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The cycle of life
6 years ago

When you walk through a forest that has not been tamed and interfered with by man, you will see not only abundant life all around you, but you will also encounter fallen trees and decaying trunks, rotting leaves and decomposing matter at every step. Wherever you look, you will find death as well as life.
Upon closer scrutiny, however, you will discover that the decomposing tree trunk and rotting leaves not only give birth to new life, but are full of life themselves. Microorganisms are at work. Molecules are rearranging themselves. So death isn't to be found anywhere. There is only the metamorphosis of life forms. What can you learn from this?
Death is not the opposite of life. Life has no opposite. The opposite of death is birth. Life is eternal.
- Eckhart Tolle (From 'Stillness Speaks')

Life is a school. We incarnate on earth to learn and to advance the soul.
Death is, quite simply, 'going home'.
Do not be afraid of death. There is nothing to fear.

For anyone in need of comfort and reassurance, or those in search of knowledge on the topic of survival of the spirit, I recommend three outstanding works;
On Death and Dying by Dr Elizabeth Kubler-Ross
Glimpses of Eternity by Dr Raymond Moody
The Art of Dying by Dr Peter Fenwick and Elizabeth Fenwick

For the more enquiring mind I recommend a classic of British spiritualist literature The Golden Key by Percy Welsford

"Why have most of those who went through a near-death experience lost their fear of death?
Reflect upon this" - Eckhart Tolle

6 years ago

A great website concerning what happens when we die can be found at

6 years ago

Near-death experiences: Many of the patients have spoken of the peace they experienced, beautiful, indescribale peace - no pain, no anxiety. They tell us that all that matters is how much you have loved, how much you have cared and if you know these things then you cannot possibly be afraid of death- Dr Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

6 years ago

Mother darling, you never could, even in your darkest moments of despair, wish us back, could you see us here in this beautiful place... - Percy Welsford

Never be afraid of death, it is the gift of life. Never grieve for us, we are not dead. We live a life of beauty and happiness. Life on earth is like living in a valley, life over here is like being transported to the mountain top where the great vision of life is laid before one - Percy Welsford

5 years ago

I was with a spirit friend and we were sitting on the lawn of his spirit home. There were some rabbits playing on the lawn and as we were talking, one of them came close to me and I stroked it. To my surprise all the other rabbits, about 20 of them, ran to me and almost overwhelmed me. They were clambering on my chest with ears back and noses nestling under my chin, all wanting to be caressed, and I was laughing and trying to touch each one. My spirit friend was amused at my surprise and I realised that my friendliness to one rabbit had radiated a thought of love which the other rabbits had sensed.
Love from an animal in spirit can be actually felt and gives one a feeling of happiness. When I see people who have a kindly thought for them, I often think of their pleasant surprise later when their kindness is returned "in full measure and brimming over."  Those who kill or wound not for neccsesity but for some strange pleasure, or personal pride of prowess, will, not withstanding their good points, have the memory of something they fervently wish had never happened
- Frederick Sculthorp (From 'More About the Spirit World')

5 years ago

To die will be an awfully big adventure - J.M. Barrie

5 years ago

Yes John, the biggest adventure we know of on this plane.

5 years ago

Pre-death experiences:

'Suddenly my gran sat up in bed and smiled. She said, "I'm going now and here's Dad and George come to meet me." She then died still with this big smile on her face.
My mother never forgot it.'

'My uncle served in the First World War and experienced the horrors of the Somme, which lived with him for the rest of his life. He had led a group of men, returned with only three survivors and was badly injured himself.
He was awarded the Military Cross.

It was around thirty years ago that the following event took place, when he was dying of cancer.
During his illness my mother cared for him at home and I remember one evening we were sitting with him talking quietly.
He was too ill to contribute much to the conversation, but liked to hear us chatting, when suddenly he leaned forward and stared across the room. He became very animated and looked very happy as he began to talk to people he could obviously see but we couldn't. He was calling them each by name and asking how they were and how wonderful it was to see them. It became apparent from what he was saying that they were some of the men who had served with him at the Somme and died there. There was a look of wonderment on his face and he forgot his pain.
I will never forget that night and though I could not see his friends, I have no doubt that they were there.
I didn't see him conscious again and he died a couple of days later.'

