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14 years ago
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Thanks for joining. I look forward to hosting this group, as well as establishing connections with other Organic Consumers. Here is some information regarding OCA and our platform*: The Organic Consumers Association (OCA) The OCA is a grassroots non-profit public interest organization which deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, corporate accountability, and environmental sustainability. We are the only organization in the US focused exclusively on representing the views and interests of the nation's estimated ten million organic consumers. The OCA represents over 600,000 members, subscribers and volunteers and hundreds of companies in the natural marketplace. Our US and international policy board is broadly representative of the organic, family farm, environmental, and public interest community. The Organic Consumers Association was formed in 1998 in the wake of the mass backlash by organic consumers against the U.S. Department of Agriculture's controversial proposed national regulations for organic food. Through the OCA's SOS (Save Organic Standards) Campaign, as well as the work of our allies in other organizations, the organic community was able to mobilize 280,000 consumers to send in letters and emails to the USDA. In this project the OCA worked in cooperation with hundreds of natural food stores, consumer co-ops, Community Supported Agriculture groups, and farmers markets, as well as thousands of individual volunteers across the country--a relationship which has continued through the present time. Our political program is the Food Agenda 2000-2010: a three point platform calling for a global moratorium on genetically engineered foods and crops; a phase-out of the most dangerous industrial agriculture and factory farming practices; and the conversion of American agriculture to at least 30% organic by the year 2010. Our web site, research, and media team are considered by reporters and radio talk show hosts to be among some of the nation's top experts on food safety and organic food (see OCA's press center here). Our media team provides background information, interviews, and story ideas to TV and radio producers and journalists on a daily basis--from national TV networks to the alternative press. *an excerpt from OCA's website (
14 years ago
Hi All
14 years ago
I have been trying to add more organics to my life for some time now. Thanks for creating this group.
HI all!
14 years ago
This group is a great idea! Lots to learn and share in a group with this purpose. Thanks! I hope we all can learn from one another and become better and better, earthy people!
14 years ago
thanks for starting the group. along with my partner, i am a small-scale, struggling, organic farmer up here in bc. i think there is a great need for this group, and i think practicing organic consumption and production can be a very revolutionary act. grateful to be here.
well done, cool group!
14 years ago
Thank you for the invite Mandy I look forward to weaving around the group..
14 years ago
Mandy! Consider yourself thanked for doing this. I mean a VERY BIG THANKED. I have been organic for over 20 years thanks to my ex-boyfriend's, mother's organic garden. He's long gone but a new way to be, grows with the days. Now I eat mostly raw food. I go to the farmer's mkt here in NYC and get to know them. I find out who is real and who is bogus and sadly some are.I shall be on this site a lot as it is my main passion. This is thrilling!!!
14 years ago
Hello Everyone! I'm new to the group. I have just started to go Organic. I volunteer at a local organic farm, and over the summer and fall months will get a box of produce from the farm once a week. I truly believe that living a natural, environmentally sustainable, organic lifestyle is the best way to live. Countless health benefits as well as being kind to the Earth and it's inhabitants. I'm so happy I joined this group and found you guys!!! I look forward to learning a lot and meeting all of you!! Peace & Light, Laura
G'day from Oz!
14 years ago
Greetings Everyone, Thankyou Mandy for posting the invitation at network messages. Looking forward to getting involved and being educated by others. Been growing, and eating organicly for long I can't remember. Catch-ya, Leone. Perth, Western Australia.
14 years ago
Thank you for the invite, a great reason to have a group on Care2. I look forward to reading everyone's thoughts and ideas and sharing a few of my own.
Great Idea!
14 years ago
Glad to be a part of the group!
14 years ago
My first post ever on the Care2 network - how great to find a group all about organic everything. I'm from the UK and look forward to learning more about organics the world over! Shirlz xx
14 years ago
Hi everyone! I'm an organic buying freak and most people look at me crazy when we start talking about food and I go off about buying organic.....but I have a feeling I will fit in well here!
14 years ago
Hi, What a great group and I hope to enjoy many more days of blissful organic through the appreciation of this group. I have relished natural eating choices for approximately twenty years. Raised both my kids to that type of thinking and eating and I wouldn't have life any other way. Thanks for being out there.
I have been visiting organic consumers sie for a while, Good lots Info
14 years ago
I try to buy all organic. Not alway easy. Grains are affordable, produce can be a wallet drain ,but I hate the thought of eating all those pesticides in addition to what it is doing to our planet. So when organic lightens my wallet I happily think I am also doing my part in supporting farms that are doing the right thing. RECIPE TO SAVE MONEY Milk, I like organic whole milk , I read on OC that if you are going to buy 2 percent why not just buy whole milk and then dilute it with your own water by 50% Did it, it tastes great and I have doubled my grocery item.I am going to try it with soy milk too. NO Coke> MINERAL FRUIT SODA I also dilute my fruit juice with mineral water which is great and is less fattening , a health benefit because fizzy mineral water does not leach calcium out of your body as does all those soft drinks do. This might be good for people with children to save some money and keep their kids healthy . I want to mention one more thing I read at OC .MOTHERS AnD CHILDREN A story about a 8 yr old boy who developed autism to shorten story , it turned out he was eating canned tuna many days a week, his body overloaded ( also childrens vaccines are made with mercury , as a preservative) and he ended up with that sickness,,, heavy metals / The good news his mother had a test done hair analysis and found the heavy metals, she changed his diet, and then put him in an infared spa on a regular basis it detoxes the body through the skin and doesn't run it back through the vital organs, he is back to normal. Better consumers make a better world. Happy shopping and Dining !!!
14 years ago
I belong to OCA so I thought I'd join your group, too. Prior to WWII most fresh food was organic, eh? Good health to you all.
13 years ago
I was thinking that there might be some people out there that would like to know about a home delivery program for organic healthy foods and by telling your friends about it you could earn a few dollars yourself. It is free to join and the company if very interested in educating the public on natural food choices. Hope you enjoy the site. Please let me know what you think.
13 years ago
great group, and friends here also! Paola, would love to hear about your organic project!!! I belong to organic consumer circle in Southern part of Finland and getting products from local producers. It is fantastic way to get really fresh and good quality prodcuts.
11 years ago
I was randomly searching through Care2 to see if I could get some more info about organics and found this group. I'm excited to check out OCA since I have been looking for ways to get better informed about the whole industry. I am trying to switch over to a completely organic diet, and soon will have organic body care products too. Thanks for starting this group!
Hello All
11 years ago

