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11 years ago
Immigrants to Sweden/Norway and their friends  



a support group to help and support each other as well as share useful information, so that not everybody has to start from the scratch Group Email:

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12 years ago
Co hosting Ban the Bomb
12 years ago
Bluebird Clan Gallery
12 years ago

nice, homeopathy is what I am interested of.

Sounds like nice groups.

12 years ago
I host Glorious India, co-host Homeopathy and Images of War.
12 years ago
 Have a Great Day!
12 years ago
Too many to count!
12 years ago
Foxy and Shar
I co-host Both Groups
12 years ago
a new one
12 years ago

 ~ The Doors ~
 15 members
13 years ago

The film is Wonderful it (Narnia) I have not read the books but they must be good too great Audrey, checkin it out. (as I try to with all your groups every1 )

Blessings, Lady Athena

13 years ago

Hi all, I just started my first group, it is called World of Narnia and it is for all fans of CS Lewis' wonderful Chronicles of Narnia books.

Please check it out!

13 years ago


COOL - ty for sharing with us!

And best luck!!!! Lady A

Groups I Host
13 years ago

 Zimba's Deli
 13 members

Elusive Dreams
 14 members

13 years ago
I'm co-hosting the 'help for TES group', Petition Place Petitions, and Boycott Zoos. Check them out folks.
13 years ago

I am co-hosting Seekers Journey to Enlightment

Check it out if ya want - great place, great ppl too

13 years ago


Love Lady A

13 years ago

Donegal, *hooray* wc to Scorpio Life

YAY! Great !!!!

LOVE Lady Athena


13 years ago
I host..... we love american country music to anyone that loves old or new american country music....this group was started on the 13th of october at the end of the day and its growth has been awesome!
I host...
13 years ago
A group for the ONE Campaign.  Check it out!
13 years ago

Audrey, great group, member too, GRATS

13 years ago
It seems I'm on a role, I just volunteered to be a co-host of the Click to Donate group and was accepted. Please check it out everyone, it's a great group!
13 years ago

Audrey and Zimba

Kool, I will check em out

Ty for sharing, all!

13 years ago
I just got invited to co-host the movie review group! yay!!
13 years ago

GREAT! I am on my way checkin' in out!

oops try this again
13 years ago

from Jim B.
13 years ago
I am a professional family/kids entertainer and I host
13 years ago
ha ha can't come to Paradise without a link!

Oops, my bad!

13 years ago


Best to you, sounds great!

13 years ago
I threw out FloridaPagansUnited for a better group! I created:

Is your Paradise a state-of-mind or Florida, California, an island, New York... The place where you celebrate the divine should be a paradise (Originally: FloridaPagansUnited, now outside FL is included! )
Members: 5 [as of 9-26-05]

In my announcement part I have:
Merry Meet
Originally this was Florida Pagans United, but so few Seasonal, Permanent or even just-born here Floridians joined I decided to turn this into a PARADISE for pagans to retreat to!
I want you to have fun, but stay true to Harming None (including yourself). No attacks on anyone here, for it would (a) be bad karmically (b) ruin the vibe of a PARADISE.

Share your Wiccan/Pagan/Druid



Creation Stories


Poems, Prayers & Promises (things that you believe in)...

Let us truly turn ParadisePagans into a Paradise retreat!

Merry Part and Bright Blessings to you all!

Come, and join Paradise!
13 years ago

AUDREY welcome dearest one -- 

I mean it

13 years ago
Thanks Lady A!
13 years ago

*hej på dig*

Kool, I will check em out GR8

Love Elephants

Lady Athena, Sverige

13 years ago
I Host a group for the support of an elephant on Sri Lanka who lost her legs because of a landmine >>

and a group for the support of Pantera foundation, who takes care of big cats and gives them a new home >>

and a group for elephant professionals.
13 years ago

Audrey! YOU

with or w/o any groups, ya hear

13 years ago
I host none as yet.
13 years ago



13 years ago
thanx lady a, u r so sweet.
13 years ago

I don't have *mac* and do not live in Florida, but hope people join.

Very good groups, Lady Athena

new group
13 years ago
In addition to:

I also host:

Mac users, Mac gurus, Mac-everything

Check 'em out!!! In addition to looking for regular users of Macs at Mightmac I am also searching for a techy co-host!

There is also:

This is for Pagans who were Born, raised, seaonally/currently live in Florida. If you were born or raised in Florida but then moved, it still qualifies you! This one I host under a different account.   Apparently I didn't do the link right, so you'll hafta c/p it in the ulr.

13 years ago

Sounds GREAT!

13 years ago

Only? No, no...

I am co host here and I say it is not only....

I love it and am happy I had the chance to note you before I leave (yes, I know I told you a few times ....) he he

but in 2 hrs we are travelling.....once more *jippie ay*

Love to you all, Lady A

Only as a co-host....
13 years ago
I just Created...
13 years ago
A New Group: If you were BORN, if you RESIDE or if you SEASONALLY RESIDE in Florida I want you to join my new group: Florida Pagans United. I am not sure how far I go with this group, all I know is that I need the help of Pagan, Wiccan and Witchy Floridians. So if you or someone you know lives here, please visit and join FPU!
YAY Samantha
13 years ago

Lady Athena

Samantha Also Hosts...
14 years ago
Greetings Scorps---

I also host a graphic design slash Wiccan/Pagan group:

The intent is to have a place where Wiccan/Pagan Clients can meet Designers and visa versa.  Also a place for design disscussions.  I have this group under a different care2 so that I may (hopefully) keep Graphics and Personal stuff nice, neat and orderly with minimal confussion and chaos.  This is not my first attempt at keeping e-stuff separate because I will explore things under the "graphic" one and forget and end up joining things unrelated or emailing people not in the field... Oy!
14 years ago


Hey ya' all
14 years ago
I Host "Blonde Pride" and "Ramona Rams"!
Esty and Lacy
14 years ago

new group! sure to read the description... ;P
14 years ago

 say anything...
 1 members

ADULTS ONLY! Any goes in this group, baby! If you want to go there, then do it. Sex, politics, religion, any and all taboo. Or, just post a bunch of nonsense...I really don't care... But be careful who you invite here...and BE NICE. :p

I expect to see a strong Scorpio showing for this group!   no, would be fun...

new co-host!
14 years ago

I've just been added as a co-host to this group!  If you love Dave as much as I do then I expect to see you there!!

