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Poems of Hope & Peace
13 years ago
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("'Hope' is the thing with feathers –")
by Emily Dickinson

"Hope" is the thing with feathers –
That perches in the soul –
And sings the tune without the words –
And never stops – at all –

And sweetest – in the Gale – is heard –
And sore must be the storm –
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm –

I've heard it in the chillest land –
And on the strangest Sea –
Yet, never, in Extremity,
It asked a crumb – of Me.

13 years ago

Like blossoms after Winter's frost,
Hope springs forth,
Inviting us to reach out,
Whispering of comfort and warmth,
Promise of security to come.

Do not cast hope aside,
For when all else is forsaken,
When joy and faith have gone,
Hope will remain to fortify us,
Shelter us through the storm.

When the clouds break,
And light and heart return,
Hope fades to the background,
Not needed for the moment,
But forgotten nevermore.

13 years ago

Peace is being quiet, caring for friends,
and giving hugs and kisses.
Peace is praying, loving, seeing animals sing,
being patient, sleeping, writing, singing to nature
and watching swans swim.

Peace is giving love to nature, giving joy to people
and planting flowers in the Spring.

Grace H., Grade 2
Self-Realization Fellowship Sunday School
The Lake Shrine, Pacific Palisades, California

13 years ago
The Peace Poem

Let the sun shine in the night time and please no more dying.
Please let us have peace and no more fighting. People are dying.
Southwest Elementary
San Antonio, TX, US

Chaque nation envoie des casques bleus
Pour que le monde soit plus heureux.
Ecole Fondamentale
Fleurus, Belgique

As I look around the world I sigh,
And think, We could at least give peace a try.
Exeter-West Greenwich Junior High
West Greenwich, RI, USPeace without
Comes from peace within.
Glenala State High School
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Peace remained by my side until I understood
what she wanted from me—that I be free
Parque Ecologico
Porangaba, Brazil

Let it blow in your direction
Let it touch you, melt you and mould you
SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College, secondary school
Tema, Ghana

No war, no violence,
and lots of silence.
St. Dominic Savio School
Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Canada
We don’t like it that our fathers must be soldiers
and shoot other children’s fathers.
Ctvidaberg, Sweden

There comes an army; here comes another.
They meet in the middle and declare PEACE.
Holy Cross Primary School
Western Cape, South Africa

Je te cherche depuis si longtemps que j’ai cru un court
instant te posséder,
une fois encore tu t’es échappé
Neuchatel, Suisse

Peace is in the waves at sea.
Peace must begin with you and me!
Gander Middle School
Gander, Newfoundland, Canada...The war is not around him but trapped inside his head.
War is not battles; it is struggles without end...
Friends School of Baltimore
Baltimore, MD, US

Why destroy when we could create,
Keep the peace, erase the hate.
Normal Community West High School
Normal, IL, US

Cultivemos una semillita de esta soñada utopía; si le ponemos sabor
a vainilla y esencia de sol, dejará de ser un sueño para ser una flor.
Centro Educativo Integral, secondary school
Quito, Ecuador

Peace is something the world should share
It’s all about loving, we dare you to care!
Elmcrest Elementary School
Liverpool, NY, USEn las aldeas y las ciudades, en las montañas y en las campiñas
ninguno falta, todos están:
están los viejos y están los jóvenes, están los hijos y están
las madres.
Instituto José Vasconcelos, nivel primaria
México, México

The condition of the heart can alter the perspective of a person.
The condition of the hearts of a nation can alter the state of mankind—PEACE.
Walnut Ridge Middle School Library
Walnut Ridge, AR, US

From my mother’s womb I came out yelling for life.
It’s great I am surviving—but there’s no peace.
Joseph Nabbingo Primary School
Kampala, Uganda

J’ai vécu comme un oiseau,
prés des nuages, prés de la chanson des anges.
Nakkila Senior High School
Nakkila, Finland
13 years ago
Peace is the seed that sprouts all light,
We must lower the greed, and start the fight.
Silver Sands Middle School
Port Orange, FL, US

I wish I could have stopped what caused the first human
to be violent to another.
Then maybe the world would still be living in peace.
Asir Academy
Khamis-Mushayt, Saudi Arabia

Why have a war—
It’s all happened before.
Lornshill Academy
Clackmannanshire, Scotland, United Kingdom

World peace is like a frog and a fly hugging each other.
Peace is like sweet strawberries in the air.
Finger Lake Elementary School
Palmer, AK, USGUERRE, paix, guerre, paix, guerre, PAIX.
Quand ferons-NOUS, ensemble, le bon choix?
Ecole secondaire publique de La Salle
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

In the sky we see a dove
The dove means peace, the dove means love
Canberra Church of England Girls’ Grammar Junior School
Deakin, Australia

If only PEACE were understood,
What couldn’t be now, in the future could.
Milwaukee German Immersion School
Milwaukee, WI, US

De sus alas, lentamente, una pluma se desprende.
La paloma agoniza, nuestra paz se desvanece.
Colegio Marymount
Cuernavaca, Morelos, México

Don’t shoot at me, my friend,
I’m the same as you...a man.
Varga Katalin Gimnazium
Szolnok, HungaryIn his own home, in his own bed, a dying soldier closes his eyes,
smiles, glad to be home
He has lived for a world of peace, fought for a world of peace,
died for a world of peace, the world of peace he goes to.
Roseville College
Sydney, Australia

Cuando el amor une a la gente, la paz prevalece.
La paz del mundo depende de la unidad de la gente.
Penquis Valley High School
Milo, ME, US

Ne les écoute pas s’ils te disent que la guerre est le meilleur
moyen d’avoir la paix,
Qu’il faut prendre les armes au nom de la paix, ne les écoute pas.
Collège Saint-Charles
Arles, France

Peace is yellow like the sun’s rays shining down on us.
Peace is yellow like a shooting star lighting up the night.
Narragansett Elementary School
Narragansett, RI, US
 If a rose isn’t picked, it stays healthy but not forever
If peace isn’t spread, it will last, but not for long
St. Peters Lutheran College
Indooroopilly, Queensland, Australia

Pieces Pieces Pieces... Stitch them with the threads
of non-violence, love, and equality. Ah hah! Beautiful dress of
Global Vision Students (attached to Madarai Kamaraj University)
Madarai, India

What is peace? The most beautiful thing the world can make.
Is it true? We don’t know, but it’s a great thing to reach for.
Arcadia Elementary
W.Taylorsville, UT, US

If you have a friend and that friend gets more friends
And those friends get still more friends, together we make
Sollentuna, Sweden
13 years ago
White dove, flying in the wind,
Take my home under your wing!
German Language High School
Sofia, Bulgaria

Peace can be snuffed out—like a candle.
Together we can protect Peace from the winds of war.
East Pori Middle School
Pori, Finland

Stop war—love for millions of children’s smiles
Sadness of the dove’s bleeding heart.
Lycée de Beauregard
Montbrison, France

Peace is a footprint in the sand,
Peace is the touch of an aging hand.
St. Mary’s Academy Middle School
Englewood, CO, US

Voices without sound.
Can you hear what they are begging for ? ...Peace
Kerimaen lukio (Kerimaki High School)
Kerimaki, FinlandSoñar con un jardín lleno de flores
donde haya paz, sin guerras ni rencores.
Nueva Escuela Acuarelas
Concordia, Entre Ríos, Argentina

World peace be cool
But people just want to rule.
Saint James School
Manchester, CT, US

From peace we come and to peace we go,
meanwhile peace is something we don’t know.
Oakdale High School
Riversdale, South Africa

Peace is like a poppy, growing in a field,
Peace is like a cut, being stitched and healed.
Chemong Public School
Bridgenorth, Ontario, Canada

