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13 years ago
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Hello Treehuggers!  The other petition thread for tree and forest petitions became quite long, so I decided to close that one and start a brand new thread.  The first thread is still blue-pinned to the discussion list, in case you'd like to see if you signed them all. 

Please post any petitions or actions pertaining to trees or forests on this thread.  If you have other non-related petitions you'd like to give more exposure to, please feel free to post them on the "ACTIONS & PETITIONS-TREEHUGGERS HELPING PEOPLE AND ANIMALS " thread:

13 years ago

Once again the Bush administration has quietly launched an attack on America's most treasured places.  This
time political appointees in the Department of Interior have devised a
plan to radically overhaul the way our National Parks are managed.
The plan could have a detrimental effect on air quality, visibility,
wildlife management, and more.  The plan could also increase
commercialization in our parks. 

We only have until February 18 to weigh in on this proposal - click here to submit your comments now.

offering a brand new technology called BrightText(TM) which allows you
to personalize your letter instantly so that you'll be more effective
in stopping Bush's plans.  Once you click through to our advocacy page,
simply hit the "instant re-write" button or mouse over portions of the
text to personalize your letter!

their inception, our National Parks have been protected by the strict
standards designed to protect and conserve these special places for
generations to come. But now, without any justification or explanation
for changing the way our parks are managed, the new proposal
fundamentally weakens key protections and dilutes the Park Service’s
core mission of conserving the Parks for future generations.

shifts in political climate, the core mission of the National Park
Service has remained unchanged for nearly a century.  We cannot let
this administration be the first to abandon the spirit of conservation
that been the cornerstone of the park service mission. 

We still have a chance to protect our national parks, but only if you act now.  The deadline to submit comments on this proposal is February 18, 2005, so please don’t wait – click here to submit your comments now!
you've submitted your comments, please help us spread the word and save
our National Parks by forwarding this email to ten friends.

Thank you for your help.

Katelyn Sabochik
Online Campaign Manager
13 years ago

Protect Europe’s Last Old-Growth Lowland Forest

By, project of Ecological Internet, Inc.
February 10, 2006

If Poland's Large Bialowieza Forest Is to Be Saved, It is Vital
Those Receiving These Alerts Participate and Forward to Others

European environmental organizations are asking Poland's
government to create a National Park to permanently protect the
Bialowieza Forest – Europe’s last old-growth lowland forest. The
area is massive and biologically important, particularly
relative to the rest of Europe's diminished landscapes, and is
where Europe's last wild bison herd lives. Simply, nothing is
more important for preserving rare and wild forest habitats in
Europe than the Bialowieza Forest. If we act now, we can
terminate commercial logging, stop chaotic infrastructural
developments, and place all of the Bialowieza Forest on both
sides of the Polish and Belarusian border under the protection
of a transboundary national park. Please ask Poland's President
to personally intervene to end commercial development in
Europe's last old-growth forest, and work to establish a
protected area along the Polish/Belarusian border. This is a
large, well-organized campaign with your emails coordinated with
protests at Polish embassies and the Presidential Palace. The
alert includes information to write personal letters. Take
action now at:


To subscribe, send a blank email to
Or visit here:
13 years ago
Tell Congress our National Forests are NOT FOR SALE!

The Bush administration recently announced its proposal to sell more than 300,000 acres of national forests and public lands to raise money for the federal treasury.

The land sales could total more than $1 billion and would be the largest sale of forestland in decades.

Forest Service officials say the sales are needed to raise $800 million over the next five years to pay for schools and roads in rural counties hurt by logging cutbacks on federal land.

Senator Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., called the plan a “terrible idea based on a misguided sense of priorities.” While increasing military funding by 6.9%, the Bush administration cut education spending by 3.8% in this FY2007 budget. And now it wants to sell our natural heritage to pick up the slack?

Selling public land to pay down the deficit would be a shortsighted and irresponsible shift in federal land-management policy. The monetary gains would be temporary, but the land would be gone forever. There are better ways to fund public schooling.

The public has until late March to comment on the sales. Sign the petition below to urge your congressional representatives to oppose this reckless effort.

13 years ago

From National Parks Conservation Association

Paving Through Great Smokey Mountains National Park?
roadThe National Park Service published a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS )on January 4, 2006, cataloging the environmental damage that would be caused by construction of the North Shore Road. The road would cut a 35-mile gash through the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and destroy one of the largest remaining roadless areas in the eastern United States, at a cost of at least $600 million to U.S. taxpayers. NPCA supports a monetary settlement for Swain County, North Carolina, in lieu of the road it was promised during World War II, and absolutely opposes the construction of any additional road north of Fontana Lake.

take action Voice your support for a monetary settlement for Swain County and opposition to the construction of any additional road north of Fontana Lake. Take Action Now!

Go to

13 years ago

Action Alert: Panama Power Line Plan to Destroy Darien Gap

RainforestShort sighted energy policy threatens regional ecosystem, security and indigenous rights

By Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet - December 29, 2005

rainforest picture
Large, Intact Ancient Rainforests Are a Requirement for Global Ecological Sustainability  (link)
Stop Bush from Selling Off 800,000 Acres of Public Land
13 years ago

Hidden deep within President Bush's proposed budget, is a terrible provision that would allow as much as 800,000 acres of US public lands to be sold, allowing them to fall into the hands of logging companies, mining interests, and other developers. The Bush Administration proposal comes less than two months after bipartisan opposition in the Congress defeated a similar scheme. This fire sale of Americans’ birthright deserves the same reaction from all of us. 

Please send that message to your members of Congress: Our public lands are not for sale!

Take Action Now!


Also, please sign this petition:

More information:

Forestland on Sale List Not All Bare

California acreage considered 'nonvital' in a Bush administration plan is worth keeping, say local officials and conservationists.

REDDING — Mountain property with dramatic views, the headwaters of salmon streams, tall timber and rugged backcountry, even a cave or two — all could be sold as part of a Bush administration proposal to auction roughly 300,000 acres of national forestland to fund rural schools and roads.

Administration officials have characterized the land, more than a quarter of which is in California, as isolated parcels that don't belong in the 193-million-acre national forest system because they're expensive to manage and aren't vital to wildlife or recreation.

But a closer look at the 85,500 California acres that the U.S. Forest Service listed for possible sale two weeks ago reveals that the tracts aren't all scraggly odds and ends. According to interviews with local forest officials and conservationists, some of the land — most of which lies in Northern California — borders scenic river corridors or has been proposed for possible wilderness protection by U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.). Some has valuable timber. Other acreage provides winter range for deer or habitat for threatened species.

Full LA Times article at,0,5353265.story?coll=la-home-local

another Bush issue
13 years ago

Roadless Areas - Oregon

ACTION DEADLINE: March 16, 2006

President Bush has proposed huge cuts in key programs that protect animals and habitat across the globe, including tropical forests.  Now is the time to tell your members of Congress how important these initiatives are to you, before the March 16 deadline for members of Congress to push for these programs.

The president wants Congress to slash funding for the Global Environment Facility (GEF), a little known but extremely important international institution that supports conservation projects around the world.  The GEF has helped prevent conflicts over scarce water resources in the Nile basin, expand the use of renewable energy in Mexico, and eliminate dangerous pesticides in Africa.  The United States has repeatedly underpaid what it has pledged to the GEF.  Now, the president wants to make even deeper cuts. 

In addition, the president wants to reduce by more than half the funding for implementation of the Tropical Forest Conservation Act.  On the positive side, the president has requested level funding for international biodiversity conservation programs funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.

»» TAKE ACTION: Learn more and urge your members of Congress to support strong funding to protect nature around the globe.

Please speak out now.  Thank you for your help.

13 years ago

Greenpeace have done an online letter to send to Stora Enso and the Finance Departement in Finland about the purchase of timber from the Sámi reindeer forests

Stop pulping the Sámi reindeer forests!

The Sámi reindeer forests of northern Lapland are being pulped by the Finnish State controlled paper giant, StoraEnso. These areas of forest provide vital food resources for free-grazing reindeer during the Arctic winter months.

StoraEnso can stop this destruction by not buying logs from these areas.

Pressure them to change!  go to

and then pass it around!

Found this one in a celtic group I belong to
13 years ago

Elle has received 11 new, 11 total stars from Care2 membersElle has been awarded 23 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Elle H.
Shepton Mallet Tree Protest 10:13 AM
Tesco are proposing to cut down trees and overtake woodland areas in order to build a second (and unncessary) shop in a small town in the West Country called Shepton Mallet.  More on this protest can be read about here

Please go sign the petition to protest such unnecessary development.  [ send green star]
Save the last remaining wild forests of Alaska kuiu island
13 years ago
Dear NRDC BioGems Defender,

The Bush administration is moving ahead with a huge timber sale that would
devastate some of the last remaining wild forests of Alaska's Kuiu Island, in
our Tongass National Forest BioGem.

