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13 years ago
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Hello Treehuggers!  The original thread was getting kinda long, so I decided to close it and start up a brand new one.  Feel free to post any petitions that DO NOT pertain to trees or forests here. 


13 years ago
Please Ban Leg-Trapping of Bobcats in Iowa

13 years ago

Recently, hundreds of dead cats, dogs and other animals that were cruelly killed were found in two wooded areas of West Virginia. They included animals with rabies vaccination and name tags, indicating they were pets. Overall more than 250 dead animals have been identified, inventoried and photographed.

Due to the current inadequacy of federal laws, authorities often rely on state legislation to prosecute offenders, even in cases of horrifying abuse against animals. In this case, because the animals were found in West Virginia, prosecutors are turning over the case to local officials, where the offenders can only be charged with a misdemeanor - a charge that generally doesn't come with imprisonment.

Urge your elected officials to pass strict federal laws making cruelty a federal offense, with federal jail time.                 

Please sign this petition:

13 years ago

Linda has received 5 new, 5 total stars from Care2 membersLinda has been awarded 19 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Linda S.

Please sign this petition which will be sent to The Countryside Alliance regarding their rebellion over the Fox Hunting Ban. It needs 10,000 signatures & last time I looked there were only 437 ! The Countryside Alliance arrogantly believe numbers are on their side - let's show them otherwise.

13 years ago
Save South African Primates

In order to halt the ongoing eradication of South African  primate populations (the Chacma Baboon and Vervet Monkey), new laws that protect primates from being indiscriminately hunted are urgently required;

Baboons are at last protected in the Western Cape (under N.E.M.B.A.) after many years of being persecuted as "problem animals". In spite of both the Vervet Monkey and Chacma baboon being listed on C.I.T.E.S Appendix 2, our indigenous primates are not monitored in South Africa and still face a slow eradication. There are less than 120 individuals left on the Cape Peninsula.

Contradicting the new protected status of Vervet Monkeys and Baboons, South African hunting laws allow indiscriminate killing.  Landowners, their employees and family in the Western Cape may "hunt" all protected game without licence or permit subject to the season, daily bag and degree to which prohibited hunting measures are suspended (poison, bow and arrow, gin traps etc etc) . There is NO limit to how many baboons are allowed to be shot annually. They may be hunted at night (sitting targets while sleeping in trees), with dogs, traps etc.  Holders of an annual hunting licence legally do the same.

We need laws that will protect all free roaming species before it's too late. Please sign and comment on this urgent petition.

13 years ago

Stop the grey squirrel cull

Grey squirrels, DEFRA claims, are ‘largely responsible for the decline of
the red squirrel'. They are also blamed for damaging woodland, but it is
people, not squirrels, who have consumed and destroyed vast tracts of
woodland and other wildlife-friendly landscapes. The red population is
rapidly declining, not only because of this loss of habitat, but because
they too were once unpopular and killed in vast numbers.
Grey squirrels flourish because they are more adaptable and hardy than the
red. Red squirrels will survive only if their preferred habitat (conifer
woods) is protected.
13 years ago
Reintroduce and Protect the South African Spotted Hyena

The spotted hyena has greatly declined in numbers in the southern regions of South Africa. In the interest of the hyenas, the environment and the world, hyenas should be reintroduced into these regions and defended against further persecution.
13 years ago

Help the animals in horrific conditions in Kunming zoo, China

The animals of Kunming zoo, China, suffer the agony of life in cages, concrete yards and featureless pits, facing daily beatings while being forced to perform and beg for food. In today’s society this level of cruelty cannot continue. see

13 years ago

All signed! Thank you!

Please sign this petition to help battery hens...

Thank you!

13 years ago

13 years ago

6000 Baby Elephants Kidnapped Tortured into Slave-Loggers in Myanmar 

Only 1,500 forest elephants remain from a recent population of 10,000.
Please sign my petiton to enforce the Myanmar law protecting wild elephants and the forests that are their home.

Save wolves in France

13 years ago

Canada's animal cruelty laws have not been changed since 1982!

Currently, animal abusers get a maximum of 6 months in jail, $2,000 in fines and a ban on owning animals for 2 years. Bill C-50 proposes 5 year jail terms, up to $10 000 in fines and possible lifetime bans on owning animals. Stephen Harper is a cat lover, tell him it is time to step up and do the right thing for animals and Canada!
13 years ago

Stop hunger!  Please sign the petition at this site, plus, don't forget to click on the buttons on the left side....each click is free! 

*Warning....graphic photos on this site!*


Petition for the tigers

I have uploaded an online petition
( ) addressed to the Indian
government for saving tigers in the wild. I would be grateful if you could
forward it to the members of your mailing list so that it can collect
signatures from people who are concerned about the problem. Poaching has
been decimating the wild tiger population, and unless quick and firm
action is taken, they may soon disappear altogether. When the campaign
collects a good number of signatures, I intend to forward it both
electronically and by post to the Prime Minister's office, the various state
governments and any other relevant government agencies.


Soonoo Taraporewala

Millions of people watch and are positively influenced by The Oprah Show.

Please, urge Oprah to do a show on the importance of spaying and neutering. Help save the life of an innocent animal today!

13 years ago

Urge Pseudo-Sanctuary to send lone elephant, Betty, to a REAL sanctuary!

