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Need with Housing Assistance
14 years ago
| Blue Label

I have found another group here on Care2, that deals in helping people with Housing assistance.  Not just for the disabled, but for all those on low income, yet has information for those of us who are disabled, on SSDI and SSI.   Please feel free to look at this group also, and if you have anything to share with us all about programs to help others out, please post them here on our group as well as this other group.   Working together to make life for the disabled better is a great thing to see here on the care2 network.

The group is called "Health & Wellness: Healthy and Affordable Hometowns? Group on Care2 Connect"

Michael B.

Section 8 program for Housing in the USA
14 years ago

I am sure most of you are aware of Section 8 housing for those living on a low income.  Those folks who are disabled also have apartments for just them and the elderly in some areas also.

I myself have lived in these apartment communities that are for the Elderly and Disabled, under the Section 8 program.  Have always had great living in these housing too and have meet a lot of wonderful people this way too.

When first applying for Section 8 housing, they usually have a very long waiting list in my areas, especailly in large cities.   But if you need housing right away (don't have a place of your own at the time, either living on the streets or with another family member) if you inform them of this fact, they will have you sign a special form stating this fact and they can place you at the top of the list for the next apartment that becomes available.  They just can't do it if your already living in your own apartment or home without an eviction notice.

Hope this helps some of you out who are looking for Section 8 housing.

You can also get more information by looking up the phone number in your local area for the US. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and calling your local office nearest you for a list of apartments who accept Section 8 in your area.

Michael B.

section 8
14 years ago

We have section 8 but the sad part is thay are not exsepting apl. for section 8. I had called then last week to ask them the question for an apl. and she told me there not doing it for a awhile. I asked and she said she don't know when thay are going to do apl. again I was very upset.

We did apply for Belmont Shelter and that will be another 3 more years before we get a letter in the mail to come down and do up the rest of the information. We are on the waiting list and that is for 5 years waiting.

I am trying very hard to get help but nomatter what I do I find myself at a dead end .

There is one more place it is called b.m.h.a (Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority) But we realy don't need to live in those sites b/c there are too many shootings or stabings going on around there diffrent sites.

So if you have any information on anything I would be greatfull.



Thanks Mike
14 years ago
Great information to have. Thanks.

Have been a bit inactive lately. Sorry.
Supportive Housing
14 years ago
I live in supportive housing, but it is transitional and one can stay only 2 years. Thanks for the other info.
Some information for Rene and All
14 years ago


Here is a web site to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Disabled Housing programs.  Check this site out.  You should be able to contact them and they will send you a list of all apartment complexes in your area that take Section 8 housing applications.  And as I said before, if you need immediate housing, you can ask to be put on the preferred urgent list, which would get your name put at the top of the list, no matter how many people are already on the waiting list.  Although to use this, you have to be either already homeless, have a eviction from current residency.  Most all other information on what programs are offered by the federal govenment for disabled and elderly housing can be found at this site.

Michael B.

Frank H
14 years ago

Frank, I hope that you have got your name on a list for Section 8 housing where they do not have a limit on how long you can live there.  Most all places allow you to stay in their apartments as long as you meet their income levels to qualify for Section 8 housing.  Once your in a section 8 housing complex, then you do have to do a annual recertification, and your rent then goes up or down depending on your income.  One thing that some don't think about is also, your rent doesn't always just go by 30% of your income, but that you do get a deduction some if you have medical expenses that you pay out of pocket that cost more then $40 per month.  So if you pay for any medical expenses out of pocket each month, always keep a receipt so when you do get into Section 8 housing, you can show that you have been paying so much for medical expenses each month, for it will help your rent to be a little bit lower yet then the main 30% of your total income.

Michael B.

I am also looking for affordable housing...
14 years ago

My group, that Mike mentions in the first post of this thread has been relatively inactive since 3 members found their housing and moved!

Most on that list are not disabled but looking to find affordable and HEALTHY places to either retire or raise family.

Re:Section 8 Housing
13 years ago

Setion 8 housing is now taking all Katrina victims evacuees and will soon be taking all of Hurricane Rita victims and evacuees so most all aplying will be out of luck for Section 8 housing!

