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3 years ago
| Body Health

Diet is worthy not to have a better look, but to take care of our HEALTH!!

3 years ago

Very true, Christiana. Thanks for sharing.

3 years ago

Wow! Cristiana that is an amazing picture story of what happens. Better then a list of words. 

Yes, so much can go wrong when there is that overload of weight on the body.

BTW where did you get that picture?

3 years ago

Christiana, Thanks for posting the image. Good information there. I went off and took a huge long look n read up.

take a look around. This is where the image comes from.

click on links above and below.

Principles of Losing Weight

''What are some common misconceptions that people have about losing weight?

We found that a person's weight is really just a symptom of poor health. As they get healthier, they lose weight. The drug companies are attempting to turn this around and make obesity THE disease, which is responsible for many of their health problems. It's amazing how many people have bought into this already - I ask people WHY they want the weight off and most answer, "to get healthy", so we have lots of work to do.

People also do not know the purpose of fat. They think its a cushion or an insulator. Fat, being the largest gland in the body has only one purpose - to help survival by storing energy. As a person's health decreases, the body will hold onto this potential energy very tightly.

The other misconception is that there are different weight problems relating to glands - Adrenal, Thyroid, Liver and Ovary. As a gland produces excess or deficiency, the body distorts. This is why a person needs to adjust the program to the gland problem rather than assume that everyone should be put on the same diet or exercise program.''

Losing Weight and Eating Right According to Your Blood Type

... hypoglycemia and how this all plays a role in weight. What are your views on diets that focus on limiting the intake ... road. My diet is a lifestyle for health, which for many, weight loss is a result, but for all, the gift of health and abundant energy is ...

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Losing weight begins in your head -NLP

... up was all in her head. “All you need to lose weight succinctly is to change your mind,” the 60-year-old weight-loss guru ... spent much of her life on a diet rollercoaster – often losing five pounds and then gaining 10. “When I was about 10 years old, ...

About Weight Loss and Weight Loss Maintenance

... Surprisingly, there was a fair amount of good news about weight loss generated by the recent obesity media briefing, held last month in ... tolerance (New England Journal of Medicine, 5/3/01). Losing less than ten pounds cut the risk dramatically. Significantly, a reduced ...

how best to lose weight

Posted Answers By prokopton - Posted on June 18th, 2009 A: The article with Dr Eric Berg below ...

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... bulky sweaters for as lung as possible. Why is it that losing weight is so hard in the winter? Like hibernation, conserving calories is only ...

Lose weight naturally

MEDICINE CABINET BEFORE LOSING WINTER'S LAYERS, shed the season's extra pounds. Confront unhealthy ... daily for at least 30 minutes, and try these natural weight-control aids suggested by NATURAL HEALTH advisor Elson Haas, M.D., ... the thyroid gland from becoming sluggish, one cause of weight gain. Add 2 tablespoons of chopped, dried seaweed to salads and soups. ...

3 years ago

Awsome!. Thanks a lot to Cristiana and Summerani. I really apreciate your share!.

3 years ago

Good informative post, it is always better to have natural food then going for junk food, which not only creates obesity problem but overall gives rise to problems related to hyper tension & all.

3 years ago

It sure is, Ken.

3 years ago

I was reading this article on and found it interesting. This is just a bit of it.


Lose Weight, Gain Tons of Benefits
Taking off just 10% of your body weight can have a big impact on your health.

A little goes a long way when it comes to weight loss. Research has shown that losing 10% of your body weight -- or less – can have big payoffs for your health.

Such a small loss may not seem like much if you're trying to look svelte in your jeans. But in terms of your health, it can be a big victory.


Health Benefits

With more than 60% of Americans classified as overweight or obese, most of us would benefit from trimming down.

''Being overweight or obese is associated with an increased risk for the development of a multitude of diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more,'' says David Katz, MD, MPH, director of Yale University's Prevention Research Center and of the Yale Preventive Medicine Center.

But lose a few pounds and you can start to turn your health around, according to several studies.

''Lifestyle changes that include healthier diets, regular physical activity, and weight loss of 7%-10% have shown phenomenal health benefits that can be more effective than medications,'' says Katz, author of the best-selling book What to Eat.

Lowering body weight can reverse or prevent diabetes; lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels; and improve sleep apnea and other sleep problems -- along with helping you feel better about yourself.

According to Katz, 90% of all diabetes, 80% of heart disease, and 60% of cancers are preventable with healthier lifestyles and normal body weights.

''We have seen a consistent pattern in our weight loss studies that when patients lose 5%-10% of their body weight, they lower blood pressure, reduce LDL ["bad"] cholesterol, improve glucose tolerance, and in general, lower the risk for cardiovascular disease," says Catherine Champagne, a researcher with Louisiana State University's Pennington Biomedical Research Center.

3 years ago

Annie, great information! I like the way on Principles of Losing Weight he talks about the different weightloss diets which I so agree with.


"Atkins Diet: This is very bad for Liver body types as the liver is not functioning does not tolerate high proteins or fats, especially of the cooked nature. The people that do okay with this diet, have stronger livers. However the diet doesn't have enough vegetables to inject enough nutrients. This is why people gain the weight back."

I have always been against the Atkins Diet for long term good health for most people.

Still have to follow more of the links you posted. Thank you for the research.

Thank you Cupid, I like that beginning: Taking off just 10% of your body weight can have a big impact on your health. Inspiring article.

Good work Cristinia, Annie and Cupid..... you are all s

3 years ago

Great article, Cupid. Thanks for sharing.

3 years ago

Thanks for sharing!


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