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7 years ago

Marie, I am praying for your health (I agree blood clots are very dangerous), finance and housing needs.  Two blessings which have come out of all this struggle is 1) You are amongst so many beautiful trees (which will help with your depression and the scenery (trees) will give your son wonderful photography opportunities) and 2) health problems (both you and Jonathan) will lessen by being in the cooler, less humid climate.   How awesome that your hubby got one of  his clients back and that you are making crafts to sell.   Maybe Jonathan could get a part time job doing anything to help with the bills.   So, even though you all are struggling it seems you are looking at the glass 1/2 full instead of 1/2 empty, that is a big help to keep depression at bay.   Also, you remembered the points (?) that allowed you all one week of the free hotel and your husband does have a steady income, albeit maybe not as much as you need it to be.  Hopefully things will work out positive so just keep the faith my friend.

7 years ago

I forgot to mention one important piece of hope: if we can hang in there until the new year, the eviction will disappear from the records in a month or so.

One other small piece of hope- I found a store today that sells crafts on consignment.  They will be closed after Christmas, so its a short time, but I crafted some beautiful Christmas bags, boxes, and tins, for wrapping presents in, and they are interested in selling those in their store.  So that's one more small way I can bring money in to live on.  I will also be making the crafts into an e-book. 

In asnwer to your question on income, Vicky...
7 years ago

the problem with our income is that it is not predictable and therefore hard to prove.  I get royalties from my e-books and my children's nature magazine, and my son, Jonathan, helps me with the magazine, as a photographer and with marketing.  He is studying to become a professional photography.  We need to find more avenues for him to use his photography to make money.  He is very good at capturing the beauty of nature in his photos. 

My husband also works as a computer programmer, at home, over the internet.  The plus side is that that's why we can just up and move and it doesn't affect our income.  The down side is that I require a lot of care, so his time is limited.  I could lose myh feet and legs to amputation if I don't have a lot of massages throughout the day, plus my dietary needs are complicated due to the diabetes, and are also key to not losing my feet or legs.  (I am in a wheelchair and walking is very painful- just about anything involving my feet is painful, including the massage.)

My husband makes $650 a month of guaranteed income for his services, plus extra for any programming he does.  He had been down to one client, but recently a previous client returned and asked again for his services.  This is the reason why we were able to rent a camper and move up here.  It took a lot of gas money.  This client has more programming for my husband to do, which is how we expect to pay a first and last rent and deposit required for move-in costs and get our stuff up here. 

But this work will not last forever, and we have barely enough right now for a cheap hotel stay for a week- so everything is in the balance and could go either way.  We do feel peace that we did the right thing and are refreshed every day by the sight of so many trees around the perimeters of the city.  The weather is also so much better for me.  My heat intolerance had kept me indoors most of the year in southern California.  Here I can be outside every day without getting seriously ill from heat.  (jonathan has the same problem and we almost lost him once to heat stroke.  He remembers being out of the body and coming back into his body in the air conditioned ambulance with saline water going into his veins. 

Please seee my post below (which I wrote first) about our trip up here and our current situation which is still pretty precarious.  Please keep praying (or sending energy or whatever you do to change things.)


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Hi, Vivky and Sue
7 years ago

Still trying to find a house and avoid being homeless, but I finally made it to northern California.  We had to take it slow to get up here because of my precarious health.  I'm glad we did because I got a blood clot and have just been reading how dangerous that is.  If we had driven too many hours in one day it would have been  a grave danger for me. 

We rented a camper and went along the coast, staying at the lowest priced campsites we could find on the internet.  I learned a lot more about computers and the internet because we had to find a McDonalds or Barnes & Noble to get on the internet. 

My youngest son, Jonathan, who is still living with us at age 18 (and who also is a fervent tree-lover like me- he helped plant the 320 trees on our lost (sigh) home property) showed me how he could get on the internet outside McDonalds to find campsites.  We had to find the campsites whenever we came to a town because some stretches of the coast don't have much in the way of towns. 

