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11 years ago
the doggive animals and people a home........
11 years ago

I'll sign em all thanx Audrey

Lots of love

13 years ago

Signed! TY! Debbie!

Please Watch!!!
13 years ago

-----------------Please watch this it will just take a couple of minutes. It is of happier times... Please Sign

Hug's Deb.

Stop the killing of dogs, please sign
13 years ago
13 years ago


13 years ago

CLICK, CLICK / thx Audrey, GOOD

Lady Athena

13 years ago
 Thanks everyone!
13 years ago

Hi all Scorpios, I know you guys are all big-hearted people who care about animal welfare so plaese take a look at this.

Help animals at Kunming zoo, China 

The cruelty and neglect suffered by animals at Kunming zoo in China is staggering. Please see for info and photographs documenting this abuse and please sign the petition.

13 years ago
Hi everyone, I just collected all the anti-seal hunting petitions that are open at the moment. Please sign if you haven't already. Thanks so much! Stop the seal pup hunt Stop Canada's Cruel and Senseless Seal Hunt! End Canada's Merciless Seal Hunt Stop Cruel Seal Hunt Ban Canada's Seal Hunts Protect the Endangered Hawaiian Monk Seal Codie's Save The Seals Campaign Stop the killing of seals in Canada SAVE THE BABY HARP SEALS! STOP KILLING BABY SEALS IN CANADA
13 years ago

Donna :great

Audrey : done!

13 years ago
Free Stacey:

Stacey Lannert was convicted on December 11, 1992, of first-degree murder and armed criminal action for the shooting death of her father. She was sentenced to life imprisonment in the custody of the Missouri Department of Corrections without the possibility of parole. She has been incarcerated since her arrest in 1998.

Behind these simple facts lies a tragic story of child abuse.

Stacey's father, Tom Lannert began sexually abusing her when she was eight years old.  The sexual abuse advanced to rape and sodomy. Stacey's parents were long divorced when at the age of seventeen, she moved in with her mother. However, when she began to fear that Tom was abusing her little sister, Christy, Stacey returned to her father's home. One night, after an abusive incident, she shot and killed her father.

Stacey has exhausted all appeals. In 1998, Stacey filed a clemency petition to then Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan who was killed in a plane crash in 2000. Since then Governors Roger Wilson, Bob Holden and Matt Blunt have not acted on this petition.

Stacey deserves a second chance at happiness and true freedom for the first time in her life. Without receiving Executive Clemency, Stacey, still a young woman will spend the rest of her life incarcerated!

Please act on Stacey Lannert's Petition for Executive Clemency TODAY!

13 years ago

Human Rights


Prisoner Advocacy

I host many groups that include these areas.

13 years ago

Thank you, lady by name and lady by nature. here is one more:

Sign the petition 5:41 AM
The RSPCA is calling for tougher welfare standards for elephants currently kept in European zoos and for an immediate end to their breeding and importation.

New RSPCA-commissioned research highlights a catalogue of welfare concerns for captive elephants in European zoos and the RSPCA has seen no evidence to suggest that European zoos will ever be able to provide satisfactory welfare for elephants.

13 years ago

YEAH! done

Lady Athena

13 years ago

Put an end to the cruelty of grehound racing. Please sign!

13 years ago

Some petitions to help whales that I came across while I was looking for dolphin ones.

End “Scientific” Whaling, The Whale-Killing Loophole

Support the Ban on Whale Hunting!!

Sea World Needs Larger Killer Whale Tank

Tell Wal-Mart to stop the sale of whale meat in Japan!

Ban Fishing in US Territorial Waters for all Countries that Hunt Whales

Create a Marine Sanctuary

Wanted: A Good Home for Lolita the Suffering Orca!

Australian and South Pacific Whales Under Renewed Threat From Whaling

Say "No" to Japan's Plan to Kill Humpback Whales

Save Whales from Navy Sonar deployment

A petition to SAVE THE WHALES

Lolita, Miami SeaAquarium's Orca Needs a Better Home!

Protect Unique Caribbean Coastline

Change orca space requirements, help Lolita!

I'm sure everyone has signed most of these but it's easy to miss one or two. Thanks so much.

13 years ago
signed, Audrey
13 years ago

Some dolphin petitons you may have missed:

help end dolphin dlaughter in Japan!

Protect Ocean Wildlife and Keep Tuna Dolphin-Safe!

Bruges dolfinarium must be closed

URGENT Stop dolphin imports and transfers in Mexico

Stop Use of Dolphins in Mine-Hunting Operations

Don't Weaken the "Dolphin Safe" tuna label!

Help to close the Dolphin Tank at Manati Park Bavaro!!!


13 years ago
Thanks for signing Bella!
13 years ago

Audrey ((((ty))))

Bella I agree w/ you

13 years ago
I signed most of these. Thanks for posting.
My biggest cause is anti-cruelty. Anything else MIGHT have some kind of validation, whether I accept it or not. But sick cruelty has absolutely NO excuse, and the poor-excuses-for-a-person who commit it make me sick.
I haven't started any petitions yet, but I sign as many as I can.
13 years ago
Thanks for signing, you're not just a lady in name!
Audrey - signed, thanx
13 years ago

...for letting us know abt this!

Pls share everyone,

13 years ago

My top cause is abolishing cruelty to animals. In particular I have an interest in putting a stop to the horrible culture of blood sports that exists in Ireland and to some extent, the UK today. Below arelinks and petitions detailing some of the cruel practices that are happening to our beautiful hedgerow animals, such as the fox, hare and badger.

Some links:

Warning: Some very graphic photosgraphs.  

Some petitons:

ban blood sports in Ireland.

ban fox hunting

ban canned hunting (not hedgerow animals but larger animlas such as lions and other big cats)

stop badger baiting

13 years ago
how awful ! 
Petition ((Great Bear rainforest))
13 years ago
Petition to help protect the Great Bear Rainforest

Target: Gordon Campbell, The Honorable Premier, Provincial Government
Sponsor: Robbi Drake

* Signatures: 280
* Goal: 5,000
* Deadline: Ongoing...

The Great Bear Rainforest, which is the largest intact coastal rainforest left on earth remains largely unprotected.
There is now a proposed solution, agreed to by industry, environmental groups and communities.
The time has come for the government of British Columbia to protect one third of the region from logging, as has been proposed, and create a new approach to the management of this great and irreplaceable resource.

We urge you to ratify the Great Bear Rainforest concensus solutions that were negotiated with the First Nations.
These agreements are the result of tireless negotiations over many years, which involved diverse groups and stakeholders.
The agreements require action from you in three areas, noteably:

*Formal and permanent protection from logging for one third of the region.
*Implementation of an ecosystem based management.
*Matching contributed funds to diversify local economies and broaden businesses in this area.

Please assure us that the government is taking steps to put these protections in place for the safety of this most rare and endangered forest.

Paper futures of the Great Bear Rainforest show great hope, however, if the government does not take action before September of this year, these proposed solutions may begin to unravel, and those parties who took part in this great negotiation may refuse to speak again, leaving the future of this forest bright only on paper.
Please seize this opportunity and take concrete steps now to assure that the coastal communities reliant upon this forest, the grizzly bear and salmon, and the giant cedar trees remain as living testaments to your efforts.
What are your top causes?
14 years ago
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