We need your help to stop this attack on the rainforest habitat of abundant
populations of black bears and salmon, which is of vital importance to Native

Please go to
and tell the Forest Service you oppose the Kuiu timber sale, which would use
taxpayer dollars to build roads and clearcut this island refuge.

Last year, in response to an NRDC lawsuit, a federal judge ruled that a
management plan calling for large-scale clearcut logging in the Tongass
National Forest was illegal. Nonetheless, the Forest Service is now pushing
forward with newly proposed timber sales on Kuiu Island and in other sensitive
habitat areas.

Decades of clearcutting have already devastated much of Kuiu Island. Continued
logging there would destroy key habitat for one of the highest densities of
black bears in North America, as well as Sitka black-tailed deer, marten,
wolves, several species of salmon and the rare Queen Charlotte goshawk.

This remote area of southeastern Alaska provided hunting, fishing and gathering
grounds to Native Alaskans for hundreds of years.

Please go to
right away and urge the Forest Service to cancel the Kuiu timber sale.

Thank you for taking action to save our last wild national forests.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

. . .
13 years ago
Save Remote Panama Rainforest from Hydro Dams

From Center for Biological Diversity

Four proposed hydroelectric dam projects threaten free-flowing rivers, rare tropical species, indigenous cultures and a biologically diverse World Heritage Park in the remote rainforest of western Panama. Promoted by the Panamanian government and major Columbian and U.S. corporations, the dam projects would forever alter the free-flowing rivers of the Changuinola basin.

Rio Teribe begins in the heart of La Amistad Biosphere Reserve in western Panama and flows into Rio Changuinola, where three dams are proposed. Construction of the lowest Changuinola dam alone would biologically deplete over 500 miles of streams. A fourth proposed dam on Rio Bonyic, a major tributary of the Teribe, would permanently impact more than 100 miles of stream habitat. The dams, roads, bridges and power lines slated for construction as part of these projects would devastate unique native fish, impact the entire ecosystem of the Changuinola basin and open this remote jungle for development.

Full details and to take action go to -

13 years ago

From NRDC/ biogems

The Bush administration is moving ahead with a huge timber sale that would devastate some of the last remaining wild forests of Alaska's Kuiu Island, in our Tongass National Forest BioGem.

We need your help to stop this attack on the rainforest habitat of abundant populations of black bears and salmon, which is of vital importance to Native Alaskans.

Please go to
and tell the Forest Service you oppose the Kuiu timber sale, which would use taxpayer dollars to build roads and clearcut this island refuge.

Last year, in response to an NRDC lawsuit, a federal judge ruled that a management plan calling for large-scale clearcut logging in the Tongass National Forest was illegal. Nonetheless, the Forest Service is now pushing forward with newly proposed timber sales on Kuiu Island and in other sensitive habitat areas.

Decades of clearcutting have already devastated much of Kuiu Island. Continued logging there would destroy key habitat for one of the highest densities of black bears in North America, as well as Sitka black-tailed deer, marten, wolves, several species of salmon and the rare Queen Charlotte goshawk.

This remote area of southeastern Alaska provided hunting, fishing and gathering grounds to Native Alaskans for hundreds of years.

Please go to
right away and urge the Forest Service to cancel the Kuiu timber sale.

Thank you for taking action to save our last wild national forests

13 years ago
Thanks everyone for the info and petition sites. All signed.   Peace, Deborah
Save Australia's forests and waterways from open cut mining proposal
13 years ago

Please sign:

Some info on this issue here:


Isaac R

13 years ago
Tell the Bush administration not to log Oregon's Siskiyou National Forest

The Bush administration has announced plans to log the two largest unprotected
wild areas in the Siskiyou National Forest. These two areas -- the North and
South Kalmiopsis roadless areas -- are in the southwest corner of Oregon not
far from the Pacific coast and are bordered by the world-famous Kalmiopsis
Wilderness. They are two of the largest unprotected roadless areas along the
coast outside of Alaska, and help form the watershed of some of the most
valuable salmon and steelhead habitat in the United States.

The region boasts some of the most biologically important lands in western
North America, with thriving populations of deer and elk, American martens,
black bears, cougars, bobcats, red-shouldered hawks, blue grouse, mountain
quails, bald eagles, black-backed woodpeckers and rare plants found nowhere
else in the world. Five spectacular national wild and scenic rivers flow
through this pristine, rugged landscape.

Although the 2002 Biscuit Fire burned in these areas, the forest is now
thriving. But even though any logging would devastate this recovery,
the Forest
Service is nevertheless moving ahead with two destructive timber sales in the
watersheds of Mike's Gulch and the north fork of Indigo Creek.
Despite the fact
that most Oregonians, as well as most Americans across the country, want these
wildlands protected, logging could start in the next few weeks.

== What to do ==
Send a message urging the Forest Service to immediately withdraw all roadless
logging proposals in the Siskiyou National Forest.

== Contact information ==
You can send an official comment directly from NRDC's Earth Action Center at
13 years ago

Ask the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador to release the provincial protected areas strategy

It comes as a surprise to many people that the province of Newfoundland and Labrador is three times the size of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island put together. Although the Province is known world-wide for its once-proud marine fish stocks, many other globally significant natural features occur there. These include seabirds (up to 40,000,000 every year), rare and endemic plants, and the Province's spectacular geology and fossils. Yet, many of these globally significant features remain unprotected because the Provincial Government has not released the protected areas strategy called the "Natural Areas Plan".

The Natural Areas Plan, or NAP, has been "sleeping" for over 10 years. The candidate protected areas were originally designed by a Government committee in 1995-1996. When the committee submitted its final report in 1996, they recommended the immediate release of the plan for public and industry review. As of February 22, 2006 the plan and the candidate areas had not been released. Unfortunately, this means that Newfoundland and Labrador is the only Province in Canada that has not released (let alone implement) its protected areas strategy. More importantly, candidate area boundaries are being revised or even eliminated without public debate.

The current administration of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador was elected in 2003. One of their election platforms was the release of the Natural Areas Plan. They have been in office now for over two years, yet the plan remains hidden in the halls of Government.

Please help CPAWS-NL by letting Premier Danny Williams know that you support the release of the Natural Areas Plan.

13 years ago

From Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc.

Project Will Devastate South America's Rainforests, Water & Climate

Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina plan to build a massive natural
gas pipeline of up to 9,000 km in length from Venezuela to
Argentina through Brazil's Amazon rainforest. Construction of
the pipeline would be the most ambitious physical infrastructure
initiative in South America's history, costing up to $25 billion
and taking up to seven years to build. The pipeline would pierce
the heart of the Amazon and ensure its destruction as a large,
operable whole. Large areas of pristine rainforests will be
destroyed during construction, and new roads will open the rest
for colonization by ranchers and loggers. The multitude of
waterways traversing the Amazon will be polluted during
construction and inevitable pipeline leaks. The pipeline will
contribute to global warming through deforestation and oil
production to access the gas. The similar existing Camisea gas
pipeline through rainforests in Peru - which was touted as a
model of sustainable development, environmental protection and
respect for indigenous peoples - offers a cautionary tale of the
damage caused by gas pipelines during construction and their
operation. In three years of operation is has already
experienced five major spills, severely damaging the environment
and local communities. The proposed pipeline is a major threat
to the existence of the Amazon rainforest, as well as regional
and global ecological sustainability. The leaders of Brazil,
Venezuela and Argentina must be called upon to scrap plans for
its construction. Take action now:

Banking on Destruction: Banks in the Boreal 101
13 years ago
With over $1.7 trillion in assets Canada's five biggest banks
have become stewards not only of the economy, but also of
Canada's wilderness heritage. As these banks continue to fund
environmental destruction through mining, logging and oil and
gas exploration projects, the future of Canada's forests lies in
the balance. TD Bank is a major funder of these environmental
destructive companies. Join us in sending a message to TD Bank's
CEO Ed Clark to stop funding destruction and stand up for
Canada's remaining protected areas.

Along with Canada's top banks, TD must adopt social and
environmental policies that are as strong as the benchmarks of
leading US banks. Tell TD's Ed Clark to make a commitment to
Canada's forests and natural places with a policy that protects
our natural heritage.

