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Hollywood and Brooklyn... August 11, 2005 6:22 PM

All of the movie studios started here in Brooklyn, before they decided to go to Hollywood. They all originated here, and the start of 'talkies' came about. Some theatres are still standing, and you can still see the empty lots where many of the movies were made. I can name a million of course, but for just one... Oliver Hardy said that the best times were here, and he has his little place in Brooklyn that I'm sure will never be forgotten!

I can go on forever about this great city, and how important it is, but I think we all know already. Much memories to share and enjoy.

Remember the 'Bowery Boys' or the 'East End Kids'? Do you remember the names of them? What memories watching those shows. I think I remember 'Butch', and 'Slip'.

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Oh I loved Oliver Hardy...and the Bowery Boys were a favorite August 11, 2005 10:56 PM

Oh I loved Laurel and Hardy...and Oliver Hardy was specially a favourite...and the Bowery Boys!!!! Oh I remember them...They were the best!...Oh I was trying to think of the man in the candy store they always talked   ....I so enjoyed the Bowery Boys...

I can't remember some of their names..right now..but I know goodness..wasn't there a guy they called "Satch"?

I love the history of MY Town!!!  Our Town!!

I remember the trolly cars when I was little...and the old subway trains that had the seats made out of wicker...?  I think you call it wicker..and wood..

I used to get nausious (how ever you spell that) on the subway trains..and buses...and even in cars when I was a kid...

I have a token for the trains somewhere in my dresser .   I saved it from some many years ago.

My mom knew how to use those subways..Oh...I can almost smell it now.

And chiclettes gum in the gum machines...Do they still sell Chiclettes?

And Bonomos Turkish Taffy? 

Are the Candy stores still there ? With the fountains? and can you still get a soda made for you at a fountain?

Oh the memories.

Keep em coming Wade...

I miss some of the old world days there...

Do they still have Seltzer delivery?   Ubet chocolate syrup? to make egg creams?


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Theatres August 03, 2006 10:43 AM

There were five in Flatbush left in the '70s.

I recall the Albemarle and the RKO Kenmore, but my memory fails me.
Also, I think the Kingsway was one of the ones on Kings Highway.

C'mon folks: what other theatres were where, and what do you remember abut them?

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 August 03, 2006 2:56 PM

Great post John . I'm from over the border in Queens and can name them all there... and a lost place the theater is almost. They were the best places back when, and on a Saturday night seeing a show and the going to Jahn's (ice cream parlor) for a kitchen sink!

Some of those theaters were just so grand, and border line opulent! It was the place to go from the 1920's on. I remember the RKO Keiths in Flushing Queens had the grandest staircase and statues and water fountains. Oh boy. The carpets were red and the smell of pop corn filled the air! To go to the theater was a real treat. Unfortunately that one theater is abandoned now and slated to be knocked down for a shopping mall. It is in the archives as historic; so the red tape has delayed this knock down for years already. Many still stand, although I don't know how busy they are. There is one here off Lefferts Blvd. ; and yes, right nest to a Jahn's, that is still standing, but now a bingo hall and flea market. It's a beautiful theater in every way, and they actually restored it recently... but no movies, only the building stands in it's glory.

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Ah, but we digress! (and step into another borough) August 04, 2006 6:15 PM

Hey Wade,

I remember Jahn's in Jamaica, as well as another restaurand called the Landmark, on Jamaica Ave.

As for the RKO Keith in Flushing: the "plans" go back to the early '80s, when Donald Manes was Borough President of Queens (before his suicide). His former Deputy Borough President Larry something hooked up with a guy named Wang to get control of the property. They apparently never succeeded in building the shopping complex.

Is the old Flatbush Town Hall still standing down east down Northern Boulevard? And is there still a sculpture outside the Flushing Library at Main Street and Kissena Boulevard?

Flushing came from the Dutch "t'vlack bos", which meant something like "the wooded plain".

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 August 05, 2006 5:38 AM

Oh yes, the Town Hall is still there and actually thriving John! My father played the piano there as a kid! They gave it a beautiful paint job a few years back and it looks as good as new. The Bowne House from 1661 is also still standing and acts as a small museum for folks to go in and see. The library is busy but I haven't been there in quite some time, but I'm sure the sculpture is still there.

Oh boy, good old Jamaica Ave. (or Jamaica plank road) as it was originally called. Jahns is still there John! The Landmark restaurant I'm not sure about. It sounds familiar and I probably pass it all the time even. The Triangle Hofbrau is still standing, but unfortunately is no longer a restaurant but a real estate office now. I always look up at the buildings when going down Jamaica Avenue to see the architecture and sometimes the dates that are atop the buildings. All original buildings still standing.

I hate when they (remuddle) some store fronts with that aluminum siding and even cover the beautiful woodworks on the tops of buildings.

Interesting about that RKO theater though. What a shame. I think it's actually still vacant! What a waste. Thanks for your post, it was a joy to read.

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Back to Brooklyn August 05, 2006 11:05 PM

Thanks for your updates!  Nice to hear your connection to the still-thriving Town Hall.
Is the Sears still there?  Does the "Flushing Tribune" (founded by now-Congressman Gary Ackerman) still publish?

Actually made a big error: Flushing came from the Dutch "Vlissingen".

Coming full circle, though, Flatbush came from "t'vlack bos"!

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 August 06, 2006 6:37 AM

Oh yes, the last time I was in Flushing, Sears was there, and it seems that it's been there all my life! Not sure about the newspaper though.

I know Quakers came to Flushing and that is the Bowne House that I mentioned... it was a Quaker meeting house. Unbeievable that it's actually still there. 1661.

It's a mostly Asian community now with all of the stores and shops so busy.

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memories of brookly 1940 Movie Theaters August 08, 2009 7:35 AM

I remember Eastern Parkway, St. Johns Place and the Congress Movie theater. I remember the Pitkin Avenue and the movie house there.

The movie theaters were all elaboratly designed, with blinking stars on the top , plush red seats and carpets, and they had a balcony,which was also the smoking section.

I think there was also a smaller movie house called The Utica, which was, of course on Utica Avenue.

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