'My mother's face lit up with joy. She smiled the most marvellous smile. She seemed to come alive.
She suddenly sat up in bed, her arms out towards someone, with a great look of happiness and then after a pause sank back down on the pillow and died not long after.'

(Extracts from 'The Art of Dying')

5 years ago

Anita Moorjani 'died' on Feb. 2nd 2006...but managed to come back and give us one of the most compelling, comforting and thought-provoking accounts of NDE you'll ever come across.

we lakota
5 years ago

consider the west direction to be the spirit guide; DEATH AS AN ADVISOR. not to worry yourself about the natural occurrence of death,but to imbue you with a lesson to make your life impeccable,before you die....and to reflect on how to make it happen,when you are in the other directions.

5 years ago

Sunset, sunrise: There is no death, life is a continuum.

5 years ago

Mum smiled at me and I held her hand. I looked at her and saw all the pain and age disappear from her face. Then she closed her eyes. I thought about getting a nurse to check on her, but with her eyes still closed Mum clenched my hand again and said, "Stay. They're here."

I knew that this was the last time I would be with my mum while she was alive. She looked so beautiful. I bent over and kissed her forehead. She let out a long sigh and I believe that was the moment she passed over.

I waited for a few moments before getting the nurses. This was a sacred and precious moment and I never wanted to forget it.

(From 'An Angel Saved Me' by Theresa Cheung)

5 years ago

When I come to your world I am like a bird that is imprisoned within a cage and when I leave it I am like a bird joyfully released to wing its way through boundless space.

What you call death is the opening of the cage and the release of the bird from its prison

- Silver Birch

5 years ago

A twelve-year-old child who came back from a near-death-experience decided not to tell her mother that 'dying' in a car accident was a beautiful experience. She didn't want to hurt her mother's feelings by telling her that she had been happy in a place greater than her home.

She had a need to talk about it, though, so she told her father that dying was a beautiful experience and she had not wanted to come back. In fact, not only was it an experience of light and openheartedness, she had been amazed to meet with someone who said he was her brother, who told her she was going to be fine. "He loved me so much", she said, "and he loved you and Mom, too. How could I have seen someone who said he was my brother? I don't have a brother."

Her father began to cry. "You did have a brother, but he died before you were born," her dad said. "We wanted to tell you when you got older."

(From 'On Grief and Grieving' by Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross)

5 years ago

'My mother had a stroke. We had a nurse to sit with her. Next morning the nurse said she had seen  the figure of a girl come and stand at the foot of my mother's bed at 3 a.m.

She asked what was the matter. The figure replied, "I've just come for my mother" and disappeared.

The next night mother died - at 3 a.m.

Later the nurse saw a photograph of my dead sister. "That was the girl who was at the bedside" she said.'

(From 'Life After Death' by Neville Randall)

5 years ago

The World Beyond:

There is not in your world one artist who could capture with his paints some of the glories of my world. There is not one musician who could record some of glories of the music sphere with your notes. There is not one writer who could describe in physical words the beauty of parts of this world.

What a pleasant surprise you will all have one day, when you become conscious of our world.

Your world is in beauty now. [It was May/Springtime] You see all around you the manifestations of the Great Spirit, as the dawn of life sweeps over your surroundings again in its cycle, and you marvel at the beauty of the blossom and the fragrance of the flowers, and you say "How great is the handiwork of the Great Spirit".

And yet, that which you see is but a very pale reflection of the beauties we have in our world of spirit. We have flowers such as you have never seen, we have colours such as your eye has never beheld, we have scenes and forests, we have birds and plants, we have streams and mountains. You have nothing to compare them with. And you will be able to enjoy them, for, though you will be ghosts, you will be real ones.

You come to our world now, but you do not remember. You visit the spirit world every night. That is your preparation. Otherwise, it would be such a shock when you come here to start your real life in earnest. When you pass on, you will remember your visits

- Silver Birch (From 'Teachings of Silver Birch')

5 years ago

All life is one:

A NDE account given by a 62 year old man who before his NDE had been a hard-nosed, no-nonsense businessman.

'The first thing I saw when I awoke in the hospital was a flower, and I cried. Believe it or not, I had never really seen a flower until I came back from death.

One big thing I learned when I died was that we are all part of one big, living universe. If we think we can hurt another person or another living thing without hurting ourselves, we are sadly mistaken. 

I look at a forest or a flower or a bird now, and say, "That is me, part of me."