Earlier this month, local activists worked with RAN to
distribute information to Canadian bank shareholders at their
annual general meetings. Flyering and handing out information at
shareholder meetings from Calgary to Toronto is the start of a
broader grassroots strategy to put pressure on Canadian banks to
adopt 21st century policies that reflect modern banking social

TD-Bank's annual general meeting is coming up at the end of this
month. We believe stockholders and TD executives need to get the
same message. You can help.

Learn more about TD Bank and send a quick action alert to CEO Ed
13 years ago

SAVE BILLANGROVE WILDLIFE SANCTUARY AND LAKEMACQUARIE - Please Take Action. All signatures from all nations welcome - air knows no borders.

No Coal Mine Proposal at Billangrove, Awaba, Lake Macquarie
Dear Mr Iemma. Please listen to the call of Australia and the world to save Billangrove Wildlife Sanctuary and the greater Lake Macquarie catchment from the open cut coal Mine proposed by Centennial Coal at Awaba. Your decision to ignore this and go ahead with the mine would be totally irresponsible, would threaten local residents, biodiversity, water and air quality, contribute to global warming and further degradation of our planet earth. PLEASE MR IEMMA SAY NO TO AWABA MINE! open cut mine site

The site in it's present form. An open cut mine here would replace much of the bush pictured which is home to koalas and many, many other species.

Photos taken at Awaba
13 years ago
The highly rare and endangered Masked Owl, AwabaOld Growth Sydney Red Gum - Angophora CostataBoth These photos were taken at Awaba
13 years ago


The departing Secretary of Interior wants to leave a legacy. Unfortunately, it is not the kind of legacy the Secretary should be promoting. It appears as though RS2477 is rearing its ugly head once again, but this time parks and wilderness areas have been added to the bounty. Secretary of Interior Gale Norton has recently given her blessing to open up abandoned roads, winter sled-dog trails, old Jeep tracks and cattle paths--including those throughout national parks--for highway construction.

Take action: Every place where there has been a Jeep trail, a cow path or other road rarely traveled could be at risk under
RS 2477, resulting in a web of roads across some of America's most remote and unspoiled lands. Your senators have the power to halt this misguided application of a ridiculous, antiquated statute. Urge your senators to put a stop to RS 2477 today!

go to

13 years ago
Keep the pressure on Kimberly-Clark to stop destroying forests for toilet paper

Kimberly-Clark manufactures the vast majority of its disposable tissue products from freshly cut trees instead of from recycled fiber, contributing to the destruction of Canada's boreal forest. Send a message urging the company to increase the post-consumer recycled content of its products.

Please note: After you take action, you'll most likely receive an auto-reply from Kimberly-Clark claiming that it is committed to sustainable forestry practices. Click here to learn the truth behind the claims.

URGENT: Only One Week Left to STOP the Fire Sale of Our National Forests!
13 years ago

Paul Richards, Democratic candidate for Senate in Montana and
courageous lifelong advocate for the environment, is leading the fight to stop
the reckless decimation of our national forests.  Please read Paul's
personal message to you below, and join him in being a champion for our
forest heritage by submitting this action page.


After six years of undermining protections for public lands and
forests, President Bush's FY 2007 budget proposes to sell more than a quarter
of a million acres of public lands.  This is another example of the
Bush administration's loyalty to the logging, oil and gas industries. 
According to the New York Times, the Department of Interior's budget
documents show that they plan to allow companies to pump about  billion in
oil and natural gas without paying royalties.

A total of 304,370 acres of national forests across the country would
be up for auction under the President's proposal; including over 12,000
acres in Montana (my home state), 75,000 acres in California, 25,000
acres in Idaho, 21,000 acres in Colorado and 21,000 acres in Missouri,
17,000 in Wyoming and 15,000 in South Dakota.  Many of the lands up for
sale provide important wildlife habitat, clean drinking water and air,
and a natural legacy for future generations.


We only have until March 30 to get our comments into the National
Forest Service.  Please join me in telling the Forest Service not to sell
off our public lands to environmentally hostile corporations and condo

Thank you,

Paul Richards



The Administration claims that selling forests managed by the U. S.
Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is necessary to
generate  million to "offset" payments to rural schools.  The permanent sale
of these forestlands will only temporarily fund the program.  This land
sale proposal comes only a month after Congress, in the face of
widespread, bi-partisan opposition, stripped Representative Pombo's scheme to
sell millions of acres of national forests and parks for private
development from the federal budget bill.

The Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination (SR Act of
2000 ended the perverse incentive of funding rural schools and county
roads from logging sales on national forests by guaranteeing funding to
counties based on historic levels of logging revenue.  The bill is up
for reauthorization in September 2006.  The Bush Administration wants to
sell national forests to fund the SRS program.  This is an
irresponsible move.  Our children's education should be paid for responsibly with a
dependable funding source - not by recklessly pawning our national
forest inheritance.

The President's proposal has generated a fury among lawmakers on both
sides of the aisle, but it's critical that the Forest Service and BLM
and Congress hear FROM every state.

Click here for the complete list of places that have been proposed for
this sale:

Click here to see recent press on the public forests land sale: Recent
Press on Land Sale:



Please take a moment and let the Forest Service know that you oppose
selling national forestland.  Comments on the proposed land sale must be
received by March 30.  The action page above will automatically send
your personal message by email.   Written comments may be sent to: USDA
Forest Service, SRS Comments, Lands 4S, 1400 Independence Ave., SW,
Mailstop 1124, Washington, DC, 20250-0003. Send faxed comments to (202)


USDA Forest Service
SRS Comments, Lands 4S
1400 Independence Ave., SW, Mailstop 1124
Washington, DC, 20250-0003
Dear Forest Service,

I am writing you to oppose any sale of national forests or BLM land to
fund the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination (SR
Program.  The proposed auction of more than a quarter of a million acres
of public forests around the country would do irreparable harm to our
national forest system.  The lands, which would be lost forever provide
important wildlife habitat, clean drinking water and air, and a natural
legacy.  As wealthiest nation in the world, we can afford to preserve
our public lands and pay for our children's education.

Education and our national forest heritage are investments for future
generations.  It is irresponsible to ask us to choose between these
essential responsibilities of our government.  This one-time sale of
valuable national forests would permanently harm the national forest system
13 years ago

From Center for Biological Diversity

Save Morrell Canyon from Hydroelectric Boondoggle

Morrell Canyon, a beautiful, biologically diverse, oak-filled canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains of southern California's Cleveland National Forest, is at serious risk of imminent destruction. A private energy company, Nevada Hydro, is proposing to flood the canyon to create a reservoir for generating electricity, by pumping water up from Lake Elsinore below. Associated transmission lines will further degrade and fragment the biologically rich natural habitats of the forest. Please send a comment letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on their draft Environmental Impact Statement and attend a public meeting sponsored by FERC on April 4 in San Juan Capistrano or April 5 in Lake Elsinore to voice your opposition to this ill-conceived energy boondoggle. 

Go to

13 years ago

I signed all I could!

Giuliana aka Princess Little Rock

Sunday - 4/02/06
13 years ago
13 years ago

You've signed it for NRDC,now you can do it all over again for The Wilderness Society!

Stop Logging Plan in Oregon's Wild Siskiyou Forest

We've successfully staved off all logging in roadless forests for the last 5 years, but now the Bush Administration is proposing to log in roadless areas in the Siskiyou National Forest. This beautiful and remote old-growth forest is home to rare plants found nowhere else in the world, making it one of the most biologically important and botanically diverse places in the U.S. If implemented, these two projects would be the first ones allowed in roadless forests anywhere in the United States this century. At risk are rare plants, ancient forests and a key watershed that supports wild salmon and steelhead trout. We need your help to stop them.
Got to (Comment deadline is April 5th.)

13 years ago
Once again, our wild forests are at risk. In 2005, after the Bush
Administration repealed the historic 2001 Roadless Rule, the Forest
Service said they would "provide interim protection to roadless
areas," while they decided on the ultimate fate of our wild forests.

But instead of fulfilling this responsibility and protecting our
forests, the Forest Service is moving forward with proposals to allow logging, oil drilling, and road building in our roadless areas.

Tell Mark Rey, Under Secretary of the Department of Agriculture,
which oversees the Forest Service, to keep his word and to halt
development that will harm pristine forests. Then ask your friends
and family to help out too by forwarding this message to them.

Take action by clicking on the link below or pasting it into your browser:

To read the Heritage Forest Report, "Broken Ground" which details
development plans in threatened forests, click here:


In a September 2005 New York Times letter-to-the-editor, Mark Rey, Under Secretary of Agriculture, wrote, "We are providing interim protection to roadless areas, pending the development of state-specific rules provided for in our 2005 rulemaking."

