOU and dont get hoodwinked about what to take and be bullied into taking insulin. YOU can reverse it and you dont have to be on Insulin. Its a matter of taking control of what you do, how you do it, being honest with yourself and just moving which means walking for 30 minutes a day and not drinking or taking artificial sugars ie aspartame ie splenda, equal, nutrasweet and anything like this as well as not drinking Diet coke or Zero or Pepsi max or anything that says low calorie or sugarless..its a

So yes you can... and BTW JOHN..

What you are writing is slightly incorrect. IT is CHROMIUM  but its really CHROMIUM PICONILATE..

With Diabetics, they are usually light on Chromium which in turn effects your pancreas which produces Insulin. Chromium Piconilate..... you need to take 400 mgs a day which is the approved amount. This also helps with sugar cravings and helps you lose weight in some cases. If you do the right thing it will help you and also your BP too. Blackmores Sugar Balance will also do the same thing and i have been on that too but I prefer Chromium Piconilate. BTW my sugar levels are perfect.

To be well and in control of your Diabetes it is no good to put your head in the sand or not take any notice of your condition or not care about what you are doing only to go on more and more either meds or insulin or both. Its really up to those who have Diabetes or in fact other serious medical problems to do our own research. Dont you think? I also discuss this with my Dr and so should you. You should have a Dr who is very sympathetic and knows about complimentary medicine. Something anyway without them getting all bull headed and demanding.

Its good news but I would like to see these same people in 6 or 12 mths time to see where they are at b/c living on hardly any food can tip you over the edge and make you eat more. IMHO anyway.

So, to eat good food that is living rather than out of packets, and processed or artificial in any way and really read food labels, drink water and often, keep a healthy attitude, research your condition and want to return to being healthy is the only way...isnt it?

click on the bottom long long link to read all the sites.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=2d8ca68137622c71&biw=890&bih=501


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6 years ago

Look up Primal Diet. It works!(for all ailments) But Dr's may get in the way of your success with it. They won't understand it, because it's almost upside down to what they have been taught.
I'd say only use them for testing and monitoring. (up to you)
Of course, bottom line, it's depends on each individuals situation, and where they are at in their head and their body.

6 years ago

For so many it is getting in control of sugar cravings, see my news story:

4 years ago

Diabetes can for sure be reversed if it was onset as an adult.

I have seen a number of people born with diabetes be able to reduce their medication by half.

4 years ago

My father was able to reduce his medication just by changing his diet and eating healthier (cutting out white rice & breads, etc and eating more veggies).

4 years ago

Raw food diet, cut out bread, pasta, potatoes, rice and other high-carb foods. 

4 years ago

Very good tips Zahra and Christian; thank you.

3 years ago

Did you know that stevia actually nourishes the pancreas making it stronger?

It does. Here is some information from my notes on Stevia.


Stevia Rebaudiana is a food herb native to northeastern Paraguay. The Guarani Indians in Paraguay have used Stevia since before the colonization by the Spaniards in the 16th century.1 Its sweet taste first was used in beverages, but by 1950 some Paraguayan physicians used Stevia Rebaudiana for the treatment of diabetes.2 In fact a key research study published in the Brazilian Journal of Medicine showed that Stevia Rebaudiana actually “increased glucose tolerance.” ( Braz J. Med Biol Res (1986) 19(6)771-4, Cur R. Alvarez)

There is no suggestion that this dietary supplement should replace any medical treatment.

3 years ago

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing, Diana.

3 years ago

Yes, most people do not realize that stevia is actually very nourishing for the body. It is important to get the right stevia tho. None of the highly processed white stuff!

3 years ago

Stevia is excellent and quite sweet so when using it or cooking with it, go easy. You can also grow it and pick a leaf off and toss it into your tea or coffee. I don't use sugar in fact the jar of it, if was anything else would rot in my cupboard. I don't use Stevia but  i have it to use just in case which is rare but taste is quite good. I find the best I can buy and I read labels to see if its laced with unwanted ingredients, Organic is best of course.

There are lots of Stevia recipes around now.

While speaking of reversing of Diabetes 2, Melbourne Australia, Scientists are world leaders in a lot of things medical and have discovered that a patient can choose not to have a gastric band/lap band surgery by doing a day procedure by pushing a tube down into the stomach which stops you eating more. Its relatively new as of last week so I'm not totally offay ..yet but for me I m not going to do that at all but I m trying to find a clinical hypnotherapist who will do the virtual lap band surgery. I'm doing lots of research into it. Oh costing here $650 for 4 sessions. Better than paying $10,000 Au for lap band /gastric band surgery.