Toys and green goblins and big yellow ice creams,
Not bombs that extinguish our hopes and our dreams
Jolimont Primary School
Perth, AustraliaLa Paz vive en el alma de los poetas, en el delirios de los enfermos,
en la confesión de los culpados y en el sueño de toda la gente.
Sociedade Hebraico Brasileira Renascença
São Paulo, Brazil

Start a war within yourself
To live in peace with everyone else
Escola Mobile
São Paulo, Brazil

Demain, à l’aube d’une nouvelle ère,
D’un monde serein, espérons être Pères et Mères.
CDI-Lycée agricole privé
Touscayrats, France

Peace is the sound of my mom’s heart
when I come in the door safe at night.
Colbert Elementary School
Boca Raton, FL, US

Peace in the world is peace in your heart.
If we do not have peace, the world will fall apart.
Dighton Middle School
Dighton, MA, USI prefer when the sun is shining in the sky and birds are flying
When all the people in the world are merry and smiling
Pskov school #4
Pskov, Russian Federation

Sometimes the world does not have peace in it
but the world will always have peace around it
Deborah Jock Homeschool, middle
Bethlehem, CT, US

Wherever I go, peace is with me,
because without peace there is no me.
Middle School, "Zdravstveno uciliste"
Zagreb, Croatia

Trabajemos juntos, trabajemos unidos,
por la paz mundial, que es el futuro de nuestros niños
Colegio Nuestra Sra. de la Merced, secondary school
San Juan, Puerto Rico, US

Apologize when you are wrong
It will show that you are strong
Dinkelmeyer School
North Bellmore, NY, US
13 years ago
Don’t fight about your colour.
Love each other like brothers and sisters.
School of the Nations, Primary Section
Macau (Portugal)

Mothers, fathers, why do you fight
when everybody is someone’s child?
Utsjoen saamelaislukio
Utsjoki, Finland

May peace be scattered
Like pebbles in a dancing pond of rain
Turquoise Trail Elementary School
Santa Fe, NM, US

And we dream to make not just a world,
... but a just world.
Integrated School
Bacolod City, Philippines

Cuando tu sonrisa cultiva el amor
tu espíritu cosecha la paz
Instituto Experimental Cantaclaro
Maracaibo, VenezuelaAll races, all colours, under the sun,
Join hands together and have some fun.
Jonas Salk Elementary
Bolingbrook, IL, US

Peace is like an African jungle—
It takes years to grow and seconds to destroy.
Parktown High School For Girls, secondary school
Parkview, South Africa

Peace is the soft beating of a child’s heart
In the womb of happiness and security
Parktown High School For Girls, middle school
Parkview, South Africa

Stop and write some happy rhymes about the peace we need.
Then you can proceed on your way to hand it over for all to read.
Basic school, Fabryho
Kosice, Slovakia

Love goes to the heart, Peace goes to the mind
So let’s forgive and be Peace Makers all the time.
Osage Hills School, primary school
Bartlesville, OK, US
J’aimerais... que la paix soit dans tout le monde
J’aimerais... qu’il n’y ait pas d’enfants avec du sang...
Ecole primaire Beausoleil
Cesson Sévigné, France

Compara una bala y una semilla
Sólo de una de ellas puede brotar la paz
Escuela "GRAN MALVINA No. 731"
Chubut, Argentina

Just look with your eyes of love, not with your heart of hate;
And do it today, for tomorrow will be much too late.
Morrisonville High School
Morrisonville, IL, US

War is just pain and sorrow
World peace is not worrying about tomorrow
I.S. 125, Woodside Intermediate School
Queens, NY, US

I hope the Peace will go global
Then we can say our world is noble
Osage Hills School, middle school
Bartlesville, OK, USJ’imagine un monde sans racisme, sans sexisme, sans mal, et
sans abus.
Je rêve d’un monde d’arcs-en-ciel et d’harmonie.
The Norwood School
Bethesda, MD, US

The value of human life has to tower
above the preciousness of the biggest diamond.
Hauptschule Weer
Schulgasse, Weer, Austria

Peace sells
But who’s buying?
Escola Profissional de Comércio Externo
Porto, Portugal

Peace is achieved by all, not one.
But peace begins with one.
Chaplin School
Chaplin, Saskatchewan, Canadacont...
13 years ago
Voulez-vous bien une recette pour la paix?
Noir, blanc, jaune et rouge tous mélangés!
Ephesus Road Elementary School
Chapel Hill, NC, US

Paz en la vida, Paz en la tierra
Paz para siempre, Paz eterna.
I.E.H.B. Renascença, secondary school
São Paulo, Brazil

After the war can children sleep safely free from worry,
unhungry, unharmed?
Or does an evil lightly linger waiting for time and blood to
Saint Martha School
Okemos, MI, US

No wars, no fights, no guns
Forever peace!
International School of Kenya, primary school
Nairobi, Kenya

The war is over and the peace is here
The guns are destroyed—but this was only a dream
Svartbyns skola
Svartbyn, Sweden
We sing the Peace song
It is the song of all children. It is our wish.
Kindergarden Bernolakova
Kosice, Slovakia

Todas las personas creando un campo de estrellas
Pude ver mi reflejo mirándome.
Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin H.S.
New York, NY, US

L’Amour + l’entendement + l’egalité - la haine - l’ignorance - la violence
Qui dit que les maths ne sont pas une langue universelle?
Parkway South Middle School
Manchester, MO, US

Peace is sleeping in your bed at night, wrapped up tight
Dreaming in comfort of a golden tomorrow.
Kauai High & Intermediate School, intermediate level
Lihue, HI, US

Share your love with people who are different.
Be kind to the people of the world.
Parkside Elementary School
Parkside, PA, USThe world should be a peaceful place,
Without violence, weapons, or landmines to face.
St. Joseph’s Consolidated Elementary School
Nova Scotia, Canada

Si tú quieres que haya paz en el mundo, mira en tu interior,
porque ahí la encontrarás hasta el fondo de tu amor.
Centro Educativo Integral, primary school
Quito, Ecuador

Peace is the saying of I love you worldwide
Peace is but a knowledge that you possess inside.
International School of Kenya, middle school
Nairobi, Kenya

War, the dark cloud that covers the sun;
peace is the ray which breaks through the cloud.
International School of Kenya, secondary school
Nairobi, Kenya

When you see a beautiful dove,
You will know that it is a sign of God’s love.
Holy Redeemer Catholic School
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
Love, harmony, freedom, and self-esteem,
This is what universal peace should mean.
Webb A. Murray Elementary
Hickory, NC, US

Peace is a world where fear is no more.
Peace is a boat that finally reached the shore.
Weldon E. Howitt Middle School
Farmingdale, NY, US

To seek the peace that lies beneath,
Make amends with your enemy.
Inter-American Academy
Guayaquil, Ecuador

War—The enemy was murderous and declining and we were too.
Peace—We came together with the foe and said I forgive you.
Miramar Elementary School
Miramar, FL, US


13 years ago
War, revenge, unhappiness, and hate lead our world to strife;
Love, communication, trying, and compromise is the better way
to lead my life.
St. Gabriel School
Indianapolis, IN, US

Peace is powerful, it will not bend, hopefully peace will never end.
If it does, the world will shatter, if it does, then nothing else will
Eastern Lebanon County High School
Myerstown, PA, US

Peace is harmony, serenity, and a sunset of colliding unity
It fills hearts with a serene light of reconciliation in a warming sea
Westwood Junior/Senior High School
Westwood, CA, US

The peace the world desires is enough to stun,
But the men who want it must throw down their guns!
Pt. Pleasant Borough High School
Pt. Pleasant, NJ, USAll the children—girls and boys—live a life full of joys so we
could play hide-and-seek
and none of us would ever peek!
Hambrick Elementary School
Stone Mountain, GA, US

La paix c’est le meilleur moyen de communiquer.
Il faut que la guerre cesse, la paix c’est gai.
Ecole Jean XXIII
Chartres, France

Happiness-sharing sunsets with special friends
A picture perfect world in harmony.
Nate Perry Elementary School
Liverpool, NY, US