Betty, a female Asian elephant, lives all by herself at a pseudo-sanctuary in Missouri. Her previous companion elephant, Shanti, was given to Houston zoo in 2000 to breed. Betty has lived alone since then, and is in urgent need to be transferred to a real sanctuary: The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

Let this girl stay where she belongs!
Taida is an 18-year old Dutch student. She is original from Kosovo, but has lived in The Netherlands since 1999 after she fled with her parents and two younger sisters. Last year the family heard that they had to leave the country. After 5 years!! The government promised that if they would leave voluntary, Taida would get the cance to come back and finish her school. So they did... Taida came back and she got a place in a host family. Her school payed her tuition and everything seemed to be ok...

UNTIL she was taken out of her class to prison! Without even allowed to get some gear or to talk to her host familiy or friends. She was not allowed to make phone calls, have visitors, nothing. WHAT IS THIS??

Sign for Taida!! This petition is against the minister, R. Verdonk.

NB: It's all in Dutch;
naam = full name
woonplaats = city (best to write your country here too)
eventueel opmerking = comments (optional)

More info (in English) here:
13 years ago

Urge Your Representative to Send Ailing Elephant to a Waiting Sanctuary

Please "Take Action" to ask the members of the Smithsonian Institution Board of Regents to order the National Zoo to send Toni to The Elephant Sanctuary. The National Zoo simply cannot provide for the vast physical and psychological needs of elephants. The National Zoo is funded by federal dollars, so all taxpayers should have a say in these elephants’ future.
Send an automatic letter online

Save the baby seals!

Boycott the film, "Killer Pickton"

This film serves only to feed the prurient interests of misogynists, while making violence against women a commodity. We feel the film is disrespectful to the memories of the murdered and missing women and their families. We are tired of the women being referred to as "mostly drug-addicted prostitutes" as if killing them were not as heinous as killing other women. The film and the publicity surrounding it, shows a total disregard for the humanity of the women. They are daughters, sisters, mothers and friends who are loved and who are missed by their families and friends.

Badger Cull
13 years ago

Badger has received 11 new, 11 total stars from Care2 membersBadger has been awarded 15 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Badger W.


'Since the 1970s badgers have been scapegoated as the cause of bovine TB, even though studies found that 6 out of 7 badgers tested were not infected with bTB. The real villain is the dairy industry. When animals are crowded together in dirty conditions and exploited to their physical and mental limits, disease is inevitable and easily spread. Rather than taking responsibility, farmers blame the badgers. To appease the farmers, DEFRA has announced a 12 week consultation on a badger cull. If killing goes ahead, thousands of badgers will be trapped and shot.'  Animal Aid

 Email Defra by March 10th 2006 telling them to stop the cull, here is form set out by Animal Aid :

13 years ago
Make September 11 a National Recognition Day

We belive that September 11 should be a day of national recognition/appreciation for all emergency workers who risk their lives daily for each of us and to remember those who have lost their lives saving ours. This is a simple way to say "thank you" and show our appreciation for these special people.
13 years ago

Location: Bernice, MT (U
Bernice, MT (UThis action alert expires on Feb 27, 2006!
186 people have sent letters to officials about this case via our webfax form so far. There is strength in numbers - be sure to ask friends and family to send letters about this case.On September 3, 2005, Russell John Howald allegedly shot a chocolate Labrador named Gunner multiple times after the dog wandered into his campsite. Court records said Howald then cut off the dog's head and threw it into a campsite occupied by Mike and Brenda Sullivan of Butte, the parents of the dog's owner.

Howald also allegedly threw a beer bottle at a boy in the same area and then fired a gun when the boy's father confronted him. Witnesses said Howald was intoxicated.

Under a plea agreement, Russell J. Howald, 30, whose address has been listed as both Basin and Butte, pleaded guilty to felony aggravated animal cruelty and misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals, criminal mischief and negligent endangerment.

In exchange, prosecutors agreed to dismiss four other charges: one count of tampering with evidence, two counts of intimidation and one count of animal cruelty.

As you undoubtedly know, the connection between animal cruelty and interpersonal violence has been established for many years. FBI Supervisory Special Agent Allen Brantley was quoted as saying "Animal cruelty... is not a harmless venting of emotion in a healthy individual; this is a warning sign." Howald's actions in this case meet several of the factors that are considered

There is strength in numbers - be sure to high-risk for future violence against humans, as outlined by Dr. Randall Lockwood, and he has already repeatedly demonstrated that his usual reaction to frustration is violence.

Please take a moment to send a polite letter to the prosecutor in this case asking for the maximum sentence of 4 1/2 years in jail and a $5,000 fine, in addition to mandatory counseling at Howald's expense.
The Honorable Mathew J. Johnson
Jefferson County Attorney's Office
Jefferson County Courthouse
Po Box H
Boulder, MT 59632
Phone (406) 225-4010
Fax (406) 225-4049
13 years ago


Dear Members,

Please read and sign my petition, my daughter is caught in a government run system that is profiting from my third childs capture.
They have been using her for federal funds needlessly, and adoption bonuses and rewards when she has a Mother, who can take care of her.
She has two other sibblings that I was allowed to keep and raise. My third child was the youngest one, she was more adoptable. She is the little girl in the above picture.
We love and miss her very much and we need your help to bring her home.
Please See Petition and Sign