We are connected with all things and if we send love along those connections, then we are happy.'

(From 'The Light Beyond' by Raymond Moody)

5 years ago

Suicide: A word to the wise

'When the fruit is ripe, it will fall' - and not before.

Life has its purpose. We are here for a reason, not just in the general spiritual sense, bit in the individual sense too i.e. some lesson we have to learn, some mission we have to perform...

Not only does the act of suicide create a huge backwash of sorrow and regret for those left behind, suicide adversely effects the soul's destined path...

Life can be very hard at times, but the soul comes into its own, not in the sunshine, but in the storm.

What we might term 'dark' times provide a golden opportunity for soul growth, and that ultimately is the meaning of life, to learn (through experience) and to advance the soul...

Whatever life throws at us, we must stand our ground. Knowing that the 'dark' times will last, not forever but for a season, and, if somewhat battered and bruised, we will emerge the stronger.

5 years ago

'I found myself floating up toward the ceiling. I could see everyone around the bed very plainly, even my own body. I thought how odd it was that they were upset about my body. I was fine and I wanted them to know that, but there seemed to be no way to let them know. It was as though there were a veil or a screen between me and the others in the room.

I became aware of an opening, if I can call it that. It appeared to be elongated and dark and I began to zoom through it. I was puzzled yet exhilarated.

I came out of this tunnel into a realm of soft brilliant love and light. The love was everywhere. It surrounded me and seemed to soak through into my very being.

At some point I was shown, or saw, the events of my life. They were in a kind of vast panorama.

All of this is really just indescribable.

People I knew who had died were there with me in the light, a friend who had died in college, my grandfather and a great aunt, among others.  They were happy, beaming.

I didn't want to go back, but I was told I had to by a man in light. I was being told that I had not completed what I had to do in life.

I came back into my body with a sudden lurch...'

- NDE of Martha Todd, a respected college professor of English   (From 'The Light Beyond' by Dr Raymond Moody)

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5 years ago

"It's very beautiful over there"

- Last words of Thomas Edison

5 years ago

'Grandma made a noise and I happened to look up at her and saw a look of discomfort and incomprehension on her face. All of a sudden she keeled over like a fence post falling down, straight as a stick without her knees even buckling.

I could see her dead body on the floor. But also at the same time I saw a much younger version of her standing exactly where she had been standing when she fell.

Now, there was a second figure beside her who was a man about her same apparent age. The two looked at me and waved and when they did I felt a deep love. Then they turned away as a unit and disappeared by walking away together through the kitchen wall.

We didn't have the word 'holographic' back then, but it occurs to me how that this is the best word available to characterize the experience. The two people could be described as looking like a hologram, yet they had a greater degree of reality to them than anything I have experienced before or since'

- A retired philosophy professor recalling how, as a boy, he witnessed his grandmother's death (From 'Glimpses of Eternity' by Dr Raymond Moody)

5 years ago

(An account given by a woman who used to work in an old people's home)

'One lady was fading at the age of 97, just slipping away. She was talking to someone, we could see her doing it, but there was nobody there.

We asked her later who it was and she said it was her sister Alice who had died six months previously. She said Alice would come for her the next day at 2.30 p.m.

I started work the next day at 2 p.m I asked "Is she still here?" I was told that she was dying, and as I was new to the job, someone would stay with me and see me through the death experence.

Just before 2.30 p.m. she opened her eyes briefly, whispered "Alice", held out her hand and passed away peacefully

- From 'The Art of Dying' by Dr Peter Fenwick and Elizabeth Fenwick

4 years ago

Just saw this was in the archives and such interesting stories here.

4 years ago

Dogs In The Afterlife: Some years ago American Bryce Bond was taken seriously ill and subsequently underwent a NDE.

He remembered suddenly passing through a long tunnel toward a beautiful light and then...(Abridged.)

'I hear a bark and racing toward me is a dog I once had, a black poodle named Pepe. When I see him, I feel an emotional floodgate open. Tears fill my eyes. He jumps into my arms, licking my face. As I hold him, he is real, more real than I had ever experienced him. I can smell him, feel him, hear his breathing and sense his great joy at being with me again....

I feel the presence of my dog around me as I ponder those two questions. Then I hear barking and other dogs appear, dogs I once had. As I stand there in what seems to be an eternity, I want to embrace and be absorbed and merge. I want to stay. The sensation of not wanting to come back is overwhelming...'