Paz es la palabra que los petrificados hombres lograron borrar.
El día en que la ganancia termine, quién sabe si esta palabra
pueda volver.
I.E.H.B. Renascença, middle school
São Paulo, BrazilWorld Peace is like a single tear,
We help so little, but it helps a lot.
Hunter Junior High
West Valley City, UT, US

Peace is something you can’t see with your eyes.
It lives in everyone and it is so nice.
Florence Nightingale
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Less anger and hatred bring harmony and happiness.
With a better world we can begin to trust and feel safe.
Land O’Pines School
Howell, NJ, US

Generations have strived to ensure that the world would gain
from History’s pains;
So let Peace fill the world with love and happiness and free it of
grief and sadness.
Rock Creek Jr./Sr. High School
St. George, KS, US

Caring and sharing for each other:
LBE’s wish for peace.
Long Branch Elementary School
Liverpool, NY, US
When the world has accomplished peace
Every child of every nation will wear a smile.
International School of Amsterdam, middle school
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

People should not be prejudiced.
Everyone is special in their own way.
Prunedale School
Salinas, CA, US

Desde Concordia, amiguitos, nuestras manos aquí están,
tómenlas y demostremos a los grandes que se puede vivir en paz.
Escuela Primaria Provincial No. 73
Fablica, Argentina

Peace is hope in your heart.
Peace is faith and not fear.
Brewster Elementary School
Rochester Hills, MI, US

Peace is special, like us
And in all creatures, large and small
Pleasant Valley School
Novato, CA, UScont...
13 years ago
Peace isn’t puppies, rainbows and flowers
Peace is not hearing guns, Peace is not having to run
Community School Middle School
Roanoke, VA, US

You are not alone; around you, there is peace.
All people in the world are your friends.
First Middle School attached to Beijing Normal University
Beijing, China

Increase peace;
let it be whispered into your ears.
Paraisten lukio
Parainen, Finland

One rainbow people,
working together, for the good of all.
Pakuranga College
Bucklands Beach, Auckland, New Zealand

Open your hearts for the sake of peace
Let’s make the world a better place for all of us
Roots High School
Rawalpindi Cantt, Pakistan
Peace is working together,
a preparation for the future.
Virginia City High School
Virginia City, NV, US

Did you know that on every piece of American money it says
"In God We Trust,"
for in God, we must trust—without him we surely would perish.
Obsidian Middle School
Redmond, OR, US

Plus d’essais nucleaires ! Plus d’armes atomiques !
Est-ce si difficile de faire la paix entre nous?
Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA, US

Our wonderful world needs more love, cheerfulness, and less war.
We’ll have hope and peace if we love each other and work together.
Hellgate Elementary
Missoula, MT, US

When ignorance is replaced by understanding and men’s hearts
are filled with love,
World peace and tranquility will prevail
Saint Linus School
Oak Lawn, IL, US
The whole world needs to make friends,
So that wars and fighting will end.
Glendal Primary School
Victoria, Australia

Harmony, Friendship, Caring, Sharing.
Joyful, Hopeful, Quiet, Safe ...PEACE
Early Childhood Center #61
Buffalo, NY, US

Peace my friend is for you and me,
Let’s not fight because we disagree.
Forest High School
Ocala, FL, US

La paix c’est fait pour tout le monde
La paix fait des kilomètres à la ronde
Ecole primaire, Sainte Cécile
Lambersart, France

Peace touched the world with its magic stick
And the bloody cry of Bosnia ceased at once.
German Language High School
Sofia, Bulgaria

Peace is when cats and dogs play together
Peace is when I have friends to play with me
Shelter Island School
Shelter Island, NY, US
When my enemy will be my friend, when our friendship will never end
When the army symbol will be a white dove, there will be peace on Earth.
Gymnazium Turnov, middle school
Czech Republic

If I could make peace I would
Peace is nice, peace is good!
Lake Alma School
Lake Alma, Saskatchewan, Canada

Release generosity and respect into a world of strife.
Peace unlocks the power of life.
Pleasant Green Elementary
Magna, UT, US

Peace is like a growing seed
Spreading it is what we need.
St. Patrick School
Rodeo, CA, US


13 years ago
Let’s hold hands and love one another
while we make peace and friendship.
Tri-County Intermediate School
Howard City, MI, US

Peace is a dream of which the human race so longs,
We better achieve it fast or soon we’ll be gone.
North East Middle School
North East, MD, US

Una brisa suave mece el mundo;
él duda en que la paz reine en todas partes.
Instituto Coraz
Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Paix, que tu sois Thomas, Rachid, Steven ou Igor,
Est le symptôme d’amour qui coule dans tes veines, entre bien
et mal.
Ecole primaire publique
Chaffois, FranceAs the wind blows the shells of peace
The sound of prosperity is heard by mankind
Ecole secondaire Sainte-Ursule
Trois-Rivieres, Québec, Canada

Peace is fun, war is boring and the most stupid thing in the world
To be together and live in peace is what all people in the world want
Seda, Sweden

Hold all our hearts in our hands
And let peace free our lands.
Miranda Junior High
Miranda, CA, US

Peace is knowing that your home is safe.
Peace is freedom.
St. Elizabeth School
Ottawa, Ontario, CanadaIf you want world peace,
Put your temper on a leash.
Holly Creek Elementary School
Broken Bow, OK, US

Life is a Journey
Live it in Peace
St. Julie Billiart School
Hamilton, OH, US

Peace starts within our hearts
And works around the world.
Nelson Rural School, middle school
New Brunswick, Canada

We need more peace in the many races
We need more love on people’s faces.
Nelson Rural School, primary school
New Brunswick, Canada

One day all beings shall come together in one large embrace, and
someday the sun, moon and sea will play together around the
world in harmony.
Hong Kong International School
Repulse Bay, Hong Kong, ChinaPeople and countries sharing friendship and love
Can build a world where peace is alive
Amapola Primary School
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Peace is like yeast,
it helps nations rise.
Payson Senior High School
Payson, UT, US

Peace to God
Peace to People
Frank Porter Graham Elementary School
Chapel Hill, NC, US

Let’s make PEACE shine bright
Let’s make PEACE be our guiding light
Aula 10 Enseñanzas
Ciudad Real, España

Defeat disharmony . . .
Celebrate serenity.
Paul Kane High School
St. Albert, Canada
Liberty and justice, peace and love,
make the strong sign of the dove.
P.S. 29
Brooklyn, NY, US

Peace is like a white rose,
world is nothing without peace.
Yliharman kirkonkylan ala-aste
Yliharma, Finland

Different skin, different government, different cultures, different beliefs
One planet joined together, sharing these for global peace.
Baldwin High school
Pittsburgh, PA, UScont...
13 years ago
Peace is just a fine word, but it can become a reality
When we open our hearts to Jesus Christ who is
Prince of Peace forever.
Eco-Peace School of Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine

The animals of the rainforest want some peace,
Their populations go down as humans increase!
Jeffersonville-Youngsville Central School
Jeffersonville, NY, US

Peace is when the world forgives, forgets and smiles.
Peace is when all nations stand together as one.
Rosie and Rohaana Kilvington Junior School
Victoria, Australia

Peace is believing in giving, sharing
caring and respecting life.
Westmoreland Elementary School
Westmoreland, KS, USForever Friends—Forever Freedom
Peace will come
Sejergaardsskolen, primary
Tollose, Denmark

Peace is a rainbow of color
In a world of black.
Cedar Ridge Middle School
Hyde Park, UT, US

Deep within thy tired, broken heart
Still lies a shelter for peace.
W. H. Atwell Fundamental Academy
Dallas, TX, US

Peace is love, courage, faith and harmony,
By getting together we can have friendship, acceptance
and equality.
St. Clare of Assisi Primary School
Conder, Australia
Peace is being kind and loving one another
Peace is the way that we should live with each other
John T. Harland Discovery Center
Atlanta, GA, US