We stayed at the beach twice and in tree-filled camp sites twice, and spent one sad night with just wall-to-wall campers all crowded in.  The beach and tree nights were so refreshing, but a lot of the California coast is quite barren- brown hills with no trees.  We did go through an incredible area with huge, gorgeous pine trees.  We later swa a sign and realized that this was a coast redwood forest!  Yay!

We had relatives to see on the way up and got here so exhausted, late at night.  We could see very little on the last leg of the hourney and were too tired to care or even think.  We had no money left- and needed to get the camper back right away.  I was afraid fo being homeless.  Then I remembered that we had earned hotel points at a previous stay when we lost our house, so we used our points for a week of free stay.

When we woke up and looked around the city of Redding, it was an incredible sight!  Trees as far as the eye can see in all directions!!!!!  We knew there would be more trees in the north, but did not realize there would be this many!  The fall colors are beautiful and there are tons of pine treesL!

Those points are used up now and we hacve to be out by Tuesday.  We have tried various methods of finding a house but have found nothing that will work for us.  One realtor told me that to qualify for any of his properties we would have to spay my cat, Teeny Tiny Fluff.  I felt so heart broken that I cried and cried. 

Fluff is an  indoor cat, and is too timid to hunt and kill squirrels like tbe man was saying.  And she is a very special breed, who I want kittens from years from now so that when she is gone her own kind will replace her.  In the meantime she stays indoors.  She was named Teeny Tiny when she was only a few weeks old.  the mother cat, whome we had to leave behind, had her kittens beside my bed, and when I woke up in the morning, there would be tiny kittens all over my neck and chest and shoulders. 

As the kittens grew older, they chose other sleeping places, but Fluff kept on sleeping near my face, every night, of her own accord.  When we lost the house, she was so scared, she slept with her two front paws around my neck all night.  She has been a great comfort to me, and I will not live in a place that will not allow a gentle, timid cat.  (I would not allow a cat to hunt birds or squirrels.  I love them too.  Fluff saw some squirrels on the way up here and decided that she is a squirrel and began imitating everything the squirresl did.  She is curled up sleeping on me as I type. 

We have looked for a house on the internet, in the classifieds in the local papers, at real estate offices in key areas, etc.  There's always a problem.  Many houses are already rented.  Some don't have wheelchair access.  Many will not allow pets.  And as I've said, Fluff and I are not parting.  Plus we can't go through property management companies, who list a lot of the properties because we have a foreclosure and an eviction on our record. 

Neither were fair.  At the time of the foreclosure, we had the money to make payments but they wanted us to backpay and we couldn't do that.  With the eviction, we had lived in the house for 16 years, then the landlord wanted to cash out and retire so he decided to sell the house.  We hoped to buy it and submitted a list of repairs we thought he should do before we bought it and he evicted us by morning 12 hours later after the list of repairs, which is illegal.  But he got away with it in court. 

We have not been able to rent since and can't buy either because of the foreclosure.  We have had to live in hotels and motels ever since.  It's very discourqging, but the hotels cost half as much here (at least some do, and we will have to find one and move) and there are many more trees everywhere so it will be better than living in a slab of asphalt as far as the eye can see with few trees. 

So we still need prayers.  We have been doing a lot of driving to find a place to stay, and I got a leg clot today from it.  My sister got a leg clot last month and it went into her longs and was life threatening.  I took aspirin to dissolve it but will need to keep an eye on my leg.  I am diabetic, so I am at risk, and am sedentary due to disability.  I have also had a lot of problems from a tailbone injury weeks ago that still hurts if I sti up too long. 

7 years ago

Marie!   Oh yes, I remember you...we all prayed desperately that your home would be saved....I know how much you loved your beloved trees.   It makes me so very sad to know that what you cherished for so long is wantonly being destroyed.   Hopefully they will not destroy them all.   I am so very sorry that not only are you and your husband facing so many obstacles but that you are having to do it while you are so sick.   I, too, think that being able to view trees outside your window would be healing for you and I hope you find a residence with lots and lots.  My thoughts and prayers are with you my friend and I pray you will keep us updated on your situation.  America is falling fast into disrepair but we must keep our faith and trust in God.

