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8 years ago

11 years ago

yes, water signs are supposed to go very well together....

also water - earth

air - fire

(general reading)

11 years ago

Perfect Partners:

Cancer, Pisces

Nearly Perfect Partners:

Virgo, Capricorn

Like Minded Souls:


Opposites You're Attracted To:

Aries, Gemini

Learn From Your Differences:

Libra, Sagittarius

Not Your Destiny:

Leo, Aquarius

Astrological Hell:


Interesting. My fella is a Pisces!!

11 years ago

Better late than .... never....Great abt you sharing Kathleen...

My partner is a 'woman' in nagging (capricorn and virgo rising) critical and judging....It drives me nuts.....(nothing against any sign, that is not what I mean here) OK! .... just that I AM THE WOMAN and they say women nags.....HAHA! (ok that's personal)......

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Scorpio Women
12 years ago
I agree with Bella. I am a very driven Scorpio women when it comes to my "Primal " desires. I have no problem in wanting to express my desires at any time. I have a Virgo partner who drives me to distraction in that he is not as 'crazed" as I am all the time. This does cause alot of "Friction" ( not the good kind) in our relationship. If I did'nt care so much about him I still would'nt be here after 27 years. By the time I get to "attack" him he's a very tired Virgo. I definately have a stronger sex drive than him. But as Bella says, it isn't always about the sex.
13 years ago

hi, Doreen, friend, I'll teach you Swedish if you like

Huggies to you, (kramar till dig) Lady Athena

13 years ago
i also like to hear other languages spoken, but i cannot read nor speak another language.
13 years ago

Anyone else than me, that "love" languages, too? Ok, I admit I am a "Gemini Rising" sign....and moon in house 9 (sag house:travels, dreaming, languages etc).....though.....I AM A very very much so : SCOPIO ...

Here's some latin: alea iacta est


13 years ago

I posted a Happy Birthday ecard from me to all the other Scorpios and it was deleted...could you tell me why? It wasn't inapproriate in any way.....


Pls read the Cleaning thread and understand that nothin' is wrong with your post! It is to get space for new threads, nuthin else, There are some post that are older deleted, and YEAH mine too!

OK! Lady Athena

13 years ago
Sorry...didn't mean to address that last post to Suzanne.....
Hi Suzanne
13 years ago

I posted a Happy Birthday ecard from me to all the other Scorpios and it was deleted...could you tell me why? It wasn't inapproriate in any way.....


13 years ago

1 great webpage you have, so much to read, I will save favs and go there again, ty so much Love Lady A

13 years ago

Hey Scorpio's...

Being born into the Scorpion sign and being raised from the age of 12 as a Jehovah's Witness by my mother and a John Bircher by my father put a BIG damper on my wild ways.

Then again,I think in a way it just made me more rebellious.

If you like to read,I have a web page I designed called>

About the JW situation is a link called>

13 years ago
I got the info Lady A. !

I actually have Scorpio rizeing! ! ! ? ! !           


13 years ago

Richard bless you too

Happy weekend!

Lady Athena

hi lady
13 years ago
You are right you know, the peopel that accuse us of being the most sexually messed up peopel in the world would love to walk in our shoes, of course thet are afraid  to, so they call us devient and strange ,  I feel sorry for them now, we are a different breed there is no doubt but we are full of fire and passion and we go get it, we are the peopel of heart, strong, alive. willing to go take it, yea I am not ashamed to be a scorpio, give me that sideways look and I wil give it back with interest, there is no more loyal friend in the world then us, so you cause one of us heart ache and we will be up in you in a heart beat, so be proud of the sun and stars that made you what you are, SCORPIOS , bless each and every one of us, god keep us safe,  Richard
13 years ago

YAY Mike, Richard, Bella all, glad you post here

I am sorry abt troubled past.

Re: the Sex and 'bad' statistics of Scorpios....First many ppl are afraid, ( and have no 'knowledge' ) bc they "know" Scorpios have a deep, intuitive way and many can not 'grasp' it!