Nous, les enfants des pays en paix, demandons aux ennemis dans
les pays en guerre, d’arrêter de se battre;
nous vous invitons à goûter au bonheur et à la joie de vivre
Ecole élémentaire J.B. SCHWILGUE 1
Strasbourg, France

Peace doesn’t come from the head
Peace comes from the warmth of our hearts
International School of Geneva
Chambesy, Switzerland

There’s so much we could say, there’s so much we should do,
to make a peace all over the world, create love that’s true.
Tenetin koulu
Vuokatti, FinlandA world of justice—a world of love—
a world of peace: that’s all we need!
Holstebro, Denmark

love is love—the end
war is the end
Juhola School
Jarvenpaa, Finland

Worldly minds unite as branches of an olive tree
Roots curling deep into every nation
Royal Oak Dondero High School
Royal Oak, MI, US

Peace is the sharing of wisdom and kindness.
If we care and work together, we can make Peace happen.
Ferris Elementary School
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada

Peace is having no pain, crying, tears, or sorrow.
Peace is important because it causes happiness, sharing, and love.
King Middle Grade School
Kankakee, IL, US
Peace, is it a world without war?
Is it a world without theft, landmines and death? Yes!
Pine Grove Public School
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Peace is realizing equality in everyone.
Easy to understand but difficult to accomplish.
Troy Middle School
Shorewood, IL, US

13 years ago
Peace to me is happiness. Happiness is freedom from deep inside.
Inside freedom deep, deep inside is glory. What is peace without
these emotions?
The Oakridge School
Arlington, TX, US

Peace is like running water, starting as a small brook, it soon
becomes an ocean,
World peace is like a morning breeze, refreshing the world with
every blow.
St. Theresa’s School
Austin, TX, US

Smiling friends bring happy hearts,
Courageous hearts fill the air with peace, happiness, and love.
Holy Name Central Grade School
Escanaba, MI, US

Peace is an eternal dove,
Just like ever-lasting love.
Holy Name Central Grade School
Escanaba, MI, US
Peace lives on through the clear shallow water,
and in the soft blowing air.
Laura Speed Elliott Middle School
Boonville, MI, US

Peace is love, not war. No fights, no blood, just love.
Peace is friendship, and caring and helping each other.
P.S. 78
Long Island City, NY, US

It is like a spring afternoon, still day but getting late.
Peace is so great, it makes me wonder how it will ever be made.
Southwest Elementary
San Antonio, TX, US

The day of peace has already passed,
maybe someday we can make it last.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, middle school
New Bedford, MA, US

Peace is as good as a grain of oats,
war is as bad as the nose of a wolf.
Myllyojan ala-aste
Oulu, FinlandBe kind, gentle, and peaceful
Caring for all the world’s people.
Spring Branch Elementary School
Houston, TX, US

If there is no peace
there will be no future
Collegio Alla Querce
Firenze, Italy

Peace is a chain reaction beginning with a loving family and
exploding into a colorblind world:
A world where all dreams are potential realities.
Coral Shores High School
Tavernier, FL, US

The world is full of killing and fire.
And the peace is all for what people desire.
Emolahden ala-aste
Pyhäsalmi, Suomi, Finland

Peace is love, love is calm
Calm is quiet, quiet is peace.
Martin Luther King Middle School
Hayward, CA, UScont...
13 years ago
Peace can cover the earth yet fit right into your soul, the peace within you.
East Lyme Middle School
Niantic, CT, US

For every star in the sky, there is a dove that will fly.
For every dove that doesn’t fly, there is a nation that will die.
Dowdell Middle School
Tampa, FL, US

Peace is like a butterfly, flying on a very thin line,
If it faces winds of war, it will fall and live no more.
Cameron Street Public School
Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

Peace is quiet and restful,
Happy and joyful.
Morningside Elementary School
Perry, GA, US

Peace of mind, peace of spirit
Peace from the sounds of war.
Stride Avenue Community School
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
We want a world where lots of people are talking together.
We want a world where people are working together.
Banani Primary School
Lusaka, Zambia

We dream of peace around the world,
Why can’t our nations be mixed and twirled?
J.O. Kelly Middle School
Springdale, AR, US

Peace most often comes to me in the middle of the city
It is tailored in between echoes of good conversation and the man who thinks he is a movie star.
Franklin High School
Portland, OR, US

In Osborne, peace sounds like a quiet song
Where we live in harmony all day long
Osborne Elementary School
Osborne, KS, US

Friendship, our personal stepping stone to peace,
hard to find, easily lost, never forgotten.
HBLA f.wirschaftliche Berufe
Spittal, Austria
War runs rapid over the world like a river and the people who believe
in peace are the dam. It will not hold without your help.
Tadmore Elementary School
Gainesville, GA, US

A world of nations in a circle of peace.
In a peace circle, where we are all equal and united.
Walter H. Crowley Intermediate School
Elmhurst, NY, US

Lying on your bed, thinking about being at the beach.
It is yellow and sunny. Peace!
Kennedy School
Succasunna, NJ, US

Hands for love, eyes for help,
heart for care and evil will melt.
Northlands School
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Peace is the boss of himself.
Peace would sing to babies.
Montessori School of Huntsville, Elementary
Huntsville, AL, US
Peace is cool, peace is rad
Let’s just hope it becomes a worldwide fad.
The Academy for the Intellectually Gifted
Astoria, NY, US

Over every nation, may the gentle winds of peace blow,
Until love in every heart is aglow.
St. Patrick School
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

Peace is when we all stop hurting, the world stops burning;
Peace is when we all live as one.
Signal Hill School
Belleville, IL, US

We can’t be at peace with the world
Until we are at peace with ourselves.
Louisville Male High School
Louisville, KY, UScont...
13 years ago
I help other people.
I make peace in the world.
Överkalix, Sweden

Children, dream about and create love
for a nicer and better World!
Basic School, "Medvedgrad"
Zagreb, Croatia

We want peace in the world, the peace in play—
throwing out war’s toys.
School of Esperanto
Zagreb, Croatia

Peace is love
Just like a gentle dove.
Bickerdyke Elementary School
Russell, KS, US

Peace, why can’t I see it happening? Should I give peace when it
Does not come back? Will peace ever be? I may never know.
Saint Edmond’s Academy
Wilmington, DE, US
The white dove is watching us from above,
Waiting for the world to come together in peace and love.
Eric S. Smith Middle School
Ramsey, NJ, US

Peace will naturally make the love spread,
free like an eagle living in harmony.
Abraham Lincoln Middle School
Lancaster, PA, US

Prosperity, expectant, angelic, calm, elegance
Patience, omnipresent, eternal, magnificent.
The Branch School
Houston, TX, US

World peace should be something children are born with
not something they die for.
Putnam County High School,
Granville, IL, US

Peace to us means happiness, no war, no fighting, and no killing.
Peace is really important for us to live together.
Okimawkamo Memorial School
Loon Lake, Saskatchewan, CanadaPeace is something we should share,
Peace should be here and there, peace should be everywhere.
Frank G. Lindsey Elementary School
Montrose, NY, US

Peace is real.
Peace is not a deal.
Peachland Elementary School
Newhall, CA, US

The leaders of tomorrow act, the fools of tomorrow only dream,
On a strand of hope we call peace.
Dwight D. Eisenhower School, secondary school
Freehold, NJ, US

We can make this world a better place
If we all forget about race.
Dwight D. Eisenhower School, middle school
Freehold, NJ, US
No bombs, no bullets, Hooray Hooray!
No killing no shooting NO WAR !!! Yah!
River Valley Middle School
Grand Bay, New Brunswick, Canada

Put your weapons on the floor
Or the world will shut its door
Sawmill Valley Public School
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Peace makes you feel good and tingly inside.
You will have peace if you are a friend.
McMillan Elementary
Salt Lake City, UT, US

