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The medical profession want the right not only to stop the treatment of terminall ill patents but to be allowed to stop that person from getting any food or water. If this was a veterinarian stoppen the treatment of a sick animal and then let that animal starve to death with out food or water what would the outcome be from the public, police, newspapers. I would thank that people who loved their pets would soon stop using the services of vets who would just let animals starve, saying that as there was no hope of recovery then the best thing was to allow the animal to just die. But this is not a vet treating animals it's doctors treating terminally ill people. SEE THE TIMES TODAY AND READ THE FULL ARTICLE.  [ send green star]
Feeding Terminally ill Patents May 17, 2005 1:50 PM

The Medical Profession are also People ? And one day like us all they will also get old. I wonder when it their time ? They would like also to starve to death. I don't think so, I know I would not want to. I like life.  [ send green star]
TREATMENT May 17, 2005 4:47 PM

Not only are they taking our right to be treated with the care we all should get if we become terminally ill, but the government is also taken our right as to how we look after our own health. They are stoppen use buying health products made from things grown in the natural environment, products made from plants, trees, flowers, herbs,fruit even nuts etc. products made animals like honey. WHY because the pharmaceutical industry wants to control the products used in tratment so they can keep the price high for prescription drugs even the one's they cannot patent because they come from nature. You watch the cost of products you can buy know accross the counter go up when you must get a prescription to buy it. And your government is allowing it to becaucse the industry pays a lote of money to government via donations  [ send green star]
WHAT DO YOU THINK May 18, 2005 9:29 AM

I am a bite surprised that only john as entered the discussion, Do you feel it is something that we should allow or should we let both Doctors,Politicians, even the courts that we will not allow the medical profession the right to starve people to death, just because the person is terminally ill.  [ send green star]
Government Minister May 19, 2005 9:15 AM

In the TIMES today a minister in the Government backs the General Medical Council. A lawyer for Patricia Hewitt the Health Secretary , said that a ruling granting a patient the right to request life-prolonging care had serious implications for the NHS. The dramatic intervention came as lawyers for the G.M.C. challenged a high court ruling that supported a terminally-ill man's whish to be kept alive artificially. Leslie Burke 45 who suffers from cerebellar ataxia a degenerative brain condition,won a landmark case last MAY granting him the right to stop doctors withdrawing artificial nutrition or hydration (ANH) treatment untill he dies naturally. (to people without medical knowledge in simple terms food and water) "For the full store see the article in the TIMES TODAY BY Sam Lister Health Correspondent."  [ send green star]
Letter from a DR in the Times May 20, 2005 4:40 AM

HERE is a copy of a letter by a Doctor in the Times today. Sir the government has at last come clean over its position on giving doctors the authority to withhold food and fluid from the patients, dying or not,simply because they deem it inappropriate(report May 19) It is to save costs. Leslie Burke seeks only not to be starved and deydrated to death------nothing more. The legal problem has arisen soely becaues food and fluids have been defined as "treatment" (originally in the case of Tony Bland) Food and fluids are not treatment, merely ordinary care (though the provision of a convenient route for their administration may require a relatively minor intervention). They do not cure any disease but are essential to all of us if our body is to maintain life. Unless a patient is dying and the administration of food and fluids is itself burdensome no doctor has the right or the omniscience, to deem a patient's future life not worth living and to withdraw these simple measures PATIENTS' RIGHT TO LIFE-GIVING CARE. (by Dr Ian Jessiman in the Times)  [ send green star]
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