Bless all, Dreama

Section 8 Housing
13 years ago

Dreama is right, that a lot of areas are putting people who are homeless now after Hurricane Katrina and now Hurricane Rita on the top of their list for Section 8 Housing.  But if you are not in Section 8 housing already and are on a waiting list to get in, don't give up all hope.  Keep calling the places were you are on the waiting list to see where you are on the list.  Most apartment complex do tend to drop your name off the waiting list if you have not called and checked in with them at least once every 6 months.  I would call them at least once a month just to let them know that you are really interested in getting into their complex.  Plus if you do meet the requirements the Federal government has in place to be put at the top of the waiting list, and you were not effected by Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Rita, they still must place you on the top of the list somewhere, but they will be after those who were effected by the hurricanes first, for the next 6 months to a year, until those areas of New Orleans and other areas effected are totally reopened and those who were in Section 8 housing in those areas can return back to their apartments or homes, although I have a feeling many of them will not return.

Michael B

13 years ago

No, don't give up as it just might take you a bit longer but never give up on anything.

September 20,2005 - The Senate passed H.R. 3672, the TANF Emergency Response and Recovery Act, clearing the mmeasure for the President's signature.  the bill would temporarily waive work requirements and time limits imposed under the TANF program for Hurricane Katrina-displaced families. The bill also would extend the TANF authorization until December 31,2005 and also provides a 20 percent increase in funds to states affected by the hurricane. TANF (Temporary Assistance for Need Families (TANF) Contingency Fund".

Bles all, Dreama

13 years ago

Hi all, me and others had no luck applying for sec.8 in San Diego, was on the list for about 10 years!  We knew people who died while waiting, and others who found success, who's name came up after they made it.

That's one reason I left that place.  My ex is homeless because of it, too; I don't know if he's still on the list, but he knows the laws very well there. he's at some group home, getting a bum deal, too, but at least he's not on the streets.  They'd rather develop mansions there than affordable housing.  That program is so corrupt there, it's shameful- While we were waiting, they'd occasionally send info on a place, but it was in a worse neighborhood than the one we were in, which was also a slum.  I think sec8 is just another scam, the cynic in me doesn't trust any agency anymore, especially in big cities.

Where I am now there's a similar program but it's not natiionwide, I have a feeling.


Guess it depends on where you live
13 years ago

I guess it depends on where you live.  I know when I was living in Section 8 housing, both in Lansing Michigan before I moved to Texas, and then here in Texas in the Dallas area.  There were a few section 8 housing projects that were slum type area apartments, but most of them were in very nice areas, and very nice apartments.  The last one I lived in was in Irving, Texas, and it was a large complex with very nice and beautiful apartments.  Half of the project was Section 8 and the other half were people who paid full rent, and they were all spread out so not like everyone on Section 8 were all in one section, unless you wanted to live in the seniors building, then for the seniors and those who were disabled, had a 3 story apartment complex all to themselves, which is where I stayed, in the 1st floor of the seniors building, but it was very nice, no slum type things anywhere around in that neighborhood.  One of those reasons why I suggest you get a list of all the section 8 housing available in your own area, and if you don't like living in a complex that is like the slums, then only put your name on the waiting list for the apartments that you would accept to live in.  You can have your name on more then one apartment complex at any time.  There is no limit on how many complexes you can have your name on.  The more you have your name on, the faster you will end up getting an apartment.  Anything is better then nothing at all and if you don't like it where you get your first choice, you can take it until your name comes up on one of the other complexes your name is on.  As you can put your name on an waiting list for a section 8 apartment at another complex even if you are currently living in a section 8 apartment.  Just that you would not be allowed to have your name put to the top of the list unless you were being evicted for some reason.

The main thing is, don't ever give up all hope.  Just keep calling them every month or two so they know how serious you really are about needing an apartment on how much you want to be in their complex.  For as I said, many of them if you don't check in at least once every 6 months, they will drop you off the list, but if you only call once every 6 months, they may tend to think your not as serious or in a great need of Section 8 housing, so is much better to call or write them every 2 months.

Michael B.

13 years ago
In my county the section 8 complexes are actually quite cute and they're situated everywhere throughout the county.  There are some units that are on the river and some in town and everywhere within a fifty mile radius of the town.  It's only in the highest section of the mountains in the county that there is no section 8 housing.  Michael, do you know if that thing about having your name on more than one complex is universal?  I've never had to deal with section 8 housing because I own my own home.  (Actually have about four more years till it's completely paid off, but my mother and I own it.)  I got the bank paid off about three years ago.
13 years ago
I'm so confused about section 8. What exactly puts a person at the top of a list? I'm having a hard time even finding housing authorities in my state that are accepting applications. Even the people at DMH who help me aren't having much luck helping me. I'm 25, have both mental and physical illnessess and wish to live in an apratment with a roomate and supported housing. Currently I live with my mom and sister, which isn't always the best situation. It's also hard cause I want to move to a different part of the state about an hour away which is where I have more friends, some supports, and most of my medical care.
13 years ago


Sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time and I do know that living with family sometimes can be so very hard.

