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Does anyone stay healthy and well without caffeine?
4 years ago
| Mind, Body, Spirit

Are there any non-coffee drinkers out there who prefer to catch up on rest and meditate and stay well vs. getting their "caffeine fix"?

Life without caffeine
4 years ago

Caffeine is a natural food substance, but NOT in the synthetic form that it comes in, in coffee. So I generally avoid coffee and might drink a cup once a week, but I do enjoy it in moderation.

My blessed assurance, my real "caffeine fix" comes from the Word, through unmerited grace - I have nothing to fear, no unmet needs, no illnesses and the authority to meet superhuman goals.

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4 years ago

I definietly do not need caffiene to stay healthy. I have not ever drank drinks in it on a regular basis.

In fact, I would not be as healthy as I am if I drank caffiene drinks regularly.

Thank you Dayna for the question.

gave up coffee years ago
4 years ago

Don't drnk soda. Don't miss the caffeine as much as at first. 

Coffee was a trigger food for gastritis and migraines. Better off without it.Drinking warm hemp milk for breakfast and learning to wake up naturally. 

Gratitude for the positive answers
4 years ago

Yay I'm delighted to hear that I'm not such a minority after all!  My dear husband and I avoid coffee, don't consume anything with caffeine or refined sugar and have enjoyed this healthy lifestyle for 20+ years.  Caffeine is very unhealthy and unnecessary.  I suffer from PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I suffer from severely frayed nerves and caffeine would give me a heart attack for certain! You're very welcome Diana for the question!  I'm always happy, grateful, and relieved to see fellow folks who eschew caffeine and recognize how unhealthy and unnecessary it is.  Thank you all! <3 Peace Love Warm Hugs

4 years ago

Totally understand how it feels not to be able to handle caffiene. I feel like I am on a drug that causes me to speed majorally. Not comfortable at all.  It always amazes me that some of my friends can drink a couple of cups of coffee right before sleep time. I would be awake all night.

We are all so different....there is not always a right or a wrong.

4 years ago

I used to drink coffee 5 yrs. ago but only in the morning and just one cup, and always organic with honey, no sugar.   Gave it up because it caused strong uncomfortable nerve response, more and more.   Now I only occasionally have a little chai.   Have gone without caffeine for extended periods.   Surely don't feel it adds to health, to the contrary for the most part.  

4 years ago

I have heard recently that a couple of cups of coffee a day is good for you. (Just finished my 2nd cup.)  Now after reading this I'm wondering. Could the coffee be partly behind my losing battle with high blood pressure? What do you guys think about tea?

4 years ago

To answer your question Sara, here is part of a Care2 article for you to read, you can follow the link at the end to read the rest.

Coffee is for Bugs not Your Body!

Caffeine is a natural insecticide that plants have been using to protect themselves from insects for thousands of years!

That caffeine in your steaming cup of coffee has been put to much better use in driving away or killing insects in your backyard, rather than getting you going in the morning.

7 Reasons to Cut Down on Your Coffee or Caffeine Consumption

1. Caffeine was developed as a poison.

Over millions of years, plants have developed various powerful compounds to stop insects from stripping away every bit of greenery from the planet. Many plants are obviously poisonous or extremely inedible to protect themselves. Other examples of slightly toxic substances include oxalic acid in leafy greens and capsaicin in chili peppers. When you consider the fact that we consume 12,000 tons of caffeine a year, the amounts in these other foods are miniscule in comparison. A good rule of thumb for health is to avoid or reduce poisons.

2. Caffeine exhausts the adrenals.

Whereas a dose of caffeine in a small insect may stun or even kill it, in humans it just gives us a little “buzz.” This stimulation is what many people depend on to get themselves going with their morning coffee, but it is short lived.

Since it really is just stimulation, an excitement of the nervous and glandular system, it’s not producing any long term energy; and as soon as that little high wears off, you are reaching for another shot.  Do this enough times and your nervous and glandular system, particularly the adrenal gland, is exhausted.  You have to keep increasing the “dose” to have energy and eventually nothing works and you crash.

3.  Caffeine is addictive.

The fact that you can get caffeine withdrawal symptoms if you stop is an obvious symptom of addiction. Most people don’t want to be addicted to anything!

You probably think you don’t drink enough to be addicted, but research shows you probably already are. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine showed that low to moderate caffeine intake (as little as one small cup of coffee per day) can quickly produce withdrawal symptoms.

4.  Caffeine often comes with sugar and other health hazards.

Raw coffee beans by themselves don’t taste good, so sweeteners are usually added. This is usually white sugar or some artificial chemical that tastes sweet.

Some people consider white sugar to also be a chemical poison. To read all about the dangers of sugar and to how to stop your sugar craving, see: 7 Tips to Stop Sugar Cravings

At the very least, sugar is definitely a dumb carb and not a smart carb. Other than the simple sugars, it has no micronutrients like vitamins or minerals to help your body. Also it has a high glycemic index so it goes quickly into the system, creating insulin spikes and insulin resistance, which eventually leads to weight gain.

Read more:

4 years ago

Wow... Shocking!! I will definately try to cut back on caffeine, no matter how hard it is!

4 years ago

Shocking and scary!  I don't know if I can go cold turkey, but I will definitely cut down.  Thanks for the info.

4 years ago

I have heard that coffee can be good for you.
"A growing body of research shows that coffee drinkers, compared to nondrinkers, are:
-less likely to have type 2 diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and dementia
-have fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, and strokes"
I drink my coffee black and plain, with no added ingredients that would make it unhealthy. I drink it because I enjoy the flavor, but I don't notice any huge effects of the caffeine-- and I certainly do not notice any withdrawal symptoms when I don't drink coffee.

