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Easiest Daily Clicks Ever! Do them with ONE Click!
12 years ago
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I found a site powered by google, that enables one to select which charities to support from a huge menu.  This menu includes Care2 races, Charity, Ecology Fund, Free Donation, and others. 

At the bottom, you can select ALL of these charities in one little click, then click again to LOAD the page and BAM, you get a very tidy user interface that allows you to scroll down and click without ever ONCE hitting the back button.

Better still, most of these charitable sites AUTOMATICALLY CLICK FOR YOU with that one click to LOAD!  

Yep.  Hard to believe, too good to be true right?  But my care2 success journal has been consistently showing my clicks since I started doing this!  I'm getting my butterflies.  Care2 is one of the automated ones so you don't have to click at all for them anymore, except that one time.

Bookmark the site and it will remember your choices too!

This is fantastic.  To start using it yourself, go here:


12 years ago

Thanks for this info, it is great!  Snagged for another group also.  Been manually doing 40 clicks a day and this is so much easier. 

12 years ago
Wow!!!  Thanks Jadonia!!   I wonder if they will send you an alert for that one or if we just have to visit daily.   So neat!!!!
12 years ago
That is really neat and does save time!  What does it do about the "Daily Action" at Care2 though?  I thought it wouldn't give us a butterfly unless we clicked that one too?
Good point, Tracy!
12 years ago
I really don't know.  I guess because it involves a click, it probably counts the daily action as fullfilled.  To  be fair, we probably should go in and do the action since we're getting credit for it.  I actually like the daily actions.  I learn things that I wouldn't otherwise discover. 


12 years ago
I think this site sounds like a wonderful idea!  However, I wonder how long they can maintain a site like that....since the click to donates are usually paid by the sponsors that they show on the pages of the click to donates.  With all the people just clicking to donate, not many people will be clicking on the sponsors, and that might make them not be able to afford to sponsor the site anymore.  (Not that I ever click on the sponsors sites anyway, but I'm sure there are some that do)
12 years ago
Actually, that's a very good point Tracy.  I can tell you a bit about this since I run a "click-to-donate" site myself and have sponsored several others when advertising my site as well.  From a sponsors standpoint, the goal is to get their advertisement infront of people (that is what they are paying for after all) not simply to get a large number of "hits".  While web sites with mass clicking like the one being promoted here has good intentions, the result is actually hindering the click-to-donate sites.  See, most of the advetisers pay a certain amount of money per "click" received - so if they get a lot of clicks whith no "sales" (i.e., if people are not even looking at their ads) they will not continue to sponsor the click to donate site. No sponsors = no money going to the cause.  So while the "clicks" are free to the user, the sponsor does expect that someone will at least look at their ad.  Just something to think about.....
12 years ago
Everyone has a valid point here and I will probably only use it when I have to be out and do not have time to click individually.  As far as the butterflies on Care2, the Action is a seperate butterfly from the clicks.  The one thing I dislike about the daily action is that the same one is on 3 to 4 days at times.  But have to admit have picked up a lot of good info from the sites visited.
Thank you
12 years ago


            Thank you Jadonia...oxoxoxox Hugs!!

    Blu'AbbeyCat &  family


12 years ago
I notice that when I use this link, that I don't believe that the clicks are counting for the site that has like five or six clicks (the one with the rainforest, literacy, hunger, animal rescue, and breast cancer sites).  I think a "thank you" page would come up if you scroll down, like what comes up when you come to the Care2 ones. I manually click each one of those and then a "thank you" page comes up for them.  I just wanted to give a heads up, because if you use this site, you might think all the clicks are counting, and they might not actually be registering for those sites. 
Eco Click Sites
11 years ago Here is a collection of links for some great click-to-donate sites. If you know of others, please share! Also, check in after your clicks so we know who is an active member!

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