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ACTION: Preserve Rainforests
7 years ago
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There is progress in the destruction of the Amazon see



But the Brazilian gov't is trying to disrail this progress for greed.


A multi-year effort by leaders of large agribusiness in Brazil to weaken the country’s forest law is paying off for them. At a cost to nature.

Some owners of large tracts of land want the law to be changed so they can use additional forest land for cattle ranching and other types of agriculture. In addition, reforestation of the areas that have been previously cleared by illegal loggers will not be required. 


WWF and other conservation groups oppose this change, as Brazil's wildlife and the livelihoods of the millions of people who rely on the Amazon’s rain forest for food and shelter would be threatened. And the consequences could be felt all over the world, as a significant amount of CO2 could be released.


On December 6, the Brazilian Senate voted to make changes to the country’s forest law that would devastate the rainforest. Next, the bill goes to the Brazilian House, and then the fate of the region lies in the hands of President Dilma Rousseff. She is expected to make a decision in the next two weeks on whether or not to support the changes.

Tell President Dilma Rousseff to Save the Amazon
7 years ago

Tell President Dilma Rousseff to Save the Amazon: | Greenpeace International

- 4 hours ago -

1 of our planets largest remaining rainforests is under threat from changes to the laws that govern forest protection in Brazil.The new Forest Code being proposed severely weakens protections for the Amazon rainforest & opens up vast areas to destruction
6 years ago


Tell President of Brazil to Save the Amazon


Stop deforestation in Brazil's Amazon

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2 Petitions for the Amazon
6 years ago

Tell the President of Brazil to Veto the New Forest Code Before It's Too Late! SIGN!

- 18 hours ago -


GREENPEACE Petition! Our planet's largest remaining rainforest is under threat from changes to the laws that govern forest protection in Brazil. The new Forest Code bill being proposed severely weakens protections for the Amazon rainforest and opens up..

President Dilma :Veto the New Forest Code Bill! ACTION

- 1 day ago -

This bill would spell disaster for the Amazon rainforest if passed. It's already made its way through the Brazilian Senate and now it's up to President Dilma to decide whether or not it becomes law. Now is our chance.
got them
6 years ago

both,,,thanks,Nancy ,Lindsay,and Lisa for posting.

6 years ago

Protect The Peruvian Amazon From Illegal Gold Mining ! PLEASE SIGN ! !

- 1 hour ago -

The Peruvian government is cracking down on illegal gold mining in the country's south-eastern Amazon region. Miners in the region say thousands will be out of work. However, if gold mining continues at the scale it is, the immense biodiversity
Amazon - greenpeace
6 years ago

The Amazon Rainforest is home to thousands of animal and tree species, making it a biodiversity hotspot. It is also critical in the fight to stop global warming.

Since 1970, more than 289,000 sq mi of rainforest — approximate to the size of Texas — in the Brazilian Amazon were lost to illegal logging, soy plantations, cattle ranching, and other human industries such as road building and mining. A significant part of what remains is under direct threat — as well as the animals and people who call the forest home.

And now a new Forest Code bill is moving through the Brazilian Congress that will grant amnesty to forest criminals and open up the Amazon to greater deforestation. Greenpeace has a plan to put a stop to deforestation once and for all and we need your help to get there. Pledge to save the Amazon from deforestation today!

Petition site
5 years ago

Ban Illegal Logging In The Amazon... Take Action...

- 2 hours ago -

But the real reasons why WE need to ban illegal logging is simple and something we ALL need to get behind, the displacement of indigenous Amazonian tribes, assaults and even murders of the indigenous people
Noted & Signed AGAIN !!
5 years ago

Signed for how many Organizations I belong too?  And for how many years now folks ?  Those Trees are our Oxygen...  Man oh Man !!  "Same ole, same ole". Geez.  Bubble Hugs to all and nighty nite from me and Dottie xo

5 years ago

Signed and many FB. Thanks

Ghana’s Atiwa rainforest must be protected
4 years ago

Atiwa is home to significant populations of many rare animals and plants

Dear friends of the rainforests,

Environmentalists in Ghana need our support to save the Atiwa rainforest, one of the greatest natural treasures in West Africa.

Its varied tropical landscapes are home to a wealth of animal and plant species that are rare elsewhere in Africa. Many can be found only in the Atiwa forest.
Yet the area is not only rich in biodiversity, but also in minerals. Atiwa has significant bauxite deposits that the government intends to exploit.

“Negotiations with international companies are not open and transparent,” explains Daryl Bosu of A Rocha Ghana, a nongovernmental organization. “A decision has not yet been made, however. We therefore need the international community to support our petition calling on President John Dramani Mahama and the government to protect the Atiwa rainforest against all forms of exploitation and to establish a national park.”

Please sign the Ghanaian environmentalists’ petition to save this unique natural treasure:


Dang It !!
4 years ago

You beat me again Lisa. I was just going to Post the Rainforest group Ghana Petiton. Probably won't be able to get on tomorrow as we get yeah more thunderstorms. Sheddy Hugs to all from mea nd Dottie. xo

Everglades Petition ~~
4 years ago


Dear Vinnie, Tell EPA no fracking by the Everglades

Fracking by the Everglades. Are they serious?

Fracking, the dirty and destructive drilling process, has already marred 360,000 acres of land across the country and used up 250 billion gallons of water. [1]

And now, oil companies want to start fracking near Big Cypress National Preserve and the Everglades -- two of Florida’s most treasured landscapes.

