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What do you do to Save Water?
6 years ago

This is a serious world wide problem: Water Shortage.

Every day I think about it as I move in my life with water and I am respectful of it. I do my best to save water. Here is one story that is inspiring:

The Santa Clara Water District has a cool program for helping households save water, a few gallons at a time, which ads up to a lot of gallons over time. They’ve dedicated a site,, to this purpose and it has everything from a water calculator, to tips to rebates and other money saving programs. Probably the coolest thing they offer (okay, besides the calculator, tips and rebates) is a free “Water-Wise House Call” where they, “can help you calculate your water use, teach you how to read your water meter, survey your irrigation system, and show you simple ways to save water both inside and outside the home.”

Read more:

Did you know:

It takes 2 gallons of water to brush your teeth, 2 - 7 gallons to flush a toilet & 25 - 50 gallons to take a shower.

What do you do to save water? What are some of your quirky tips?

6 years ago

Prior to Fluoridation being introduced to our city i was very mindful of water usage. i now have this disdain for the water.
i rarely use it straight from the tap. I don't bathe in it, or water the fruit and vege. with it. i have tank water, but it's limited.
We are working to have the fluoride removed, but it is a long hard battle. Because our water is State controlled, it makes it more difficult to get rid of it.
We have a lot of mining here, and also the threat of coal seam gas operations popping up everywhere. More water contamination.
So as you see, reducing the usage of toxic water is not a high priority at this time. But I guess the reduction is happening while I'm not using it. :-I
Your incentive is a good thing, where there is good water to be had.


6 years ago

I so agree Keith with you about not wanting fluoridated water.

Water is a real issue in this world and I think not enough people are taking it seriously enough.

Fluoridated Water
6 years ago

There is a great product available that will change the unhealthy fluoride in the water to calcium fluoride, which is it's natural form.  It's called Adya Clarity.  This product will turn the worst polluted water into great drinking water.

6 years ago

Thank you Linda Here is a good tip that I try to do: Keep a bucket in the shower to catch #water as it warms up or runs. Use this water to flush toilets or water plants.

Save water
6 years ago

1 - 2 minute non-power showers - much less water than suggested; 2 bricks in toilet cistern - do not flush if it is just water passed; wash-up by hand - no dishwasher; wet toothbrush and turn off tap - about 5 secs. water; water-butt for watering garden and household plants - no hose; no car to wash; washing machine once a week when full on short programme; cannot think what else just now.

6 years ago

We have been on water restrictions for years here in parts of Australia. I live in Melbourne and although our dams have risen lately we are still in saving water mode.

Lots of people it seems dont care much or realize they waste water b/c it comes freely or so out of a tap. So if this happens then it doesnt register with them to save water on any level.

It really is a saving habit.

It is enforced by law...local law that is, which is council based then it gets uploaded to a  higher court for whoever to deal with water villains.

By being water wise, you save money in your pocket to do other things with it. You might also find that  you have to be careful with 'saving' electricity and gas too, like we do here b/c or vastly rising costs. You have to step into line b/c you ll in the end be penalized... and water is one of them as well.

So, I put a tall plumbers bucket into the shower or a large bucket to cope with water. This goes either on the garden but I never flush the toilet with it b/c its too precious. You can get a toilet device that gives you a half a water flow for short trips to the toilet or a double water flow for more important trips, if you get what I mean. You can also use a brick.

You can save the shower water for hand washing as well.
You can also wash your car with it but I havent washed my car in years. Its the truth b/c here we cant unless we go to a car wash..thats expensive.

So what to do on that score?