Sadly, that is not happening. A Heritage Forests Campaign report,
"Broken Ground," analyzes the Federal Register, news articles, and
the Forest Service's own website to reveal projects in the pipeline,

* Logging and road construction in Alaska, Minnesota, New Hampshire,
Oregon, Vermont, Washington, and Wyoming
* Oil and gas drilling in Colorado, Nevada, and Utah
* Roads, phosphate exploration, and mining in Idaho's Sage Creek Roadless Area

Since taking office, the Bush administration has steadily undermined
the 2001 Roadless Area Conservation Rule, an initiative to protect
the last unroaded 58.5 million acres of national forests from most
logging, road-building, and other development. A substitute policy
was put in place last year, which created a process requiring
governors to petition the Forest Service if they wished for roadless
protection in their states.

States are doing everything they can to assure these areas will be
protected. Attorneys general of six states have joined in a lawsuit
against Bush's rollback and several governors have filed, or have
announced their intentions to file, petitions for the complete
protection of roadless areas in their states, even as they voice
their opposition to the administration's uncertain process.

Outdoor recreation companies like Patagonia and North Face said in a letter to U.S. Forest Service chief Dale Bosworth, "In order to
ensure that no actions are taken which might preclude a full range of options for protection of these areas, we write to request that the Forest Service agree to avoid proposing projects in inventoried
roadless areas that would alter the roadless qualities of the areas,
and to halt and withdraw all such projects under development."

Tell Mark Rey to keep his word and protect roadless areas. Click here to take action or paste the link into your browser. Then ask your friends and family to help out too by forwarding this message to them.

To read the new report which details development plans in threatened
forests, click here:


Luke Metzger
Environment Texas Advocate
13 years ago
The Forest Service has initiated a process by which it will be designating routes, trails and areas for motorized use in our national forests. Moving the process forward is essential to help reign in off-road vehicle (ORV) abuse, and that means the Forest Service needs to hear from you now!

Each national forest will be engaging the public as part of this process. If you would like to help ensure protections for any forest in Arizona or New Mexico please contact the Supervisor for that forest and let him or her know you would like to be involved and kept informed of when public input will be solicited and/or when public meetings will be held.

For more information on this process or how ORVs are impacting our public lands in Arizona and New Mexico, please contact Chris Kassar, Wildlife Biologist and ORV Reform Campaign Coordinator at or 520-623-5252 ext. 317, or visit our web site at

take action at
Wednesday - 4/12/06
13 years ago
I also signed
13 years ago
13 years ago
Tahuamanú Rainforest in Peru - from Bigems/NRDC
In the rainforests of Peru, rampant illegal logging is threatening the survival of vulnerable indigenous peoples and wiping out some of the last remaining concentrations of big-leaf mahogany in Latin America. Each year, loggers cut down more than 4,000 majestic mahogany trees, laying waste to the lush habitat of the giant otter and the squirrel monkey. More than 80 percent of this contraband is bound for the United States to be made into dining room tables, luxury car interiors and other high-end consumer products. Yet, in violation of domestic and international laws, U.S. border control agencies have refused to stem the passage of millions of dollars worth of Peruvian mahogany through our ports each year.

To help protect the rare wildlife and indigenous peoples of Peru's rainforests, NRDC has joined forces with Peruvian groups to sue four leading U.S. mahogany importers, the Department of the Interior and two U.S. agencies for failing to crack down on the illegal mahogany trade. At the same time, we are calling on BioGems Defenders like you to urge the Bush administration to take immediate action.

» Tell the Bush administration to act now to curtail illegal mahogany imports.
take action at
13 years ago

From Earth Justice -

The Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument in north-central Montana is a rugged, unspoiled landscape with a spectacular array of wildlife and wild areas.

Recently, the Bureau of Land Management released a draft plan that will determine the future of the 377,000-acre area. Unfortunately the draft plan fails to safeguard the area’s wildlife, scenic, historical, and biological resources that the monument status was intended to preserve.

We need your help: please take action now and tell the BLM to draft a management plan that will give real protection to this unique monument, and the resources that make it so special!

take action at

13 years ago

Tell OfficeMax to stop destroying Southern forests

The Southern forest region of the U.S. contains some of the most biologically rich ecosystems in North America. It is home to hundreds of forest and aquatic species -- especially amphibians, reptiles, snails and trees -- that are found nowhere else on earth.

Unfortunately, the Southern U.S. is also the largest paper-producing region in the world, supplying nearly 60% of the paper in the United States.

Our Southern forests are being rapidly wiped out to meet surging demand for office copy paper and paper packaging. Unless consumers insist that such throwaway products be produced from recycled fiber instead of trees, the great forest that once cloaked the southeastern U.S. is in danger of being into turned into vast, biologically sterile pine plantations.

OfficeMax, the third largest retail office supply store in the US, endangers forests of the South by doing business with the most irresponsible logging company in the region.

OfficeMax’s two largest competitors, Staples and Office Depot, have already committed publicly to increase recycled content in the paper they sell and avoid sourcing paper from endangered forests.

Urge Office Max to follow suit. Demand that OfficeMax stop sourcing paper from endangered forests! Tell Office Max CEO Sam Duncan to make a commitment to the environment and Southern Forests.
13 years ago

signed. thank you Tracy! Have a Happy Earth Day!! peace and hugs

Conserving Canada's largest ecosystem, May 10th event in Ottawa, Ontario
13 years ago

Old Forest, New Vision: An Evening in Canada's Boreal
Wed May 10, 2006, Ottawa, ON
7:00pm (doors open 6:30)
Hampton Inn & Conference Centre, 100 Coventry Rd. (at Vanier Parkway, Ottawa)
Tickets: $10 available at MEC, Agora Bookstore, and Arbour Environmental Shoppe

Join CPAWS for a bird's eye view of the boreal and learn about the exciting new efforts in conserving Canada's largest ecosystem. Keynote speakers include Gregor Beck, Director of Avian Science and Conservation with Bird Studies Canada, Martha Copestake of the Eastern Ontario Model Forest, and Marie-Eve Marchand, Dumoine Campaign Coordinator of CPAWS. A live auction concludes the evening with many fabulous items, including a Dumoine Getaway trip courtesy of Black Feather!

Check for more information.

13 years ago  Hi everyone!! Just follow this link to the Natural Resources Defense Council page to send a message to your representative to vote no on an upcoming bill to make it easier for the timber industry to log out our national forests after a disaster such as fire or hurricanes. Please urge others to sign and cross post too!! Our forests need these downed trees to be able to naturally decay and return to the soil for a healthy eco system. peace and hugs to all
13 years ago right now and make a donation to help ramp up our campaign to save America's forests.

Your gift will enable NRDC to alert and educate millions of people in those states that stand to lose some of their most valuable national forest lands . . . mobilize grassroots opposition in all 50 states . . . and generate massive political pressure in Washington.

Remember: once our national forest lands are sold off, they will be closed to you and me forever.

Please join me in fighting to keep our natural heritage off the auction block.  Let's make sure that President Bush and Congress understand that our natural heritage is not for sale!


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
Senior Attorney
Natural Resources Defense Council

Thx, Everyone!
12 years ago

Tell Kimberly-Clark: Use Recycled Paper Instead of Old Forests!
12 years ago

Did you know that over two acres of ancient trees in the Boreal Forest are killed every minute? Did you also know that many of these trees end up in landfills as disposable paper products such as Kleenex, Scott, Huggies, Pull-Ups, Depends, and Kotex?

As regular consumers of household paper products, we should have a say where that paper comes from. Sign this petition and tell Kimberly-Clark to use post-consumer recycled content, not ancient forests!

Between 15 and 30 percent of Kimberly-Clarks' pulp fiber comes from logging of the Boreal Forests in Canada. This forest encircles the far Northern latitudes of North America, Europe, and Asia and plays a vital role in slowing climate change, keeping our air clean, and producing more freshwater than any other system in the world. The Boreal Forest is one of the last of the great ancient forests we have, and companies like Kimberly-Clark don't want us to know it is being logged, and fast!

Companies like Kimberly-Clark should be using recycled post-consumer material rather than natural resources. When new paper products are created from post-consumer material such as the paper that goes in the recycling bin, we all come up winners. New materials are kept out of the landfill, ancient trees continue to grow, and big companies can still support their employees.