P.S.  How exciting that you write children's books.      Does your husband get SSI or are you the only income?   Please try not to feel bad asking for help....I know that is sometimes easier said than done.

prayingformyfriendfrmjeanm.jpg picture by CajunAngelEyez

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8 years ago

Marie, I was away for awhile and busy catching up on things online and off.  I just saw your post and am praying all is going well for you.  I hope your health is improving daily and that you can find an affordable property that you like.

8 years ago

Hi, I'm not new here, but didn't know where to step in with an update on my situation.  Over a year ago, we lost our home to foreclosure, including the 320 plus trees we planted on the property, including 70 fruit trees that we planted ourselves, 25 grape vines, berries and wildflowers.  It was so painful to lose that house, and then watch as subsequent owners cut down more and more trees. 

We've finally pretty much given up on getting our property back.  We have been unable to survive here, having to beg for help almost daily from a grown up son.  We haven't been able to expand our income, and are always a day away from homelessness. 

We have finally decided that we need to get out of here and go to northern California, where some homes are one third the cost, and there are lots of TREES up there.  My husband has a paycheck for a special project coming to us in the next 2 days.  We don't want to get trapped down here in southern California with no way to get out of here, so as soon as we get his paycheck in hand we will be renting a camper and driving up the California coast, veering inland before we get to San Francisco. 

We will be looking for a house to rent somewhere near Redding, in northern California.  This is pretty scary for me because I just got out of the hospital with sepsis, which can lead to septic shock and death (what the pope died of).  I am so weak, I can't even go grocery shopping without feeling like passing out.  But we are able at this point to rent a camper to drive up there in, and that makes travel safer for me because in a sense I am not leaving "home."  Wherever we have to stop to take care of me in my illness, I will have my needs met in the rented camper. 

Everyone, please, prayers, meditations, pink lights, and focused energy for us to find a place where we can afford to stay and live off my income from a children's nature magazine that I create every 2 months.  We need to be able to find a house quickly- that is affordable- and meets our needs for lots of TREES!  (Did you know that studies show that sick people get well faster if there are trees out their windows?  That is how important trees are to someone sick like me!)

8 years ago

Hello Arlene...I'm not sure if you are joining our group or asking us to join yours.   I will welcome you in hopes that you will become a member here at Treehuggers.   BTW, it is beautiful what you wrote.  I can only imagine both the fear and exhiliration of a deer looking directly into my eyes. 

WelcomeBee.jpg picture by CajunAngelEyez

Hello from the Wilderness of BC (Pine Beetle Deathville)
8 years ago


It is exciting...isn’t it? You’re walking through the woods and a deer leaps out in front of you. He stops, turns, and at close range, peers deeply into your eyes. He’s just told you something, and it feels a lot like god. Please join my new forum "Cry of the Bird" Engage in groundbreaking discussions about human-to-wild-animal-communication, Zoosemiotics...and tell us your story.

"Once you've broken through the interspecies communication barrier you are changed forever, and you can't change back." ~ Arlene Longson

8 years ago

Sue & Dgypsy!!  So wonderful to have you here!  It's always great to see new treehuggers joining us!  And I'm glad there are so many sites that help plant trees, just like the one you mentioned. 

Vicky, loving those ladybugs!!

8 years ago

Hello and big welcome to both of you, Sue and Dgypsy!   2 more treehuggers are definitely an added bonus for all the trees that need us!  Tracy is around somewhere and will be here eventually to welcome you as well!

Sue, thanks for the treewala link....I just donated 1 tree but have put the shortcut on my desktop for daily playing!  How awesome that you have donated 47 trees!    There is another tree site we used to click on to donate trees but I will have to remember it.  

Sue and Dgypsy, if you have articles you want to post please do so we all can read them or just read the ones that are here!

Thanks for joining!

