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Is it Worth it to Eat Organic?
5 years ago
| Body Health

Personally, there are many foods I always eat organic and there are many foods that I do not necessarily unless they are in my budget.

I buy my food according to the 'Dirty Dozen' and 'Clean 15' research by EWG

If organic strawberries are very expensive; I do not eat them.
Watermelon is in the Clean list so on my budget I often to not buy it organic.  It is all about smart buying.

5 years ago

I love what EWG does every year to keep us informed. Their list really does influence my buying. Do check it out.

thanks Dianna
5 years ago

I believe better to spend more on my food,than at the doctors. thanks for the list,I have recently gone completely vegan and feel GREAT.

Read my latest Care2 article on this fav subject of mine
5 years ago
12 Foods You Must Eat Organic12 Foods You Must Eat Organic

Eating organic is something we can do both for ourselves and the planet. It makes you feel safe, healthy, and ‘green.’ It is a subject near and dear to my heart.

For the 12 foods listed below, eating organic is much more than a ‘feeling.’ They have been proven to be often drenched in deadly chemicals, so you don’t ever want to put them in your body unless they have that ‘certified organic’ sticker!

There are some other foods that don’t get as much spraying, so you can get away with non-organic for those foods if you have to. Make sure you know the difference!

Why Eat Organic?

1. Better health through reduced allergies and diseases
Organic food is not raised using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Therefore, it does not contain any traces of these strong chemicals that can affect the human body. This is particularly important for children, fetuses, pregnant women, and/or people with sensitive immune or digestive systems.

2. Better health through more nutrition
Care and maintenance of soil, plus preventive farming methods like crop rotation, create fruits and vegetables that contain up to 50% more vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients than commercially farmed foods.

3. Better taste and quality
Many people believe that because organic is produced in smaller, closer farms, it gets the perfect balance of nutrition, and that attention that creates healthier plants.

4. Save the environment
As harmful chemicals are not used in organic farming, there is minimal soil, air and water pollution, thus ensuring a safer world for future generations to live in.

5. Animal welfare
Animal welfare is an important aspect of producing organic milk, organic meat, organic poultry, and organic fish. People, while eating organic animal products, can feel happy that the animals are not confined to a miserable caged life.

6. Non-genetically-modified
By choosing organic you automatically eliminate genetically modified crops. We are just now beginning to be understood the problems of genetic modification for our bodies and the world.

Why Wouldn’t You Eat Organic?

1. It’s expensive; sometimes two or three times the price. This just doesn’t seem fair.
2. The selection of organic produce is not extensive enough.
3. Some stores don’t sell enough organic so the produce sits too long before sale.

Next page: List of toxic foods. Read more:

GMOs scare me
5 years ago

I would buy and eat MORE organic foods.  I do not trust these GMO foods.  What is it doing to our bodies?  Do we know?  Will we regret it 20 years from now?

5 years ago

Trudim se da jedem organsko,međutim kod nas još nisu u potpunosti dostupne radnje koje prodaju organsko.

4 years ago

As much as I would like to eat all of my food organically grown; I do not. But as I said above there are some foods that I will always by choice eat organic like the one on the Dirty Dozen list like peaches, strawberries, lettuce, celery.

I appreciate EWG and all they do to keep us informed. 

Check it out:

4 years ago

I am very low income but have health problems and do all I can for my body (mind and spirit) in a 'natural' way, which includes eating organic probably 90% of the time.  Going the medical route is not life giving IMO unless it's an acute emergency situation.   After all organic used to be the way it was before all those chemicals were introduced to make Big Ag possible, before Monsanto, DuPont, etc.   I remember the slogen: "Better Living through Chemistry", what a brainwash farce that was!   Except in the late 60's it became a joke with a different twist on the meaning.

So, yes, for all the reasons in your article, Diana, I believe organic is the way to go.   It really shouldn't be more expensive, esp. if we rely on local farms and, the best way, grow our own.   But I realize some people are not in as good a position to do that if they are city dwellers, etc.  

4 years ago

Good points Sunny! Yes chemistry was suppose to save us and of course it is now being seen to be the opposite.

I am so happy that I can grow my own organic garden that helps with expenses very much.

LIke this year it will be a long time before I have to buy carrots.

4 years ago

It works for me!    I have to admit though, that for items on the 'safe list' I do buy non organic if it is significantly more fresh or inexpensive.

is it worth to eat...
4 years ago

most of canned food is often worse than non-organic food ( I always read what it says on the labels and spend minutes doing so going from shelve to shelve if need be ) to raise mistrust with the employees walking about ) ..For indeed you can remove at least half the pesticides & co., on an apple by just laying your apples in luke warm water and wash them with your hands, half an hour or 4 hours later, I don´t know...In a broadcast on " Europe 1 " , a long established and reputable radio station in France, with experts as guests, about " organic and non organic...

shortly to apples, avoid those which look as if coated with icing to resemble a probably can´t take the coat off them anyway...if non organic, choose those which don´t glitter ---am saying " glitter " , cause those I´ ve just aforementioned glitter really, certainly not to the stomach´ s joy...

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Micronutrients and Organic gardening
4 years ago

If food is grown with proper fertilizer then the vegetable will contain more nutrition that makes the consumer healthier.  Commercially grown food is not always grown with organic fertilizers.  Is there any way to find a source of food that is grown well?

4 years ago

Talk frankly to the sellers at a local farmers' market, I would suggest

2 years ago

I feel better eating organix. Its somewhat more expensive, but I feel more healthy


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