When the tower of London strikes war-time,
Will the legacy of five letters be enough to set back the clock?
Colony Middle School
Palmer, AK, US

Help us piece together broken hearts,
Then true world peace may start.
Davenport, IA, US
13 years ago
Peace is friendship
Peace be with you.
Terry Cook Holy Rood School
Barnsley, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

The wars will we stop, the guns will we ban,
To begin world peace, try for a kinder man.
Clissold Middle School
Chicago, IL, US

We want to live in a world without war
where no soldiers are needed to protect us
Sejergaardsskolen, middle school
Tollose, Denmark

Together on earth we build friendship
no weapons but kindness and peace.
El Colegio Sueco, primary school
Fuengirola, Spain

So near we are, so far we see.
Say “please” to peace!
El Colegio Sueco, middle school
Fuengirola, SpainIf the world could hold hands peacefully together and walk
willingly away from war,
tolerance and understanding would follow. Individual differences
would be accepted without question.
Meridian Middle School
Lynden, WA, US

Peace is a soaring white dove
Bringing an olive branch to a longing world
Mission Viejo High School
Mission Viejo, CA, US

Peace, peace, the magic word,
The more it is said, the more it is heard.
Ecole Internationale de Genève
Chêne, Genève, Suisse

Humanity falls to the ground wounded all around,
We need to keep peace so we don’t destroy the coming generations.
White Brook Middle School
Easthampton, MA, USWorld peace unites us together
Forever and ever.
Ben Milam Elementary
McAllen, TX, US

Wow, wow, wow, Peace on Earth!
Let there be Peace on Earth from the sky to the ground!
Miami Country Day School
Miami, FL, US

Think about every child, who must suffer because the countries can’t
be friends. We want peace between heaven and earth.
Vislanda, Sweden

Peace is in every child, only war and hostility can take it away.
Only love and faith can secure peace even in the smallest human.
Kallavesi Senior High School
Kuopio, Finland

Peace is the best thing we can find in our lives,
Keeping us calm so we can compromise.
East Side Middle School
New York, NY, USPeople say they want to help,
but peace, love, and harmony need more than words.
Elia Middle School
North York, Ontario, Canada

Peace can make the world seem bright.
Let us shine that eternal light.
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, primary school
New Bedford, MA, US

We have a minute of silence to settle down the violence
Let us have some silence; let us have less violence.
St. Vincent de Paul School
San Francisco, CA, US

friendly relations, as between nations
Deborah Jock Homeschool, primary
Bethlehem, CT, US

Peace is a candle we hope will never die or fade from people’s minds.
Would you die fighting for something, if all you have to do was start talking?
Wellwood Middle School
Fayetteville, NY, US
13 years ago
We stand watching as guns and armory are bought and sold,
we must start peace now, and stop putting our futures on hold.
New River Middle School
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US

Snow, rain, war cause pain: sun, light, peace should reign
You and I working together, peace will be our gain.
Taymouth School
Taymouth, New brunswick, Canada

Peace to earth
not a word about war
Nya Varvets skola
Froelunda, Sweden

If we allow a fellow human to suffer inhumanity,
We lack dignity
Education and Training Academy
Colindale, London, United Kingdom

It is sad when there is no peace,
It is mad when we fight for greed and that and this.
Education and Training Academy Juniors
Colindale, London, United KingdomA piece of peace is not enough.
I wish that for every person who died someone would be born.
Lincoln Options Elementary
Olympia, WA, US

Peace is like a bright and beautiful eagle flying away
in the midnight sky.
Harmony, quiet, silence too—why can’t you do it too?
St. George’s Elementary School
Montréal, Québec, Canada

Oh, my glorious dove, fly higher under my brothers!
We need your tranquility.
W. C. Bryant H.S.
Long Island, NY, US

Let’s give a shout from nation to nation
“Destroy the hate before it’s too late!”
Sacred Heart School
Lewistown, PA, US
A peace from you plus a peace from me,
Equals pieces of us in harmony
Collingswood Middle School
Collingswood, NJ, US

Peace is like gold, shiny and bright
like a dove spreading its wings, spilling love
P.S. 232
Queens, NY, US

Peace is treating each other equally without war
Peace is loving and sharing and being safe for rich and poor
Ferndale Elementary School
Ferndale, CA, US

Peace is a rainbow of people filled with joy,
When all the colours of the world mix!
Elementary School
Astoria, NY, US

Peace is not war or hate, just love,
And it makes God smile on his throne high above.
Jim Ned Middle School
Tuscola, TX, USPeace can be seen in the smiles on our faces, heard in songs
about freedom,
shown through respect, and taught to our youth.
The Seneca School
Ridgewood, NY, US

La paz es la relación armónica y sabia de todos
los seres que conforman una unidad
Colegio de la Ciudad de México
Ciudad de México, México

Peace, peace, peace on the Earth
We want peace NOW
Ulricahamn, Sweden

If everyone speaks out “No war”,
Then only peace will be in the world.
Gymnasia School #399, primary school
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
13 years ago
Children like to live in peace,
People, fight for peace, please.
Gymnasia School #399, middle school
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

God created a magnificent world for us,
So we should create peace on our part
Gymnasia School #399, secondary school
St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

Why is there war?
Can’t you see, people are dying!
Eslov, Sweden

May peace conquer the world,
Unfurling the kindness in our hearts.
International School of Penang, secondary school
Penang, Malaysia

Peace is no war, no destruction,
Peace is a world with freedom, harmony and love.
International School of Penang, primary school
Penang, Malaysia

Peace is like the morning dew settling on the leaves
A sparkling light from up above, a tender voice of Mother breeze.
North Queens Rural High School, primary
Nova Scotia, Canada

Peace is quiet. Peace is still. Peace can be broken—
but my peace remains still, my peace remains quiet.
North Queens Rural High School, middle school
Nova Scotia, Canada

After the night of our conflicts and prejudices are over
The day will dawn when we will truly know peace.
North Queens Rural High School, secondary school
Nova Scotia, Canada

Peace is like a flower, it seems every hour
The petals are falling apart, so let’s make a new start!
MillerSouth School
Akron, OH, US

Let all the people live with peace and harmony
in a state of tranquility, freedom, and determination.
St. Matthew’s Parish School- Pacific Palisades, CA, US
Lose the guns; don’t fight because the light won’t be bright.
Ai que ser amigos i no enemigos.
Backman Elementary
Salt Lake City, UT, US

Sing a song of peace tonight.
And pray to end the bitter fight.
Boys & Girls Club, primary level
Decatur, GA, US

If peace were a virus,
I wish everyone would be infected.
Boys & Girls Club, middle school level
Decatur, GA, US

People of the world unite.
Sit down and talk before you fight
Boys & Girls Club, secondary school level
Decatur, GA, US

Think a little and search your mind,
desire of love, peace, you’ll find.
Liperin ya koulutie
Liperi, Finlandcont...
13 years ago
Peace is our rivers flowing
Peace is the sunlight glowing
Community School, primary
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Peace is love in its deepest form,
A feeling of safety and serenity.
Valley View Elementary School
Bountiful, UT, US

You live a beautiful life, and you’re really happy about it.
And then your kids have a happy life.
Franklin School
Succasunna, NJ, US

War is very bad, peace is a hit, think about it just a little
Don’t fight, no matter if you’re black or white
Mankkaan koulu
Espoo, Finland
If we close our eyes, and our hearts then friendship and love
will decrease.
Instead unite and hold hands to go forward with world peace.
Lincoln Roosevelt School
Succasunna, NJ, US

Peace flowing like a river, watering the whole earth
La paix dans nos coeurs, créé la paix sur la terre
Horace Greeley Intermediate School
Long Island City, NY, US

World peace is what the earth could use
We have to decide, we have to choose.
Cory Middle Advanced Technology Center
Gadsden, AL, US