You can read full story here
Thank you for you for helping us to reunite..
Mother of three, still have two, while the government has one.
At the bottom of this page is a picture of me, and my two other children that I was allowed to keep all of this time, while briefly reunited with my youngest little girl, just by the grace of God, the one with the blue shirt on, who has been locked up in the government run system for years now. She is made to live in another home with other adopted children when she has a real family that she could be with.
We were reunited just for a short time, she jumped up in my arms and almost knocked me over when she first saw me.
She never forgot any of us, and was very dissappointed to know that she had been excluded from her family all of this time, while the rest of us remained together.
She wanted to come home with us instantly but her adoptive parents have made her feel uncomfortable for her to feel free in expressing her true feelings.
So she has had to hold it all in and her feelings kept silently to herself.
She has said that she is afraid of hurting their feelings, so she lives to protect the feelings of two grown adults while she lives with a broken heart.
Shes afraid to let them know that she has a broken heart, because she was afraid that they would take us all away from her again.
After reuniting us all, and getting our hopes up high, the adoptive parents cut us all off again after they told her they would never take her mother away from her.
But the system is set up this way where the children don't have a voice.
Nobody knows the hearts of these children, the children own the truth but are not allowed to speak out about what is important to them.

Mother and her three children

13 years ago

I'm sure many of you watched the recent taping of the Oprah
Winfrey show where her guest was Tommy Hilfiger. On the show, she asked him if the statements about race he was accused of saying were true.
Statements like"..."If I'd known African-Americans, Hispanics, Jewish
And Asians would buy my clothes, I would not have made them so nice. I wish these people would *NOT* buy my clothes, as they are made for upper class white people."

His answer to Oprah was a simple "YES". Where after she
Immediately asked him to leave her show.

My suggestion? Don't buy your next shirt or perfume from Tommy

Let's give him what he asked for. Let's not buy his clothes,
let's put him in a financial state where he himself will not be able
to afford the ridiculous prices he puts on his clothes.


The following scene took place on a BA flight between
Johannesburg and London. A white woman, about 50 years old, was seated next ton a black man.

Obviously disturbed by this, she called the air Hostess.
Madam, what is the matter," the hostess asked. "You obviously
Do not see it then?" she responded. "You placed me next to a
Black man.
I do not agree to sit next to someone from such a repugnant group. Give
Me an alternative seat."
Be calm please," the hostess replied. "Almost all the places on this flight are taken. I will go to see if another place is available."
The Hostess went away and then came back a few minutes later.
Madam, just as I thought, there are no other available seats in the economy class. I spoke to the captain and he informed me that there is also no seat in the business class. All the same, we still have one place in the first class."

Before the woman could say anything, the hostess continued:
It is not usual for our company to permit someone from the economy class to sit in the first class. However, given the circumstances, the captain feels that it would be scandalous to make someone sit next to someone so disgusting."

She turned to the black guy, and said, "Therefore, Sir, if you would like to, please collect your hand luggage, a seat awaits you in first class."

At that moment, the other passengers who were shocked by what they had just witnessed stood up and applauded. This is a true story.

If you are against racism, please send this message to all your friends.

Please do not delete it without sending it to at least one person.

13 years ago
Stop the Torture of Oxen in Queretalo- Mexico

Every year oxens are torture and killed during a religious celebretion. Ask the authorities of Queretalo-Mexico to stop this savage practice. Pidale al gobierno de Queretalo-Mexico, que no permita la tortura y sacrificio de bueyes por celebraciones religiosas.
13 years ago

Target: International Whaling Commission
Current Signatures: 118524
Signature Goal: 1,000,000

Welcome to Whales Revenge, an ambitious campaign to gather 1 million signatures for a petition to stop whaling.

Every year thousands of precious mammals are slaughtered in the name of so-called 'scientific research'.

Add your voice to this global campaign and pressure the International Whaling Commission to stop the killing. 

13 years ago
Protect the Yellowstone Buffalo - the Last Wild Herd

13 years ago

Never Shortcut an Environmental Impact Assessment

The Commissioners failed to hold an environmental impact assessment regarding a 40-acre 600 dog- dog kennel stating that it'd only equal to about 8 head of cattle as to how much waste would be generated by the animals; this is a lazy cop out; please also contact:
13 years ago

Debarking should never be an option

The county has granted Mr. McDuffee the right to have several of his dogs debarked; they say it's humane but most vets and animal welfare agents disagree. Please also contact:
13 years ago
600 dog-kennel is still a Puppy Mill

A man in MN has been granted permission to build a 40-acre kennel to hold 600 dogs for breeding. This is more a Puppy mill than a true breeder. Please also contact these board members:
hi tracey
13 years ago
How do you feel about chemtrails?
13 years ago
Stop Selling Kangaroos Leather and Meat!
Kangaroo's are so valuable,and these people sell Kangaroo meat , Kangaroo Pickled skins and Kangaroo leather! We need to make this STOP!

13 years ago
431 11:14 pm PST, Feb 27 Scott Chapman United States  
Signed them all!
13 years ago
13 years ago that "I clicked" graphic!  Is it ok if I snag it?

Scott....what's a chemtrail?  I'd love to know! 

