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5 years ago




Hug Lady A

6 years ago

Hi Lory!

So good to read about you and see you in here!

We share the same birthday    ~ Nov 18 

I live in Scandinavia, Sweden, in the south.

Happy early birthday!

Lady Athena

6 years ago

hi guys! i'm lory. still trying to get used to this group thing lol thanks for the welcome! i'm a proud washington state scorpio, born on nov. 18th and will be 35 in 2 weeks. yikes lol

6 years ago



8 years ago


8 years ago

Hello members

9 years ago

Erika, most welcome and happy seeing you here! Thanks for sharing abt you, it's nice to know more abt you. I am also a Pisces MOON - (very emotional) and Scorpio Mercury -- so I think I understand how you's though at times, but the empathic side is "needed" in the world as long as it is healthy for you I use to say....LOL!

9 years ago

Thank you Lady Athena for the kind welcome. My birthday is November 10th. I live in Washington State with my husband and 2 daughters. My husband is a Taurus, my older daughter is a Sagitarius and my younger daughter is an Aquarius. I love them dearly, but they drive me nuts sometimes. I work at UPS. My Moon is in Pisces, Mercury in Scorpio, Venus in Libra. Mars in Capricorn. My rising sign is Cancer. I am emotional. Justice is important to me. I want to make a difference in the world.

9 years ago


in the group!


Lady Athena

9 years ago

Happy Bday! Wonderful image! PARTY! YAY! Go you, go US!

9 years ago

Zodiac Comments




9 years ago

welcoming Cgraywolf 

newest member!

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9 years ago

Roxann and Carelia WELCOME! WELCOME!

So good to meet you both! It's been little quiet for a while but Scorpio Bdays are up soon....*hooray* YAY!!!

Carelia ~~ it is said cusp "persons" oftenly (I am sure it's this way...)  have the "best" sides of the both signs....LOL! BUT ** Sure you are a ~ Scorpio .....

Roxann ~~ Soon bday.... *party*

On the cusp
9 years ago

My birthday is Nov 21. From what people have said about me, it really doesn't do much to "dampen" the Scorpio intensity - I just have a need to discuss it. Or as one person said, the Scorpio makes me curious about things and people and the Sagittarius makes me "tactless" enough to pry.

new member
9 years ago

Hi Group, I was born on Nov.3,1966  I'm a true Scorpio. I am Happy to be here and looking forward to making new friends.

9 years ago

NICE! Good seeing you again Steve!

Hope all of you are GOOD!

Soon Midsummer Happy week! Lady Athena

Kathleen welcome to the group
9 years ago

    I am send out a    to Kathleen to the group!!!!



Glad to be back after being gone for awhile
9 years ago

  and   !!!!!


It is nice to be back and in contact with the group after being gone for the past months!!!!



9 years ago

Steve and Kathleen It's wonderful to see both of you here, wow Steve another "scorpio" Nov 18 cool- Kathleen, so wonderful and glad you and Aries have such "nice" talents "together"

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9 years ago

Hi! My name is Kate and I was born 16 November 1947. Like most Scorpios, I have quite a bit of psychic ability. Fortunately for me, I found a wonderful Aries who is also psychic, and we have five beautiful, psychic offspring. I look forward to getting to know some of you better.

Hi From Lana
9 years ago

This is neat to reread some of the persons posting.  Maybe you will pick up or learn something about them.  You and my mom have the same birthday.  I have never sen that before

9 years ago

9 years ago

10 years ago

Joan and I also believe what Steve just wrote very

10 years ago

Welcome Joan!!!!!

I would say that you cary a true gift. I believe that there are some people here in the world that carry a gift that gives them some unexplained look into the future or into someone's life.

That is very cool and would like to hear mor about this in the furutre.


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10 years ago

Hi everyone.I am Joan,10-30-56.I am a scorpio born in mischief night.I've always had a sixth sense that drove my kids crazy.My hubby says I am haunted.There have been times when I told him not to go out with his buds because something was going to happen.I never know what but something always happens.There have been accidents and other unpleasantries.

10 years ago

, me also...Steve.

Your'e most welcome.

Lady A

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10 years ago

I am looking forward to getting into some great conversation with all you Scorpions!!!!

Thank you Lady A!!!!

