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4 years ago

Hi, I'm Paige. I have been embroidering and beading since I was a little girl. As an adult, I taught myself to crochet, which I love, and now I'm attempting knitting (though apparently two sticks and a string are smarter than merely one stick and a string - I have pulled out this scarf at least a dozen times). I work almost exclusively with recycled materials, finding my treasures in thrift stores, at garage sales, and through swaps with friends.

5 years ago

Hello Feeby!


Sorry for the terrible delay in welcoming you to our little group.  We love to see pictures of others work and give encouragement where we can. 


What a great heart you have in wanting to help out your boss's little boy.  I hope they are back on their feet.

6 years ago

*shyly peeks in* Hello all. I'm a bit new here (not to care2 though this account of mine is new) in more than one way. I just recently learned how to crochet though I've been a knitter for years and I have to say- I love it. Still learning but I love it enough that I'd like to meet others who crochet and chat about it sometime.

So far I can make squares (most of the time), a mouse that looked like he's had a stroke, and a thing... I'm not sure what to call it.

Right now I'm trying to learn how to make small dinosaurs for a friend of mine at work- my boss' house burnt down and his little boy has no toys or blankets so I'm also working on an afghan for him. Hmm, I don't know what else I should type here. I'm also a writer, a wife, and a self taught web designer- in that order too .

6 years ago

Hi Mari, welcome to the group. Please feel free to share any tips, advice or comments you might have.

We also love to see pictures of finished project.

6 years ago

I'm Mari, new to the group.  I like to embroider, do crewel work, crochet, and cross-stitch.  I've been doing these things for years, but have always been very, very slow at it.  Still, I enjoy it.  Perhaps, when/if I am ever able to retire, I would like to learn quilting too.

7 years ago
Hi Debbie,
I am getting there very slowly. I have put some pictures on my gallery of some cross stitching I have done but I am not sure how to add them to messages. Give me time and I will get there. Thanks for your welcome,
Margaret x
7 years ago
Hi Margaret,  I'm glad you've joined us. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've stitched.

7 years ago


and Deborah

New Member
7 years ago
Hi everyone.
Just introducing myself as a new member. I am 71 and retired. I live in Cheshire England and am a keen cross stitcher. I only took it up after I retired at 65 and as I have arthritis in my hands I find it helps by keeping my fingers moving. I have done lots of knitting, crochet and embroidery but find these harder now with my hands. I am looking forward to being in touch with many of you including Deborah who introduced me to this site.

Thank you
7 years ago

Thank you Deborah and Dolores for your kind words.  Things are so busy that is it is just crazy.  The good news is that I am off of work until next Friday.  So I can relax a bit. 

I haven't been knitting much, just one scarf.  One of my classes is a drop in class so sometimes I can sit down for 5 minutes and knit.

I have set up a small album of all of my knitted and crocheted items in my profile.  I hope you like them.

Have yourself a merry Christmas.


7 years ago
HELLO LA! Welcome to the group
7 years ago
Hi LA W, welcome to the group. I'm really slow knitting, it takes a couple of months for me to finish a sweater. Mostly because I cross stitch as well. Sometimes I can't make up my mind as to which to do so both end up taking longer. Have a Merry Christmas.
7 years ago


I just joined and I thought I would drop in and say howdy.


I have been knitting off and on for most of my life.  I also crochet as well.  It depends on the project. 

Currently I am working on a baby sweater and getting ready for to teach my best friend's finacee of how to knit.  He suffers from arthruis and have pins and needles in his hands so he wants to learn of how to knit.  I am also working on scarves that are made from my odd ball stash.

Besides working, I am art and craft instructor at a local craft store.  I teach arts and crafts to kids, moms and tots, the mental challange class, scrapbooking, cardmaking and occasionally I do birthday parties.

And because of my job, I am usually busy or too tired to knit.  I also am a slow knitter and a crocheter.  I can produced sweaters and blankets within a week.  A blanket takes me up to 7 months to do. 