13 years ago

Do sign this petition to protect cats from precautionary slaughter and hunting in the Avian Flu affected areas of Europe! It's been shown that cats can be infected by the AI as well, and they need to be protected; not only from the flu, but also from people's attitudes.... Not everyone loves cats, or cares for their wellbeing. We can make a difference here.

13 years ago

Please help this lonely chimpanzee - pls sign, forward, do whatever you can but let's try to give him at least a decent old age. 

Hello everyone, please sign and forward if you haven't to free Bill from confinement and send him to the sanctuary!!!  This numbers for this petition are still really low!!

13 years ago


Thank you Tracy.

13 years ago

Target: Kirke Adams, District Attorney 33rd Judical Circuit, District Attorney, 33rd Judicial Circuit

Goal: 4,000

Deadline: 4-20-2006

“General Fuzzy,” a German Shepherd, Service Dog, was premeditatedly murdered, within his own fenced yard, by 4 late age male teenagers. Alabama has stringent laws governing such, but our new District Attorney is not presently inclined to enforce the applicable law. Please sign so our laws will be enforced. See full petition below

13 years ago
Dog dragged by car at 30km/h
19/02/2006 22:28 - (SA) =20

Alet van Zyl , Beeld:
Pretoria - A man from Faerie Glen in Pretoria might face a prison sentence after dragging a dog with a nylon rope at 30km/h behind his Mercedes-Benz.

"It was the ugliest thing I have ever seen," said Kim Leslie, who saw it happening.  "He first dragged the dog down Manitoba Drive [in Faerie Glen] on its feet. I turned my car around and followed him. The dog fell over and the man dragged her while she was lying on her back and rolling all over the road. The worst was that the man was smiling all the time," he said.

Eventually, the man stopped in Kentucky Street, where Leslie and other witnesses confronted him. Leslie said: "The man just shrugged his shoulders as if he couldn't understand what the all fuss was about." Leslie told the Wetnose animal-rescue centre and the SPCA about the incident, and took the dog, Lamina, to a vet. The dog's paw pads had worn away.

A charge of animal abuse was laid against the man with Garsfontein
police. Diale Ratsela of the SPCA said he suspected the man was angry about the dog leaving his yard all the time and wanted to teach her a lesson by dragging her back home.

Dr Pieter Bosch, a veterinarian at Glen Animal Clinic in Faerie Glen, said the pads on the dog's paws were worn away. When Beeld visited the animal clinic, there were large, bloody wounds on her sides where the skin had been rubbed off. "There were also severe bruises on her neck where the rope had been tied," said Bosch.

Trudie Wessels, director of Wetnose, said it was clear that the dog had been abused in the past. "It was clear that these were old wounds, that it was not the first time," confirmed Bosch. He expected the dog to recover within a month. "I is only a matter of strong antibiotics, pain killers and cortisone for a month. Fortunately, the tissue underneath a dog's feet recovers quickly," he said. She would afterwards be taken to Wetnose for adoption.

Should he ever be allowed to own an animal again? Should he get away with this if he gets an excellent lawyer I believe the story has also been aired on Radio 702 this morning and will hopefully be followed up.

Thank you
13 years ago

Protect Your Healthcare

Tell Congress That We're All Dead Ducks with AHPs

Congress is ducking out on providing quality healthcare for America. Congress is currently considering legislation to allow Association Health Plans (AHPs) to take away what few health protections we have under state law.

AHPs will make America's families sitting ducks. AHP insurers will raise your rates if you get sick. AHP insurers will not be required to have cash on hand to pay your claims. AHP insurers will not allow you to appeal their decisions when they deny your claim. And, AHP insurers will restrict essential healthcare services including OB-GYN choice and mandatory mammogram coverage for women.

Tell Congress to stop taking aim at America's families. Tell them to oppose AHPs.

Your message will be also be sent to your Senators (see message and petition text below). Ask them to oppose this effort to weaken the healthcare our families depend on
New social security petitions:
13 years ago

Social Security Disability Reform Petition:

A Law Suit against Congress to Save our Social Security and other Trust funds from being looted!

Repeal of Social Security Government Pension Offset and Windfall:

Let Congress Go First! Petition: So if those who want to privatize Social Security are really looking out for us, if the believe that we need to "save" Social Security and that Bush's...

Danielle's Law Goes to Washington Petition:
The proposal is in fact a modification of the Social Security Act. The facilities that house the nation's 4.5 million developmentally disabled citizens also...
13 years ago
All signed, Tracy.  Thanks!
13 years ago
Please protect these trees against Tesco in UK 4:05 PM
Please protect these trees. There a prostetor at the site ,but they need our help.

I am passing this on having received and signed it myself :
13 years ago


It is critical that letters are sent to the Irish newspapers and papers
around the world who have pubished on the issue, while the topic is hot
again. The more letters they receive, the more they publish. So even if
yours doesn't get in, you are helping somebody else get one in. When
writing, be sure to respond to a quote, with the given date, in a
recent article written in the publication.

The main papers are the The Irish Times, Irish Independent, Irish
Examiner, Meath Chronicle, Sunday Times, Sunday Tribune, and Sunday

An archive of recent newspapers articles can be found at:

The Irish Times (paid subscription, except front page)

"The Irish Times receives a great many letters each day and it is
possible to find space only for a small selection. When writing, bear
in mind that short letters are more likely to be published than long
ones and that letters ranging over several topics are unlikely to

It is generally best to make one point as concisely as possible,
without preamble. When referring to an article, report or previous
letter in The Irish Times, it is helpful to give the date of
publication, if possible.