The rules they use to get someone to the top of the list is sometimes very confusing for sure, and hard to do at times, otherwise you would have everyone trying to get themselves to the top of the list.  But in your case since you are living with family members, what you would need to do is to have a signed paper from whoever owns the house that your living in stating that they no longer what you to stay in their household and want you out as soon as possible.  Then you would need to take that letter to the apartment complex you are trying to get into so they can make a copy of it and then this should help bring your name closer to the top of the list.  You would have to repeat this step for each apartment complex you are trying to get into.

Now the other problem you have is that you said you would want to have a roommate.  In most cases when you are dealing with Section 8, normally they don't allow you to have a roommate, and when you do, their income also counts towards your rent amount also, plus unless you have a doctors statement stating that you have to have someone living with you to take care of you 24 hours a day then you are only eligible for a one bedroom apartment under section 8 rules.

Hope this helps you some with your questions, and if you have any more questions, feel free to post them and we will answer any and all questions that we have answers to for you.

Michael B.

13 years ago

Everyday I hate this government more and more. I hate how it treats the disabled like garbage who don't deserve to live a decent life. I hate my disabilities more and more. I hate my life and what has happened to it. I can deal with being hearing impaired, I'm used to it and honestly don't want normal hearing. But I look at how smart and capable and independent and just well, involved in life I was in high school and where did I go? That person was brilliant, thrived under pressure and stress, did a million and ten things and kept going. My onset of bipolar disorder is probably around age 11, but even when I was totally falling apart at 17 I held on. I accomplished things. And then it all blew up.

I was supposed to be a successful person, get grad degrees and a good job. Now when I run into people from my past I just lie and say I'm between jobs and on a break from school.

13 years ago


Just hang in there.  We all go through periods of times like this when we really hate what has happened to our bodies, but I believe God is still watching out over us and he has a plan for us in which is going to help others.  We have to stay as strong as we can, and keep fighting this government of ours for what is truely right.  We have come a long ways with getting Disabled Rights, and curb cuts and things like this, but we also still have a long way to go, and Social Security is just one of them, for they need to stop putting the disabled and the poor and our senior citizens on the back burner, giving us very small increases each year in payment amounts, yet they give themselves huge wage increases, that is paid out of tax payer money and we the tax payer have no say so to stop them from giving themselves raises.  Plus once you become a Congressmen or a Senator, even if your state has a limit on how many years they can serve, it doesn't matter, they collect their pay just like the President and Vice President do, for the rest of their life time, and that is just not right that they should continue to be paid when they are no longer doing the work, since they are healthy enough to work, they should be made to go back to work whereever they can and not put the burden on the tax payers to keep paying them their normal wages as a Congressmen or Senator for the remainder of their lives.  Take that money and put it into Social Security so they can afford to give those of us who can not work because of being disabled, or senior citizens more money to be able to live on. 

What gets to me sometimes is that I do get full SSI payment for a single person.  And when you are single, the most you can collect from the federal government share of SSI is $579 a month right now.  Of course minimum wage is $5.15 an hour.  So if you figure you worked a full time job, 40 hours a week at minimum wage, before taxes you would make $824.00 a month.  So with SSI, you are actually only getting paid a total of 3.62 an hour.  This is just not right.  They should be paying us the $824 a month to keep us at the pace of making minimum wage.  Nothing more, nothing less, but should start a new person who is just getting started on SSI at a pace of whatever minimum wage is at that time, then give the annual increases like they do now, but this way we are at least able to survive better if we were collecting the amount of money we would if we were working a full time job at minimum wage.

Just my opinion though, but I don't see this ever happening, for our Congressmen and Senators like it that once they get elected, even if only for one term, they get paid for being a Congressmen or Senator for the rest of their lives.

Michael B.

13 years ago
Those a-holes are living like kings, while we scrimp and scrape for everything, they lie, cheat, steal, andget away with it, while we would get put away for life if we tried it.  I HATE BEING DISABLED, I HATE MY LIFE!
   I wanna move someplace and they want all this money up front, geexh, ya know?  GRRRRR!

13 years ago


Just hang in there my friend.  I know it sure is hard sometimes being disabled and living on such a limited income, and these folks wanting so much money from us for deposits and such when moving into a new apartment.  Sometimes it makes you wonder where they think we can come up with that type of money.  All we can do is to take things one day at a time and do the best we can with what we have.

Just keep letting places that take section 8 know that you are serious about wanting a place to live and that you would love to have an apartment with them.  This helps to make sure that your name stays on the list and also lets them know you are serious about wanting an apartment with them.   At least in Section 8, your deposit is very low also as it goes by what your rent will be, and that is no more then 30 percent of your income, so its well worth it.