Welcome_LadyBugs.gif picture by CajunAngelEyez

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8 years ago

hello, howdy and a hiya as i am now hugging along with all of you here.
most likely from somewhere off of the oregon trails, dgy

8 years ago

Hello everyone!  I've run into our hosts Vicky and Tracy around Care2 and just thought I would say hi to the group.  I'm Sue and I love trees (that sounds like the basis for a 12 step meeting lol).  I enjoy playing the trivia game at Treewala and have now donated 47 trees through playing it.  Who can top me?

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8 years ago

Hey Tracy!   I know how busy you are so I'm happy to help you out although I don't make it here as much as I'd like to.    I guess we both cover each other's backs! 

8 years ago

Thank you Vicky for manning the ship when it was hard for me to get here!    I see we are up to 1527 members here, and I just want to give a warm welcome to all who have joined recently!

new Treehuggers!!

9 years ago

I see we have 3 new members in October and I'd like to welcome them to the group!   Hello to Ben, Durty and Anne Marie; please feel free to post in any of the threads or create some of your own!

Welcome MySpace Comments and Graphics

9 years ago

Since Tracy has been so busy I am helping her with this wonderful group and would like to welcome all newcomers.   Doris, Ned, Mike, Ange, Eva, Shiningstar it is great to see each of you.  I think those who joined before July have already been welcomed but if not I apologize and welcome you now!   Please feel free to read, post and/or create your own thread about trees and flowers.    I can never get enough of them....can you?

welcome_comment_graphic_01.jpg picture by CajunAngelEyez

9 years ago


9 years ago
micefrmvee.gif picture by KissySquirrel
9 years ago

Thanks Tracy it's nice to be here. 

I can name a lot of people who wish I wasn't around.  But ya know, there's some good in that.  This way I know I'm getting somewhere and stirring the pot.  But none-the-less, its nice to be a group of likeminded peeps. 

While at a convention I was listening to a speaker.  She said something that really made me think.  Only a squeaky wheel will be given grease.  Its up to us to get our issues out there and squeak until others pay attention.  No matter what the cause, get out there and squeak or no one will pay you any mind.  The trees (and whatever other causes) need us to be heard. So squeak!

Hehehehe.  Thanks for the welcome guys! 

9 years ago

Glad to help Tracy....I know how busy you are.

Ildi, bless you for saving the Marri and Karri trees and welcome from all us treehuggers for joining Tracy's group!

wel_comebunnybyjnet.gif picture by KissySquirrel

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Welcome Janet and Ildi!
9 years ago

Janet, I love your style!  Good for you!   There should be more like you!

Ildi!  How awesome for you to be so involved with trees at the young age of nine!  Kudos to you for standing up and protecting the forests of Australia, there should be more like you as well!

So glad to have you both here with us at Treehuggers!  Thanks Vicky for watching over things as I try to catch up!

hello from australia
9 years ago

hello tracy and thanks for this lovely group. i have loved trees all of my life. when i was in elementary school, i volunteered to be a tree warden, at age 9 for our street. i live in the south west corner of western australia, the home of ancient growth forests which i helped to protect many years ago. they are the karri and the marri trees and are unique to this area. they used to be cut down but now thanks to all the fellow tree lovers their environment is a national park and they even have tree-top walks for visitors. peace and love to all from ildi p.

9 years ago

Janet, you have a good sense of humor!   I've been called an extremist before also.   Tracy will pop in later to welcome you but in the meantime I will thank you for joining for Tracy.    Preservation of trees and animals are 2 of the top things on all of our minds here!

welcomesquirrel.jpg picture by KissySquirrel

9 years ago

I'm a treehugger,bunnyhugger and babyhugger...I do a lot of hugging I guess.  And I'm also the venom spitting in-your-face "extremist".  But then anyone who doesn't agree with social norm is called an extremist. But, I've been called much, much worse. 

Anyhow, hello everyone!

9 years ago

Gina and Julie! So wonderful to have you here, thanks for joining the group!  Always great to meet like minded people!!  Make yourselves at home amongst us Treehuggers!