All letters intended for publication should be clearly marked "Letters
to the Editor". They may be sent by post to:

The Irish Times, 10-16 D'Olier Street, Dublin 2; by fax to: 01 675
8035; by e-mail to: (preferably without

Please do not send letters intended for publication to other Irish
Times e-mail addresses. All letters, including e-mails, should include
the writer's full name, postal address, and telephone numbers (day and

Letter-writers may receive a subsequent telephone call from The Irish
Times. This is part of our authentication procedure and does not amount
to a commitment to publish.

We regret that we cannot give prior notice of a letter's publication
date, acknowledge unpublished letters, or discuss the merits of
individual letters.

It is our policy to represent as wide a range of views as possible
within the constraints of libel and taste. However, we do require
writers to put their names to their opinions. Therefore, we do not
publish letters using pseudonyms or other formulae to conceal the
writer's identity, such as "name and address with editor". Please note
also that we do not print copies of letters addressed to someone else."

The Irish Independent
You can phone your Letters to the Editor on freephone 1-800-733-733
Or, email directly to The Editor of the Irish Independent: (free - registration required)

The Irish Examiner
The Irish Examiner (print edition),
Academy Street, Cork
+353 21 4272722. (free-registration optional)

The Meath Chronicle (free - registration required) /

The Sunday Times - Ireland,,2091,00.html

The Sunday Independent

Join hundreds of academics and thousands of people wordwide who are
petitioning the Taoiseach of the Irish Government to stop the current
archaeological excavations and reroute the M3 motorway away from the
Hill of Tara archaeological complex, Ireland's premier national
monument. Please sign the online petition

Write to to your local and national representatives, and to:
- Mr Bertie Ahern, Taoiseach, Department of the Taoiseach, Government
Buildings, Upper Merrion Street, Dublin 2. Ireland.
- Minister for the Environment, Dick Roche, Department of the
Envioronment, Heritage and Local Government, Customs House, Dublin 1.
- Sean Haughey, TD. Chariman, Environment Committee, Dáil Éireann,
Dublin 1. Ireland.

TaraWatch is an Irish charity collecting donations for the Tara legal
fund, to donate to costs and exepenses associated with litigation. With
three separate legal teams as Respondents the expenses are enormous.
You can make a direct deposit to TaraWatch, Bank of Ireland, Westland
Row, Dublin 1. Account number: 25673842 Sort Code 901378 or mail a
cheque or money order payable to TaraWatch, 7 Kenilworth Square,
Rathmines, Dublin 6. Ireland. visit


Please display the Save Tara logo found at
Thx, Tracy & Everyone!!!
12 years ago
Help Caring People On Care2 with freedom of expression
12 years ago

Please sign petition to give consequences to bullies and attackers on Care2. Allow free speech rights to be expressed by those who otherwise would never be heard due to personal attacks.

Defend those who cannot defend themselves or choose to leave rather than put up with bullies, trolls, and those who fun hurting others.

This will also deal with paid Psyops attackers, trying to disrupt and destroy Care2 from within.

There is no censorship being advocated here, this petition is only about deleting abusive posts that attack someone while also violating Care2 rules, and that is all.

This petition is about being respectful of each others beliefs, paths and views, and not attacking each other for having different opinions. Everyone must find their own beliefs and path so there should be no trying to tell others their path or belief is satanic or other.

Care2's Code of Conduct can be found here:

A partial post of rules:

1.       Respect and courtesy - All Care2 Members are entitled to express their views and beliefs in a safe environment without feeling attacked. Members may not infringe on the rights of any other person to express themselves in a safe environment. This policy includes:

                                 i.            Any harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, hateful, or otherwise objectionable posts.

                                ii.            Any posts which are invasive of another's privacy.

                          iii.            Name calling or otherwise attacking the person posting rather than the content of the post. Disagreement is encouraged, but you should only comment on the argument or position taken, never against the person posting their opinion or belief.



2 Petitions for 'Artists' of all kinds. Let's change this Law..!
12 years ago

Copyright - REMOVE the 3-year Statute of Limitations, and help us keep our 'Rights.'  

Please sign Both of these, and leave feedback. Thank you.

Respectfully and sincerely, Darlene

Deviant Art: Help the 'Artist's' keep their 'Works.'

S.O.S.! Save Our Squirrel!
11 years ago


The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to remove the West Virginia northern flying squirrel from the endangered species list, taking away all federal protections from this rare mammal.

The de-listing plan is based on a flawed review of the squirrel's habitat and faulty models of what would be required for permanent protection for this species.


Please write to the Service by April 23, 2007 to encourage them to scrap the de-listing proposal. Follow the link to take action, or send your comments to:

Assistant Chief
Division of Endangered and Threatened Species
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Northeast Regional Office
300 Westgate Center Drive
Hadley, MA 01035
Fax: 413-253-848

Send a letter to the following decision maker(s):
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Northeast Regional Office

Below is the sample letter:

Subject: Re: FWS-2006-0547-0001

Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

I am commenting on the proposed rule to remove the West Virginia northern flying aquirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus fuscus) from the federal list of endangered and threatened species. This proposed rule is premature and based on inadequate scientific information.