If you are not living in a place of your own right now, then you can tell them you are homeless, living with family or friends, yet they don't want you to stay there forever, and this will help get your name to the top of the waiting list and get you in even faster.  But don't give up, you have to keep on them or they will think your not really all that interested in wanting an apartment with them.

We are all here for you so please don't feel bad when you want to post something just to get it off your mind.  We all have our days we hate being disabled and it is ok to tell us so, because we all know what you mean and have all been there.

God bless you Ariel.

Michael B.

Michael,, I am confused... so what is new...
13 years ago

I call section 8/HUD and they tell me that they are not taking applications .. and to call every week .. but also to know that GA has taken in a LOT of Katrina/Rita homeless so they go to the top even tho I am disabled and about to be homeless.

I cannot call the "available housing" unless I have a HUD voucher.  I cannot get one here. 

Does anyone know any county or state where there are NO waiting lists???

If I could get my 11 year old car to go that far; I will.

13 years ago
Just a few ideas for those of you looking for housing.  Sometimes you can check with services such as Independent Living Centers for information on accessible housing.  Sometimes there are apartments which have low income housing components and you don't need section 8 vouchers, just to qualify re income.  I doubt if there are many if any places with no waiting lists, but my daughter at one time was in a situation where she was in the town she now lives in and they had waiting lists of 2 or more years, but had she been able/willing to live out further in the county she could have had housing within a month or 2.  So the situation is don't give up and keep looking.  Check with the state for subsidized housing (state housing) if it isn't too nasty.  Some of the places here in Alaska are okay.   We are of course pretty small and our largest city is about 300 to 350 thousand.  and that is 1/2 the state population.
Housing again
13 years ago
If you are dealing with bipolar disorder as well as the hearing loss, I suggest you contact the local mental health provider, mental health board or Protection and Advocacy program.  Ask about supported housing for folks with mental illness.  You might find that some things open up that way faster than with the standard section 8 and other programs.  You might have an apartment where there is someone on site at the apartments for support but not in the apartment with you.  There may be a variety of options.  If you don't get much info, contact NAMI or a local self advocacy group.  They may have good contact options for you.  best of luck, and hang in here, it does get better but i know from experience with just severe recurring depression it can feel like forever.  take care

13 years ago
Sorry I double posted on this site just a minute or so ago.  One thing that Ariel brings out that we should all think about is getting registered to vote, getting our friends, enemies and anyone else registered to vote and helping/getting out there and talking to get people who respect the needs and rights of others into office. 

13 years ago

Gayle:  Sorry to hear that your area HUD office is not taking applications at this time.  This happens a lot no matter where you are at because of the number of people who are applying for a section 8 voucher.  What you need to do is to call them again and ask them to send you a list of apartment complexes in your area that deal with section 8 apartments.   Then you can choose from that list what apartment complexes that you would like to apply to live at and go directly to that apartment complex to get your name on the waiting list.  These apartment complex always take applications for waiting list.  Then after you file the application with each of the apartment complex that you are interested in, then you call them at least once every 2 months to make sure your name is still on the list and see if you have moved up any.  If you are in need of immediate housing, you need to tell them what the situation is and sometimes they can move you up to the top of the list.

I know in my area, they had the big rush after hurricane Katrina and Rita and gave those folks first priority at the top of the list.  And right now they still have this until January 1, 2006 at which time they are expected to either have found their own place in the area or have gone back to rebuild their homes, and so they will go back to the regular formula they used in the past on who gets moved to the top of the list and who doesn't.

Its just does take a long time because of there being so many people who are trying to get into section 8 housing, but one good thing for those who are disabled and use a wheelchair, those wheelchair accessable apartments must be rented out to someone who uses a wheelchair even if the person at the top of the list doesn't use a wheelchair, they can't rent the apartment to them.  But then again, these are the harder apartments to get cause there are just not that many so you really have to keep pushing for them.

Michael B.

13 years ago


Thanks for the info. I'm working with a clubhouse to try and help find a place for me. I know I want supported housing anyhow and not just to move out all alone. I'm thinking of contacting the Indendent Living Center in that area again to see if they can help more. It's hard cause I live in one part of the state and want to move to another part, where I went to school and where I have more opportunities. But the government being dumb my DMH case manager is located in my current county and can't really help much with the housing stuff. No one really seems to know what to do with me.

Section 8
13 years ago

I know as a section 8 landlord for many years, that the supply depended on the community where you lived. I am not aware of the requirements to live in the area before applying. 