But he did come back, because it wasn't his 'time'. On his return the doctor told him he had been "dead" for over ten minutes.

4 years ago

I would like to share the steps in improving your life during such horrible news. In my own case I could not share this with my elderly Mother, for sure that would have made matters worse with her own medical issues. Going trough the stages of grieve are all the same in death and finding out about your own mortality.But here is the big secret in this area, as my Mother lay dieing in her hospital bed my Sister and I had been sitting at the end of the bed quietly talking and waiting.Sure enough we both looked back at the same time and saw her draw her last breath. We both held on to her praying and sobbing. But here is the secret we could feel her spirit leave her body. It was incredible her spirit engulf the whole hospital room. It was sad but wonderful at the same time.I was brought up a staunch Catholic. This event amongst many, made be realize I must find my own spirituality it has given way to a new understanding of life and death. It is up to all of us to find our own path to the divine. As Mother Theresa taught there are many paths to god or as I like to say the divine light. In this picture is my Shadow and Dazzle waiting for the computer to boot up. I lost Shadow last year but she continues to be in my heart they both have gotten me through some hard times. Animals have a unique understanding of life and death and we can learn so much from them. This Blog is in dedication to my beloved Shadow may she be romping in the light.

Paths to God
4 years ago

Aye, Diana H., mother Theresa may have been correct in saying that there are many paths to God, but via that great lady's own life she demonstrated that there is actually only one way, and that is Love. Unconditional love, only within reach of those who follow in the footsteps of Immanuel, God-with-us, Jesus Christ who proved His love by paying for our sins so that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but may have eternal life. (John 3:16)

Mother Threasa ie St. Threasa
4 years ago

Sorry to offend anyone especially this time of year but if Jan G. understood the teaching of this great lady u do not have to be a Christian to make it to make it to heaven. This was a problem with her and the Pope at the time John Paul V1 she won the noble peace prize because of her teaching which was in direct conflict with the Catholic church. This great Lady believed you could be part of any religion and still meet the face of God. The Pope was outraged because of this believe but because she was so loved she was made a Saint in 5 years this never happen in the history of Saint Hood. She was fast tracked as the church had said. It usually took at least 500 years before someone was made a Saint.While I agree love was her believe as u have said but Christianity was not the only path. I probably will get my post pulled off as was my post in asking people to sign my petition trying to stop the big drug companies from taking advantage of the Chronically ill by charging such high prices for drugs that should have gone generic but have not because the dug lobby keeps getting extensions from the Congress Which is why I joined this group but I guess this group seems to be intolerant to people with different believes I will no longer post here since I seem to be offending others in this group. I am sorry that I may have offended others but I needed to try to get others to understand my own believes and share my own experience of my Mothers passing and what I experienced on her incredible passing. And the love I felt on that day. Namaste, Alan

4 years ago

Alan, I am not sure how it is that you feel that you have offended anyone. I hear nothing of the sort only agreement. 

All is good.

Paths to God
4 years ago

Hi Alan, no offence at all. I still love you because that's my command, but don't confuse religion (following a denominational doctrine) with Christianity (following the footsteps of Jesus Christ). it's your decision and yours alone whom to believe: Mother Theresa, the Pope or Jesus Christ. It is He who said with authority given by the Most High: "I am the way, the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father but through Me" and that is why He had to display His perfect love by dying on the cross for my and your sins. Neither sister Theresa nor the Pope could do this, for they themselves were sinners in need of a redeemer.

Whatever you decide will determine where your undying spirit spends eternity: you will have no-one else to blame if you took the wrong decision and eternity is a very, very long time.

Paths to God
4 years ago

Diana, I think we are getting off the subject and not sure what happen to my petition it no longer has a button to hit and sign. Tried sending u a message to to see how to fix it but not sure what to do. As far as Jan G we are all entitled to our own beliefs I understand that some of us maybe strict to certain teachings and will never see things another way. I could only wish That none of us that believe a little off color that we will also enter the next level of life that our souls are not punished by any God or life force even though we followed the teachings of Christ and may not adhere to teaching of men who came before and after him. Again Namste, Alan

4 years ago

I agree. This thread has been 'diverted'. I take it "eternity is a very, very long time" is a veiled reference to eternal damnation. Eternal damnation? Were that true, God would be a wicked, loveless monster. It isn't true. Historically speaking, the notion of eternal damnation was an invention of Orthodoxy, aimed at terrifying the ignorant, superstitious masses of the day into obedient submission.