More specifically:

- The proposed rule is not based on population studies that show a stable or increasing population of the squirrel. No such studies have been done in the 22 years that the flying squirrel has been listed.

- The proposal is based on a review that fails to correctly describe the West Virginia northern flying squirrel's habitat. Plans by the Forest Service and other public land managers to "permanently" protect squirrel habitat based on this flawed model will not work and could lead to extinction for the squirrel.

- Threats to the squirrel are increasing as its habitat is strip-mined, logged, and cleared for development and highways. The high-elevation central Appalachian boreal forest is an endangered ecosystem and is being decimated by acid deposition and the balsam woolly adelgid.

Furthermore, climate change may cause direct loss of habitat.

The rule as it now stands is inadequate. Please withdraw this proposed rule and continue the federal protections and research needed to recover this species.


What's At Stake:  flying-squirrel-SOS2.jpg

 The West Virginia northern flying squirrel is the "signature species" of the boreal forests of the Allegheny Highlands and the Monongahela National Forest in the eastern United States. This tiny, nocturnal flying squirrel with big black eyes is affectionately referred to as "Ginny" by the humans who roam the local woods. It shares its delicate ecological niche with the Cheat Mountain salamander, the northern water shrew, dwarf cornel, blister pine, showshoe hare, winter wren and black-throated blue warbler.

The ancestors of the West Virginia northern flying squirrel moved to the high ridges of the Appalachian Mountains during the last Ice Age and evolved into high-elevation specialists that feed on a truffle-like fungus growing in these mixed mesophytic forest areas. Once secure in their lofty retreats, these flying squirrels are now threatened by industrial development, predation, loss of nesting and foraging habitat, and climate change.

Industry poses perhaps the most serious threat to the species. Logging, mining, gas drilling and road building all destroy habitat and can have devastating effects. Removal of older-growth trees diminishes the fungal growth that is present in the micro-habitats on the forest floor; fragmentation of habitat opens up the forest canopy, exposing the squirrel to predators, cutting off travel routes and isolating populations; and roads create barriers to movement.

The West Virginia northern flying squirrel is adapted to colder and more severe climates. If current weather trends continue, it is questionable whether the squirrel will be able to withstand the ever-warming weather.

11 years ago
I think I got all of the petitions signed.  Some I had already signed.  This is quite a list.  Thanks Tracy for compiling it.
Tell the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers to stop blocking global warming legislation!
11 years ago

Tell the AAM to stop blocking global warming legislation!

Right now, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers is pouring millions of dollars into trying to block groundbreaking global warming legislation by suing states like California, Vermont and Rhode Island.

Freedom From Oil Action

At a hearing in Sacramento this Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will decide whether to allow California’s groundbreaking legislation to proceed – a decision that will have consequences for all states seeking to enact similar laws.

This week, we need as many people as possible to write AAM President Dave McCurdy and let him know that thousands upon thousands of car owners and potential car buyers want the AAM to stop sinking money into fighting regulation and start investing in real solutions to global warming.

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Hello all
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all signed everydody thank you
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I've created a group called "keepin it real"

In my hopes, this will be a very useful information group... consisting of mainly TRUTH, LINKS, RESOURCE'S & NEWS regarding numerous serious issue's and/or cause's that the people of Care2 are involved in.

It is open for anyone to use if they need to... so many people in crisis do not know where to turn, or who will even listen!  I believe knowledge is the key, so I'm trying to make this keepin it real group ... just that!  Keeping it real...  exposing and educating the public who may need help or information?

You certainly do not have to join to read the topics, but if you'd like to join, please do, all input is appreciated and everyone is welcomed.

Thanks everyone!  Take care and Blessings to you all...     ~TW~

11 years ago
Save Our FL Panther, Stop the Over-development of Florida
Target: Charlie Crist, Governor, Great State of Florida
Sponsor: Ceci M Madruga,

The purpose of this petition is to make it known to the Government of Florida that it is no longer acceptable to destroy this state. The environment,  the wildlife has been put at great risk, and it is no longer a "sit back and wait" situation, we must take control and take our state back for our Florida Panthers, Manatees, Bald Eagles, Alligators, and all those suffering the effects of over-development. We know the time has come for a showdown with the developers and greedy politicians spread out all over our state. If they are allowed to continue to build uncontrollably we will no longer have the state we all know and love, but a skeleton of what once was a paradise. All that we know, all that we have loved all our lives will slowly die and disappear, including our beloved Florida Panther, as well as our Manatees, our beautiful birds, and just about every unique and special flora and fauna that reside here in this great state. Roads shouldn't drive land use decisions, and support is needed now for the Florida Forever Act (the state land acquisition program) to be funded at an increased amount during this legislative session. We also truly believe that Florida stands much more of a chance against global warming in it's most natural state, than it would as a block of cement.