Act now! Urge Kimberly-Clark to use more post-consumer recycled content in their products before they destroy every last endangered tree!
12 years ago

Donna, I am flabbergasted!!!  You will not believe this but about 20 minutes ago I emailed the CEO's of Kimberly-Clark asking if their paper products are recycled!!  I was even going to start a Group about recycling!!  WOW!!  My boss uses copy paper by them and no where does it say "recycled".  So I asked him if they don't use recycled paper could we switch companies.  HE SAID YES!!!!  If everyone would quit buying products from paper companies that do NOT recycle then maybe we could put an end to all of this very unnecessary deforestation!!  I told Kimberly Clark we will quit buying their products.  WHY WOULD COMPANIES NOT RECYCLE???  Does anyone know which companies use recycled paper so that we can order from them?   Oregon has their stuff together.  They make magazines from recycled paper and people now insist on it.  THANKS FOR POSTING THIS!!

12 years ago
URGENT!! For The Bears, Wolves and Cougars 10:00 AM

The following Care 2 Petition needs signing; deadline is August 7th: Its important on this one if you personalize with a comment, thanks.

Stop Forest Service from making it easier to kill carnivores in the wild
Target: U.S. Forest Service
Sponsor: Defenders of Wildlife
The U.S. Forest Service wants to make it easier to kill wolves, bears, cougars and other carnivores in federally designated wilderness areas -- America's most wild and remote places. Worse, the proposal would relax restrictions on using aerial gunning, motorized vehicles and cyanide guns to kill these magnificent creatures.
12 years ago
Aww Rosalind, could you check that link?  I couldn't get it to work.
Thanks John
12 years ago
That link worked fine, I don't know how I missed that one, but thanks
12 years ago

(Ask permission post here,if not adequate,please delete. Thanks.)Treehugs.



Protection of Ojibway Prairie Complex
Target: Eddie Francis, Mayor, City of Windsor

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Alternative to logging in California
12 years ago
Spread the Word!
In January, over 2000 RAN supporters in California wrote their
Assembly Members to support the Industrial Hemp Farming Act -- a
bill that would lift the ban on one of the most economically and
ecologically promising alternatives to industrial logging--hemp.

Last week, it passed the California State Senate.

This week, sponsors expect the bill to reach the Governator's
desk, where it will wait for his signature before becoming law.
Tell him to support industrial hemp today!

According to the Associated Press, "The governor has not decided
whether he would sign the bill," so it's vital that he hears
from you today. Join RAN and other activists around the state in
sending a letter asking the Governator to lift California's ban
on industrial hemp today.

Thank you for all you do!

Brant Olson
Old Growth Campaign
Rainforest Action Network

Visit the web address below to tell your friends about this.

If you received this message from a friend, you can sign up for
the Rainforest Action Network at:
12 years ago

This isn't a petition or action but I thought you would all want to see this video. It brought me goosebumps! When you first click o the link the video is playing already. When it is over play it again on the player link as it is really about a five minute video.

STOP Genetically Engineered Trees Campaign
12 years ago
Hi All! it is pretty seldom that no posts to Treehuggers in two days... ...anyway, here we go, please, sign, donate, and, forward far and widely, thank you

Click here to sign the letter calling for a ban on GE trees

STOP Genetically Engineered Trees Campaign
a project of Global Justice Ecology Project
PO Box 412, Hinesburg, VT 04561 USA
October 4, 2006

Dear forest protection advocate,
The pulp and paper industry is moving steadily closer to their goal of unleashing genetically engineered "franken-trees" in vast timber plantations around the world. With your help, we can stop them. The campaign to stop genetically engineered (GE) trees is growing so fast we are literally staggering under the expanding workload. Please support the campaign and help us meet the increasing demand.

Click here to donate to the STOP GE Trees Campaign.

To donate from outside of the US(through mail only) click here

Plantations of genetically engineered trees will inevitably spread their seeds and pollen into native forests. This irreversible contamination will unleash a cascade of ecological and social impacts such as destruction of biodiversity and wildlife--including songbirds; displacement of rural poor and indigenous communities; depletion and toxic contamination of soils and ground water; and damage to human health.

This October we are teaming up with the Dogwood Alliance and ForestEthics for a series of events surrounding a major industry conference on fast growing timber plantations and genetically engineered trees. Our events include a two-day public forum where scientists and experts will discuss the ecological and social impacts of plantations and GE trees; a presentation on these issues inside the industry conference; as well as press conferences to attract national media attention to these critically important issues.

The opposition to the timber industry's destructive plans is growing across the globe. In March of this year, Global Justice Ecology Project and the STOP GE Trees Campaign joined organizations internationally to call on the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) to pass a global moratorium on the release of genetically engineered trees into the environment. UN CBD Delegates from ten countries joined our call for a moratorium. This powerful coalition effort resulted in an historic decision by the UN CBD warning countries of the dangers of genetically engineered trees and calling on countries to use a precautionary approach with regard to the technology.

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity is now accepting comments on genetically engineered trees. You can sign on to demand a global ban on GE trees:

Click here to sign the letter calling for a ban on GE trees

The global movement against monoculture timber plantations is powerful. There are organizations, indigenous communities, peasants movements and landless workers who are rising up against timber plantations and their destruction of communities and forests all over the world. Global Justice Ecology Project is working with these groups to raise awareness of the looming threat of genetically engineered tree plantations, and of the potential for GE trees to worsen the already serious environmental and social impacts of industrial timber plantations.

Please support this important work with a contribution. We need your help to achieve our goal of keeping genetically engineered "franken-trees" out of our forests.

Thank you for helping us protect the earth's native forests, biodiversity and wildlife, and to work in support of indigenous and poor communities.


Anne Petermann Orin Langelle
Co-Director Coordinator
Global Justice Ecology Project
STOP GE Trees Campaign
Anne Petermann
Global Justice Ecology Project
P.O. Box 412
Hinesburg, VT 05461
+1-802-482-2689 ph/fax
+1-802-578-0477 mobile

To Join, click on and donate securely through Network for Good, or donate by check through the mail.

Global Justice Ecology Project Mission Statement

Global Justice Ecology Project advances global justice and ecological awareness by identifying issues, creating strategies, organizing campaigns, building alliances and disseminating photographic images that demonstrate the interconnections between the social and the ecological, promoting a crucial holistic analysis to unify and strengthen movements.
12 years ago

Since Hurricane Katrina we have lost so many cypress trees!  It is vital to our wetlands, etc and people are under the misconception that it is disease resistant.  ONLY if it is 100 yrs old.  Until then it is no more resistant to disease than pine mulch or bark.  Young cypress are now being harvested/logged and these groves will NOT regenerate.  PEOPLE NEED TO BUY ANYTHING BUT CYPRESS MULCH so that we can save what is left.  Please sign the following petition.  Thank you!

ACTION ALERT: Save Rainforests in Uganda
12 years ago
Sign and Forward to your friends! thank you!!

ACTION ALERT: Save Rainforests in Uganda
 10:16 AM
Protest Plans to Destroy Uganda's Few Remaining Rainforests for

Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet, Inc.
December 15, 2006

Let the Ugandan President and Parliament know rainforests and
their ecological services are more valuable than sugar and oil
palm production

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni is pursuing legally dubious
plans to destroy much of Uganda's last few rainforests to grow
palm oil and sugar cane crops. Uganda has long been facing a
deforestation crisis, with forests covering 20 percent of Uganda
40 years ago, but now just covering seven percent. Loss of
forest cover in Uganda has had devastating ecological impacts
which will be intensified by the proposed projects.
Deforestation has been directly responsible for declining levels
of waters in Lake Victoria and the River Nile, resulting in a
scarcity of drinking water and reduction in hydroelectric energy
production. The whole matter seems to reflect a desperate power
grab by the President to reward cronies under false and illusory
promises of industrialization. The government has no legal
mandate to give out constitutionally protected forest reserves
to be cut down by private companies. Please contact President
Yoweri Museveni, the entire Ugandan parliament, and Ugandan
ministries and embassies and insist that these projects be
abandoned, and Uganda's remaining rainforest strictly protected
as ecological reserves while restoring forests where they
historically occurred.


Discuss this alert at:
Bradilian Rain Forest
12 years ago

       INCREDIBLE Satellite Image of Rainforest Destruction in the Amazon

This incredible satellite image shows a HUGE 300 mile long swath of Brazilian Amazon rain forest completely destroyed due to logging. This incredible display of deforestation is hard to believe when you observe the multi-million acre scale seen here.

Was not sure where to post this, received from a friend and just wanted this group to see what is happening in Brazil.

12 years ago

Margaret, I noted it but Internet Explorer aborted my efforts to get into the site via the link.   I bet it is heartbreaking to see.   I am so sick of logging!!   GREEDY, GREEDY, GREEDY!! 

in Argentina 75 % of the forests have been destroyed
12 years ago

Galia P.
Galia has been awarded 53 butterflies for taking action at Care2
Help me save forests ! Friday, 4:52 PM

  Hello everyone. I want to let you know that in Argentina 75 % of the forests have been destroyed . There is a law that needs to be accepted ASAP to stop this irresponsible destruction right now!!.