Then, I think they are jealous and write 'bad' things (to look bad)

and wish they could be called sex gods and goddesses them selfs.

Yes, of course you can not add ALL Scorpio's (or sign) and say they all are allike, right! Even though we have 'things' in common...

Everyone has their own issues/past/troubles .... no matter what sign they are. And we are 'connected' to the words Sex, Intuition, Dept, Mystery a.s.o - but it can be GREAT and very GOOD, right!

I see when I meet a new friend and we talk abt what sign we are and I say - Scorpio or guess? .....

They get a look in their SCARED!?!? don't get it at times.

to ya'll

13 years ago
That is good to hear:   The past is dead, and the future it not yet, but will be formed by the present. So we do what we can, in the present.
Mike I did
13 years ago
MIke I did find a way to live with it, went on to live a pretty  normal life, like most folks I guess, the Eagles sonf says it best, GET OVER IT
thanks friend
13 years ago

I had made the decision (oh I was about 15 at the time), since I already knew that, amongst the average Lady, that this was not an act to be taken lightly, that is, it was an act of bonding, so I did not take it lightly. So I did not engage in it until I was married.

I am sorry to hear about your troubled past. I sure hope you find a way to work past it all.

Good Night, Namaste and Shalom

well Mike
13 years ago
well good mite Mike, never heard of a virgin man, but I guess it can happen, I was molested by a women when I was 9 , so I guess i lost my cherry way back then.  Cant even say it was fun, long time ago pard, different paths in lifge, by the time I was 20 I was working in a whorehouse in Anchorage alaska as a prostetute for women, guess I neveer really quit, just the price changed.  Any way good nite my friend, toomorrow is a notheer day.  sleep well.
13 years ago

Hi Richard....later then we do ?  I guess as an average. I was a virgin when I was married for the first time at the age of 32. I was on the verge of becoming an old, um, whatever a male is that is the same as an old maid

Thanks for the compliment. I am either alright or just nutty (depends on whom you ask ).

  Good night.

hey Mke
13 years ago

Hey Mike I sent you a green star cause I think you are a all right guy and women come into there own sexuallity a lot later then we do, they get oveer al the tabboss and start enjoying the sex act a lot more then when there mommys told them it was just to please there man and have kids, they found out is was fun and good, so they turn up the heat just when the man is ready to turn his down, have a good nite mike

13 years ago
Well, my wife is the unsatiable one (she is a cancer crab, through and through). Me, I am not motivated much these days at all.
hey thanks you all
13 years ago
Thank you for the great replys, I am really still trying to figuer out where I stand on this sexual thing, I to have been told all my life that all I tought about was sex because of my birth sighn, soon even I got to believing it, esieer to say I was born that way then to take resposbity for my carelees actions.,, I have caused so much pain and  heartache by not takeing my blame.  thanks again all of you for giving me this chace to talk to someone about it, hugs to you all. p.s. I do have to say I did live with a scopio lady for a few months and we burnt eveer one that came close to us or between us. she had a desire that could not be put out.  We could not agree on any thing but that but the bedroom made up for every thing else, if her husband had not come and got her we would have probely starved to death after awhile lol.
13 years ago

as focused more on the meanings and "natural purposes" of sex

Maybe that is my problem ?

And yes, my avatar is one of my long gone piggies by the name of Honey.

He was very pretty for a boy piggie, and oh so gentile.  He died in my arms having waited until we got home from an errand.  He was very sick and I took him to the couch and comforted him and told him he was back with family again, and not to struggle anymore, it was ok.  And he died a few minutes after that.