Well when its really raining or a  heavy shower. I get my bucket and sponges and water sprayer at the ready etc oh and car liquid soap stuff..and I go out wearing my thongs..ON MY FEET... lol thats what we call em..and off I wash my car. Now the funny thing is that my car is full of soap suds and how on earth do you get that off? Well I devised another idea. Get into your car and drive around the block in the rain with the soap suds on your car and travel around a coupla times to get the soap suds off. IT WORKS!!
I promise you, no one sees  you because they are shored up inside your house and wont venture out to get the mail coz they dont like getting wet but VOILA you have washed your car and its all clean and shiny. Its brilliant. I havent done it for a while.. must do it huh?
You can also mop your floors with your shower water as well. Remembering that some water with the soap in it misses the bucket and goes down the plug hole anyway.
Once or twice a week using the washing machine is great and to do it on a short cycle is perfect b/c mostly people keep washing and washing and wasting water and electricity as well. Most clothes arent dirty or that dirty that you need to do a long long long cycle.
You can also get a plumber in to recycle the water from your washing machine and also your kitchen grey water too. At times I save the water when I wash my hands into a smaller bucket so I can wash my hands etc but remember SOAP can be detrimental on PLANTS and you might find you make them sick. Environmental soaps etc are better for re using water , you know no nasty things in the soap of laundry liquid like Phosphorous.

You can do many things with recycled water without impinging on your main supplies and one is when you get the Plumber in to put pipes/hoses into recycle your grey water you can then get a water tank where you can recycle it into that and also catch your spouting rain water. See if you can get a filter coz thats a good idea too. Then you can do a lot of things with your water esp in the summer months with the searing heat like we have here.

Google....Save water in Melbourne Au and you might find a heap of other tips other than mine.

Good luck! and when you save your water, you can then see your bank balance rise. It happens believe me the same as being alert in the use of electricity. Switch off all your appliances at the power point EXCEPT YOUR FRIDGE or other appliances that save life.  If you do this, then you will be amazed on how much you really save. Better to eat it or travel on the saving huh?

6 years ago

Great tips Rudolph and Annie. Rudolph, I like the brick idea as that is not something I have been doing. Annie, that sounds great to washing your car with soap in the it!

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6 years ago

lol thanks for the

LOl it was proper car washing liquid stuff I used NOT ordinary soap. IT did the trick along with a sponge a bucket of water and some brawn. I have to say that I killed myself laughing at the notion as well as my imagination kicked in. ha good job I am an Artist!!! We need to be alert with imagination! lol
Oh btw my car is a station wagon and is white so it must have looked rather hilarious seeing this white thing full of soap suds travelling 'normally' down the street with suds flying off it. Too funny but it worked!

There are heaps of tips on this site as well as Videos to watch.
The biggest waster of water is washing down your driveway omg thats a total sin'd be in heaps of legal problems here if you did that.

In fact one of our biggest dams which finally made up to 60% of water having been down last year @ 19% Im sure it was that dam....the whoever it was decided to let the flood gates open and release it willy nilly.  I thought i saw it went back into the sea but I am not sure about that but millions of litres of water just upped and disappeared into the sea. Many are up in arms...double standard me thinks. Dont do as I do but do as I say!

Once you learn to be creative in saving water, quite honestly you will view water totally differently and in fact our local govt said that we could return next year to being allowed to use water 24/7 with maybe some restrictions but they decided to ease up on the stiff restrictions. Well us Melbournians all went up in arms and said NOOOOOOOO dont do that we are used to doing this now and we have done 100% in saving water, we DONT want to go back. hheheh fancy that huh? Its because we have been so on the ball in saving water that its our now way of life instead of wasting it. Makes sense doesnt it?

but first you must learn to respect the water that comes in your pipes for you to use. After all its not going to be like that all the time so why not decide to save water wherever you can b/c one day you might have to face serious water issues like we have done here in Melbourne Australia.

I hear the jingling in my pocket from saving water and electricity.
If WE can do it so can you and perhaps with a saving programme you might come and pay us a visit here in OZ.

Short Showers ...
6 years ago

Short showers and shutting off the water while brushing my teeth mainly. 

6 years ago

I save rainwater for plants.

Shorter showers.

Cold water set on medium for washing some clothes.

Use low flow toilet. 

6 years ago

Who uses 2 gallons of water just to brush their teeth? I mean, really?? I find it hard to believe, but I guess some people don't think to turn off the tap until they are done.

Well, one way we try to save water is by dumping the water that accumulates in the dehumidifier onto the lawn or flowers. I usually let the rain wash my car.   

6 years ago

June, I find that 2 gallons amazing too.

I full up a cup with water and use about 1 1/2 cups of water to brush my teeth.


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