FSC and Big Green "Certified" Ancient Forest Logging Tragedy Worsens
11 years ago
Support for "certified" ancient rainforest logging crumbles further due to string of inappropriate and illegal certifications, most recently in Peru; and as Norway rejects FSC and all primary rainforest logging certification schemes

By Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet - July 28, 2007

ancient rainforest logging
Caption: Ancient rainforest logging is certifiably insane  (link)

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please sign our help the homeless petition
11 years ago
11 years ago
Action Alert: Another Sell-Out of British Columbia's Ancient Temperate Rainforests Possible

Rare mountain caribou threatened by further closed door, secret forest negotiations; survival depends upon ending logging in the full range of their ancient temperate rainforest habitat
11 years ago

As Charlotte-Mecklenburg's population grows each year and our relative supply of affordable housing decreases, we continue to see the numbers of homeless families and individuals swell in our community. Over 5,000 people are homeless in Mecklenburg County on any given night and tens of thousands annually

  That total includes people who are living on the streets, staying in shelters and with friends and family, or living in transitional or permanent supportive housing. Nearly half are families; more than a third are children. "Street homelessness" is the image commonly presented to portray homelessness, yet less than 10 percent of the 5,000 homeless people in our region regularly live on the streets. Almost half of all homeless adults are employed.

  Why not invest this kind of money into day shelters for the homeless.  You could provide lifeskills classes to these people.  You could provide GED classes, and work training.  this would help them transition from a life of nothing into a life of something more.  Finally people would be able to get back on their feet and contribute back to society.  Do you really believe that people who are homeless chose to be this way?  It happens because life happens, not because this is the way they choose to live.  Please think about the future of Charlotte and the surrounding areas.  Think about the future of our youth.  Over 2,000 children in our area are homeless.

  A primary cause of homelessness in the Charlotte - Mecklenburg area is the shortage in the supply of affordable homes. A worker earning minimum wage no longer has sufficient income to afford a safe and decent apartment. And with regional fair market rents averaging more than $650 a month for a two-bedroom apartment, many working families are struggling to find homes within financial reach.  With your help, we can ask the Mayor to help

My Green Click
11 years ago

My Green Click


Visit this site to have a Tree planted for free now Thank you for your support! Please check your inbox for confirmation, so that a donation can be made.

The issue of manmade global warming is a heated debate. Movie stars and politicians alike are putting the issue up for debate with movies like The 11th Hour and An Inconvenient Truth, but planting a tree is simply a good thing to do, like recycling. Trees are a beautiful natural resource and they happen to absorb carbon dioxide or CO2, a common greenhouse gas. With your help, we hope to have an impact on climate change and the world.

Check your email for updates from MyGreenClick and more ways to conserve energy and protect the environment.

- The MyGreenClick Team

Please Note This Care2 News Story. Please Plant A Tree

11 years ago
Center for Constitutional Rights US Politics & Gov't  (tags: bushadministration, abuse, americans, constitution, congress, corruption, ethics, Govtfearmongering, neocons, military, lies, propaganda, terrorism, politics, usa, war, troops )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 37 seconds ago -
The President needs to be reminded that he swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States-his administration has been systematically destroying the Constitution since he took office
11 years ago
good ones Mari and TW! appreciate you posting them! signed to send the constitution to Bush!
Thank You!!!!
11 years ago

Climate Change: What's Your Impact? 

Climate Change: What's Your Impact?

Claculate your impact - and find out what you can do to lower it!


Support Conservation Everyday
11 years ago

Please Note this story to help save our Planet. It's time to switch for our planet if you use a credit card. Switch for our planet. Switch for the wildlife.


Reputable credit card to have Now, as a supporter of The Nature Conservancy, you can make a difference for the environment just by using your new Nature Conservancy Visa® credit card


Stop Killing Our Earth
11 years ago



Complete hydrogen conversion kits will soon be available for various late-model cars & trucks as well as individual system components for those who choose to assemble their own kits.


11 years ago
Otter, Bobcat Trapping Proposed
Animals  (tags: animalrights, habitat, humans, killed, law, illinois, otters, bobcats, trapping )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 10 hours ago -
Illinois Legislation H 4632 Proposes to Opens a Trapping Season on Otters and Bobcats

the petition

please send my petition far and wide! here is my story

160 Animal Welfare Petitions
11 years ago
Sequester Carbon By Tree Planting :)
11 years ago

GTGM - Plant Trees to Sequester Carbon


I personaly did this only X3 so, my order came out to me cleaning up 5 metric tons. In the past when I have done this it would also save rainforest land. When I placed my order last night I didn't get that message so, I'll have to wait to see what comes in the mail and if it says I also saved rainforest as well.

Dear XXXX,

Thank you for your gift of $45.00 U.S. to sequester 5 metric tons of carbon by planting trees! 100% of your gift goes directly to The Michoacán Reforestation Fund. GreaterGood Network stores do not receive any profit from the sale of this "gift that gives more;" we bring it to you in the spirit of the greater good.

100 Million Trees!!
11 years ago

Junk mail is more than just an annoyance; it's an environmental crisis. Every year, junk mail production destroys 100 million trees, creating as much global warming pollution as 3.7 million cars.

We need to have the optition to Opt out. 

I am being forced to kill, create pollution & leave wildlife homeless! That is not right.
PETITION: Save paper = Save forests
10 years ago
10 years ago


please support our livestock production reduction petition for preserving Earth!
9 years ago

Hi all!!

The University of California, San Diego student organization: VEG (Vegetarian Environmentalist Group) is happy to present an online petition which aims to reduce the livestock industry via means of removal of governmental subsidies for livestock farmers as well as implementation of tax for livestock products for their detrimental external social burden on the environment. If you are still unfamiliar with the relationship between livestock production and the environment, I have listed the key facts below. Here is our petition link:

Please support us and help us spread the word! This is definitely an attempt at a baby toward in the right direction!
Thank you!