Jesus is the Peacemaker between God and the spirit of man.
Where God rules, peace rules. On earth we must do what we can.
Parkland Lutheran School
Tacoma, WA, US
People’s arguments about racism, freedom and rights
Need agreements on peace to solve the world’s fights.
Carrum Primary School
Carrum, Victoria, Australia

La paz mundial es el sueño que todos queremos realizar,
es la esperanza que todos guardamos cuando se aprende a amar.
Colegio Nuestra Sra. de la Merced, middle school
San Juan, Puerto Rico, US

Peace is great for some people.
Peace is love for a lot of people.
Felton Elementary School
Lennox, CA, US

If you are black or white does not matter.
Let the world move in major not in minor.
Forserum, Sweden

I wonder if we will ever stop wars and accept each other as
human beings.
Peace is for everyone, no matter what race, religion, or culture.
Allen Elementary School
Ann Arbor, MI, USAll kids want peace.
Respect one another and continue having a good life.
Dalaskolan LM
Bromölla, Sweden

Peace is the way the world should be
All living things in harmony
Davisville Middle School
North Kingstown, RI, US

Be kind to each other, don’t fight.
Peace on earth is always right.
Uppsala, Sweden

Peace is what everybody needs. Let’s live without war
and enjoy what we have. Make peace, not war, with love.
Klaukkalan yläaste
Klaukkala, Finland
13 years ago
War is like a nightingale trapped in its cage fighting to get out.
Open the cage and let peace fly throughout the world.
Joseph Pulitzer Intermediate School
Jackson Heights, NY, US

Peace is sometimes so tangible that you feel you could wrap
yourself up in it.
Peace can be found in one’s family, one’s friends, one’s community.
Moss Landing Middle School
Watsonville, CA, US

Paz es amar y respetar
Y ella rodea y me abraza.
John Spry Community School

Los niños queremos la paz de los pueblos,
la paz es mi anhelo, ¡QUE VIVA LA PAZ!
Lic. Alfredo Bonfil
México, México
Ver a un niño sonriendo en esta tierra
y sentir el amor entre hermanos es la paz.
Ignacio Zaragoza, nivel primaria
México, México

Procuremos la paz entre las naciones
y juntos trabajemos para vivir mejor
Escuela "Juan José Martinez"
México, México

Si en todo el mundo no hubiera guerras y
todos nos respetáramos, nuestro mundo
sería mejor viviríamos en armonía y paz.
Escuela "Afganistán"
México, México

La paz es una sonrisa, la paz es la mirada de Dios.
Escuela Vespertina Simón Bolívar
México, México
Aceptando nuestra realidad podremos vivir en paz.
Colegio Simón Bolívar
México, México

La paz es una cálida y armoniosa melodía en
cuyas notas
vibra lo mejor de nosotros mismos y de los demás.
Escuela Secundaria
Yucatán, México

La paz es una esperanza que viene de los niños
es amor, unión, venida del corazón.
Colegio Kerigma
Fortaleza, Brazil

Peace grows like a tree,
and can spread like a forest from you to me.
Lakeview Elementary
Trophy Club, TX, US
La paz es un suspiro hecho por la tierra con nuestros pensamientos buenos
Es una nube de colores, es aprender a respetar, a ser justo y solidario
Centro Educativo Patzcuaro
México, México

Smiling friends bring happy hearts,
Courageous hearts fill the air with peace, happiness, and love.
Holy Name Central Grade School
Escanaba, MI, US

Peace is a word in every language, in the hearts, hopes, and minds of all.
Peace is something we all aspire to, whether big or small.
West Middle School
Ypsilanti, MI, US

If we had peace there would be no war
war and destruction would be no more
Schlesinger homeschool, primary level
Providence, RI, USIf there was peace could we really fly?
up above the clouds and all else?
Schlesinger’s homeschool, middle school level
Providence, RI, US

A Peaceful word spoken
reaches out in sound and silence.
Wilson Middle School
Albuquerque, NM, US

If somebody is black? If somebody is white?
It’s just a matter of color, all right?

Through the years we heard their cries
But without peace someone else always dies
Middle School
Las Vegas, NV, UScont...
13 years ago
Dentro de mi corazón hay paz y armonia
Y deseo a todos que entren en sintonía
I.E.H.B. Renascença, primary school

¡La paz es linda, es deslumbrante, es exuberante!
La paz es llena de esperanza, nunca abandone la paz
Brasileira Renascença
São Paulo, Brazil

The world was made for you and me
We wish that peace always will be
Fredrika Bremerskolan
Uppsala, Sweden

Viens petite colombe, et va dans les mains de tous les enfants du monde,
Pour qu’ils puissent sentir en toi la Paix de l’humanité
Ecole primaire Mont-Bleu
Hull, Québec, Canada

Peace is Quiet
Peace is nice and you can do what you want to do.
Nixon School
Landing, NJ, US
Roses are red, violets are blue
Diana created peace why can’t you?
Oakdale Agricultural School, middle school level
Riversdale, South Africa

La paix est une chose fragile.
Tu dois la traiter avec soin.
Suffern High School
Suffern, NY, US

Peace is something deep within us,
Waiting to come out and make a better world
for all of us.
Weber Elementary School
Iowa City, IA, US

Peace on earth is like groovy tie-dyed shirts or tranquil baby birds
on a bright spring morning.
Cleveland Middle School
Cleveland, OK, US

Peace is where we get along
Peace is where we sing a song
Northgate School
Seattle, WA, USPeace means when people are dead they’re in heaven.
I am only seven.
P.S. 92
Corona, NY, US

Upset and want to fight and shout?
Don’t ! Talk it out !!
Wiscasset Primary School
Wiscasset, ME, US

Few people like evil, few people like war
if there were more peace, more good would soar.
Haddonfield Friends School
Haddonfield, NJ, US

We don’t need strife between the nations
Be at peace, have good relations
Hudson Falls Middle School
Hudson Falls, NY, US
Peace comes when you share something special
Sitting together, sharing a favorite meal, like a family.
Thomas Jefferson Middle School
Teaneck, NJ, US

As she soars through the hate, all wrong
leaves her wing
It’s amazing how much peace a small dove
can bring.
International School of Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Nuestras almas de niños juntamos
para pedir paz a todos los humanos.
Escuela Primaria "Abraham Castellanos"
Vicente Guerrero Xalapa, México

A common desire for harmony and unity, brotherhood, freedom, respect.
No Wars.
Forest Elementary School
Ridgewood, NY, US
Peace, the undying word of the soul.
Peace, a word that brings togetherness in a world
full of chaos.
I.S. 126
Long Island City, NY, US

La paz debe estar siempre con nosotros, en las malas y las buenas
En paz somos iguales
Kermit McKenzie Jr. High School
Guadalupe, CA, US

13 years ago
It all begins with one spark to brighten another’s heart.
Together we can light the world with love, peace and harmony.
Spurgeon Intermediate School
Santa Ana, CA, US

Peace finds folks showing love, caring and sharing.
Peace is when people are safe.
Clinton Kelly Elementary School
Portland, OR, US

Stop the grief, stop the hate,
Live in peace, before it’s too late.
Lincoln Elementary School
Hammond, IN, US

Caring about helping each other out
makes love and joy flood out.
Jonas Salk Elementary
Bolingbrook, IL, US

God loves everyone and we should too
Then all of our friends will be true blue
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, primary school
Baltimore, MD, US
Peace is what we wish for day and night
For some unknown reason we all fight
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, middle school
Baltimore, MD, US

When we exist with each other as one soul
The harmony we share makes us whole
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, secondary school
Baltimore, MD, US

Peace is a calm, quiet, happy feeling
an attitude of never hurry and never worry.
Ashley Park School
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

Value the spirit of all human beings,
Grow respect and you will grow peace.
P.S. 70
Long Island City, NY, US

