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Earth Action, 11/9/05 November 09, 2005 2:21 PM

======================================== NRDC's EARTH ACTION: The Bulletin for Environmental Activists November 9, 2005 ======================================== In This Issue: --Action Alerts-- 1. Urgent: Tell your representative to vote NO on Arctic drilling 2. Speak out to help endangered sea otters recover Plus: Shop smart, save forests -- A shopper's guide to recycled paper products ====================================================== You will also find these alerts in NRDC'S Earth Action Center, which includes tools for taking action easily online, at (Please do not reply to this message; see the instructions below for how to unsubscribe or contact NRDC with questions or comments.) ============= Action Alerts ============= 1. Urgent: Tell your representative to vote NO on Arctic drilling Last week you sent more than 25,700 messages urging your senators to vote No on the budget reconciliation bill if it included language that would open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling. We're sorry to report that on November 3rd the Senate defeated an amendment to remove the drilling provision from the bill, 48-51, and approved the final bill by a vote of 52-47. The action now shifts to the House of Representatives, where a vote on its version of the budget reconciliation bill could occur as early as tomorrow. The current text of the bill would open the Arctic Refuge, as well as coastal areas, to drilling and sell off public lands to the highest bidder. If enough representatives threaten to vote against the bill if it contains these harmful provisions, however, House leaders may be forced to remove them, or to abandon the bill altogether. == What to do == Send a message *right now* urging your representative to vote No for the budget reconciliation if Arctic or coastal drilling is included. == Contact information == You can send a message to your representative directly from NRDC's Earth Action Center at Phone calls are also very important right now, so if you have a moment to call your representative, the Capitol switchboard number is 202-224-3121. 2. Speak out to help endangered sea otters recover After decades of being hunted for their fur, California sea otters had almost completely disappeared when a small population was rediscovered in the 1930's. Although they were listed as an endangered species in 1977, otters have continued to face many obstacles on their road to recovery. In the 1980's, the Fish & Wildlife Service began relocating any otters found south of Point Conception, on the southern California coast, to San Nicolas Island. The goal of the program was to establish a population of several hundred otters at San Nicolas Island that would be protected from oil spills, fishing boats and other hazards. The inherent flaw in this plan is obvious, however: wild animals do not understand the concept of boundaries, nor do they necessarily stay where they're put. Today, with only a few dozen otters at San Nicolas Island, the Fish & Wildlife Service admits that its relocation project was a failure and is looking at other options for helping the otters recover. One alternative the agency is considering would continue to protect the otters that remain at San Nicolas Island while allowing the rest of the 2,500 otters off California's coast to return to the full range of their natural habitat, including south of Point Conception. The Fish & Wildlife Service is currently accepting comments on its various options for new otter recovery plans. == What to do == Send a message urging the Fish & Wildlife Service to adopt a new recovery plan that would allow sea otters to return to the full range of their natural habitat along California's coast. == Contact information == You can send a comment to the Fish & Wildlife Service directly from NRDC's Earth Action Center at Or use the contact information and sample letter below to send your own message. Diane Noda, Field Supervisor U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Ventura Fish & Wildlife Office 2493 Portola Road, Suite B Ventura, CA 93003-7726 Email: == Sample letter == Subject: Sea otter translocation - Adopt Option 3C Dear Field Supervisor Noda, Sea otters are an important part of California's coastal environment. They help maintain healthy kelp forests and they enhance the state's economy by attracting visitors who come to see the otters playing in the wild. The Fish & Wildlife Service should therefore encourage the recovery of the California sea otter by adopting Option 3C, which would allow otters to return to and expand into their historic southern California range. The Fish & Wildlife Service's program to relocate otters to San Nicolas Island was costly, difficult for the otters and ultimately unsuccessful. Continuing to prohibit sea otters from expanding into their natural range threatens their future existence. In the last few years, otter populations have leveled off as more otters have died from diseases and other causes. I care about California's otters and I want to see them recover fully. I urge you to choose Option 3C and let the otters recover along the entire California coast. Sincerely, [Your name and address] ============================================ Shop smart, save forests: A shopper's guide to recycled paper products ============================================ Thousands of you have sent messages urging Kimberly-Clark to stop destroying Canada's boreal forest to make tissue products (thank you!). You can also help save trees by purchasing recycled tissues, toilet paper, napkins and paper towels (did you know that if every U.S. household replaced just one roll of virgin fiber toilet paper with a 100%-recycled one, we could save *423,900* trees?). NRDC has made it easy for you -- just visit our new consumer guide and learn which brands are the most (and least) forest-friendly: http:/  [ send green star]
 November 09, 2005 2:22 PM


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