 Sign my petition and read more about it. Pass it on to your friends. Let's work to stop this!

 [ send green star]
12 years ago
Signed!   I don't know why governments can't understand (or maybe they just don't care) about all the damage they are doing to the wildlife, ecosystem with the deforestation they are allowing!!   I keep hearing that the country is poor and needs money from logging or growing another crop!!!   Can't the WORLD come together and figure out something to let the poor countries earn money WITHOUT destroying the much needed trees?   And what is the U.S.'s excuse for logging so much???  It is very sad!
12 years ago

Hi Vicky.

I will explain this to you. It is a lie that starving people will benefit from this destruction. The only ones who benefit from the destruction are the big corporations who make their own profits but, sooner or later, NOBODY will benefit because the consequences of this will cause a great economic deficit. The conclusion is that abuse of political and economic power is leading to unnecessary devastation. There is no progress here. I can also inform you that there are communities of people who will be left homeless as a DIRECT consequence of the forest destruction. It is sad, but these politicians do not care about the people, the animals, the forests or the planet. They just trade with corporations!

  Thanks for helping to make a difference and I appreciate your comment



Please Note
12 years ago
It’s Back! For Second Year in a Row, President’s Forest Service Budget Proposes Massive Sell off of Public Lands



02/19/07 Help protect the Niagara Escarpment
12 years ago


Deadline for Comments February 19, 2007

Late last year, the Ontario Municipal Board issued a decision that paves the way for extensive residential development on the Niagara Escarpment within the Town of Blue Mountain in Grey County. Castle Glen Developments wants to build over 1,600 residential units, 300 hotel units as well as commercial and retail space, and up to three golf courses on a 620 acre tract that spills over the brow of the Escarpment. It will be the largest single development on the Niagara Escarpment since 1975. Use the letter template below to help convince the Minister of Municipal Affairs to overturn this decision.

Located just south-east of Blue Mountain in the Collingwood area, the area forms part of the UNESCO World Biosphere Designated Zone of the Niagara Escarpment. It is over 70% forested, is the source for headwaters of Silver Creek (the most productive salmon and trout spawning river in Georgian Bay) and Black Ash Creek, has two provincially significant wetlands and a significant Area of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSI), and is home to two at-risk species: the hart’s tongue fern and the butternut tree. The Bruce Trail runs through the property. The Ontario Greenbelt Alliance (of which Ontario Nature is a founding member) has named the area as one of the Top 10 Greenbelt Hotspots under threat from poorly-planned development that could destroy significant natural features.

12 years ago
PLEASE!Help me save the forests that are left! 5:56 PM

Dear friends,

Some of you signed a petition a few days ago to protect the forests that are left in Argentina. Now we need to copy and paste those words in e-mails to the four deputies who have not decided whether to vote for or against the law to protect the forests.

These are their e-mails:

You may send them the following message if you don't feel like writing something yourself:

Estimado diputado:
                              Más del 75 % de los bosques en Argentina han sido destruidos. Las consecuencias de esta destrucción son claras. Eventualmente,  la tierra  se transformara en desiertos. Usted cree que podrá cultivar soja en desiertos?                     
                     Si usted cree que la ecología y la economía no  se relacionan se equivoca. La economía  sufrirá y ESTA sufriendo como resultado de esta destrucción irresponsable que se esta llevando a cabo. Miles de personas han perdido su hogar. Algunas han muerto como consecuencia de las inundaciones.                       Si cree en la democracia , escuche nuestro pedido y haga algo antes de que sea tarde. Lo instamos a que se acepte la ley de protección de bosques presentada por el diputado Miguel Bonasso sin modificaciones. Incluso gente de otros países esta al tanto de esta irresponsable destrucción y apoyan nuestro compromiso por preservar los bosques.                                          
        Los bosques juegan un papel fundamental en la regulación climática, el mantenimiento de las fuentes y caudales de agua y la conservación de los suelos. Son nuestra natural esponja y paraguas protector, son el más magistral diseño que equilibra los ecosistemas y garantiza gratuitamente nuestra supervivencia, son uno de los patrimonios naturales más importantes, pero también el más amenazado y depredado por la mano del hombre. La altísima tasa de transformación de nuestros bosques nativos para la ampliación de la superficie agrícola (en la mayoría de los casos para la producción de soja transgénica) no tiene precedentes en la historia: por año perdemos más 250.000 hectáreas, lo que equivale a 1 hectárea cada dos minutos.                                
  El planeta no es un tesoro que heredamos de nuestros ancestros, sino un tesoro que le debemos a nuestras futuras generaciones”                       
Ya hay suficiente devastación, cuanta mas desea causar si no hace algo urgente?
       Esperamos contar con su apoyo. 
US publisher goes green
12 years ago

~Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be printed on FSC/recycled paper, in accordance to J.K. Rowlings wishes, the previous books were like that too, but now the U.S. publisher is following suit, please send your thanks! (For those who don't know J.K. Rowling is Brittish).

12 years ago
All signed!  Thanks to those who posted actions so far.....keep em' coming!
USDA Poised to Approve Risky Field Trial of GE Trees
11 years ago

The biotechnology firm ArborGen has asked the USDA for permission to extend, and allow to flower, an experimental field trial of genetically engineered cloned eucalyptus trees in Alabama. The trees have been genetically engineered for cold tolerance and for delayed or reduced flowering. The trees have also been engineered with an unknown "confidential" marker gene.

As it did with GE alfalfa USDA failed to conduct and prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EI to comprehensively address all the relevant issues related to the proposed eucalyptus field trials. ArborGen's Baldwin County, Alabama field trial site is prone to severe storms, including tornadoes and hurricanes that could blow GE eucalyptus seeds miles farther than the 100 meters USDA assumed possible. USDA failed to evaluate these severe storms when it reviewed the proposed field trials. The agency should have performed a complete EIS to fully evaluate the high risk of genetic contamination of natural trees due to the regional weather phenomena on the field trial location.

Contamination of natural trees by GE eucalyptus could pose a severe environmental threat. Eucalyptus grow well in warm climates, so engineering them to tolerate cold temperatures removes the only barrier to their unrestricted spread. In some places where eucalyptus have been introduced, they are well known for escaping and colonizing native ecosystems. For example, eucalyptus is listed as an invasive species and a costly plant pest in California.

Despite recent federal court decisions that USDA failed to address the risk of contamination and other environmental risks from genetically engineered plants, like GE bentgrass and alfalfa, USDA seems poised to push ahead with this dangerous proposal.

A public comment period is open until May 21, 2007 - please sign the petition to USDA APHIS opposing this risky proposal today!

Full Petition Text:

USDA/ APHIS Docket No. APHIS-2007-0027

I oppose ArborGen's field trial of genetically engineered (GE) Eucalyptus Trees in Alabama (APHIS-2007-0027).

ArborGen petitioned the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2006 for permission to extend their GE Eucalyptus field trials to allow flowering and seed production in 355 trees grown on 1.1 acres in Baldwin County, Alabama.

USDA originally approved the 3-year experimental trial in the fall of 2005 under the condition that the trees not be allowed to flower. Now, less than 2 years later, the agency seems to have forgotten the logic behind that condition, and has once again conducted a cursory and inadequate Environmental Assessment (EA) in which they recommend approval to extend the GE Eucalyptus field trials and allow this unprecedented flowering and seed formation.

Eucalyptus species are introduced organisms into the US and grow well in certain warm climates such as the southern and southeast US regions. The main barrier to Eucalyptus becoming established in this region is that the varieties planted often die in cold temperatures. Genetically engineering them to tolerate those cold temperatures removes that barrier. In other regions, where eucalyptus have been introduced, they are well known for escaping and colonizing native ecosystems. Eucalyptus has become so established in California that it is now listed as an invasive species and a plant pest in the state.

USDA also failed to conduct and prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EI to comprehensively address all the relevant issues related to the proposed field trial. The Baldwin County, Alabama field trial site is prone to severe storm events such as tornadoes and hurricanes that could blow GE eucalyptus seeds miles farther than the 100 meters USDA assumed possible. USDA failed to evaluate these severe storm events in the EA and should have performed an EIS to fully review regional weather phenomena on the field trial location to evaluate the higher potential for escape.

By the agency's own admission, there are several varieties of eucalyptus that are naturally cold-tolerant, at least eight of which could be grown in Southern U.S. states like Alabama. This field trial is not only risky, it is completely unnecessary.