Is there a day to all children?
Yes, it’s the FN day. It helps us.
Lansjärvs skola
Lansjärva, SwedenHand in hand, heart by heart.
Together we can do our part.
Fairview Middle School
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada

Lo esencial para vivir en paz es no discriminar a los demás,
porque así es como se producen las guerras y se altera
la Paz Mundial.
Colegio San Jorge Norte
Buenos Aires, Argentina

If all the world would join hand in hand,
Peace and love would spread across the land.
Meadow Oaks Junior High School
Calabasas, CA, US

Peace is a word we need to use a lot
But the sad thing is... we are NOT!!
City School
Grand Blanc, MI, US
The Earth is a garden filled with flowers.
Why let it be destroyed by weeds?
Lakeside Middle School
Pompton Lakes, NJ, US

Peace is the world
And the world is you
Elmdale Elementary
Springdale, AR, US

The Peace that is longed for by all mankind
Lives within each of us, but is so hard to find.
Leroy High School
Leroy, AL, US

Peace is what we need
To keep this world alive.
Providence Montessori School
Lexington, KY, US
13 years ago
If I could teach the world, there would be joy and peace,
And no reason for police.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, middle school level
Daly City, CA, US

Peace, love, and justice come in harmony,
But most of all, from you and me.
Our Lady of Perpetual Help School, primary level
Daly City, CA, US

Children together can make PEACE forever.
In all weather, that’s clever.
Uppsala, Sweden

Our wish for the world is to unite in harmony and peace,
And that all hatred, wars, and terrorism would then cease.
Sheri Beezer Homeschool
Lancaster, PA, US

Peace is a path to friendship
Friendship is a path to love
Bay Head Elementary School
Bay Head, NJ, USLa paix est comme un fleuve, toujours changeante, silence dans
une soirée calme et fraîche, la pureté de vie qui reste dans chacun
Hillsboro High School
Hillsboro, OH, US

Treat others with respect, kindness, and love, please
Recycle, plant flowers and beautiful trees
South Street School
Manorville, NY, US

If I could invent just one creation
I’d make a peaceful worldwide nation.
Henry R. Clissold Elementary School
Chicago, IL, US

La Paix du coeur n’a pas de prix :
Déclarez-la dans tous les pays!
Ecole mixte La Corchade
Metz, France

La guerre ne sert à rien.
Fais la paix, ce sera bien.
Ecole primaire Notre-Dame
Montréal, Québec, CanadaIn the land of peace
you will live in happiness and Peace
SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College, primary school
Tema, Ghana

Peace is tranquility within.
Deep in my soul shall peace prevail
SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College, middle school
Tema, Ghana

Peace we will make—not easy like a cake
Making weapons was a big mistake
Stockholm, Sweden

We are peacemakers
We are warbreakers
Knivsta, SwedenIgual que las flores en primavera la paz florece dentro de ti;
deja un espacio dentro de ti para que la paz habite en él.
Centro Educativo Integral, middle school
Quito, Ecuador

Si tú tienes paz, vivirás más.
Si tú tienes fe en la paz, llegarás a ser más.
Florida Day School, Junior School
Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Paix, nous en avons tous besoin.
Ça serait bien qu’elle soit partout sur la Terre
et dans l’UNIVERS.
Ecole Primaire Jean Moulin
Saint Chinian, France

The peace is out there, we just have to find it...
Love me, love them who don’t love you!
Mieslahti, Finland
13 years ago
People are talking friendly to each other and
peace is in the whole world.
Everybody is lucky. Everybody is happy.
Kämmenniemen ala-aste

Peace is a butterfly resting on a thorn of the world,
a child of innocence born into violence and war;
a perpetual hope for equality, cooperation, and
a world dancing in colourful flavors.
Kauai High & Intermediate School, secondary level
Lihue, HI, US

With peace we can make a better world
’cause if we do not have peace, we will not have a world.
Vejstrup Ungdomsskole

War is black, peace is white
Let’s make the world more than bright.
Gymnazium Turnov, secondary school
Czech RepublicSi tu veux finir la guerre et rétablir la paix,
Il faut pardonner ton ami d’abord.
Klaukkalan koulu

All we need is love and peace
Basic school, Hroncova
Kosice, Slovakia

If a man loved all the people
he would have the whole world in his heart
Basic school, Komenskeho
Bardejov, Slovakia

Peace is a present we must save
When we forget, future humanity will die
Basic school, Uzhorodska
Kosice, Slovakia

The most beautiful word
Let peace be in the world.
Basic school, Krosnianska
Kosice, Slovakia
All people are responsible for protecting our nature,
and life on the planet Earth.
Basic school, Belehradska
Kosice, Slovakia

We, children from Slovakia,
want to have happy and satisfied childhoods
and we wish Peace and Love to children all over the world.
Basic school, Ul.cs.armady
Presov, Slovakia

Peace doesn’t need any words
just good hearts.
Basic school, Masarykova
Kosice, Slovakia

Let’s keep the words May peace prevail on Earth
close to our hearts.
Basic school
Kosicska Bela, Slovakia

Peace is like a flower
we must take care of it every day.
Grammar school, A.H.Skultetyho
Velky Krtis, Slovakia
La mirada del dolor en los niños,
la pena del corazón en el mundo.
Colegio San Luis Gonzaga
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Quien ama la paz sentirá la libertad al soñar
y volará con las alas de la esperanza y el amor.
Esucela Bilingue "Benito Juárez"

Soy la que tú y todos esperan, soy la tardía ilusión
de un mundo que se destruye por falta de
Amor y de mí, soy... la Paz.
Escuela "Dr. Alfonso Pruneda"

LA PAIX, c’est rester toujours amis, ne pas se taper
et toujours faire la paix quand on se dispute.
Ecole maternelle J.B. SCHWILGUE
Strasbourg, FranceFriends are peace, enemies are war
Global people don’t have to worry anymore
Clarkson Community High School
Clarkson, WA, US

The searched peace, you can achieve
When in your brother, you believe.
Colégio Joana D’ Arc
São Paulo, Brazil

13 years ago
Peace is love, love to the next
give love to our friends.
Escola Paulista, primary level
São Paulo, Brazil

Peace is a soul’s puification, is a God’s hug,
its priceless.
Escola Paulista, secondary level
São Paulo, Brazil

Erase the hate! Loving and caring, playing and sharing,
That’s peace, man.
P.S. 7, The Kingsbridge School
Bronx, NY, US

We must not use weapons but fight without words
There shouldn’t be war but our voices should be heard
P.S. 55
Richmond Hills, NY, US

Peace: A world without fear,
Where talking solves our problems
United Nations International School, primary school
New York, NY, USIf you are broken-hearted under this sky,
I will share my peace with you.
International School of Amsterdam, secondary school
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If there were peace around the world
you would hear the sounds of joy and laughter from children
Sulzberger Middle School
Philadelphia, PA, US

Yet here we all are arguing with each other
Not knowing that she is your sister and he is your brother.
The Benjamin School
North Palm Beach, FL, US

Peace is families staying together.
It is not arguing or fighting.
Kingsbury School
Valier, MT, US

A place of love, a place of sharing, a place of uniting,
But most of all a place of peace. Our world.
Presentation College
Victoria, AustraliaHarmonic unity,
the serenity of love.
Academic Magnet School, middle school level
North Charleston, SC, US

Peace is a word that brings harmony
to the fragile heart of a child.
Academic Magnet School, secondary school level
North Charleston, SC, US

From coast to coast and sea to sea
In times of peace what friends are we.
Bayshore Catholic School
Nepean, Ontario, Canada

Tranquility, harmony, hospitality, rapport
Let peace soar high above the clouds
St. John’s Episcopal School
Abilene, TX, US

The world should be like loving sister and brother,
Working together, and not against one another.
Smethport Area Elementary School
Smethport, PA, US
13 years ago
A slight breeze flowing through the hot summer air—
When you are hot and tired, a breeze may pass you there.
Wickford Elementary School
North Kingstown, RI, US