I look forward to learning more about organics. I have a petition about the toxics in beauty and personal care products I would love for you to sign it.

I hope its ok to post that here. Please check out my profile for more information.

I Am Just Joining Today 12/30/07
11 years ago

I am very interested in organic foods and wonder if you have a newsletter about fungus-destroying diets, healthful food, grass-fed meats, and non-fungus foods.  I assume that any newsletters will come to my e-mail address, although I had not been asked for it at the time of joining.  I hope I have joined!


11 years ago
This is a set of links from stuff care2 and stumbleupon have posted re farming.- I am interested in this and glad to find you on sustainable farming
My real interese is growing yr own- Am about to start again and include some arguments- Asa contribution am planning to summarize what I find out.
This is a set of reasons for growing yr own

Pesticides fungicides fertilizers genetic modification where no-one accounts for the serendipity of the effect- the combination of what are only individually tested chemicals – all point to growing ones own.

The energy crisis associated with the fossil fuels that have generated global warming as well as forming the base for much of the equip ment used in growing plants and in desicatting the soil are also becoming expensive. And the cost of transport as well as the cost of growing food on increasingly depleted soil and with the handicaps caused by global warming like floods droughts and in some cases tidal waves tsunamis earthquakes salination etc there is also a case now for growing your own .

The advent of genetically modified foods and their seeds which have been tested with no real knowledge of their flow on effect -particularly if it is combined by the ingestion

of more than one variety of them strenghens the realization that growing your own may be important for your long term survival and for your physical and economic health.

But city dwellers feel they have not space or time. This is a summary of what I have read on the subject and it suggests that it may well be possible to cut down the time invested to an hour a day

That way one gains the advantage of knowing where your food comes from and the comfort of being able to afford it . The awareness that it is safe and that you are looking after the planet is also a nice incentive. For we all want our friends and relations and our country to survive. As global warming is now established any small enterprise of this sort can help the planet.

Growing on the premises also of course saves the time and energy we would use shopping and carrying what we have bought home,That is an energy and time advantage we can divert for this enterprise.. Both physical energy and fossil fuel energy .