Exercise is important. I do more than 4 hrs at the gym or at home over the week. I have gone from 8mins on a bike to an 1/2hr to l kg weight to pushing 25 kilos since May '13 after being hit by a recalcitrant out of control, wheelchair on 'steroids'. Lots of injuries and I'm in a good place now and way better than in May. You just have to be proactive to nail this disease and get it under control. 

Btw I have added Bitter Melon caps to my daily food intake. 

Yes, the killer foods although some are complex which is what you want are high in carbs so ditch the bread to find a low GI bread if you cant stand not eating it. I eat Burgen with pumpkin seeds, Ditch the white rice for brown, ditch the refined white pasta etc if you must eat it, use wholemeal and only a small amount. ALL WHITE FOOD that is created shouldnt be eaten as its high GI which isnt what you want. So up the veggies and get walking or moving esp each 1/2 hr to 3/4hr. This is to also get  your blood circulating and more...

3 years ago

Thank you Annie for more enlightening nutrition information.

I know so many people who were diabetic from birth and have halfed their insulin intake from diet and herbs and exercise. 

Yes those high glycemic foods need to be 100% ditched. I am sure they are much of the reason there is now so much diabetes.

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3 years ago

Thank you John, Annie and Diana very much for such useful information. I have a friend who just found out that she is diabetic. I am going to send her here.

3 years ago

Sorry to hear about your friend, Cupid.

3 years ago

Yes, I am sorry about my friend too Laura. She seems to not want to look at other alternatives outside of what her dr says. I am sure she created it with the way she eats. So many sweets and very little veg.

3 years ago

I know a number of people who have reversed their type 2 diabetes with idet and herbs.  I also know of type one diabetics who have greatly reduced and moderated their insulin intake with proper food intake and natural antioxidents.(since type one diabetics are also insulin resistant like type 2)

I myself got into the health field because I had low blood sugar.  I struggled with that for some time untill I balanced out my body and understood what was going on.  As the saying goes - if i knew then  - what I knew now I could have avoided a lot of problems.

3 years ago

That's too bad. She should listen to her doctor and begin treatement.

3 years ago

Hindsight is a wonderful thing isnt it Randy? I too wish I knew the deeper ins and outs of different things too and also diabetes. I found that no matter who you spoke too, the answer was always general even drs would give a peripheral answer which didnt really help at all.

Cupid eventually your friend will have to get a grip on her life and eating habits too if she isnt eating correctly. Diabetes is like a mine field so what works for me in food might not work for another. Digging your heels or her heels in, wont help one bit, but gentle guidance will. However, on top of that you can tell a horse to drink water or lead a horse to water but no matter, nothing will make them drink it. Then, with anyone not taking notice or helping themselves, something will go awry and sadly that can be more insulin, a lost of sight, or limb or toes, a stroke/heartattack and so you duck and weave around the issue, when one needs to get a grip.

Alternative medicine for me is a boon and Im taking Bitter Melon as well as Drs drugs too. Im going to lick this if it kills me! I go to the gym, I do 4hrs a week and need to keep increasing it. I have realized that my Fibro is about keeping or holding on tightly to toxins from drugs to naturally occuring sugar, which is better than sitting down to eating high glyceamic indexed foods of which I listed a couple of posts up. All white foods will send your sugar levels up HOWEVER, sometimes people can eat something white, with not that much of an impact WHILE others cant. We are all different!

Recently I went to have reflexology done to my feet and the difference in my well being is a 100% turnaround. I remembered I had an infrared massager, and do this twice a day and the relief of using it on the soles of my feet, I could scream ...DO IT!!! over and over again. Its marvellous and has improved all parts of my body - all my organs, ie lungs, heart, pancreas, kidneys, BSL'S, spine, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and so on. Amazing... it really does help. nope doesnt cure... well at least I dont think so...the juries out so far anyway

Just sharing. The unit cost me $150Au. 

3 years ago

It sure is, Summerannie.

3 years ago

This is a super interesting and useful info that could save lives. Thank you so much for share!. I will spread it.

3 years ago

Yes, white foods raise blood sugar levels in most people and even if they do not they have no nutrition.

Annie that reflexology machine sounds great! I would love to try it.

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