Thanks for you letting me join,


7 years ago

Holly, sorry to hear you're under the weather, hope you feel better soon.

The word of the day doesn't have anything to do with stitching. It's just something to keep you thinking and hopefully we all learn something new. It's good to keep the brain working. I know that when I'm crocheting hats, I sometimes just zone out. I very rarely keep track of my stitches because it just goes round and round.   All I keep track of is the number of rows, and I do that with a safety pin. So it's pretty much a no brainer. Plus the word of the day gives me a good, no, make that a better reason to check in. And as soon as I finish my sweater and get a picture of it, I will post it in the finished projects thread. Just a few more touches and it will be done. So I guess I better get it finished. Ta-Ta-For-Now!

I'm back, not trying to be silly but then, not a dog or a canary
7 years ago

Ran into the word of the day and I thought I would add a word that suddenly came into my head- mandate. What a mess. Sorry about that.

I am feeling a bit fluie right now- a bit green (no one say that Holly should feel green, please!)

It was either something I ate or something I have not eaten. It is almost 8 pm so I think I'll go crawl into bed and get some rest.

Betty and Delores can you tell me what the words (which I think are great) have to do with the stitching? Brain expansion?

Keep up the good work.

All best wishes from the Netherlands,

Holly T

X-stitching on eBay
7 years ago
If you go to eBay, make sure that you check out the assorted crafts and cross-stitching groups there, as well. The format is a little different, but the friendliness is the same!
7 years ago

I see you are from San Antonio, I have a friend who lives in Seguin!  I LOVE San Antonio!  And Corpus Christie!  Texas is a wonderful place!

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TX X-stitcher here saying Howdy!!!
7 years ago

Hi all,

Just posting to say HI!

I am a X-stitcher(cross-stitch) freak!!  Been doing it since the age of 18yrs.  Total of 27years.   I do alot of large and small projects.  I give many of my projects away, but my Aunt has convince me that I should try to sell them on ebay.  So I may try that in the future.

I do many other things too.  See my site>>

7 years ago
Welcome Kelli. Glad to see ya drop in.
7 years ago
Hello everyone!
7 years ago
I noticed this group in one of Rabbits shares and here I am. I am looking forward to sharing with all of you and learning new and different things. I enjoy crocheting very much, I'm making beanie caps  right now in all collors and sizes. I love seeing the childrens faces light up when they see them. I also love to make little girls purses. 
You crack me up
7 years ago

LOL Holly you crack me up. I love your sense of humor

I'm glad you found your way here. I don't get to post here much because I've been concentrating on knitting and crochet instead of doing embroidery. (which I also love doing) I'm still a newbie tatter, so I'm afraid I can't be much help in that area. So far the only tatting I've done is shuttle tatting, but because of lack of instructional information I've come to a stand still. I'm considering trying my hand at needle tatting because there seams to be more information about that available. Cro-tatting is something else I'm also curious about. (combination of crochet and needle tatting)

Sorry it took me so long to welcome you. I rely on care2's e-mail notification to let me know when there are new posts and it hasn't been working right for about three weeks.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

7 years ago
Holly! how funny! Took me a while to figure out what you were talking about, a dog and a canary running a group!

Welcome to the group by the way, sorry it took me so long to get to you, been very busy!

Tatting is the art of making lace. I have never been able to get the hang of it, and now I dont have the patience to sit down and try although I do have my mother's shuttle, and bobbins. Maybe after I finish the two projects I have started (something I have never done before two projects at once), I will give it a go!

I hope you will be around some and will be willing to share with us.
7 years ago

Welcome to the group Holly. Glad you could join us.

Please feel free to share any ideas, patterns and pictures you might have.

Its all Shawns fault-but I'm here now
7 years ago

Really enjoyed Shawns page and saw this group and decided to join. I have diabetes arthosis and have hands that do and then don't work. IF you are losing your thumb feeling you might get checked to make sure you don't have carpel tunnel. IF you do you could lose the use of your thumb and you don't want to do that! I have had both hands operted on and I am so glad I don't have that problem anymore.