 Dave Matthews Band, Inc.
 12 members

14 years ago


14 years ago
Lady A  *  Thank you
14 years ago

most welcome and

I am so happy you like the Scorpio life group!

I am so happy to be here around ya scorps -

Lady A

14 years ago

Penpen and Mother Earths C,

nice groups....have to take a closer look, very exciting! a lot for sharing

14 years ago
Genetic Disease Support Group  

This group is for those who have a genetic disease or have a friend/family member who has a genetic disease. It's a place to share and get support for your thoughts, concerns, frustrations, or what ever else in dealing with your/their disease.
come join us this is how I found this group
14 years ago
Group Host Of

 275 members

Outer Bohemia
 111 members

Coffee addicts
 159 members

The Coffee Shop
 245 members

Mother Earth and all that resides here
 646 members

The Garden Circle
 195 members

The Happy Place
 377 members

Recipes and Tips
 310 members

Thyroid Support Group
 63 members

Tweety Lovers
 49 members

The Botanical Kingdom
 232 members

Witches Helping Witches
 70 members

Natural Healer and Healing
 332 members
14 years ago

Lady A thank you so much LOL..... Many hugs

So far I love this new group and the info is great!!!!!

Huggles to all

14 years ago

I joined your group, I was deaf as a child, and

Lady A

14 years ago

WOW, many groups and I know they are great, as I am a member in some of them and

Thanks for sharing!

Lady Athena

14 years ago

all for sharing ... so many great groups.

new group
14 years ago

 Planet Hobby
 2 members
Do you have at least one hobby you're really good at? Good enough to teach it? Would you like to get that good at other hobbies? Then, sign up for Planet Hobby! Here we'll share hobbies with each other until we're all experts! Yea!

Have you heard??? hehe
14 years ago

 Audible Gain 

This is my little group, focusing on communication strategies, etc. I noticed that Care2 didn't have any hearing-related groups, so I started one... It is for all people, regardless of hearing status - to convene and discuss *stuff* about navigating in a 'hearing' world. 

Hearing Loss is a tough cookie because it is an 'invisible' type of difficulty, and it is easy for people with hearing loss (especially slow onset...) to put up incredible defense mechanisms to pretend they can hear 'just fine' whereas if you can be proactive about the situation you are in... you might be able to understand what is happening around you better...  It also can help families/spouses with ideas on how to communicate better with their family with hearing loss/deafness.  I do not think that any big D Deaf people have joined the group yet (I have invited several from my community), but we are also fortunate that another group was formed!!

American Sign Language and Deaf Culture

For this group, I was asked to co-host, and it is pretty new too.  The group owner is studying to be an interpreter, which is an amazing thing.  Deaf Culture and ASL are very interesting topics, and not things that many people are extremely aware of.  I love the beauty of American Sign Language....

Both groups are very young, but I really enjoy hosting them.  Some of the questions on Audible Gain are ones I have to really think about, but I hope that as the group grows... Others with experience with A, B, or C might jump in as they see fit, and give suggestions to people who post questions...  So far, I have been doing most of the answering, but I have hopes that the group will blossom...  I have some ideas...  Every hearing problem is different, and what I might experience is way different than what someone else may experience....

Well, in a nutshell... That's me.

By the way: Auricle means 'ear'  


Thanks Lacy!
14 years ago

If your intersted please come take a look. We'd love to have you join!

I co-host Forest Across America

We need lots of people! For lots of reasons!


North Carolina ...

I hope to see you there!


14 years ago
compassionate companies!
new group :)
14 years ago

 where the wild things are...
 1 members

The namesake of this group comes from my favorite story as a kid! It brought me much enjoyment when I was young. So, it's appropriate because this group is designed just for fun! Let's just relax and get to know each other...

14 years ago

OK, I'll start with my other groups and hopefully you'll follow....

 Young Hip Mamas!
 134 members

This group is for women just trying to find a way! It's for fun. It's for chat. It's for serious stuff. It's for quizzes! Ha ha! It's so we can learn from one another, it's for whatever you want! REMEMBER: "young" is just a state of mind!

 Sims 2 Fanatics!
 37 members

Come one, come all, for all things Sims 2! Are you as addicted as I am? Then you NEED to join this group! Or, if you're thinking of purchasing the game and would like to see what we think, feel free to join!

 Pajama Brigade
 73 members

The Pajama Brigade is for those of us who enjoy quenching our thirst for knowledge and satisfying our passion for discussion and debate in front of our computer screens (pajamas optional).

Being Scorpios you would probably enjoy the debate group "Pajama Brigade." We discuss current events.  You should check it out! 

14 years ago
Don't worry about it!  You can post them here! 
Too Numerous To Mention!
14 years ago
What groups do you host?
14 years ago
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What kick a** groups do you host?

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