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The Power of Genetics
5 years ago

One of the most empowering enlightenment's in my health was understanding the foundations of how MY body worked - by understanding my genetics and my blood type. With those two things, SO many things made sense for both me and my family. I did genetic assessments for my wife and kids to. I understand where my potential health concerns are, where I needed to focus my efforts for my kids, and how to help my body do its personal best.

Wondering where others have found solutions or great insight?

5 years ago

I haven't had a genetic assessment but i understand the great feeling of knowing more about oneself.
On the subject of genetics I am interested in the fact that now they are discovering that the EXPRESSION of certain genetic traits is influenced by our environment - which includes our eating habits - good or bad. Everything is related. The more we know about one part of our life the more we can effect other parts.
This idea is mentioned in one of Diana's articles:
5 Ways Powerfoods Help Us

Understanding Genetics
5 years ago

Thanks for the information! I love learning more about how genetics affects us and how we can use it to our benefit.

5 years ago

Yes, genetics plays a big role in who we are. What I learned after I returned to good health after being very sick for 15 years (had to live on disability even) is that I was born with a weak constitution. I can be strong and healthy but I have to look after myself very well. If I drank alcohol and ate sweets all day I would be very sick. Some people with strong constitutions get away with it for years. But it often catches up with them.

Genetic Assesments
5 years ago

Di you ever do a genetic assessment to find our where your body has advantages and disadvantages? It made a huge difference for me. The light bulb went on! It made so much sense when I saw it! Wish I had done it earlier.

can you do a
5 years ago

genetic assesment with no living family? and if so,does any knowledge you might have;help?

Were you adopted?
5 years ago

Absolutely! My mother-in-law did it for just that reason. She found out late in life that she was adopted and couldn't locate her parents (she has since). She wanted to understand her genetics from a health perspective. She started to have some health concerns and the doctors were asking about her family history... and she didn't know. She did a genetic assessment that told here all kinds of things, and what she could do to solve for them. It made an impact on her she said in two ways - one was that she now had an understanding of her health inheritance, and another was one she didn't expect - and only she can explain as I haven't been through it. She felt a connection to her real parents.

If it helps, I can try to connect you to her.


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