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To Be or Not To Be a Vegetarian?
5 years ago

This topic is a favorite topic of mine so I wrote an article for Care2's Healthy Living:

Many vegetarians think all meat eaters are completely wrong.
Many meat eaters think vegetarians are crazy.

8 reasons why people become vegetarian
8 different types of vegetarians
3 major questions meat eaters ask
My own story
What are your options?
5 tasty vegetarian recipes

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To Be or Not to Be a Vegetarian
5 years ago

Many times in my life I have been a strict vegetarian for many reasons but sometimes I feel the need for eggs or fish or chicken.
This seems to work for me.

5 years ago

Man was created to "walk with the angels" and to be "the sanctuary of love and justice", not to hurt and kill.

To my mind there are few things in life more satisfying than being able to go to bed at the end of the day knowing that no creature has suffered or died because of you.

"Alas, because of lack of spiritual development, there are millions of people on earth who do not realise that the spirit which animates them is the same one that animates all creatures who share the planet with them. They do not see them as spirits with earthly bodies, just as they are" - Silver Birch

Peace and love to ALL!

5 years ago

One step beyond vegetarianism is veganism.

Donald Watson was the person who first coined the word 'vegan' and he founded the Vegan Movement.

He talked the talk and he walked the walk - and he left a golden path behind him.

Be inspired!

5 years ago

If you need further inspiration, another very good website is...

5 years ago

PETA Deutschland recently held a vigil in Berlin. This video underlines the old adage that the most powerful 'weapon' is truth...

You don't need to speak German to understand...

(Not for the faint-hearted)


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