Life is a continuum. When one's 'time' comes and you pass over, ALL those you have loved and who have loved you (who have passed over) will be there to greet you. Even your cat or dog will be there!

4 years ago

An extract from a NDE given by a lady called Mary.

'Horses and dogs were playing together and when they stopped they seemed to stare right through me and then went on playing.

I was told they were checking to see if I was the person they were waiting for that had loved them while on earth.'

4 years ago

'You think dogs will not be in Heaven? I tell you, they will be there before any of us'

- Robert Louis Stevenson

4 years ago

...and cats:

An extract from an NDE given by a cat loving lady...

"I can reassure you that there ARE cats in Heaven. I saw all of mine (46 of them!)

Best wishes to you. See you 'up there' someday."

the cycle of life
4 years ago

Many Thanks to John D. I hope to see many of my beloved Dogs when I go to heaven a very good friend(Helen) sent me the following poem when my beloved Goliath ( small Terrier) who had a big heart.

Dogs In Heaven?

An old man and his dog were walking down this dirt road with fences on both sides, they came to a gate in the fence and looked in, it was nice grassy, woody areas, just what a 'huntin' dog and man would like, but, it had a sign saying 'no trespassing' so they walked on. They came to a beautiful gate with a person in white robes standing there. "Welcome to Heaven" he said. The old man was happy and started in with his dog following him. The gatekeeper stopped him. "Dogs aren't allowed, I'm sorry but he can't come with you."

"What kind of Heaven won't allow dogs? If he can't come in, then I will stay out with him. He's been my faithful companion all his life, I can't desert him now."

"Suit yourself, but I have to warn you, the Devil's on this road and he'll try to sweet talk you into his area, he'll promise you anything, but the dog can't go there either. If you won't leave the dog, you'll spend Eternity on this road."

So the old man and dog went on. They came to a rundown fence with a gap in it, no gate, just a hole. Another old man was inside. "S'cuse me Sir, my dog and I are getting mighty tired, mind if we come in and sit in the shade for awhile?"

"Of course, there's some cold water under that tree over there. Make yourselves comfortable"

"You're sure my dog can come in? The man down the road said dogs weren't allowed anywhere."

"Would you come in if you had to leave the dog?"

"No sir, that's why I didn't go to Heaven, he said the dog couldn't come in.
We'll be spending Eternity on this road, and a glass of cold water and some shade would be mighty fine right about now. But, I won't come in if my buddy here can't come too, and that's final."

The man smiled a big smile and said "Welcome to Heaven."

"You mean this is Heaven? Dogs ARE allowed? How come that fellow down the road said they weren't?"

"That was the Devil and he gets all the people who are willing to give up a life long companion for a comfortable place to stay. They soon find out their mistake, but then it's too late. The dogs come here, the fickle people stay there. GOD wouldn't allow dogs to be banned from Heaven. After all, HE created them to be man's companions in life, why would he separate them in death?"

(Based on the "Twilight Zone" episode "The Hunt" written by Earl Hamner Jr.)

The cycle of life
4 years ago

For us humans, there is no recycling. Spiritual life, once given by the Creator, never ends. Those of us going on in years already have first-hand experience of a spirit that does not age, unless your mind allows it to but then it is only in the mind. For us, the only question is: where will we be spending eternity when this temporary dwelling, the human body, dies.

So then, what is death to humans? Is is eternal separation of the spirit from its Creator due to disobedience (sin). God cannot be blamed for such separation by virtue of the fact that He made it possible for us to display disobedience to Him. He loved us too much to prevent us from exercising our own free will to decide whether or not to serve Him. He even gave us a second chance, via His son, the Redeemer.

We remain free to choose because of the awesomely unconditional love of our Creator, but there is no recycle, no second chance once this frail body returns to dust.

4 years ago

Thank you, dear Alan. You hope to see many of your beloved dogs in the afterlife? You will see ALL your beloved dogs in the afterlife!

Animals have souls as we do and are animated by the same spirit of God as we are. All life is one.

Animals who have attained individuality through receiving the warmth of human love and companionship retain this individuality after death and, as I said, will be there awaiting you when your 'time' comes.

