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4 years ago

Do you suffer from headaches? If so, find out what triggers them and how to get rid of them.

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4 years ago

General Description

There are four kinds of primary headaches:

Tension. Three out of four are this kind and are characterized by a steady ache rather than a throbbing one, and usually involve tight muscles in the lower back, neck area, and jaw.

Migraine, and migraine with aura. People who suffer from migraines experience throbbing pain on one side of the head, nausea, sensitivity to light and sound, and, sometimes, an aura of bright lights. According to Parade and Natural Health magazines, between 18-28 million Americans suffer from migraines.

Cluster. This form of headache usually strikes men who smoke and drink and will recur over several weeks, with pain generally centering in one eye.

4 years ago

A lot of headaches are down to eyestrain due to overuse of computers - this is known as Computer Vision Syndrome. The following tips (see link) will help protect you from eyestrain & eyestrain headaches

For non-eyestrain headaches & migraines a positive first step would be to take a quality magnesium supplement and eat more magnesium rich foods. I have heard so many times of people who have been helped just by taking this simple step. 

I myself, as a young man, suffered from terrible migraines. I found to my pleasant surprise that I could alleviate them by taking magnesium.  So it is something I can highly recommend from personal experience.

4 years ago

Here is a video re Magnesium, thanks to John.

Ive bought the Ancient magnesium Oil spray today at our local health food store. It is exactly the same as the one Dr Sircus is holding. Its a 250ml spray bottle. Its full of minerals. The list of how it helps and heals is very long indeed along with headaches and Fibromyalgia, sleeplessness, muscular problems ie restless legs and Diabetes too. Lots!!

It is good for healing around 92 illnesses or conditions of the body, I have the exact same spray

4 years ago

I am sometimes quite bothered by headaches, and the many things I've tried haven't been of very much help. I have some new information from this thread, new ideas to try, and thanks to all of you.

4 years ago

hi Miranda,

just enough liquid...we need to flush reguarly and free the stomach walls from the leftovers that are sticking to them all day, for the more leftovers and the longer they remain sticking to the stomach, the worse the " impact " leftovers --if not soon removed-- decay and harm the stomach in the long run, the stomach where all procedures take place and from which everything departs...

Some laugh at many a story instead of going and finding out themselves; in short, it was in 1995 when I last had a headache, ran a temperature, coughed or sneezed ( sure I sneeze though, but only in case of a draught or such, but not as a sign for a cold coming on) tea may play a big quantity, the real leaves, gunpowder sweetened with honey if too bitter, tastes great, and well boiled unlike widely known...Make drinking enough liquid a habit, headaches will go...good luck

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4 years ago

More from the article John posted above:


If you feel that indoor air pollution is causing your headaches, using indoor house plants will eliminate the most common household pollutants, including formaldehyde, benzene (from cigarette smoke), and acetone (from nail polish remover). The potted plants purify the air by metabolizing the pollutants their leaves draw in. Try Boston ferns, azaleas, dragon tree, dumb cane, peace lilies, dwarf date palm, rubber plants, philodendrons, king of hearts, lady palm, pot mum, spider plants, and English ivy.

Take a hot shower and run the water on your lower back and neck. This will help relax the muscles and improve blood flow to the head. This is an excellent remedy for tensionheadaches. You can also use a heating pad.

Have someone massage your neck and lower back. This will have a similar effect as the shower.

Acupressure is a good pain relief technique. Place one finger on a spot halfway between your eyebrows and another finger directly above, on the top of your head. Apply gentle pressure and hold for two minutes. Another pressure point is the soft fleshy pad on your hand where the bones of your thumb and index finger meet. Apply pressure for two minutes.

There are more tips at:

2 years ago

If you've ever suffered from a tension headache you'll know how unpleasant and debilitating they can be. So I was intrigued when I came across this unusual remedy. Not tried it yet, not had the need to, but this might help someone, so here goes ...

"When you're stressed or anxious, you subconsciously clench your jaw and teeth, this strains the muscle that conects your jaw to your temples and can trigger a tension headache. 

A solution: Put a pencil between your teeth - but don't bite. You automatically relax your jaw muscle to do this, which can prevent the pain."

- Fred Sheftell MD, director and founder of the New England Center For Headache in Stamford, CT, USA.

2 years ago

My theory is that most headaches occur from dehydration. There is no enough fluid intake. So I advise those with headaches to drink as much water as they can and also to add lemon or some sort of Vita C to the water. It usually relieves the headache in a short time. Headaches stem from bad circulation and the Vita C helps with that circulation of the blood.

2 years ago

If you don't object to ingesting caffine, a good headache cure is a strong cup of coffee with a teaspoon of lemon juice (which goes along with Michael's comment above, too) and no milk, cream, sugar.  This is much more effective if you are not a regular coffee drinker.

2 years ago

TY for the good tips. I do get the occasional headache and would like to stop taking aspirns.

2 years ago

Haven't had a migraine since I started melatonin

I have had them since I was a small child  ,especially in the city in the summer

but,since I started the 10mg a night of melatonin and B6,,have had minor headaches that would have turned into a 3 day event ,stalled before they grow into a major pain...

1 year ago

For those who suffer from headaches that medicine, dietary changes and relaxation methods fail to address this might be of interest. To me, it all makes perfect sense.

This article suggests spinal misalignment is the cause in many cases of persistent headaches. So if you are prone to poor posture, have suffered skeletal injury through falls etc this is worth reading.

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