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Your Favorite Spa CD's? - Here's mine
11 years ago
When I visit my friend Kate I invariably walk into her house to the sound of beautiful and soul-inspiring music - Native American flute, singing bowls, or chants. The stage is always set by this music for an uplifting visit, a time of peace and connection. Since getting to know Kate, and as I find my own spiritual path, I've been searching for music for my home, to play when I am in need of some centering and tranquility. Here are my top three favorite CDs in this venue. What music do you listen to when you want something soothing for your body and soul? What do you put on when you want to have your own personal spa day? Please read my top favorite CDs, and follow the link to share your suggestions with all of us. Thanks, may we all learn from each other: Here are my three favorite CDs to promote a mood of centeredness, peace, and tranquility. Winds of Devotion, by R. Carlos Nakai and Nawang Khechog Sacred Chants, by Tom Kenyon White Buffalo, by Robert Tree Cody and Rob Wallace
Fave relaxation tunes...
11 years ago
I especially enjoy yoga music from instrumental to nature inspired. I have also very much gotten into chants since my visits to Buddhist monasteries and communities. My absolute favorite is "Women's Yoga Chants-Songs of Spirit" Gaiam/The Relaxation Company. I also enjoy: AM Yoga Chants--Russill Paul--Music and Chant for Yoga and Vitality--Gaiam/TRC Musical Massage--Synergy--Atlantic Arts Ensemble--The Relaxation Co. Music Meditation--Awaken--Brian Scott Bennett--Gaiam/TRC Ginkgo Biloba--Music for Focus and Clarity--Harmonix Ensemble--TRC Whispers of Inspiration--Affirmational Soundtracks for Positive Living----words from Chicken Soup for the Soul co-creator Jack Canfield--Composer/Producer Brian Scott Bennett--Gaiam Whispers of Happiness--Affirmational Soundtracks for Positive Living--words from the Four Agreements author don Miguel Ruiz--Composer/Producer Brian Scott Bennett--Gaiam The last two include spoken aspirations and the first two (Women's & AM Yoga Chants) contain spoken/sung chants of various divination.
Music for healing ...
11 years ago
What a wonderful topic, thank you, Annie. If I could pipe music into every government agency and office in the world ... would it make a difference? These work for me: "Music For The Spirit" -- Domo Records "Roots of Awakening--Chanting The Chakras" by Layne Redmond "Chant" -- The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo De Silos "Quiet Mind, The Musical Journey of a Tibetan Nomad" by Nawang Khechog ""Inside The Taj Mahal" -- Chanting and Flute by Paul Horn "Healing Music" -- A sampler by The Relaxation Company "Seven Metals Singing Bowls of Tibet" -- by Benjamin Iobst "In Memory of Trees" -- by Enya "The Four Season" -- by Antonio Vivaldi and on a very gray, cold February morning when I really need "a lift" .. "La Boheme" -- by Puccini, especially Rodolfo's Aria ... "Per sogni e per chimere e per castelli in aria L’anima ho milionaria." [English translation: "And as for hopes and dreams of love and castles-in-the-air,Miss, I am a millionaire!" Almost as beautiful as the haunting songs of the Celtic women. Have you heard Chloe (15 years old with the voice of an angel)? Music link to Chloe singing "Ave Maria" ... click here:
Musis to Destress to.
11 years ago
I'm new here, and I wanted to say "Hello!", and that music is a great destresser. I used to have the Chants by the Ben. Monks; however, someone else is (hopefully) enjoying it now... I also listen to Reiki and Faery Music, but I don't know who they're by, off hand. For 'power', I like to listen to Native American or African drums; even Arabic/Egytian music can be used to block out the day! I really enjoy this site - I hope I hear a lot from you all! Blessed Be ~Melanie
my faves
11 years ago
Kokin Gumi - Zen Garden Nicholas Gunn - Breathe Tingstad & Rumbel - Anything they do
Amazing, uplifting music!
11 years ago
Good afternoon all! Without a doubt the music I turn to when needing some soul soothing sounds is Railroad Earth, a folksy, bluegrass inspired sextet with amazing vocals and a style heard nowhere else. Railroad Earth has been a nationally-touring act for over 4 years, playing to crowds at Telluride Bluegrass Festival, High Sierra Music Festival and many many more. Check them out at on the web! Get some live shows on their yahoogroups site (free and growing at almost 1,000 members!) at Thanks All!
More Spa Music!
11 years ago
Anything by Dan Gibson is wonderful! His Web site is Mik
anything by
11 years ago
I don't think you can beat... anything by Deva Primal. Most healing and soothing voice..
Very Relaxing Music
11 years ago
I've recently discovered a group called Waterbone. They've traveled to Tibet and Egypt (two seperate discs) and recorded native music including instruments and singing in native languages. They have then added instrumentals to it. It's very tranquil yet energizing. Time well spent listening to this work of art. Waterbone Orion Prophecy Waterbone Tibet
This one even relaxes my cat!
11 years ago
"Spa" by Hennie Bekker. I bought it at a spa, and I love it! Its the best of my relaxing music collection. One of my cats has anxiety and even she mellows out to it!
My favorites
11 years ago
I love music mixed with sounds of waterfalls, rainforests, thunderstorms, et cetera. I have a good many different ones I have collected over the years. I also have American Indian music, Japanese music that puts me and hubby right to sleep every time. My favorite of all though, is the Benedictine Monks. I have 3 of their Chants, and the Christmas Chants is my most favorite of them all. Funny as it may seem, Bagpipe music is also calming to me, and I listen to that too occasionally - just not when I want to put myself to sleep.... I love Bethoven and Handel (Messiah!!!) as well. They might pump me up, but they also give me an out for stress and thus make me less stressed in the long run.
Two very pleasant spa cds.
8 years ago
A friend of mine suggested two cds by Dean Evenson. One is called "Spa Dreams", and the other is called "Wood Over Water." I love listening to the flute and harp when I'm working around the house at night. These cds are great for deep relaxation. Evidently, Dean Evenson is a modern-day Renaissance man.
Can't wait to check out these others!

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Breathing Spaces by Jiang Xiao-Qing
8 years ago

    This is the first time I've heard the term "spa" CD.  

     I really love the music by Jiang Xiao-Qing on her Breathing Spaces CD.    There are samples of her music on   I found out about her music when I coworker brought this CD to work to share.  It's really good.



Dean Evenson's healing music for relaxation
8 years ago
I have to agree that Dean Evenson's music is just perfect for creating the zone for peace and relaxation. Every time I go to a spa they are playing something from him or his music label Soundings of the Planet. He is really a pioneer in the field of healing music and must have 50 or 60 great CDs. He also collaborates with outstanding musicians. The Tao of Healing and Tao of Peace are with a Chinese zither master from Beijing. Healing Dreams and Mountain Meadow Meditation are with trance guitarist Scott Huckabay. The list goes on and on. Check out his music on iTunes, amazon or on his website
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