Peace should flow around the world.
Love should flow and hatred should go.
Infant Jesus Primary School
Perth, Australia

dark violent changes break hearts and bones
tranquil love breathes harmony, making the whole world
grow peacefully
Port Lincoln Special School
Port Lincoln, Australia

A world without Peace brings hatred and violence.
Yet Peace without boundaries can bring understanding, hope, and tolerance.
Liberty Jr. High School
Dallas, TX, US
Take a stand
keep peace in every land.
Delmar Elementary School
Delmar, MD, US

In order for people to have joy and mirth,
they have to accomplish peace on earth.
Winston Churchill School
Fairfield, NJ, US

Don’t use bombs.
Romulus Central School
Romulus, NY, US

Let peace take over the world.
Let peace walk on Earth one step at a time.
Richard Henry Lee Elementary School
Los Alamitos, CA, US

Peace is the Opposite of Violence
Violence is Something that Should Not Be
The Rugby School at Woodfield, secondary school level
Wall, NJ, US

People laughing, smiling, talking, sharing, caring, and helping
one another,
That is what we think of when someone says “peace”.
Sacred Heart Parish School
Red Bluff, CA, US

Boundaries of cultural hate and war, shall be around us no more.
Forever we shall be, together living in harmony.
Iraan Elementary School
Iraan, TX, US

We must learn to give and take
Practice love, forget the hate.
Sally Mauro Elementary
Helper, UT, US

Peace—a way of life,
a conversation in harmony.
Sageland Elementary MicroSociety School
El Paso, TX, US

Open the doors of the world
so that peace be welcome to our lives.
Escola Nova Lourenzo Castanho, elementary school
São Paulo, Brazil

Universal peace begins
with peace between you and me.
Escola Nova Lourenzo Castanho, middle school level
São Paulo, Brazil

Cuando se habla de paz enseguida pensamos en el fin de las guerras pero nunca paramos para pensar
Cómo es importante la paz social, la paz de la conciencia colectiva.
Escola Nova Lourenzo Castanho, secondary school level
São Paulo, Brazil

Peace comes from the heart
And grows with shared kindness
Fort Jones Elementary School
Fort Jones, CA, US

We need peace between people and animals too,
We also need peace with me and with you.
Wickford Elementary School
North Kingstown, RI, US

I am El Paso in the Chihuahua dessert.
I live in Peace, I am free.
Pebble Hills Elementary
El Paso, TX, US

13 years ago
Ne pas se détester, se respecter, ne pas voler, beaucoup s’aimer,
Ensemble jouer,voilà la paix...
Ecole élémentaire
Fortan, France

War is bad
Peace is good
Skive, Denmark

Let’s have peace for one whole day,
Helping the world in every way!
P.S. 279
Brooklyn, NY, US

Float, our dream of peace like a springtime breeze
To various nations over lands and seas.
Krasnoyarsk Regional Cosmonautic School
Zelenogorsk, Russian Federation

Peace is working with people,
not against people.
Wodonga Primary School
Victoria, AustraliaSi ahora las flores pueden crecer en Auschwitz
Entonces la paz puede vivir en el hombre.
Saint Mary High School
Paducah, KY, US

Why must we brawl? Why must innocent people fall?
Hostility must cease in order to have world peace.
Conrad Weiser Sr./Jr. High
Robesonia, PA, US

Peace helps people around the world, peace is as delightful as a chocolate swirl.
We must try to prevent war, then love will be like a candy store.
Jan Celliers Primary School
Johannesburg, South Africa

When we win our struggle for peace,
Violence, crime and hate will cease.
Dake School
Rochester, NY, US
Peace is cool
So use it in school
Saint Mary Middle School
Paducah, KY, US

La paix est notre grande maison;
Elle est ouverte pour chaque personne.
School #72, primary school
Novokuznetsk, Russian Federation

La Paix ! c’est la partie de la vie
L’arc-en-ciel et jaune soleil
School #72, middle school
Novokuznetsk, Russian Federation

L’humanité défend la paix;
Et à la barre sera une amitié !
School #72, secondary school
Novokuznetsk, Russian Federation

Viens petite colombe, et va dans les mains de tous les enfants
du monde,
Pour qu’ils puissent sentir en toi la Paix de l’humanité
Ecole primaire Mont-Bleu
Hull, Québec, CanadaPeace is a friend, Peace is the world.
Give it a chance and it will be yours.
Ellendale Elementary School
Bartlett, TN, US

Il faut grandir et fleurir
Pour que l’amour soit pour toujours.
Ecole Gabrielle-Roy, élémentaire
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

God created us—not for violence and not for war
But for friendship, unity, sharing, love and peace.
Ecole Gabrielle-Roy, intermediaire
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Do you want to shut the door on harmony and happiness?
Then you really want to mess with me and everybody else.
Sandvik school
Bjornlunda, Sweden

Make love, not war; that’s what friends are for.
Throw away all the guns, and make peace at once.
Satravik School
Nykvarn, Sweden
13 years ago
Why is there war? Why are they dead?
Why is there a cry? Someone tell me why?
Alvsjo, Sweden

Peace is gentle, peace is kind.
That’s how I see it in my mind.
Holy Family Middle School
Grand Junction, CO, US

Peace begins in each man’s heart
We must all do our part.
Holy Family School, elementary level
Grand Junction, CO, US

Blooming gardens, grass and dew and a cloudless sky!
Rising sun, playing children, and a happy smile!
School #33, elementary level
Grodno, Belarus

Peace is friendship, peace is freedom, good relations, understanding.
It’s defending all the nations. It’s uniting all the people.
School #14, secondary level
Grodno, Belarus

Harmony, happiness, freedom, and health
Compromise, caring, respect for everyone else.
Oswayo Valley Elementary School
Shinglehouse, PA, US

Let Peace be like a flowing river
Flowing into the open hearts of humanity.
Banani International Secondary School
Lusaka, Zambia

Paz es tener amor en el mundo.
Be respectful and love each other.
Jefferson Elementary School
Lennox, CA, US

War is a very dreadful thing in Summer, Winter, Autumn
and Spring
When flowers grow and rainbows glisten I think and hope
for peace
Coromandel Valley Primary School
Coromandel Valley, Australia

Children glowing with rainbow laughter, singing songs around a campfire
happy & free even if you are out of tune. Peace always needs makers.
Superior Elementary School
Superior, CO, US

A world of trouble, trying to end
Like a world of happiness, wanting to begin.
Hot Springs Middle School
Hot Springs, AR, US

Peace is not about judging someone by the the color of his or her skin
or the difference of their religion. It’s about the content of their soul.
Coleman Elementary School
Glen Rock, NJ, US

Peace is something that should be treasured,
Because it has great value to everyone and everything.
Warrensburg Elementary School
Warrensburg, NY, US

The day has come, a truce is made.
The sign of war is beginning to fade.
Newington College
Stanmore, Australia

Every minute, every hour,
We have to change—we have the power.
Toorak College
Victoria, Australia

If peace is broken, love will shatter.
Fear will spread so what matter ?.
Jamesville DeWitt Middle School
Jamesville, NY, US

How many steps are walked ? We all walk the same steps.
How many lives are taken before there is global peace ?
Mount Lawley Senior High School
Mount Lawley, Australia

The peace that I experience from loving my neighbor,
brings with it
harmony as the fruit of my labor.
P.S. 11, The Katheryn Phelan School
Woodside, NY, UScont...
13 years ago

There are ten pages + to the Peace Poem! I posted page 1 and started a thread to continue if anyone wishes to continue posting with page two on...

I want people to really take the time to read these words from the children from our shores, inner cities and around the world, for they are the future of our world!


12 years ago
12 years ago

Threw the eyes and hearts of children we see hope. I think asults could learn more from them, then we teach them. After all who teaches hate?


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