9 years ago

Hi fellow tree lovers....just joined and wanted to introduce myself.  I live in Georgia where we have lots of beautiful trees, especially those scraggly scrub pines that so many around here love/hate.  Looking forward to meeting some new friends.


9 years ago

Hi I am julie ann and I live in MI. I am moving to TN in June to property we just bought. I am a housewife and my husband is retired. We decided to get out of the cold and snow and move to a warmer climate.

we are animal lovers and take in strays. we have 23 animals we care for right now.

i am a tree lover, and very concerned about the enviroment and very against raising animals for food.

9 years ago

Hi Ernie! Welcome to Tracy's beautiful treehugging group and thanks on the link!   Tracy will be here soon to welcome you herself.....she's a little busy beaver!   Feel free to post on any of the threads or create some of your own.   We all want to save the beautiful forests!

Welcome MySpace Comments and Graphics

9 years ago

Another tree hugger - checking out the group and saying "hello".

More that just expressing our love for trees and signing pertitions (which is great!!!), we should also be contacting our local and state leaders and telling them to conserve our forests and tree canopy. Ask them to support increasing tree buffers wherever development is taking place.

Let's advocate as well as appreciate!


9 years ago

Laurel!  So glad you have joined us here!  And thanks for posting those articles!  That koala pic is just precious also!  Make yourself at home here!

Hello and thanks Vicky!  As you predicted, I got here just a little late...

9 years ago

Hi Vicky! Thank you.

9 years ago

Laurel, I know Tracy will be here soon to welcome you herself but being she has been so darn busy I will just jump in now and give you a big welcome to her group from all of us!    You are among many treehuggers so feel free to post on threads or create some new ones...the more the merrier!      I adore your koala cute!


9 years ago
9 years ago

I, as a member, would like to join our host (and owner of the group) Tracy in welcoming all new members!   It is a great group of tree lovers and hugging trees is a most wonderful experience!

greenbutterflywelcomebyjnet.gif picture by KissySquirrel

10 years ago

Clare, Luke, and Sue.......hello and to the group!  Please forgive me for just now giving you the official welcome.....its been a rough several months and I have had trouble getting to the things I want to online, including Care2.  Thanks for joining the group, and for loving trees! WELCOME!

Hi to fellow treehuggers
10 years ago

I had a new experience today - I hugged some lovely trees, and it was an extraordinary experience.

10 years ago

Hi everybody The real importance of this group is fellowship just being a part of some thing good. From: Care2 Groups: Treehuggers Mailing List [] Sent: 12/3/2008 5:45:53 PM To: Subject: [Treehuggers] WELCOME NEW MEMBERS--PLEASE SAY HELLO! 1:42 PM I'd like to say "HELLO!" to the members of the "Treehuggers" group. I think it's a great group and the trees are beautiful, perfect creatures. Best wishes! Clare 26 messages in this topic | post via the web | start a topic via the web Group Links home | announcements | discussions | host shares | members | email preferences To stop receiving discussion posts from Treehuggers, visit: or email to: new topic email: owner email: Clare R. Care2 Groups Care2 groups offers tools for keeping in touch with those who share your interests including: * host announcements * member discussions * rss content * group shares To learn more go to C2C Groups Popular Groups Music Lives Here (128 members) Salvation By Grace (666 members) National Geographic (46,459 members) Habitat for Humanity (47,369 members) DUO for World Peace (638 members) More Popular Groups » Share, Learn, Connect and Make a Difference with Care2 Groups! _____ To stop receiving this newsletter, visit: or send a blank email message to:, Inc. 275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 300 Redwood City, CA 94065

10 years ago

I'd like to say "HELLO!" to the members of the "Treehuggers" group.
I think it's a great group and the trees are beautiful, perfect creatures.
Best wishes! Clare
10 years ago

Hi Becca!  Hello and welcome to Treehuggers!  Forgive me for welcoming you so late....I've been having intermittent internet connectivity problems, and in between the down times when I can't get online, I lost track of some of the recently posted on topics.  Please accept my apology!  Warmest of welcomes to you fellow nice to have you here!

I'm a noob (-:
10 years ago

My name is BECCA.