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10 years ago

Welcome Steve! Another Scorpio Rooster here COOL!

right! Hoping you like it here around us all in tha Stingy Scorpion Super Group....*lmao* Lady Athena

Re: [Scorpio Life] Introduce yourself II
10 years ago

Hello to all Scorpions!!!!

My name is Steve and I was born on November 17th.

A lot of people that I know say that I truly am a Scorpio. Along with
the Scorpio traits
I also fall under the Chinese New Year of the Rooster. While I have
read up on these to
signs combining I can say that I fit that mold.

The funniest thing about my family is that my grandmother, mother, and
niece are all Scorpions

I am looking forward into having interesting conversations and talks
with all of you


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Antares, Jim & Judy
10 years ago

How nice to meet ya both new writers and 'old' (no, not really like in old, got it?) LOL!

Born at full moon - whowhoo, do you know Antares in what sign?

Jim, cool Scorpion ....Judy, I have 4 signs in Scorpio (SUN, MERCURY, VENUS, NEPTUNE)

and I see myself "very Scorpio" too (but influensed with strong aspects (for me Gemini as ascendant, moon in pisces, Mars in Aquarius etc) (and planets and signs as we all are).

And I got you as a Super scorp adding MOON (feelings, deep) too.....

BTW, we share birthday..........


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10 years ago

No, William I am older than you.  November 18, 1941

 I am so Scorpio!  And always have been.

Sun, Moon and Mercury were all in Scorpio.....

10 years ago

I just came back to C2 and while I was away I started reading my horoscope daily.It seemed that it knew what was going on in my life and how to deal with it. Anyway I have always been proud to be a Scorpio.On fathers day, my daughter took me to a tatoo parlor and now I have a 3 in. Scorpion on my forearm.Its funny how many people at stores, just people I dont know have started to identify me by this Scorpion.They remember it and seem to get to know me faster.I look forward to enjoying and making new friends in this group.Jim

Full Moon Scorpia!!!
10 years ago

Hello, I was born Nov.10th 1962...FullMoon in Montrose Scotland....oh how we are misunderstood...passionate and emotional...Peace to All

10 years ago

HEY MARY! Welcoming you great seeing ya. Nice a cusp baby

Have a nice day!

10 years ago

Hi my birthday is Nov 21 so i am on the cusp but still a scorpio! i am from Canada and i love being a scorpio! i am with William C's little poem there nice to meet you all

10 years ago

William, thanks for joining and that you introduced yourself, you are so correct, think with our hearts, so true

Nice meeting you,

and again WELCOME!

10 years ago

Glad to be here

wish all well and of good cheer

I too am a scorpio

our minds and hearts seem never to stop,always on the go

often we have a tear in our heart

this only helps us to stop this world from falling apart

we have many emotions we think with our heart

and feel with our brain,and map out emotion from a hidden chart

with large eyes we see past the esoteric

and with a grain of salt our systems of belief we pick

I was born Oct 27 1948,now a old guy

but still love all of nature ,under a beautiful canopy of sky

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11 years ago

Dawn and so glad to meet ya,

I love the instructions Hope you'll enjoy Scorpio Life Lady Athena (yep, we stick together )

Hello to all
11 years ago

Care Instructions for scorpioHello all you scorpios out there.  I am Dawn and I live in Texas. I am new here and excited about being apart of Scoripio Life. Add me as a friend, we scorpios stick together.  Hope you enjoy the care instructions.


11 years ago

Belem, welcome (new this week)

11 years ago

Hi all new members (the rest of tha gang too)

Pls introduce yourself and say hi, here or in Welcome thread.

Happy to see you all! *wc*

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11 years ago

hi guys..... where are U...

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11 years ago

Lana and Rachel

Scorpios, welcome.

(popping in from my vacation, just to say hi and welcome)

11 years ago
I'm Lana, 10/26/69. I'm VERY Scorpio!! I'm glad to have found this group!!
11 years ago


Sorry I haven't introduced myself before now, I'm still trying to get used to everything on here!

My name is Rach and I'm from England.

My birthday is 9 November 1976 - (yep, just hit the big 3-0!)

I love being a Scorpio!!!

Introduce yourself II
11 years ago
| Hot!

Rachel and Walt

NEW MEMBERS (pls Introduce yourself anytime)

Lady Athena


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