4 years ago

Anita Moorjani speaking of the days after her NDE:

" I saw divinity in everything - every animal and insect. I developed a much greater interest in the natural world than I had before. I couldn't kill the mosquitoes that came buzzing around me. They were life forms and needed to be respected as such. They had a purpose. I didn't know what that was; I just knew they had one, as I did.

Each morning, I woke up wanting to explore the world anew. Every day was a fresh adventure. I wanted to walk, drive, explore, sit on the hills and the sand, and just take in this life!

I was also deeply interested in the urban environment, and reconnected with it as though it were all new. I spent my time exploring markets, enjoying city views and the beautiful skyline of neon-lit skyscrapers, admiring our highly efficient publc transportation system and the incredible suspension bridges that stretched across the water to connect the various islands of Hong Kong.

I was awed by it all..."

(From 'Dying To Be Me')

4 years ago

The famous psychotherapist and psychiatrist Carl Jung was a man who knew his way around the human mind and was certainly someone not given to fanciful thinking. He was dismissive of NDEs...until he experienced one himself and then he changed his tune.

"What happens after death is so unspeakably glorious that our imaginations and feelings do not suffice to form even an approximate conception of it."

4 years ago

Spirits Reunited:

A gentleman named Dave approached me at a book-signing event in Seattle to tell me about the shared death experience he'd had with his wife several years earlier

She had just completed a round of chemotherapy and was not feeling well. There was no reason to expect her to die anytime soon, said Dave, which is why he was so surprised to 'hear' her voice as he stood in the kitchen.

"I knew she was dying because I could 'hear' her talking directly into my ear," he said. "She was saying, 'I've just died, but that's okay. Everything is fine. Please don't worry.' "

Dave walked into the bedroom and found what he feared; his wife lying dead in bed. 

What he didn't expect to see was his wife's mother (in spirit), leanng over her daughter and welcoming her to the other side.

"Her mother had died thirty years earlier and I saw their bond renew right before my eyes," said Dave.

The mother and daughter hugged and then "swirled up and out of the room."

It was a great relief to Dave, who said that there was cheerfulness in his wife's voice that "lifts up and keeps me going every day."

- From 'Glimpses of Eternity' by Dr Raymond Moody

4 years ago

NDE of a 13 year old girl named Lynn...

4 years ago

Great post, John. Thanks for sharing.

4 years ago

Lots of good posts. Love really is the answer.

Death is nothing more than a transition, a transmutation of the soul, so to speak.
Reincarnation comes when you are ready to learn again.

4 years ago

That's a great way of putting it, Mary.

3 years ago

An atheist underwent a NDE ... and returned a changed person

3 years ago

Great video, John. Thanks for sharing.

3 years ago

Go back, Brian!

Man 'dies' but gets sent back - by his mother-in-law!

2 years ago

Cycle of Life: Oom Yung - Harmonize the mind, body and spirit; Increase Chi; Remove and prevent illness;  Youthfulness and beauty; Maintain full activity; Longevity and a superior quality of life


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2 years ago

My boat's spinnaker has a yin yang ball being held by a red dragon on a black background. .

Inlaid yin yang in the main saloon table, in ebony and mother of pearl, on the symbol, thanks Diana

circle of life
2 years ago

thanks David for the many quotes and stories! Love them!

1 year ago

I often think that if every single person on earth had a NDE tonight, and ventured into the world beyond, then tomorrow morning we would wake up to the dawning of a very different world here on earth

- Jules Lyons

1 year ago

Lovely, comforting and uplifting video

'What Happens When You Die'

1 year ago

What a wonderful experience you have told us about.  I almost felt the rushing to the light that was felt.  I know that they felt so much peace and never a moment of fear.  It was beautifully described and I hope that either when I pass on to the other side, it will be like this.  Or should I have an NDE I wish for it to be beautiful and uplifting like theirs; although I really have no doubt that it will, be so lovely and something I will never forget and will indeed change me forever.  thank you for sharing this with us.

1 year ago

DEATH IS A DEAD BODY.  Listen to Barry Long's take on death.

Either you will see someone else's dead body or you will see your own dead body.

He explains our society suffers greatly because it doesn't allow us to see our dead bodies and realize how simple and real it is. Of course there is a lot more than the body to us.

1 year ago

Back in the mid to late 80's I had a NDE. I had no idea it was till I spoke about it and researched it, to understand.