10 years ago

Natali!  SO great to meet you.....adorable pooch you got there in your avatar too!  I love orangutans too.....and we need more people willing to take measures to save thier you've come to the right place!  Make yourself at home!

10 years ago

Hello Treehuggers!

I like open groups and this one looks great, I also love Orangutans, they live in trees, so I need to help save trees to save them. I love trees!


10 years ago

Nayomi, look for the smiley face up in the top right corner of the message box when you are replying, that has all the cool smilies in it.

Vivian and Esther, you are in the right place!  Thanks for joining the group, a huge to you both, thank you for caring about the trees!

10 years ago

Hi everyone I just joined the tree hugger group (I love the name) and am looking for fellow tree hugger friends.

Hello everyone
10 years ago

I recently joined Care2 to meet like minded people, contribute and show our appreciation for the beautiful planet we live on.
I look forward to meeting more of you

10 years ago

Thank you Tracy! I tried to get those cool emtions, couldn't find them oh well. Have a Tree-ful day!

10 years ago

Nayomi, nice to meet you, glad you decided to get more involved with Care2, and even better, with trees!  So good to have you here, make yourself at home.

10 years ago

I decided to get more involved w/ care2. I love trees, spending time in the forest and so, I joined! Hello to all my like minded friends!

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10 years ago

Hi Dominique!  So awesome to meet you!  A big hello and welcome to Treehuggers!

10 years ago

i love to hug trees --- literally! you can totally feel the life in them!

i love nature although im not an outdoorsy type, too many allergies!

10 years ago

Hello Scarlett, nice to meet you, and thanks!  Hope you enjoy it here, feel free to post anything anytime about trees!

10 years ago

Hello, this looks like a very cool group you have here.

10 years ago

SOLEILDAWELCOME-vi.gif picture by tlbladybugger

Marni!  Thanks for joining the group!  Your tree does have a great face--and you were so lucky to have grown up in that area....sounds beautiful!  Make yourself at home here!

Also, I think your post doesn't have a date because it doesn't change until it goes into the next day--just reads the time instead of the time plus the date.  Probably will show up real soon.

10 years ago

Hello to the group from a lifelong Treehugger! Hey, please check out my pic... don't you think this tree has a great face?!

I grew up in a wild forest in Northern Canada, with the pine trees, wolves, and the Northern Lights for company... now they all live in my soul.

(Um, help? How come my post doesn't have a date???)

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10 years ago

Stella, Irina, and Jenn........forgive me for welcoming you so late!  Thanks for joining, I am always happy to find more treehuggers! 

welcomeladybug.gif picture by tlbladybugger

10 years ago

hi everyone! I'm new to the group so thought I would say hello. I love trees so thought this would be a good group to join. trees are awesome!

10 years ago

Hallo everyone

I agree


Great Group!!!
10 years ago

Hey Tracy... I think this is a great group. A year back my grandma was talking to me about the woods near her house, and how she used to play there when she was a kid. It was then that I woke up to the fact that I'm 17 years old and I've NEVER seen a forest. Because trees can't walk or talk, people tend to forget that they are alive too. And they do so much for us that it is just disgusting that we cut them down.

10 years ago

Hi Steve!  to the group!  So glad to have you here!  I think that area is absolutely beautiful too....unfortunately, I have only seen pictures, haven't gotten a chance to see that area in person, but hope to some day soon!  Enjoy the group!

I love the north coast of CA redwood-and you?
10 years ago

Hello fellow huggers!  I just love the north CA coast redwoods.   Reminds me of the forests of the dinasours as they are so dense and dark even in mid day.


11 years ago
Hello and a big to you Gabrielle!  Please forgive my lateness in welcoming you here....I hope you enjoy the group!  Thanks for joining!
11 years ago

Hello to everybody from a little rookie who loves trees.

11 years ago
| Hot!

Hello new Treehuggers, and welcome to the group! If you love trees....then this is the place to be! Please take a moment to say hi and introduce yourself when you arrive!  Thank you so much for supporting the trees.......

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