4 years ago

I agree with Alexa, just on the side...




unless one lives on coffee so to speak, and unless our immune system is weak -whatever the cause-, coffee is never harmful to health..noone´s died from coffee or  "cafféine" , and there sure is good coffee on the market, but speaking of coffee of 50 years ago and more, coffee can even destroy "bacterias" inside the body the natural way as it´s organic ------so our body collaborates, both cafféine and body being organic (they friend each other)  whilst it cannot make head or tail of the unnatural things contained in coffee today and that probably are what makes coffee unhealthy, but again there doubtless is enough good coffee on the market...And by the way, if you flush well with enough water, juice or even a good beer (in all, three litres and more ) so nothing remains sticking to the walls of the stomach, don´t worry at all...

It´s possible that coffee has become harmful to health today, but if it has, the reason for that is that it no longer contains its own natural elements that once benefited (or may have benefited) the body or the organism if you like...

Just many of the good things contained in it are extracted and used for other purposes --I read--, to name but the good flavour that once would waft out of the cup unlike it´s the case today...But noone´s died from coffee, no case is known...

Think of the people in Yemen or Syria, they live 100 years, coffee may have played a part in that...who knows ?!...but remember, there´s nothing that has but advantages, be it either a coffee bean or whatever, for nothing is able to exist without the  extremes or antagonisms in it, because of  the balance all that exisits on Earth needs, to " be " what it is ...

4 years ago

Hi Guys,

I'm a Holistic Health Coach and clients ask me all the about caffeine all the time. Some clients strive on a small amount. It helps them to focus. Others, including myself, have a very hard time with caffeine. Caffeine can also cause breast pain in women. It's true that our food supply is loaded with added junk and no matter what you consume, it's best to stay as close to nature as possible. I work a lot with bio-indvisuality, because the truth is that one man's food is another man's poison. For instance, I strive on a mostly plant base diet (i do eat animal products on occasion). Other people feel to spacy without meat.

I know
4 years ago

exactly what you mean, my triggers,coffee,tomatoes,meat,dairy..

many cannot give up,I feel better as a vegan eating nuts and seeds.

My bf gets kidney stones,had to go oxillate free,the best foods .

he gave up all berries,sweet potato, all leafy green vegetables..

the stuff I thrive on..

so we are extremely diverse,nuts and seeds are oxilates as well.

4 years ago

coffee stimulates positively if drunk like in Italy or Asia, a little espresso, mocca or two a day and not more; it´s been part of the society gossip in Cafés with 200 seats and more in the desert and in posh parts of town for Centuries, but "buddy", if we walk about with a mug in town and later have refill, possibly do the same again in the afternoon, well then one day we may be left in the cold and go and see the Doctor...and that, is not just theory or complacent words...

But it depends, we can drink as much coffee as we like; only, the more coffee we drink, the more water we need to drink as we need to flush and rid the stomach of all leftovers that stick to the wall of the stomach (les parois de l´estomac) ---(whatever these leftovers are by the way, but mainly coffee and alcohol as we know)---...therefore, if not soon removed -or rid-  by enough liquid, they start to decay sometime and nay may gnaw at the wall of stomach in the true sense of the word...

to close, whatever we drink, if we drink it for fun, if we drink it over a chat with friends (we vent then, don´t we ?), it will never hit back and the side effects will stay away if drunk as I described because in this case it rather strengthens the psyche thanks to that conversation, as a certain Professor Doctor Joachim Hacketal in Germany once said, here quote or almost verbatim: " if the psyche is well and nothing weighs on it, the stomach will chop up everything..."


one more little thing though: we probably don´t need that much water as recommended today, but in a sedentary society that we´ve been now for 50 years, we do...and remember, the immune system needs something to fight  or it falls asleep...Indeed we need both the positive and the negative things as well, but at the same time we need to make sure the negative things musn´t outweigh...thanks

low acid
4 years ago

coffee,worked for awhile till I gave it up completely.

it's good for preventing Parkinson's and Alzheimers disease,sipposedly

I just can't stomach it,literally

4 years ago

It's water, green teas and herbal teas for me, and I have plenty of energy without a caffeine fix. The one exception is that a cup of strong black coffee with a teaspoon of lemon juice can be a good headache cure for someone who doesn't usually drink coffee, and I do find it works for me...but that's a very occasional need in any case.

My husband was a regular coffee drinker until last year, and says he feels much better...and hasn't had an upset stomach...since he stopped.

4 years ago

I can´t stomach it either, truly not ! coffee is not something that´s drunk like beer and that probably is what made coffee what it often is today, often utterly devoid of (its) aroma and the aroma am speaking of is not the aroma of once upon a time...but it would be a mistake to drink something we can´t stomach anyway, so it´s a matter of taste, but the view of life and one´s stance on things that are shaped by the environment we grow up in, do play a role too in connection with one´s diet and taste, be it either coffee or whatever...again, it all depends...How about green tea in leaves, one and a half or 2 litres ? I can´t recall when I last drank coffee in the quantity I used to drink it 30 years ago or more...but I occasionally indulge in an espresso if it is well prepared when am in town, so...

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4 years ago

Yes. It is truly amazing to see all the responses. This is true about almost anything related to food. Some people can't live with and others can't live without it. I see this with my clients all the time. Me on the other hand...I didn't realize how negatively it impacted me until I stopped drinking coffee for awhile and then started again. Even a small amount of caffeine is difficult for my body to handle. It's all about balancing the body and resolving underlying conditions that can manifest in a million ways.

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