Please deny the permit extension and insure that the trees currently planted are not allowed to flower. 

Signed by:
11 years ago
Action Alert: Stop Ocean City, New Jersey from Using Ancient Rainforest Timbers for Boardwalk Decking

An important precedent must be set that industrial logging of ancient forests, even if FSC "certified", must end

By Rainforest Portal, a project of Ecological Internet - August 13, 2007

Ipê tree
Caption: Ipê belongs in ancient rainforest canopies, not Jersey boardwalks  (link) the City Council adopted a Resolution in May 1997 which stated that they "...will no longer purchase tropical rain forest hardwood for the boardwalk in Ocean City and recommends to future governing bodies that they investigate all the ramifications of using tropical rainforest hardwood before changing the policy". Environmentalists cheered the victory and thought that Ocean City would be doing its part to protect ancient rainforests from that point on.

Fast forward ten years to January 2007 and the issue of using ipê industrially harvested from ancient rainforests rears its ugly head again. But this time, the city presents ipê as an environmentally responsible choice as long as it is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. While the evidence is mounting worldwide regarding major problems with the FSC's certification of ancient forest logging as "responsible" while implying environmental sustainability, the city uses the endorsement that major environmental organizations give to FSC certified products as justification for using ipê. With support letters in hand and the green light from FSC supporters such as Rainforest Alliance-SmartWood, Greenpeace, and WWF, the city council, media, and public are told that the way to save the rainforest and its people is through the purchase of FSC wood from first-time ancient rainforest logging. Educating the city council, the administration, and the public regarding the mounting evidence to the contrary has become a major task.

Certifiers admit that they only certify operations as "well managed" and never "sustainable". Yet the public and buyers are continually told by importers, retailers and journalists that certified wood is "sustainable". Ipê is being logged only from old growth rainforests and scientific studies have shown that even so-called selective "low-impact" logging is permanently damaging to old growth rainforests and the biodiversity they support. There is no such thing as ecologically sustainable first time industrial logging of primary and old-growth forests, and keeping large ancient forest intact is a requirement to address climate change and achieve global ecological sustainability. Citizens have repeatedly requested a public forum to discuss the failures of FSC certification and the insufficiencies of the city’s materials analysis, but their requests have been ignored. In addition, the city lied regarding the availability and viability of alternate materials, and the economic analysis presented to City Council was incomplete and flawed.

More and take action:

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11 years ago

Received today (US only ):

Dear Elena,

We need your urgent action to make sure that Congress stands firm against taxpayer subsidies for destroying America's
greatest temperate rainforest.

Please go to
right now and tell your senators and representative to protect the Tongass, a thriving habitat for grizzly bears, salmon runs, bald eagles and the elusive Alexander Archipelago wolf.

Thanks to pressure from you and other online activists, the House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly in June to halt taxpayer subsidies for destructive new logging roads in Alaska's Tongass National Forest.

But Alaska's senior senator, Ted Stevens, is now working feverishly behind closed doors to make sure that this long-overdue legislation never sees the light of day. And he's
drafting his own, underhanded, amendment to restrict sharply the public's ability to halt wasteful and devastating Tongass logging in court.

Over the last 25 years, more than 1 billion taxpayer dollars have been spent to clearcut and build roads through this irreplaceable BioGem.

NRDC activists like you have spoken out again and again against these wasteful handouts, which have enabled timber companies to
expand their reach into the unspoiled heart of America's rainforest.

Please go to
and demand that House and Senate negotiators stand up to Senator Stevens and his destructive logging-road subsidies in the

Thank you for helping to defend this priceless rainforest refuge for imperiled Alaskan wildlife.


Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council


Please take action here too!
11 years ago Supporters of liquid coal claim it is a cure-all to our nation’s energy problems. The truth is that it’s plagued with economical and environmental downsides from the time coal is mined until long after the liquid is burned. Liquid coal releases almost double the global warming emissions per gallon as regular gasoline, making a hybrid filled with liquid coal as dirty as a Hummer H3 running on regular gas. Liquid coal also requires huge amounts of water, and would lead to an over 40% increase in coal mining just to replace a mere 10% of our nation’s transportation fuels. Proponents of liquid coal also want the government to funnel billions in subsidies and tax breaks to artificially create an entirely new industry. Liquid coal is arguably the dirtiest, most expensive energy gamble we could take. Please take action at the site above, and crosspost widely!
11 years ago
Bring Real Protection to the Giant Sequoia National MonumentUtah

Giant Sequoias are among the oldest living trees on the planet. Many took root long before our great, great grandparents were born, and will live to see our great, great grandchildren -- if we don't allow the timber industry to destroy them first.

The Giant Sequoias were here before our nation was founded, quietly witnessing the evolution of our society. Now our "progress" is the greatest threat to their continued survival.


11 years ago

This petition is to ask Borneo's 3 nations (Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia) to conserve the area known as the Heart of Borneo - a total of 220,000 km2 of equatorial rainforest - through a network of protected areas and sustainably-managed forests, and through international co-operation led by the Bornean governments.

The remaining Borneo rainforest is the only natural habitat for the endangered Bornean Orangutan. It is also an important refuge for many endemic forest species, and the Asian Elephant, the Sumatran Rhinoceros and the Bornean Clouded Leopard.
When they get the goal of 100.000 sign ups they will send the petition to the 3 governments of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia. Please help to save these wonderful forests. Sign now:

Pledge to plant a tree with Tree-Nation in 2008!
11 years ago
10 years ago

We need help in convincing our (my ) Canadian government to support a moratorium on GE trees. Please note and take action - send an e-mail.


Support a U.N. Moratorium on Genetically Engineered Trees
Environment  (tags: GE trees, environment, ecosystems, conservation, nature, habitat, habitatdestruction, humans, pollution, protection, trees )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 2 days ago -

10 years ago
European Commission - Ban Illegal Timber - Take Action
Environment  (tags: illegal logging, logging, habitatdestruction, destruction, trees, forests, ecosystems, environment, conservation, protection, wildlife, world, Sustainabililty, pollution, politics, habitat, humans, nature )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 24 seconds ago -
Illegal logging is destroying the world's ancient forests and accelerating climate change. On July 23rd the European Commission is expected to vote on proposed legislation to combat illegal logging.Please write to President Barroso today for a yes vote.
10 years ago

 Take Action: Create our Next National Park
In honour of Parks Day, help us establish Canada’s next national park, in the Mealy Mountains of Labrador!  This park will protect five boreal natural regions and provide habitat protection for wolves, bear, wolverine and the threatened Mealy Mountains woodland caribou herd. Sign our Petition to the Canadian Government!

All can sign -  just enter "None" under State/Province.

10 years ago

About a month ago, Senator Ron Wyden unveiled a plan to permanently protect old-growth forests on our publicly-owned lands.
10 years ago
These ancient forests must be fully protected and all industrial development ended to preserve biodiversity and ecosystem health, focusing upon employment from standing trees and fully intact ecosystems, and failure to do will lead to a renewed "War of th
Actions taken, thanks everyone for posting!
10 years ago

Here is another action for the trees we can help out with:

Tell J. Crew's CEO to Stop Destroying Forests for Catalogs
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StarsButterfliesGold Notes
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Tell J. Crew CEO Millard Drexler and demand that J. Crew commit to an ecologically responsible paper policy for its catalogs by signing this petition.
10 years ago

Tazmanian Forest...
Clearfelling/destruction of Tazmanian Old-Growth Forests...
Stop destroying Tazmania's Native Old-Growth Forests now!
Sponsored by: 
     Tazmania is clearfelling its native, old-growth forests at an
     astonishing rate and this continued destruction is affecting so
     much as a result. The true story of Tazmania's logging Industry
     is both devistating and unbelievable! Protected species are NOT
     being protected as forests are totally eradicated; complete
     felling of the area followed by the dropping of napalm means no
     life can continue to survive. The Government is
     allowing this, both through political corruption and continued
     funding (bribery) by the logging Industries, to happen.

     I feel that only international involvement will stop the
     continued devastation. If WE do nothing, the Loggers have total
     freedom to fell the Forests for the next 20 years, in which
     time, there will be nothing left.

     The enviroment is at a fragile state due to human activity and
     with Climate Change a major issue, no one, on no account,
     should be burning the World's last remaining (Old-Growth)

     Tazmanian logging causes economies to fail (for many reasons)  and quality of life for the general public is decreasing. The 'classic'
     Tazmanian image of lush forest wilderness will be
gone if
     we do not act NOW...
10 years ago
Preserve the Tongass National Forest for Future Generations
Target: U.S. Congress
Sponsored by: Alaska Wilderness League
The Tongass National Forest, also known as Alaska's Inside Passage, is a national treasure: one of the few places remaining in the world where old growth forests, brown bears, whales and wild salmon still thrive.