Our current livestock industry is responsible for emitting 37% of all human-induced Methane, 65% of all human-induced Nitrous Oxide, 9% of all human-induced Carbon Dioxide, and 64% of human-induced Ammonia. The Carbon Dioxide equivalent of livestock industry emissions is 18%, which is greater than all transportation combined (transportation CO2 equivalent is 12%). So, we need to decrease the livestock industry along with turning to alternative transportation systems (like biking!!). We cannot just pin global warming on one single source and go from there, all aspects need to adapt to the current climate crisis.

In addition to the greenhouse gas emissions, livestock current needs 36% of the world grain and 74% of the world soy to sustain its industry. If you think about it, this is not sustainable at all in the long run. It is definitely not an efficient usage of world crop supplies.

Now let’s talk water. Water is essential for survival. Did you know that California currently imports 100% of its clean water supply? Yes... and we are not increasing our world water supply. Yes, there are technologies being researched to desaltize the ocean waters, but think about the cost of that. It’s not a quick and easy solution. The best solution would be for everyone to be frugal. While major medias are telling us to conserve water during showers and toothbrushing, they are leaving out a major part of water usage.
According to the Stockholm International Water Institute, 20% of all world water supply goes to industries, 10% of all water goes to households, and 70% of all water goes to producing food. These statistics awaken a lot of people because if you think about how much water we use in industries and households (it’s A LOT), many folds more is going to agriculture. Now get this: within the agricultural business (which uses 70% of all our clean water), 1 POUND OF LETTUCE takes 23 gallons of water to produce, 1 POUND OF WHEAT takes 25 gallons of water, 1 POUND OF APPLES take 49 gallons of water, 1 POUND OF CHICKEN takes 815 gallons of water, 1 POUND OF PORK takes 1,630 gallons of water, and 1 POUND OF BEEF takes 5,214 gallons of water. (You can do some research online to see how to have defined these water usage values according to pounds) So now the question is, one plate of dinner will fill most of us up (some go for seconds, thirds, but anyways..). If you fill that one plate with meat, that’s 6000 gallons of water or more. If you fill that one plate up with rice and veggies (this can be tasty faux meat too!), it takes less than 100 gallons of water. Please, be frugal and responsible. Imagine a planet with no more water.

Here are just some additional costs of livestock production. Did you know that livestock farming land takes up 70% of all agricultural land, and 30% of world's ice-free terrestrial surface? Yup. And for the forest lovers (we should all love forests, they are the lungs of our planet), 70% of the Amazon rainforest is currently being occupied by pastures; feedcrops occupy a large sector of the remaining 30%.

Everyone talks about saving energy now with new bulbs, solar power, etc. Well why not talk about food, too. The livestock sector requires 16 times more fossil fuel energy than other sectors of agriculture. Moreover, livestock is increasingly being fed with grains and cereals that could have been consumed by humans, converting only up to 33% of its nutrients for our consumption.


Lastly (for my purposes), the U.S. livestock sector alone produces 900 million tons of manure annually. Immense lagoons used to store waste are known to heavily degrade the surrounding air and water, creating dead zones within our clean bodies of water. Besides harming our precious marine life, it’s nice to know that we are surrounded by 80% of water of this planet. So if our ocean dies, we probably don’t have much of a chance for survival either.


All in all, it’s good that we are more aware of global warming and finally (most people) recognize it as partially (if not mostly) human caused. Now, besides being frugal, using a reusable bag, riding a bike or taking the bus, changing lightbulbs, and saving shower time, please also change your diet. It really makes a huge impact, even though it seems like you’re just intaking a piece of meat, that piece of meat came from loads of environmental damage (as well as suffering!). Inaction is inexcusable. If you’re a non-vegetarian, go vegetarian. If you’re already a vegetarian, go vegan. If you’re already a vegan... go organic Of course, if you can go straight to organic vegan that is the best for the environment in terms of personal contribution. Be Veg, Be Green, Save the Planet. (doubtful? do research!)

Cher C!! The Greatest Member of Care2, Week 4
9 years ago

Society & Culture  (tags: activists, celebrity, GoodNews, animal activist, greatest member )

- 37 minutes ago -

A Care2 example of really caring. Cher is a person that makes Care2 proud, a great member that helps the animals and care about union and peace in between human beings. A real trooper! and a big heart for those ones that are voiceless and need so much
9 years ago
Petition to Save Bear Bay Forest

Environment  (tags: habitat, habitatdestruction, ecosystems, destruction, forests, trees, wildlife, government )

- 8 hours ago -
Bear Bay Forest contains the last Old Forest ecosystem in Pender Harbour, BC. It is scheduled to be logged in spring 2009. We believe it deserves protection not only for it's own sake, but to protect the following:
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The Harp Seal Hunting : More Deaths Year After Year, SIGN PLEASE
9 years ago

Animals  (tags: abuse, AnimalCruelty, cruelty, death, killed, sadness, suffering )

- 16 minutes ago -
Austria and France declared their intention to ban the import of seal products. They join the US, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Mexico and Croatia in speaking out against Canada's cruel, unsustainable, and unnecessary slaughter of harp seal

8 years ago