And do not forget that doing this also represents a saving of time devoted to working to get the money to buy the food..

It also allows us to cut down on packaging and therefore on our own pollution . Bearing in mind that plastics like everything else produced by using fossil fuel are coming under suspicion of being carcegenic , this too looks like a considerable gain.. Plastic bags as a hazard to wildlife are of course too well known to comment on we have all seen those agonizing photos of birds and fish.

It has furthur if one extends at all outdoors the pleasures of raising ones own ecosystem with things like worms and lizards and bugs of different sorts. And of getting into contact with the soil. In any case it offers the nice feeling of seeing something tangible for what one has done and substituting something else for telly.

As regard s growing food in the home. the during WW11 the “ Victory Gardens” where tomatoes and cucumbers ,tomatoes and bell peppersand citrus were grown beside sunny windows and window boxes of loose leaf lettuce ,radishes green onions cress baby carrots and turnips are also possible.

A planter box of vegetables on the roof or balcony or in a courtyard may also be possible. There nmay also be room to raise meat rabbits or chickens.

You may also be able to share a patio or backyard with neighbors or use an empty lot or unused city land. Maybe persuade the local council to use part of a city park..

Not Just Pretty Organic Clothing Online Store
10 years ago

Hi everyone!  I've just joined Care2 - would love to hear how it's working for everyone in terms of whether it's a good way to network!
We have a eco-friendly clothing store in Victoria, Canada and have launched an online store and blog... now we are looking for how to get the work out to people who appreciate that kind of thing! 
I would love any feedback on the website and blog if you feel like visiting!

Thanks so much!  Looking forward to meeting you all!


Where is everyone????????????????
10 years ago

Last entry 203 days ago?????????  YIKES!  I thought this site would be BUSY with all sorts of info!  Go Organic!!!!!!!!!!  I adore our local co-op.  Actually, many grocery stores are getting on the organic wagon!  Double YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have always felt good clean food is prevenative medicine!  I don't like going to the doctor!  icky  Blessings to all--Karen

10 years ago

I find that Organic Consumers Association has the best information on GMO's which I believe everyone needs to be educated on. I am part of and the group on facebook and they are a great source of information. It's also a great way to take action.

7 years ago

IM lost. I love my organic food,garden.Were are all the organics?

Well I Guess I'll just take to myself.
7 years ago

Yes, You are right Organic Consumers Association is a great way to educate yourselfs and another good one is Millions against Monsanto. We need to get out there and spead the word to anyone who will listen, Its scary to see so many people walking around with blinders on. Hitler had the gas cambers, Monsanto has the USDA.

Too bad there's not a conversation,eh?
7 years ago

Yeah, Monsanto is bad,too bad, eh? Now they're going to put out GMO-roundup ready alfalfa. Those guys should be horsewhipped for putting profits ahead of the health of the environment. It's good to spread the word about organics and Monsanto, and everything else, but too many people have blinders on and too much mental traffic to hear or even care. What can we do?

7 years ago

Monsanto haven't notice their organic contraries are humongously millionaires! - Without harming no one! - But for Monsanto having the possibility to grow GE seeds,organic companys must lift their boot from it's neck.And it's happening...

Say no to Monsanto seeds.
7 years ago

Monsanto's Genetically Modified Seeds are deadly to human health and earths soils, one of Monsanto RoundUp Ultra is highly concentrated version of Monsanto's glyphosate herbicide. Farmers all over the world are seeing thier corps fail because this type of Big Agriculture is killiing the nutrients in the soils. And causing new diseases in crops. Genetically Modified plants, soy bean, cotton, cottonseed, canola and so on have had foreign GENES forced into their DNA. The inserted genes come from species such as bacteria and viruses, Which have never been in the human food supply. And this has been going on since back in the 60's. When Monsanto came up with Agent Orange, that was sprayed on thousands of soldiers and people that caused major sickness and death.  Please Educate Yourself and Childern. If you get sick its because of the food your eating and drinking.

It doesn't look like there have been posts for a while??
6 years ago

I just joined this group to read up on some organic information and shares. I hope this group can pick up soon and I look forward to contributing

bio community
5 years ago

Hi. I've recently came across your group and I found the info here really interesting. We're a newly formed European Bio community and we'd like to learn more about healthy living and share tips & tricks.


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