We also delt with the housing authority where the property was located.  Sometimes, there was a need for a large family apartment and not for a small unit.  Other times, it was the other way arround.  We did own both large and small units. 

We kept our tenants for many years.  Infact one person, had a small unit went to a large and then down to a smaller unit.  As her family grew and then left home.  We are no longer in the business.

HUD link
13 years ago

Here is a link to search nationwide for affordable housing... 

Love and Blessings,


12 years ago

Thank you for posting this information, Dreama.  This is one program that I sure hope will work and help get some of the homeless off the streets.  I also wish that they would work more through the HUD office to try and get more apartment complexes to offer more section 8 housing, but I know this will take more money in the budget each year for the office of HUD.  But it is something that is needed so badly in many areas.

Michael B.

10 years ago

A federally funded, registered non-profit which provides "grants" for all of the down payment and closing cost purchasing a home.

If there is interest in exploring this topic further ...
10 years ago

I am willing to do a lot of online research into programs as well as alternatives such as intentional communities that are being formed for the disabled with live in or on call 24/7 staff for both medical and housecleaning help.

I was going to close down the group Michael mentions in the first post, but as long as I see any interest, I am willing to do this. However, it will have to be 10 days before I can be active as I have company coming today!!!

If you are in need of housing issues within the USA (I would need other volunteer hosts for Canada & EU etc...) join the group and start a thread with your state as the topic ... and then tell us what you do know or want to know


Last hope for housing
10 years ago

Hi! I have been on SSDI and SSI since 2005. Initially I had been put on it because my Psychologist thought it would relieve some of my stress since I couldn't hold a job for more then 3 months. It did the complete opposite, if I would of known how horrible the process and the program was I would of robbed a bank or opted to sell drugs! I became homeless shortly after because of the waiting period for approval. I had to give up custody of my daughter to her father. My SSI didn't kick in until after I had received SSDI for over 2 yrs and had then finally been eligable for health ins. They realised I had qualified the whole time for being homeless and would of received care asap. 2 yrs without medical attention and meds I tried to kill myself 2 times and ended up in rehab. Once I received insurance I was diagnosed with Rhuematoid Arthritis and because untreated I now have physical problems. The bad health diagnoses just get worse from there, my liver, kidneys, gallbladder, are all in bad shape. Returning to work seems impossible because of discrimination and who wants to hire someone that has Dr appointments every week? Needless to say I've made some bad choices and am now 4 weeks away from delivering a baby boy. The father bailed out on me and I live in California and I've tried my hardest to get housing. I've been on sect 8 waiting list for years and do not qualify for even extrememly low income housing because the rent is still more then I make. I've spent months writing letters and calling organizations to tell me I don't qualify for anything. I found a program through Fed Tax that pays a little toward rent but there's no funding for it this year. Ive posted want ads on Craiglist and message boards begging for help, I can afford some rent but not any rent by so cal standards. I want to raise this baby more then anything. I'll be here for him 24/7 as I can't legally work. As far as help I'll have it from friends and family, but I need housing. After so many deniles I opted for adoption, which I know will end in disaster, I can barely function knowing my 1st child is not with me. I want to be responsible for my actions but its not fair when I'm suffereing from not being able to make a living. Now as things started progressing through the adoption process, when the father was located he refuses to sign his rights over. He has been fired from his 2 jobs so if I can't adopt him out, and I can't collect child support (which would take away SSI anyway and leave me more broke) then the baby is gonna be left at a safe surrender place and placed in foster care. Is there ANYthing out there I can do? Sect 8 says they don't do emergency housing. And finding a roomate is not relevant as they take away SSI and my daughters father will say he's not confortable with her visiting me. I already tried sober living and lost visitation. Please! Last hope. 4 weeks till my due date.

10 years ago

Lisa O.

Sorry it took me so long to respond to your post.  It sounds like you should be eligible for emergency list.  What you need to do is to either take or mail a letter to each of the Section 8 complexes where you are on the waiting list to inform them that you are homeless and have no where to go.  This will put you at the top of the list no matter where you are currently on the list so that they will have to give you the next apartment that becomes available.  Sometimes it is also good to have a family member send a letter to them to tell them that you are in this situation and that they are unable to take you in and house you either.

There are many different types of section 8 housing out there, and the one you want is for the disabled, and then your rent goes by 30 percent of your income, so you will be able to afford the rent.  Of course they also give utility allowances and a disabled credit, so you can't go by 30 percent of what you are making right now, because it varies depending on the utility allowance, so your rent could end up being more like 25 percent of your income in the end.  This is the section 8 program you want.

Wishing you good luck.

Michael B.


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