I was at an appartment of a friends. Those friends, whom I didnt know well, asked my friends and I to join them for dinner. We all lived close by to where I lived. Around 6 people were there and it was very casual.

These people were Asian and the host was a medical Dr and his wife a leading surgical nurse as well as a few others.

We sat to eat and I started to get quite 'odd' in feeling and not well.

The male host offered me to sit in this big arm chair. i was fading fast. I remember that and I couldnt speak but I could hear. He by this time was yelling at me to keep me 'awake' or concious. I remember him yelling Annie all the time but it sounded as though he was miles away and yet he was a 1/2 centimetre from my ear, yelling. I could tell he was frantic and the rest of the guests were too. I vaguely remember moving to lie on their big bed and they worked on me and were rubbing me on my extremeties and yelling still.

I also remember even today quite vividly arriving to what i thought was Heaven or a place where people go to meet their  dearly departed. Everyone was there. The fields were vivid and clear in colour and all I remember is kilometers of would you believe Canola fields. Why? I still dont know actually and in the midst of that was a Wizard looking person. Like out of Lord of the Rings. Exactly the same as below.

Gandalf; The Grey

Gandalf, The Grey

I remember him speaking to me and he said, its not your time to come here. You must return from where you came. You have lots of humanitarian work to do and it will happen.

People speak about travelling down a tunnel to get to the end where most say is Heaven. I travelled down this white tunnel in break neck speed it was quite overwhelming to experience but in a good way. i wasnt scared at all.

At the conclusion of this Wizard type of mans talk with me, he disappeared as fast as he arrived and all of a sudden after he said I had to return. I was sucked backwards as fast as i had arrived. When i landed back 'to earth' and on that same bed, I then woke up.

The Dr who was the host said goodness me that was a bit scary as it happened so fast. I was made a cup of tea and was driven home. It turned out that that episode was called....... 'an incident'. ha... It was quite an amazing experience.

So as the Wizard had suggested and actually before it too, i have consciously done a lot of 'giving' back in 'service' to local groups here and doing my bit to help others in thanks for whatever happened 'he' chose to return me to earth.

It was quite an amazing experience and I had to do quite a bit of research to understand it.

So months went past and one day i was walking past a New Age shop and in the window there were  all these crysal balls. I looked at them all  and saw nothing till I looked into the last one. I peered into it and then all of a sudden I nearly fainted outside the shop b/c there appearing in the crystal ball was that very same Wizard Man who looks like Gandalf plus  he was in the midst of a field of Canola flowers and the amazing bright blue sky with some white fluffy clouds. The exact same vision etc I had seen a long long long time before. I thought wow surely thats validation, I really did see him and do what I do still today, what he suggested I do. Im lucky I survived whatever happened to me that night. But let me tell you this, I was so calm and it was so surreal and comforting. There was no peril or feeling scared or panicking at all. Nothing, just a feeling of feeling Peaceful Bliss-ness. It taught me not to be afraid of death b/c its so Peaceful. No choirs tho. I guess they might come later.

True story!

1 year ago

thank you so much for that story Sweetie



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1 year ago

Thanks D, yes I too get chills too as to what might have been.

The 'vision' meeting is as clear today as it was when it happened. Quite remarkable and ive never met anyone who might have had this experience. I guess perhaps that each persons experience is so different. To see the whole vision in the crystal ball, seriously blew me away big time. I raced in to the shop and told them. Fortunately, they didnt think i was a loop but believed me as they too like me, were of  a Metaphysical path. 

Zooming down the white tunnel was faster lightening and I had to wait at the end to see if you like what I had to do and thats when all was revealed as did the 'Wizard' Like who on earth would believe there was this kind of Wizard there to meet you, but anything is possible and it also is what you are told to believe. The place i must say was so serene and beautiful. All my animals were there too. An amazing experience.

for more info please visit the other side haha
1 year ago
1 year ago

We should be thankful to the Wizard for sending Doc back! But let's hope she doesn't make a habit of it, though!

1 year ago


was just thinking that I have turned from intense fear of

to the realization that I actually am


when I was a child  till the age of twenty nine (right haha more like 50)

i was terrified of her

now I identify with her kinda roflshpmpacgu

1 year ago

Death is not extinguishing the light, it is only putting out the lamp because the dawn has come

- Rabindranath Tagore


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