13 years ago
If I had to hazzard a guess, I'd say female scorpios aren't less sexual so much as focused more on the meanings and "natural purposes" of sex. That whole metamorphesis life/death thing often means more to women anyway, and I think Scorpio women especially feel it. Maybe it's just a male/female thing, and has little to do with Scorpios at all.
Don't know about you guys, but I get really angry and indignent when they post statistics like that. Like there aren't plenty of wonderful Scorps out there making good things happen.
They teach people to be afraid of us. When you're an antisocial teenager and crave a sense of personal power, that might be good (happened to me, so I know), but now that that stage's past, I don't like it! I'd much prefer those who do good get the credit they deserve, instead of incriminating us all.
Sorry for raving
On a different note: Mike, your picture reminds me of my long-gone pet guinea pig
13 years ago
A known personality test says male Scorpios are more sexual then female Scorpios. Just to let every1 know.
That was weird
13 years ago
double post at exactly the same moment ?  I didnt do it on purpose, honest
13 years ago
I understand, sorry if I was insensitive. Maybe it my "frustrated past" and advanced age that has me where I am now   
13 years ago
I understand, sorry if I was insensitive. Maybe it my "frustrated past" and advanced age that has me where I am now  
Well Mke
13 years ago
Well Mike , I never said it true in every case, but of all the scorpios I have met in my life I found it to be a pretty common thing. as a matter of fact a few years ago the dept. of corrections posted on there on site that 65 percent of the inmates, both male and female that were incarcerated for sex crimes were Scorpios, so thats where I am coming from,
13 years ago
If this is true Richard, maybe my mom misreported my date of birth ? 
Ahhhh Bella
13 years ago
Wise words, is it that we want to be happy with one partner or is it the excitment of having somone new, I kknow I have left a perfect lover for someone I never even knew, just the excitment of holding a new lady in my arms was enough to shut my brain down,  is it only us, or are there other sighns that are so inflicted, wished I knew, Thanks Bella. have you found the ONE.
13 years ago
Maybe I'm not one to talk, but I believe that it's not sex that gives the pleasure, it's the lover.
Keeping that in mind helps avoid the pitfalls, at least in my experience.
I love it
13 years ago
I love it, I read every post and see the same problems pop up with just about all Scorpios, we are a cursed lot, we of the stinger and unsatisfibel sex drive, it rules our house and minds, we are a slave to sex, just think about it for a minuet, there are no other born to women thats is so driven by lust then us.  Of all the grief that has came into my life, I can blame this desire for 90 percsnt of it, thinking with the wrong head to many times. I admit  I am a addic, Sex rules my life.
13 years ago
Angel, hello hope you got your info/horoscope I did send you. Lady Athena
13 years ago

AW, what a sweet message, a lot for your comments regarding my art

so glad to recieve the messages, sorry it got lost...

will find it again, and resend to you...

Most welcome! Love Lady Athena

13 years ago

Lady Athena Darling!  
 Thank you for your efforts at my request to revamp my natal chart, so to speak! The amount of messages to assemble in uncovering the one is a google!I hav'nt found it!
Please accept my appreciation of the fact that you've responded and so quickly!
If you need to,please return the results to my 'introductions' link at my profile!
 Lots of Love and your cheerleader, Angel ..)

It would be a shame for all your efforts at this for me, to be lost!
Thank you sooo much!
Ps. Gosh your {paintings} are very special too! Specially beautiful! 

Nice to meet you
14 years ago


Hope you all join in the Party today June 6

National Day (bring the sun if you have it over there)

14 years ago

Please, (IF you like the group ) feel free to hit that "Invite Your Friends" button on the homepage and send them an invite.  The more the merrier! 

14 years ago
Hi SueAnn ~ I'm in SC too
Thank you!
14 years ago

Im a scorpio....Im not a kind one though, Im french. I have a mean streak, but I love to talk and listen to all my friends about any problems. My life as right now...Im married, have one child, one dog, and one cat. I live in South Carolina. Again, thank you....

Scorpio Life Feedback
14 years ago
| Hot!

This thread is for any kind of feedback you'd like to give about the group.

Things you like, don't like, would like to see, would like to see go away!

I'd love to hear from you! 


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