Will you help stop fracking near Big Cypress and the Everglades by adding your name to the petition?

I don’t have to tell you why the Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve are worth protecting. These are the storied swamps where we camp, hike, kayak and bird-watch. They provide habitat for the manatee, American crocodile, and Florida panther.

Fracking has no place here. 

4 years ago

Couldn't Post anything yesterday but now it's working. Go figure ? The EVERGLADES are already under attack from Burmese Pythons and Rock Pythons from Asia, then people encrotching on their home now this. WTF ? Sheddys Hugs to all from me and Dottie. xo

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New petition for rainforests
2 years ago

Save the Papua rainforest.

Force for change
2 years ago

Save rainforest from toxic oil

Save rainforest from bulldozers
2 years ago

Help preserve rainforest from destruction

2 years ago

Papua: “Surrendering our land would be suicide”
160,486 supporters

Thank you for making a difference

Save Amazon Rainforest From Toxic Oil Spill


Stop the destruction of the Ekuri people’s rainforest in Nigeria
101,878 supporters
You have already signed this petition

from Force Change ~~
2 years ago

 Three thousand barrels of toxic crude oil sludge have been spilled into rainforest rivers. This is devastating wildlife and native communities. Demand that the oil company responsible pay for the cleanup and compensate local communities.

Save mau rainforest
2 years ago

Help save animals in the Mau rainforest

2 years ago

already signed Vinnie


Save mau rainforest

Thank you for making a difference

73,816 supporters

from Rainforest Rescue ~
2 years ago


PLEASE SIGN: Stop the deadly Agua Zarca dam project!


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from ~~
2 years ago

  Petitioning Jon Tester

Help support the Blackfeet Nation as they fight for water rights
Petition by Megan Wadsack
Norman, Oklahoma



2 years ago

Amazon RainforestStop Deforestation In Brazil's Amazon ➤ 

In 2011, the Brazilian government declared its intent to keep deforestation from ruining the Amazon rainforest. Unfortunately, logging has only increased since then. Urge President Dilma Roussef to keep her promise and protect the rainforest

2 years ago



Help support the Blackfeet Nation as they fight for water rights...unable to sign as it has your name Vinnie

Save the Amazon
2 years ago

Are you happy for the Amazon to be sold to the highest bidder? To see bulldozers obliterate the heart of the rainforest? I thought not - that’s why I’m counting on you to take urgent action today before they give the green light.

Unless we get our act together, Brazil could give the go-ahead to a destructive dam right in the heart of the Amazon. [1] The dam would make Indigenous People, called the Munduruku, homeless and threaten thousands of species. Despite the fact that solar and wind would do the job of a dam, without the damage. [2]

2 years ago

Thank you for standing with the Munduruku

624,460 have signed

Help the Amazon and indigenous people
2 years ago

A new mega-dam could destroy forests and livelihoods in the heart of the Amazon. 

Stand with the Munduruku

You can help save the Amazon by standing with rainforest communities. Sign on today!

take action today

2 years ago

Thanks for standing with the Munduruku. 

Don't let a highway destroy rainforest
Don’t Let Superhighway Destroy Vital Rainforest

Endangered animals and vital rainforests are facing destruction from a proposed "superhighway" through a pristine national park. Demand that this project be halted immediately.

 Signed Lisa dearest. Sorry I've been AWOL, but having plumbing issues and not feeling well and have lots of yardwork to do even tho my back is breaking.Also, not getting all my Groups in my Hotmail, which I didn't want to do anyway, but as you know care2, took away our E-mail so I tried to send stuff to Hotmail and my G-mail address but it's not working right. I'm only getting my Baba-Mail at the G-mail address and it says 'Sorry, Google is having Trouble transfering mail from Firefox. Well, I use Firefox for everything so "What's the problem"?  So frustrating. I'll be back. I hope all is well with you and you too Junee, hiya. from me and Spot the Terror.  

  Ooh,ooh, I have it Posted in the Frog Group in Play-Date # 29, that my Chicago Cubs Won the World Championship !!  Woo-Hoo !!     Finally after 108 years I can die in peace but not anytime soon.  

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Hello!  I feel you with the plumbing issues and yard work.  We have had the same problem!  I know it is amazing about the cubs.  Maynard has been sick with eating some baby wipes.  He had to go to the vet, but is ok now.  Chui is having skin issues again.  Another trip to the vet soon.  I can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here.  Sending SHEDDY HUGS to you and Spot!!!

Don’t Let Superhighway Destroy Vital Rainforest..signed

  Baby wipes ? Lisa, what babies ? But glad Maynard is alright now.    My Wire Terrier Daisy Mae, used to have allergies too. I'm praying Chui, is o.k. My dumb little Spot the Terror threw up today after trying to eat leaves in the backyard. Grrr.. They stick everything in their mouths just like the kids used to do..But we still love them. Sheddy Hugs from me and sick Spot the Terror. xo

Help the Amazon
7 months ago

Protest banner on a river in the Bolivian rainforest: the slogan “Resistance Means Dignity” stands next to the Bolivian flag.

Please sign: stop a highway of destruction through the Bolivian Amazon!
Please sign: hands off the koalas' forest !
6 months ago

Working together for the rainforest

Australia needs to stop the destruction NOW.



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