I am living in the Netherlands right now and I understnad tere is a lot of lace making which is the same as what my mom and you guys call tating. Can anyone confirm this? I have thought I should go learn how to do it. IF there is anything I should specifically find out about let me know and I can ask.

If I look at dutch hand work books there are certain things that are typical which I never ever saw when I lived in the US.

I crochet and knit and embroider and do whatever comes up whether I should or not. THere are some wonderful things made in this country although less than 20 years ago when I first got here.

I think you all sound like fun

Holly T

PS beautiful rabbit and having a dog and canary run a group-wow

7 years ago

I bought some of those gloves several months ago, and they really do help a LOT, but I think I may have gotten a size to small, because they press on a nerve on my thumb and if I wear them very long part of my thumb will go numb. I need to try a larger size to see if that takes care of the problem, like so many other things, I haven't gotten around to it.

Thank you so much for the offer to help my with tatting. I may take you up on that. I'm afraid tatting is going to have to take a back seat to my knitting and crochet for a while though. I got a phone call yesterday and long story I agreed to teach a biweekly knitting/crochet class at my house. Hehe, I'm very excited about the whole thing.

7 years ago

I do hope you make yourself at home.  We are a friendly group here and enjoy chatting with others about our passion of creating something with a needle and thread.

Tatting is an interesting hobby.  I have my mothers shuttle, but havent much luck at it.  I would love any info you can give!

7 years ago
Thanks Betty M. I sure will.

Hi Shawn. I'd be happy to help with your tatting if I can. I got some of those HandezeŽ Gloves and that does help me to keep going even though I still need breaks. A lot of the yarn shops and catalogs have them now but I could post a link if you need it.
7 years ago

Hi RR Welcome!

It's funny, you sound so much like me. I also crochet, knit, needle point, cross stitch, and shuttle tat. (I can only do basic shuttle tatting though. I would love to get better at it.) Crochet used to be my main craft, but it started bothering my arthritis too much so I switched to knitting. (less wrist movement) I still crochet, just not as much as I used to.

7 years ago

Welcome to the group RR. Please feel free to share your works with us by posting pictures of finished projects or by sharing patterns, tips or web sites.

7 years ago
I just joined today and I thought I would say hello to everyone. I've been crocheting since my grandmother started teaching me at age 8 and I really like it. I know basic knitting but I'm not very good at it and I don't enjoy it as much as crochet. I have done some cross stitch, embroidery, and needle point but because of some arthritis I have trouble holding a needle for long lengths of time. I also know how to do shuttle tatting and like that very much. Crochet is my main craft hobby and I am most recently working on a light short sleeve summer sweater. I'm looking forward to being part of the group and getting to know some of you better. Salute.

8 years ago

Welcome to all new members and thank you for joining.

Please dont hesitate to add content to this group.

9 years ago
9 years ago


I'm new here myself. It's nice to meet you.

9 years ago
Hi, I just joined, looking forward to discussions!
9 years ago

We all look forward to getting to know you and sharing some great ideas

Hi :-)
9 years ago

Hi, It's nice to meet you.

9 years ago
 to all new members!
9 years ago
9 years ago
Hi Delores...thanks for the invite.
Darn it
9 years ago

I wanted to personally welcome those who chose to join here but.....I just cant do it. 

But I am very glad that others have joined and I hope you all will join in our discussions and share what you are working on.

9 years ago
   Welcome to the group Lorna, I hope you enjoy your time here.
Whooo Hooooo
9 years ago


9 years ago


Im glad you're here!

10 years ago


I hope you like it here!!

10 years ago
I'm the fifth member of Stitches Haven.
10 years ago

Ivy, Kathleen, and Nan!


I am so glad you decided to be here.

Thanks for the invitation
10 years ago

Thanks for the invitation, Delores...

Welcome come on in
10 years ago
| Hot!

I am so glad you came.  Grab a cup of whatever you like to drink and set awhile.  I am looking forward to meeting new people and getting some ideas and tips.

I hope you enjoy your stay.