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6 years ago

betty glittersNew colors and page update....hello!!

Cleaning again!

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7 years ago

Hmmmm....where are you?

Anyone around.....thinking of cleaning again....Fall


8 years ago

Hey guys....I am cleaning - there's somewhat a low "action" in here, hmm... yep, I understand you have a lot around you and many groups I am many times talking to myself now I will just check in now - then...and clean some threads up...

Happy week, everyone, love lady A

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9 years ago

Changing the theme (hug) ...... LOL!


9 years ago
Morning.jpg Morning picture by Sassyjezebel
9 years ago

new year

members !!!!!

10 years ago
up to it again
11 years ago
Autumn cleaning
11 years ago
11 years ago

Audrey, so much ly for the message. Oh, sorry about the access...glad you are here now. Missed ya, friend. I really appreciate you came to us Hope you are FINE GURL

** Lots of S!

11 years ago

hey there Lady A, and all. I haven't had the chance to drop in here in a while cos I lost my web access.

Clean away to your hearts content, this'll be a great group no matter what you add or delete!

11 years ago

Do you like the topics (older ones) ~~ do you want to have them still (Scorpio / Pluto / top causes / etc . or .....

NEW things instead? As we are a Scorpio/Astro-group perhaps it's of interest to read for new members? Tell me what you think,


12 years ago


12 years ago
Lady can  get rid of my old sharings before
December 6th
12 years ago
greetings to all ---- been a bit hectic here ---- hope you and yours are as healthy nand happy --- as possible -
12 years ago

I say clean whatever u need to clean....!!!!



12 years ago

cleaning again..... Lady A

12 years ago

Have started sum cleanin'....don't get upset....

nuthin against anyone, just gettin' more place....pls talk and share Scorpio's

Lady Athena

12 years ago

TY for taking the time to read! Of course I will save the pinned interesting things about being a Scorpio, but good If you allow me to delete the older posts to have the NEW threads coming here,





Lady Athena

12 years ago
my birthday can go as well as any other past bdays and any of my daily threads up through 6th nov. now that I know your erasing them is for making room it doesnt bother me to see them erased
12 years ago
I agree with Renee!!!!!!!!
12 years ago

 Lady A. I think old birthdays could go and old horoscopes.

12 years ago

Pls take the time to reply, I want to listen and hear what you feel and want,

Lady A

Ty for your time!

12 years ago
| Hot!


There is now time for a Winter cleaning on topics here, and I'd like to hear from you all what threads you want to keep (so we can get space to NEW SCORPIO topics )!

TY for your time and cya soon friends,

Lady Athena


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