Decades of harmful logging have taken a toll on the land, yet large areas of the Tongass remain majestic and vibrant. People from across America visit Alaska's Inside Passage to experience sights and sounds found nowhere else in the world. The last, best parts of the Tongass are worthy of protection as a legacy for current and future generations of Americans.
10 years ago

The Medford district of the Bureau of Land Management is at it again. They are proposing clear-cut logging on 418 acres of old-growth forest in southern Oregon. In an apparent effort to mask how nasty this sale is, they have given it a rather cute name...
10 years ago
The billion tree campaign enters a second wave. Together, let's plant 7 billion trees by the end of 2009!
10 years ago
Take Action: Say NO to Last-Minute Logging!
President Bush's final day in office comes in exactly two months and his Administration is clearly aiming to use the remaining time to get as many environmental rollbacks on the books as possible. Don't let that happen: send e-mail NOW!
10 years ago
Stop the Madness of Wasteful Paper Consumption

Around the world we use around 1 million tonnes of paper every day, with half of the trees cut down commercially ending up in paper products. Yet much of this paper use is wasteful and unnecessary.... Take action now and make a personal commitment
closing 220 parks
9 years ago

Sadly, future generations of Californians may not have that experience. Gov. Schwarzegger has proposed closing 220 of the 279 state parks in California to make up for the budget crunch. The financial benefit to the state will be a mere .3% of the shortfall.

I don't think that's worth it - shutting down 79% of the state's parks, places where families go to spend time together away from work and school and the pressures of modern life will cause irreparable harm to the state.

Sign our petition to Gov. Schwarzenegger right now, and tell him not to rob the people of one of their few places of sanctuary:

In 2008, 80 million people in California alone visited state parks - experiences that will be lost forever if these parks close.

Whether it's camping, boating, hiking, or watching the sunrise with friends, our state parks are human sanctuaries. It doesn't matter whether you live in California or not - many of us travel to California for the scenic beauty, and the solace their parks offer.

Take a minute today and sign our petition to Gov. Schwarzenegger asking him to keep the parks open.

Forests throughout America are in danger!
9 years ago

Forests throughout America are in danger!  The U.S. Congress passed the Omnibus Public Lands Act of 2009, which contains questionable fuels reduction projects in Title-IV, which includes approval of projects of undefined fuel treatment and biomass power generation on more than 5 million acres. Concerned conservationists and honest scientists from across the country oppose these actions due to the potential climate changing characteristics, damaging outcomes to public forest lands, energy costs that exceed energy production, and taxpayer costs that exceed revenues. This bill is a gift to the timber industry, allowing sawmills to continue profiting from forested public lands.

Now, Congress has funded the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and the Department of Agriculture just released the list of projects it intends to implement in your National Forests across the country.  These include non-specific fuel reduction, trail maintenance, and biomass extraction projects that would support inefficient and expensive power generating facilities that cost far more energy than they produce. These projects have the potential to damage national forests and wilderness, continue bad management practices, give gifts to the timber mills, and exacerbate climate change. 

*Picture of "Trail Maintenance" project done on the Golden Trout Wilderness in 2007

Could you please take a moment to draft a letter to your representatives and ask them to ensure oversight of projects done by the U.S. Forest Service?

Send a letter to your representative

Please take a minute to protect YOUR public lands
Please take action
9 years ago
OCA: Take Action Frankentrees

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 Davida - ago -
One of the experimental GE tree varieties is a known host for cryptococcus gatti, a fatal fungal pathogen whose spores cause meningitis in people and animals. Comments are being accepted by the USDA until July 6, 2009. Take action today by using the form
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re: genetically modified trees
9 years ago

thanks davida for your information site. i have taken action. peace and love from ildi p.

Lessen advertising paper
7 years ago

To any people outside of the U.S.A. and Portugal,

Please read this petition of mine about lessening the advertising paper of supermarkets and sign it if you think it is OK:

Perhaps you might note its news as well, and share it...

(I think U.S.A. and Portugal may not count as they don't get much advertising in those countries, but you can sign it as well if you want.)

I think signing this petition might be a step towards saving some trees from cutting.

PETITION: No Michelin Factory in the Forest of the "Untouchables" | Rainforest Action
6 years ago

Soon an Indian delegation will travel to France and together with environmental alliances confront Michelin and formally object the plans for the construction of a tire plant. Please support the protest action so the forest of the Dalits can be conserved!

This petition is from Rainforest Rescue, which is a good petition site where everyone can sign.

Please sign and share, thank you!
6 years ago

I hope lots of non U.S. citizens sign for you Arped.   Thanks for posting.

Mathilda, I noted and signed the petition.   Thank you, too.

I wish these companies would use land that is already clear to build on or else use trees that are not rainforest.   There should be areas that grow trees specifically for use in construction and others are planted in their place.

6 years ago

We  need protection of ancient forests, too!   Look what's been done to the Boreal Forest in Canada!   And they are trying to cut the Redwoods in California!!!   DISGUSTING!!!

Trees Are in Trouble: Climate Change and Dying Trees
6 years ago

Trees Are in Trouble: Climate Change and Dying Trees

6 years ago

Signed Mari....thank you.   It is so sad what mankind is doing or allowing to happen to our natural resources.   The poor ecosystem is soooo messed up now which in turn throws wildlife, etc. out of balance. 

My project to get trees planted...
6 years ago

Hi, I don't know if this is the best thread to post this but I just started a project to get people to start and plant trees. It is and it is an initiative of my music and art for Peace project. Please check it out and encourage as many people as possible to start and plant and share trees. If everyone realizes they can do these things on their own wherever they live we can get millions of trees planted.

Thanks and Peace to All,

6 years ago

What a great project!!!  Have you thought of posting it also on Facebook?   I mentioned in the other thread that when I clicked the link it brought me to a Care2 page; however now it brought me to your wonderful site.   Unless you posted 2 different links.

Strategic Protection of the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil
6 years ago

Strategic Protection of the Atlantic Rainforest in Brazil

The lush rainforest carpeting Serra Bonita mountain range in eastern Brazil represents the last significant example of a unique habitat that supports rare and endemic flora and fauna. The area is at the heart of an urgent conservation initiative.
Save Malaysia's Rainforest
5 years ago
we've got 172signatures, help us get to 3,000
Save the Brunswick Forest from Land Developers
5 years ago
STOP Developers from Clear Cutting Wooded Areas and Destroying Forests
5 years ago
5 years ago



we've got 121signatures, help us get to 1,000
5 years ago

Signed and shared some of them June.  On the rainforest one I have no idea how to send it as I didn't see a 'submit' or 'send' button.   I'll try to sign the rest later.   Thanks!

5 years ago

Stop destroying "Endangered Forests"

Resolute Forest Products (formerly AbitibiBowater), one of the largest logging companies in Canada, manages some of the most ecologically valuable and vulnerable areas left in the Boreal Forest. Unfortunately, their logging operations threaten these areas with destruction.

5 years ago

Protect India’s Old Growth Forests


Demand Protection of Bengali Mangroves

The Sundarban region is the largest section of continuous mangrove forest in the world and is home to roughly 500 species of fish, birds, mammals, reptiles, and the endangered Bengal Tiger. The loss of the Sundarbans would likely result in the extinction of these cats as it is only one of a few forests left capable of maintaining several hundred tigers

5 years ago

Thank Conservation Group for Saving Thousands of Acres of Forest

Stop Big Companies from Burning Our Forests
5 years ago

Right now, energy companies are cutting and burning our Southeastern forests to make electricity in power plants.
Burning trees for electricity creates more carbon pollution than coal, gas and oil. It's a dirty process that destroys our forests.
Three companies--Enviva LP, Dominion Power, and Drax Group--lead the industry in cutting and burning forests for electricity. Virginia-based Dominion Power and UK-based Drax Group buy millions of tons of wood from our Southern forests for fuel. Enviva, the South’s largest wood pellet manufacturer, supplies them both—and plans to double production in the coming years.
Defend our forests - tell these companies that burning trees for energy isn't green!

5 years ago

Signed  June!   Thanks for posting the petitions!

5 years ago

Also signed, thanks

5 years ago

ME THREE! I SIGNED! Thank you for posting June!

5 years ago

Hi Davida and Tracy!    I'm glad you all signed June's petitions....she's faithful about posting them.  Thank you June.     


We have 108 posts in this thread so I'm going to close it and start a new  one.   Tracy, can you believe this thread has been around for 8 years???  Wow!


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